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Logan Paul's CryptoZoo Scandal: A True Scam?

Dive into Logan Paul's entry into the cryptocurrency world with his CryptoZoo project, a supposed blend of gaming and investment. This video uncovers how the initiative led to substantial losses for investors due to unfinished products and a suspect team. Learn how promises turned into a pump and dump scheme, leaving many questioning the legitimacy of celebrity-endorsed crypto projects.


Remote Job Scams Exposed: Are They Legit?

Uncover the truth behind remote job scams promising easy money. This video details how fraudsters use fake interviews and social proof to lure in victims, escalating their deceit with tiered tasks and fees, ultimately locking out unsuspecting job seekers from their earnings. Stay informed and protect yourself from these too-good-to-be-true offers.

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Last reported scams > Other Scam
39 minutes ago... Comment / Review: Do not use this company. They take payment and fail to deliver and refuse to refund. Scam contents: Advertised on Facebook. Took order, took payment, claim it was shipped and delivered, never received it, they refuse to refund. > Investment scam
5 hours ago... Comment / Review: FOR ASSISTANCE GET IN TOUCH WITH Ŧ𝕠Ř€nŞIᑕ 𝐖𝓐𝓉ς𝕙 𝒸𝐎ⓜ. Scam contents: One of the biggest red flags with is their high-pressure sales tactics and promises of unrealistic returns. Many users ha > Investment scam
6 hours ago... I made good money then they simply wouldn’t allow me to access my funds, they kept changing the ‘rules’ even though they wouldn’t share their ‘terms & conditions’ with me or rules. They advertise as being regulated however they aren’t- not in the
+66820010836 > Fraudulent website
7 hours ago... Comment / Review: Не ведитес . . Scam contents: Я потерял 179 долларов. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14789981556 > Phone Fraud
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: Called said driver was in an altercation and needed to tow semi truck i lost 550.00 scammer said he would tow trucknto a safe truck stop SUSPECTED SCAM!
+353851246117 > Phone Fraud
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: Got scamed it was on fb book link €42 SUSPECTED SCAM!
+353851246117 (1 comment) > Phone Fraud
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: Not a lgit amazon site SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12144448354 Whatsapp > Other Scam
8 hours ago... Thoughtspot data optimization is a scam. They contact on whatsapp. Watch out for these scammers. Ive uploaded alot more screenshots of their whole scam on other platform. Spread the word. > Investment scam
10 hours ago... Comment / Review: This is a fake job offer . Scam contents: This is a task scam. If you get a job offer just clicking things for easy commissions with them paying in crypto - know that it's a scam. If you're caught in this scam get out NOW and count your loss > Fraudulent website
10 hours ago... You sign up, maybe get charged then the scammer gets the commission from the link you signed up for. There is no actual job and you might have compromised your personal info from this fake website. This is the link they provide - it could be just a funnel to > Fraudulent website
10 hours ago... Task scams involve a website or mobile app that claims you can earn money by completing easy tasks, such as watching a video, liking a post, or creating an order. A very common characteristic (but not entirely exclusive) is that you have to complete sets of 40 (2 comments) > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... Seems it's a mix of "task scam" and "crypto investment scam" as it looks like all you do is to click on orders to fullfill them and even have "lucky orders" to get more profits. The main take away is that it's all fake. Fake cryptocurrency websites and apps c
+447454744238 Whatsapp > Investment scam
11 hours ago... So basically they are gonna keep on taking your money.Till the task.It can be more than 1k or 3k.Or more then that ...they will contact you though whatsapp..There gonna chat with you so delightfully so that u believe them not believe them.. they are > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... Fake cryptocurrency websites and apps controlled by scammers are becoming more and more common. Sometimes the scam begins with a romance scammer who claims that they can help the victim invest in cryptocurrency. Victims are told to buy cryptocurrency of some k > Scam using Paypal
12 hours ago... I though this was a legitimate company because its based out of costco wholesale as soon as i tried to contact them for delivery information they website is gone and so is my money
+447403418778 > Investment scam
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: Offre soldi facili in USDT . Scam contents: Offre guadagni facili in USDT, SUSPECTED SCAM!
+77403418778 > Phone Fraud
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: Ho avuto SUSPECTED SCAM! +40762670023 Zentify Shop > Social Media Scam
14 hours ago... I ordered 2 dresses from their site, the exact same dress but in 2 different sizes, the dresses are not the same as in the photos, missing details (some metal buckles at the back) and their quality is bad. When I emailed them to get a return, nobody answered m
+19412836202 > Investment scam
14 hours ago... I invested in Bitcoin on this site. They would not allow me to withdraw money. They said I had to wait until my identity was verified and it would take 3-5 work days. then online support quit answering and after another week all my money was gone. I can no lon +966591374169 > Fraudulent website
15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Nice . Scam contents: Hjs. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Margarita Prito > Social Media Scam
15 hours ago... Please don't ever believe sa ganitong modus Ng mga scammer, Marami po sa Facebook nagpapapop. They are very welcoming at first then they will scam you pala..let us help each other para maipa hinto ang ganitong klase Ng tao. Please I need your help Po,.nag wor
brunecouture > Social Media Scam
16 hours ago... Comment / Review: Can't believe Instagram allows this. Scam contents: Flat out fraud. Advertised quality clothing and never sent it. 4+ months and many email, No product, refused refund. > Fraudulent website
17 hours ago... Comment / Review: regulators never ask you to top an account, so this is 100% fraud!!! Don't pay, don't listen and delete the email!. Scam contents: "to obtain identity verification from the regulator, it is necessary to top up the regulator's account by an a > Investment scam
19 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fake job offer . Scam contents: This is a task scam. If you get a job offer just clicking things for easy commissions with them paying in crypto - know that it's a scam. If you're caught in this scam get out NOW and count your losses. You m > Fraudulent website
19 hours ago... Be careful for & Beware of the free trial at your statement will say They withdraw monthly amounts of money without your permission. Your statement will then say Studymktstrat
Aleena > Social Media Scam
21 hours ago... Comment / Review: NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO ASKS YOU TO USE WISEVIN! . Scam contents: Just like others have reported, I was trying to sell my vehicle on Facebook marketplace and was contacted by a guy, using a fake female name and picture, and he insisted that I > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Comment / Review: Please avoid this site as they are stealing information. From a legitimate retailer. . Scam contents: Hi the website is stealing information from the retailer in an attempt to appear legitimate. They are > Other Scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: I would like my money back . Scam contents: I bought an 80 dollar dremel feom this guys and never received it. I spoke with him a few times over email he said he would look into it never heard back. Definitely a scam. > Other Scam
one day ago... If you are a victim of this scam,please comment and let us know what method of payment you used and if you filed a police report and a complaint online. Use Bing then Google when searching the internet. Bing seems to have more results then Google. Pet scamm > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Bought an Iphone 15 pro max 256 and paid it with my credit card . It was deliverd to the wrong address accordingly with 718track. I don't know who the courier was and no one answer my emails... Went to the wrong address nobody received the package. What do I d > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: ℝ𝔼ℙ𝕆ℝ𝕋 𝕆ℕ 𝕎𝔼𝔹𝕃𝕀𝕍𝔼.𝕊ℙ𝔸ℂ𝔼. Scam contents: Attention! The prevalence of crypto scams is increasing, making it crucial to be vigilant of the potential risks and exercise additional caution whe
+639536076003 > Phishing
one day ago... Comment / Review: sent to me and two other numbers . Scam contents: text that says: " Informed Delivery: Your product has arrived at a U.S. Postal Service location. Since the address on the system update order is not detailed, it cannot be delivered to your do
Theresabowe > Scam using Paypal
one day ago... Comment / Review: Nothing works but payment works alleays.. Scam contents: They newer answer . I dont get a order information, unaviable to register my contact notes.
AILICE TRADE > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: These are total scammers. They stole my money and left me in the dark.... Scam contents: This is a total scheme to rip innocent people off there hard earn money as I have invested with them but nothing fruitful came out of it ,instead they ke > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Comment / Review: Last Day Sale Only $20🔥Handmade full-grain leather belt is a scam. The product they send is only worth $2.00 if that much. Not real leather.