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Last reported scams > Fraudulent website
17 minutes ago... Comment / Review: Courrier scam . Scam contents: Request to pay R34.00 to process delivery of parcel. When attempt to pay they try rip you off R43 000.00 please be careful. > Investment scam
28 minutes ago... Comment / Review: Withdraw of a small amount was possible. My next try failed by the upon written arguments. Scam contents: If you gain Profit by Trading, they Block your withdraws by the Argument of Money laundering. You need to deposit 3500USDT to unlock you
+18509884559 > Job Scam
one hour ago... Comment / Review: Those r all scams. . Scam contents: Ieltspackwriting related scams, and the person in telegram meera adel alrestaqi and also the person who act like cheif judge in United states John Glover roberts... all r scam. Dont believe them > Fraudulent website
one hour ago... Comment / Review: did not recieved parcel/package and they say that is delivered. Scam contents: scam by face adds. SUSPECTED SCAM! > Other Scam
2 hours ago... Drugi raz pobrało mi pieniądze z mojego konta bankowego raz udało mi się aby je zwrócili teraz nawet nie ma intensyfikacji transakcji chyba Zgłosze to na police > Job Scam
5 hours ago...
Nova > Social Media Scam
6 hours ago... Comment / Review: The website makes it super easy to purchase and they make it look completely legit. Scam contents: They advertise a mini Jeep for $99.00 dollars and they tell you after your purchase that you'll get a conversation email momentarily. I paid $1 > Fraudulent website
9 hours ago... RUN away from ANIUEVA as FAST as you can! These are bait and switch SCAMMERS. Aniueva does NOT send you what is in the pictures---they bait you into paying for what you see in the picture, and then send a cheap piece of "1-ply" material with terrible stitchi
forexelite > Investment scam
10 hours ago... Trying to withdraw your hard-earned money from Good luck with that. Many clients have reported difficulties when trying to withdraw their funds, further adding to the company’s shady reputation. I was a victim of this scam. I was never able
24era > Investment scam
12 hours ago... is a scam trading platorm. My experience with this company wasn't a great one, I put in $84000, hoping to make a profit. when it came to withdraw my earnings, I encountered different issues and was unable to process withdraw. I was fortunate enough t
+16072506829 Mia Claire Taylor > Investment scam
12 hours ago... She’s a scammer, trying to collect money from people to slow way lying about everything try telling me the same thing she randomly called my number so definitely a scammer trying to get people to give her money > Fraudulent website
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: I don't appreciate these messages. . Scam contents: A nonprofit helping those in need by sending political texts about Trump. . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17023015934 Cj > Phone Fraud
15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scams you and block you . Scam contents: Scams you and block You . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Finam Trade > Investment scam
15 hours ago... I would highly recommend watching out for random callers texting your phone and then saying that they want to be your friend because you're a nice person. What they then do later is convince you to join in the short-term trading Market and give you a website t eprice (1 comment) > Investment scam
15 hours ago... 24년 4월4일부터 시작해서 처음에는 적은 금액의 주문이 들어오면 처리를 하다가 점점 큰금액의 주문을 받으면 돈을 구해서 주문처리를 해야해서 바로바로 못했더니 점점 주문처리할 금액이 커지 > Other Scam
16 hours ago... Comment / Review: Big scam.. if you want too lose money spend it on fake games. False info... matches are not real. Scam contents: Fake.. fake games fake odds fake match result
chloe (1 comment) > Job Scam
16 hours ago... No Money getting paid. They only want people to invest. Also they faked the Company. The original Website of a serious Company named Destinology ist The Website of the Scammers is
+639530848634 > Phishing
17 hours ago... Comment / Review: I received this text, and it seems suspect to me. I won’t click on the link and have blocked the number.. Scam contents: “ The USPS package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please > Fraudulent website
17 hours ago... Comment / Review: I have ordered this radio and they send me speaker worth less than 7$. Scam contents: > Fraudulent website
17 hours ago... Comment / Review: fake fake fake scam. Scam contents: fake costco webside. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+601159406473 > Phone Fraud
19 hours ago... Comment / Review: ارجو عدم التعامل معهم . Scam contents: موقع احتيالى. SUSPECTED SCAM! > Fraudulent website
21 hours ago... I'm so glad that I didn’t purchase anything from this website- as the prices where too good to be true. I almost purchased a dressing gown for a really good price. It took me to the payment screen and gave me my total in HKD (Honk Kong dollar) which I though
+639639676428 > Lottery Scam
23 hours ago... Comment / Review: this is a scam website and wont allow me to withdraw my winnings. Scam contents: they will give you small credit and let you win and ask to cash in legit money to withdraw all available credits on the account (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
one day ago... They advertise as a clothing store. The store they claim to be is murder apparel. I was completely fooled. I had no clue till a few days later I logged into my actual murder apparel account to check on my order and the order did not exsist. That is when i real Scarlett Lin (3 comments) > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: She's a terrible person will even video chat with you and tries to be cute and she's pathetic . Scam contents: Goes by Scarlett Lin targets men in X and telegram saying she helps invest in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Become your "best friend" (1 comment) > Other Scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: Bez zgody pobrali moje pieniądze . Scam contents: Pobrali mi pieniądze z konta . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27718836653 (1 comment) > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: Another African scammer - STAY AWAY. Scam contents: Fake trader/miner. Ask for 50 bucks, paid 200 and profit zero. SCAMMER. SUSPECTED SCAM! Amanda Fayette > Scam using Paypal
one day ago... Comment / Review: Someone knows my email and are sending things that does not make sense as if I ordered something. I blocked them but want it reported. . Scam contents: On Fri, Jul 12, 2024 at 11:36 AM Dudley Koch wrote: We're t > Fraudulent website
one day ago... They sent payment through paypal but did not send payment and shipping confirmation. They don't answer to emeils and have no phone or address to contact. Payment taken but goods never received.
+12637889039 > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Comment / Review: We live 900 miles away from S.F. Bay area...havent been for 20 years. Scam contents: Our recors indicate that your vehicle used the FasTrak Express Lane. To avoid additional charges of $79.90, please settle your balance of $7.99
Hectore > Social Media Scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: I was supposed to get a shoe rotator full body rack and never got anything . Scam contents: Shoe Rack . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+601111413714 Lin Maria Qi > Romance Scam
one day ago... Starts on Asian Dating-Malaysia Its follows a standard format, tools, expression and progress, is done to a planned process. It is coming from the same scam centre. Watts App Video Convo. Few minutes. Lots of stolen beauty photos. Constant love messages-m (1 comment) > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: fraudulent. Scam contents: This company refused to contact me after I did not receive my order. There Support email address is a fraud. They will not respond to my chat request. They just stole my money and cut off contact. Clifford Strictlan
+447397596730 alyssa simpskin (2 comments) > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: fui estafado. Scam contents: realizas una inversion , con retornos diarios importantes , y al momento del retiro, no responden mas , ni tampoco te llega el dinero a tu cuenta cripto. la criptomoneda utilizada es (USDT). > Other Scam
one day ago... If you are a victim of this scam,please comment and let us know what method of payment you used and if you filed a police report and a complaint online. Use Bing then Google when searching the internet. Bing seems to have more results then Google. Pet scammer