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Best Practice

Scammed while buying online? Not the end of the world!

We all make mistakes and impulsive decisions every now and then, so if you’ve fallen victim to a scammer while shopping online, don’t despair! You may be able to get your money back if you follow certain steps...


Shopping online: Accessible, easy to use...and to abuse!

Online shopping made life much easier for many of us, scammers included. They are prone to creating fake sites with amazing prices. But there are things you can do to check a website's trustworthiness before making your purchase.


Crypto scams: A new way to rob investors blind!

In our day and age of technological advancements, Cryptocurrency is an investment field ripe with opportunities- especially for scammers! Do you know what the most common tactics used by crypto scammers are?

Last reported scams (1 comment) > Investment scam
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: Invested £300, now they still want more money, they won’t transfer my return until I give them more money. . Scam contents: SUSPECTED SCAM! > Social Media Scam
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: You can't click on help site. No email, false tracking number and no product.. Scam contents: Hang photo booth. I paid for this item in November no tracking or items. It's serendipity pay screen +447930239712 I'm Mr Johnson Smith (2 comments) > Investment scam
3 hours ago... Comment / Review: It is a fraudulent site, I do not recommend it, be careful from investing here . Scam contents: I was scammed out of $5000 on this site and they did not send me my money please help +27783066455 > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... Comment / Review: Please do not order from welle official . Scam contents: Ive ordered on 29th November i only received an email that ordered is confirmed and there's a high volume and emails we're experiencing some issues getting products quickly and there's +443713842089 > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... Ordered and paid for fridge freezer with the understanding it was from currys once purchaed had no reciept then when tracking order it said not recognised then looked at order status said shipped then 2 minutes later said failed so i cancelled it and all of a (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
5 hours ago... But today since I have been joined which I invested 1,750 USDC and wait for their airdrop.So please help me and all member of this project from not active of Mod. or this admin. > Other Scam
6 hours ago... On my bank statement it shows the name INSUMMERS.COM & UK (UNITED KINGDOM) and nothing about the name of “JANE” that was on the package I received with the 3 pairs of shoes that were supposed to be “Sketchers” shoes. The address I returned the shoes +18052062841 Cathy Townsend > Scam using Paypal
6 hours ago... I won't know if I lost money or not. I do not use online banking. I will have to wait until Monday to see. I don't believe that they were successful due to my close watch on my money and balances. They sent email with attachment. I don't have any info on my > Fraudulent website
7 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scammers. Scam contents: They say they sell and buy gift cards but they just either take your money or redeem your gift card and support “James smith “ pretends to “check on issue “ or send money but does nothing
Mystilon Studios, A Subsidiary of Mystilon Games > Phishing
8 hours ago... Received shady messages on the Discord App. The website itself runs a script that disables dev tools on the browser to make it difficult to inspect the webpage. The file that can be downloaded there is a phishing tool which is used to steal accounts, for now
+17573046214 > Fraudulent website
9 hours ago... Comment / Review: It appeared they wanted me to choose a republican over a democrat for governor. If that wasn't my choice then they did'nt want my survey results. > Other Scam
10 hours ago... Comment / Review: This isn't a place to get scooters . Scam contents: I ordered a electric scooter, never got it..... SUSPECTED SCAM! +61280035149 AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER > Scam using Paypal
10 hours ago... Shipping address is to Amanda Fayette and address is 3505 Silverside Road, Sydney Australia Note that the address is already fake as there's no such address in Australia. Plus the format of the address is very not Australian at all. Also the contact numb WHEPARENT > Social Media Scam
10 hours ago... Comment / Review: Disgusting can't get in touch with them lostoney on 2 orders . Scam contents: I've got proof of 2 orders made same day taken money but site says no orders I've lost £48.98 and £32.00
+27825933089 (1 comment) > Phone Fraud
10 hours ago... I applied for job by them and I had to pay money in to make a commission I had to pay the money in different accounts and finish the tasks that was set out for me every task were more money I had to pay in but I never got my money back and neither did I get a
+27711237228 > Phone Fraud
10 hours ago... It was for a part time job I was very desparet for the job they said I must pay money indifferent accounts and make a withdrawal after I made the payments and finished the tasks but they didn't send my money back and I e never received a commission or my momey > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... When I filed a complaint, I was sent to I don't know if that is a real website or not. I wanted to try to resolve this without going to my fraud protection site because I didn't want to cancel my debit card because I have had this type of thing > Other Scam
11 hours ago... If you are a victim of this scam,please comment and let us know what method of payment you used and if you filed a police report and a complaint online. Use Bing then Google when searching the internet. Bing seems to have more results then Google. Puppy sca > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... Comment / Review: Lipsa livrarii pachetului. Scam contents: Lipsa livrare colet . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17197814078 > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... Bought 3CT diamond earrings and 1 CT diamond ring off what i thought was a Kay Jewelery website. Never got tracking after purchase on 11/27/23 so went to email to link, nothing, called number disconnected.
Big Lots > Other Scam
12 hours ago... I ordered $28.33 worth of merchandise. I will be addressing this issue with PayPal for my money return. Also tried in order and no such address.
Hoy > Other Scam
12 hours ago... I wish I had known that this was a scam. Now I am out $62.45 For products I thought was legitimate. There should be a way to check if they are legitimate web sites. > Fraudulent website
12 hours ago... Comment / Review: Didn’t get the product. Kept saying it was on its way. They then cancelled it. Did the delivery company. Scam contents: Took the money . SUSPECTED SCAM! +19512712475 > Fraudulent website
13 hours ago... Comment / Review: ScaEmail: m site uses Best Buy as advertisement. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE. . Scam contents: Scam poses as BEST BUY Email: Phone Number: +19512712475 > Social Media Scam
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: Do not use this site. No intention of sending goods and will not offer full refund either. . Scam contents: Paid for clothing items and have not been delivered. I’ve emailed a few times to be Rod that the consignment will be sent again and > Fraudulent website
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: I went on JCpennys website and was scammed out of $56. The items only cost $2-3.. Scam contents: jcpennys clothing. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14127159249 scam.url > Fraudulent website
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: Nothing but bad reviews . Scam contents: I placed 2 orders and have never received . SUSPECTED SCAM! (5 comments) > Investment scam
14 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scam site do not trust. . Scam contents: Freezes your wallet and wont let withdrawal.after baiting you in. Lets you do withdrawals at 1st so you it builds your trust then you add more money and then they they deny withdrawals plus they keep +19258569994 DVFTRACK or trackifypro > Other Scam
15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scam contents: SUSPECTED SCAM!
+9779765601736 > Other Scam
15 hours ago... Few months ago I find a agent selling Pari on com link in November now December Pari on com is down but the same agent is selling qq bet link is it legit or not If it is can you plz tell me if I should use it like deposit the money it or not is it legit Prop Firm Services > Other Scam
15 hours ago... Comment / Review: These people are scammers. Their guarantee is worthless. . Scam contents: this company offers a guarantee to pass a prop firm challenge. I paid them 309 twice to have them pass 2 challenge accounts. their guarantee is that if they do not > Fraudulent website
15 hours ago... luvChoice seems like an online clothing shopselling items at low prices however it's actually a chinese scam online shop. The website seems to be engaging in fraudulent activity by falsely advertising the sale of clothes at low prices, While taking people's > Fraudulent website
16 hours ago... Boxbollen appears to be a reputable and enjiyable game for those seeking wants to engage in physical activities while having fun. However, numerous customers have raised concerns about the product, the app and the customer service provided by the website. > Fraudulent website
16 hours ago... This website's referring to Meledo Company limited as it's parent company, this is problematic because Meledo is actually a chinese shell company that is quite notorious for running fake online shops that have nothing in stock and this one is no different. Yo > Fraudulent website
16 hours ago... I bought articles, paid with creditcard and didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail. Tried to contact them via facebook and instagram and no reaction. After investigation I noticed I am not the first one being scammed here. Stupid, I didn’t check enough befor