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Logan Paul's CryptoZoo Scandal: A True Scam?

Dive into Logan Paul's entry into the cryptocurrency world with his CryptoZoo project, a supposed blend of gaming and investment. This video uncovers how the initiative led to substantial losses for investors due to unfinished products and a suspect team. Learn how promises turned into a pump and dump scheme, leaving many questioning the legitimacy of celebrity-endorsed crypto projects.


Remote Job Scams Exposed: Are They Legit?

Uncover the truth behind remote job scams promising easy money. This video details how fraudsters use fake interviews and social proof to lure in victims, escalating their deceit with tiered tasks and fees, ultimately locking out unsuspecting job seekers from their earnings. Stay informed and protect yourself from these too-good-to-be-true offers.

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We all make mistakes and impulsive decisions every now and then, so if you’ve fallen victim to a scammer while shopping online, don’t despair! You may be able to get your money back if you follow certain steps...

Last reported scams > Fraudulent website
40 minutes ago... I will advice you not to invest in this company, If you have done so already and loose all your investment money, i will advice you to seek help from (authstag and get your money recovered and never invest in this bad company again. > Fraudulent website
one hour ago... If you have not invested with this crook company i will advice you never to put your money because when it's time for you to withdraw they will never allow you to withdraw but instead asked for more money i am in the same situation thanks to " authstag" that +447532826670 Lucas u Owen Wilson > Romance Scam
2 hours ago... Pide favor de hacer transferencias de su cuenta, está se bloquea y te pide ayuda con su hospedaje porque está de viaje. Amenaza con acusarte de robarle a el
+616072537628 > Investment scam
2 hours ago... Comment / Review: Eventually experts from expo5e guided and assisted me in getting back my refund from this crooks. Scam contents: I have been unable to withdraw my money, I don't see a way to contact customer service. This is a SCAM, stay away fro +27673784968 > Fraudulent website
2 hours ago... Comment / Review: I need my money back , i was scammed. . Scam contents: Iphone for R36. SUSPECTED SCAM!
InvestQHub > Investment scam
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: A lovely friend of mine introduced me to and I was able take my money away from them. I'm glad I did.. Scam contents: Take your money then ignore you. Was told I could take my money out whenever I wanted to, however my brok
+40736646232 > Social Media Scam
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: Am primit articole de la second-hand . Scam contents: Haine . SUSPECTED SCAM! > Fraudulent website
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fake? Scam?. Scam contents: Guitar center . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Torotradepro > Investment scam
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: Eventually experts from guided and assisted me in getting back my refund from this crooks. Scam contents: I have been unable to withdraw my money, I don't see a way to contact customer service. This is a SCAM, stay away fro > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... I purchased a necklace back in January. I got an email confirming my order and they provided an email if I needed support. They never did send me the necklace or replied to the multiple emails asking about the order. Chico's > Social Media Scam
5 hours ago... Comment / Review: Grrr. I lost $54.29. But I used my credit card. I worry that they will rip me off for more money! I never do that. The promise of a sale!? . Scam contents: Pretends to be a Chico’s cl9thing sale site. +16029930024 > Fraudulent website
5 hours ago... This is an unscrupulous, fraudulent, scam website operated by a criminal who publishes private personal information of real estate license holders and uses this private personal information as a weapon to exact money from real estate professionals. > Fraudulent website
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: SCAM SCAM SCAM. Scam contents: Don't visit this website, don't register, and DON'T DEPOSIT!!! it's all scams from fake profile girls on dating apps leading you to their financial advisor... bullsh*t, she doesn't like you, it's all fake!! d
+14023708004 > Fraudulent website
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: I didn’t go ahead with the purchase. Scam contents: Wanting wire transfer for cheap repos cars, but the site has only been around for 3 days Safricashop. Shop > Investment scam
9 hours ago... I was so impatient to carry out necessary research but i really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz, Unfortunately for me, I invested 65,000 USd worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 240,0 Greg Thomas > Other Scam
9 hours ago... Tried to work with him. He offered as a way to pay him. I paid him with (Feodor|Foerster-different name) but he got mad because i didn't use family and friends. Paypal requires proof before sending money. This failed. he recommended > Phishing
10 hours ago... Comment / Review: Installed an agent. Scam contents: URL link SUSPECTED SCAM! > Other Scam
12 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scammers want money . Scam contents: Good day, We would like to inform you that we finalized the DBS & Background Check Verification on your profile, everything is in order, you passed with 100% and we have now finalized your Packer / Pick > Fraudulent website
12 hours ago... Comment / Review: They are 'selling' a product that never arrives, they are also connected to a "shipping" company that tries to get extra money from you. . Scam contents: They show up on Google shopping, you buy, you pay using Paypal, then they never send you
btrade (1 comment) > Investment scam
12 hours ago... Please avoid this trading platform if you can. I opened an account here, started well they told me withdraw was fast and easy. Everything was going great, made loads of profit until i requested to withdraw, they didn't grant my withdraw and ended up stealing a
+15068000256 > Phone Fraud
12 hours ago... They tried to say they were calling from Bell and wanted to offer up to 40% off my current plan. They had most of my personal information. They were going to ship me new bell boxes but I had to pay 30$ shipping fee which Is when I knew it was a scam as bell do > Fraudulent website
13 hours ago... Support before purchase worked, after paying they sent me a supposed shipping code that went to an address completely different from mine. After complaining, I did not receive any response from the company and the only one to respond was the one who supposedly
Aetna health > Job Scam
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: The girl who is using Facebook page to get people to download telegram messenger for this job of remotedata entry. Is Stephanie House.. Scam contents: They ask you to download Telegram Messenger and you fill out app. Then they have a “hirin +639928263432 Online shopping corp > Investment scam
15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scam . Scam contents: Investment scam Did not withdraw the money . SUSPECTED SCAM! +611300432212 > Fraudulent website
16 hours ago... i think they may be a scam website, after booking confirmed they asked for a deposit then said therapist had cancelled due to emergency. Not been refunded yet. seems they have done this many times before as per reiews
+381691105099 > Phone Fraud
16 hours ago... Comment / Review: Ich habe diese Website nicht genutzt und habe keinen Grund, für Ihre Dienste zu bezahlen SUSPECTED SCAM! > Job Scam
17 hours ago... Comment / Review: SCAM REQUESTING MONEY FOR AN APPOINMENT LETTER. Scam contents: Good day, We would like to inform you that we finalized the DBS & Background Check Verification on your profile, everything is in order, you passed with 100% and we have no > Fraudulent website
18 hours ago... Comment / Review: .. Scam contents: Air up bottles paid from r but never arrived. SUSPECTED SCAM! Martin Newnan > Investment scam
18 hours ago... The only documents that are genuinely real from this ‘company’ are the password protected documents containing banking details. In each case a different bank is used from various different countries. > Other Scam
18 hours ago... Comment / Review: Very beautiful and cheap clothes. . Scam contents: Dress, suits for women. . SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) > Investment scam
20 hours ago... Comment / Review: Doresc produsele pe care le-am comandat sau sa imi returneze banii. Scam contents: Am comanda 5 rochițe si am primit o bliluza cu fermoar care nu merita 155 lei cat am platit la curier (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
21 hours ago... In my case i ordered and paid voor 2 electrique stoves and they send me a cheap paire of sunglasses. By email they apologies but never send the ordered stoves. After a while they wil not respond anymore! +8613850239322 (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
23 hours ago... Stay away from this site. Have been ordered a baby stroller. Then decided to return it. Spent $65 for shipping and after three weeks still haven’t my money back. Nobody even responded to me. +601169402620 Safricashop. Shop > Job Scam
one day ago... Due to desperation of work, took the work completed 4 tasks. At some point when you stuck it needs you to make top ups. To my surprise the amount of top ups kept increase. When you tell Gabriela Joy whose the customer service agent, she will tell you you must
+14338817773 Monna 💋 (from London, UK) a group of scammers toong on WhatsApp (1 comment) > Job Scam
one day ago... ALERT BEWARE OF THIS SCAM . I left comments in the Detector App as well. LBank and KOHO was used to conduct this scam due to making money conversions, e-transfers of Canadian funds to BTC, then USDT which was to pay to boost these false reviews. Other URL'