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Best Practice

Scammed while buying online? Not the end of the world!

We all make mistakes and impulsive decisions every now and then, so if you’ve fallen victim to a scammer while shopping online, don’t despair! You may be able to get your money back if you follow certain steps...


Shopping online: Accessible, easy to use...and to abuse!

Online shopping made life much easier for many of us, scammers included. They are prone to creating fake sites with amazing prices. But there are things you can do to check a website's trustworthiness before making your purchase.


Crypto scams: A new way to rob investors blind!

In our day and age of technological advancements, Cryptocurrency is an investment field ripe with opportunities- especially for scammers! Do you know what the most common tactics used by crypto scammers are?

Last reported scams +447311190346 Lightshophouse > Phishing
35 minutes ago... Comment / Review: scam website. Scam contents: scam website. SUSPECTED SCAM!
8004184023 > Fraudulent website
one hour ago... the item used in the advert and video, is a cheap wifi booster that cost a few bucks at best, i believe this is a phishing site that is just using youtube ad's to trick people into giving personal information +12027514073 > Fraudulent website
one hour ago... Comment / Review: I had to get a new debit card to keep them from stealing from me. They DO NOT have a working phone number!. Scam contents: They immediately start charging your card every 2 weeks ($29.95) for a vin report. The website says it is absolutely $1 > Fraudulent website
one hour ago... Comment / Review: They are impersonating Costco wholesale so they can get your information and your money via credit card. . Scam contents: Placed sponsor ad in Facebook marketplace. When you click on it takes you to a website that looks like Costco wholesa HAPPY SHOP -COSMOR TUMBLR PTE. LTD - LUSHMO PTE. LTD. > Social Media Scam
2 hours ago... Your package has arrived! Inbox HAPPY SHOP May 18, 2023, 6:12 AM (10 days ago) Great news—your order has been delivered. Your order has been delivered ❤ Dear Debbie Clifton, The wait is over! The following items of your order 10 Deb > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... This website is using an email address that is linked to a fraudulent website that was already reported here on scamwatcher: As you can see from that report, these scammers are using sales and low prices as bait, > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... This website is part of a network of fraudulent ecommerce stores that is spear headed by the company Manner Trading Co., Ltd which is a shell company that is used by chinese scammers as a front for their fake shopping websites. The content present here is als > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... This may look like a legitimate store but one look at that gmail email address and it's clear that them claiming that they have world wide shipping is a bit blown out of proportion. The website was created last month, April of 2023, which makes it a very rece > Fraudulent website
5 hours ago... With no contact information, no privacy policy, no return policy and no terms of service present anywhere on the website It's very clear that this store is not even taking itself seriously, so why should it take you, your money, or your order seriously. The p > Fraudulent website
5 hours ago... Nothing is for free. Their about us section is ripped off of another website as it describes this website as a beauty store. The product pictures and reviews were taken from other stores. This online store was created in march of 2023 making it very recent a > Fraudulent website
5 hours ago... This may look like a legitimate online store but looking at how their basing their entire website around ridiculous site wide discounts it's fair to say that this website is possibly a scam. The product pictures they are using have been sourced from other onl
+639120850937 > Job Scam
5 hours ago... Comment / Review: I will attached all conversation for your reference.. Scam contents: Offer work to boost sales online. SUSPECTED SCAM! > Fraudulent website
6 hours ago... This may look like your average shopify drop shipping store but in reality this is likely a scam. Every single one of those pet toy and products are on sale. There's no contact information to be found anywhere on the site, not even an email address. The prod > Fraudulent website
6 hours ago... They set up the website in a way so that i can't right click anything, i can't select any text to check it for plagiarism and they failed to include any viable contact information. This is likely a scam as even the reviews they included on their website sound > Fraudulent website
6 hours ago... The content present on this website matches up with many other fraudulent stores, take a look at all the scams that used the same about us section as this one:
+8616532283905 Chen Ziqi kiki > Investment scam
7 hours ago... When trying to pay, they charge another 80% fee and say that then you will be able to withdraw the whole thing and it is a scam używa dwóch numerów +8616532283905 and +95 9 680 153644 Haotrust > Investment scam
7 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fake primary market. After few operation they demand extra paid as tax, next as security fund etc.. Scam contents: Investition in cryptocurrency
CarShield Extended warranty > Classified Scam
7 hours ago... They have a really bad BBB (Better Business Bureau) score with many complaints already about how they just LOVE to receive payments but do not really offer any of their services. They failed time and time again to cover repairs for their customers, refused "You Got Owned" Email > Phishing
8 hours ago... The "Got you" or the "I hacked you" emails have been around for quite some time. The scammers behind this demand a ransom saying that they got sensitive data from your computer or machine but in reality they don't have any of that, they have nothing. They're
Fake Usps text > Phishing
8 hours ago... Beware of scammers sending fake USPS text messages to trick people. They use a deceptive website called and provide a tracking number (us9514901185421). The website falsely claims issues with shipping addresses and asks recipients to update their > Fraudulent website
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: Never received order. Scam contents: Offers good deals on guardian angel hoodies, shorts, shirts and assorted clothing. Order was confirmed, payment made and site states order is being processed. This order was placed in April > Fraudulent website
9 hours ago... is a fraudulent website. Once you purchase through then online there are no contact numbers or address except a general email “” with fake names and fake promises. They claim your package has been delivered with a fraudulent de
+923265771486 > Phone Fraud
9 hours ago... Comment / Review: Please return my 5 dollar. I’m the student and i have no source of earning kindly refund my 5 dollar please . SUSPECTED SCAM! > Classified Scam
11 hours ago... So i ordered a Titleist golf driver and paid $83. Australian dollars for it only to receive a pair of sunglasses. There said there was a mistake when picking order someone has picked the wrong but with customs and fees i cant send it back but i can keep it as > Fraudulent website
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: Am currently emailing back and forth with a representative, but I am not expecting a good result. . Scam contents: Ordered a monitor extender and received a poorly made silk scarf instead. > Phishing
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: I will NEVER try this site again & highly suggest no one else does either. Scam contents: Advertising set of 36 pieces of Tupperware on sale for $39.99. It only "accepts" credit cards. However when you enter all of the data, it tells you tha
+18134302499 > Phone Fraud
16 hours ago... Comment / Review: typical Venmo, zelle scam, send the 6 number code to verify it's you scam to change password and screw up your life SUSPECTED SCAM! > Job Scam
16 hours ago... This was the first email sent. I will send the rest of our correspondence by request: Thanks for your interest in a job-position with Browns Agricultural. My name is Patricia Moore, I am your personal manager. Some of our clients in the USA are only able t
+18457977681 > Classified Scam
16 hours ago... Comment / Review: I gave my debit card numbers to buy an ebike . Scam contents: I paid for an ebike and didn't receive it . SUSPECTED SCAM! > Social Media Scam
17 hours ago... Comment / Review: I need you help I lost my 208$. Scam contents: I bought Marc jacobs bags from this site and now I understand this site is a scam please help. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639295622653 Ma. Elisa Dela Cruz, Kimberly Fernandez, Fatima Claire Ardenio > Job Scam
17 hours ago... But then, there's a time that you have to recharge more if you got an item more expensive than your balance because you will not be able to withdraw your money if you have pending/incomplete order. > Other Scam
17 hours ago... Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) or if in Australia ect. I don't matter where the scammer is located, you should still file a comp > Other Scam
18 hours ago... Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) or if in Australia ect. I don't matter where the scammer is located, you should still file a comp > Other Scam
18 hours ago... Please file a police report and a complaint online if you are a victim of a scam. Please read below... In the US ... 1.first ... file a police report (you don't have to but it may help) 2. second ... file a complaint at (IC3 Complaint Referral > Fraudulent website
18 hours ago... The website itself is sketchy. The Contact Us email address uses the domain, which is a website that's almost identical to this one, just with different products. No matter what credit card number you type in, it will likely come up declined becaus