Donation scams

Donation scams attract people less familiar with the risks of the Internet : Scammers make believe to their victims that they are the recipients of a gift of money… In the majority of cases, this scam is broadcast by mail but some variations can be found on the classified ads websites.

How does this scam work ?

The scammer attracts his victim by making him believe that he is a beneficiary of a donation : heritage, hidden fortune stuck on a bank account… When exposed on ads classified, they are spread through donations of animals or atypical vehicles (cars without a license, motor homes ...)... The scammer does not hesitate to use photos evoking pity !

The problem is that in all cases, this donation requires a counterpart : Money is required on the pretext of customs fees, legal fees or transportation.

Last reported scams (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Was told to donate bitcoins to receive bitcoins. Scam contents: Bitcoins. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+32467799007 (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Tentative de smishing par une donnation de soit disant le service fédéral des impôts.. Scam contents: Beste, De Federale belastingsdienst heeft beslist dat u een terugbetaling ontvangt van €278,35. Om dit bedrag te ontvangen kunt u o
+14109898482 2 weeks ago... My Dad got involved in this a few months back comments it has been a scary experience and lots of confusing one I hope Is over soon and never want to be involved in again.
+14109398482 2 weeks ago... This was a Donation my Dad somehow got invole with as he thought it was a good caused at the time but did not know it was a scam.Her name is Melinda Perez and the guy James Carter.There phone numbers are Melinda 410-939-8482.James Carter is 1-484-303-0355 Meli
+16475345754 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Slay ig. Scam contents: Mssg sent: morningg sorry for taking so long but I have sent the money thank you. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16475345754 Good afternoon hope you had a good weekend I have sent the money 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Scam contents: Good afternoon hope you had a good weekend I have sent the money. And then he sent me this link +15412565811 Ted d billbe (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... I recievie an email ndicating a donation from the giving pledge. They send me and email from an Attorney, i give my personal details to him, he gave me bank email, i also send my personal details to them, and before the transfer of the donation, i have to pay @locvanmai79 (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Bitte auch YouTube melden wenn Sie die Möglichkeit haben. Wegen Tierquälerei und Betrug !. Scam contents: Tierquälerei um gefälschte Tierrettungsvideos zu erstellen um zum Spenden zu animieren. Ein weiteter Kanal dieser Gruppe wo es um T 8882434884 TNU 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: These people have frauded me for hundreds of thousands of dollars . Scam contents: Fake tribal government selling trusts and filing fraudulent tax returns and extorting people for donations. Filing fraudulent lawsuits +18144084569 Prince Fazza Bin Mohammend 07/15/2022... Comment / Review: Very persistent. He invents a trip to the Place of his victim. Indicates that he is in a Hotel and asks for Cards to be seen. Scam contents: He says he is Sheikh Hamdan Fazza. order itunes cards. +447897040301 Lewis Smith 07/14/2022... Comment / Review: I never answered.. Scam contents: Vidarebefordrat mejl: Från: Lewis Smith Ämne: Reply Urgently Datum: 13 juli 2022 2:04:15 em GMT+3 Till: undisclosed-recipients:; Observera: vän, Jag arbetar med rev
+14075544488 07/12/2022... Bribing for donations and the "free vacation" Im sure doesn't exist but its a good way to get your card number. Then when that doesn't work they bribe you with a $500 hotel voucher IF you'll sign a petition. I didn't click on that text but Im sure ther chris boletta (1 comment) 06/28/2022... Comment / Review: Did you get me the card Can you try and get me $25I thinking you don’t want to buy it for me right now. Scam contents: Did you get me the card Can you try and get me $25I thinking you don’t want to buy it for me right now +639815533033 06/26/2022... Wanted to report this message that just got. It seems like a scam message! I don't even know who this is from? ! How do they get my number and what are they wanting to give? Phishing scam I presume, message for personal information and even my bank account. I (1 comment) 06/26/2022... Comment / Review: don t loose your time they don t pay you . Scam contents: they promis you to get dash coin but they don t pay you when is timle to withdraw . SUSPECTED SCAM! Daily Martha (1 comment) 06/13/2022... Comment / Review: Just get to the mall and get me a card she uses Hangouts so that she can take advantage of you scam you ask you to buy her a gift card. . Scam contents: Just get to the mall and get me a card she is a scam artist from chattusa she is using Ha
+16067160568 06/05/2022... Comment / Review: Read above. Scam contents: My Name is  Daniel Bellefeuille the $1 million Powerball jackpot winning  in Wisconsin   Congratulations I'm donating to 2 random individuals. If you get this message then your ## was selected after a spin ba +13127012759 Robert Walton @w09294809 06/03/2022... Asking for 0.1 BTC (about$300) to activate account.. Please activate your account to complete your account set up. А minimum deposit оf 0.01 BTC is required for activate your account. Your deposit: 0.00 / 0.01 BTC. +12245053782 Johns Micheal 05/15/2022... When you pay it disappears and you never get your money back very careful He tells you that the card was already used and he did not get the money. try to make you pay again 05/12/2022... In his settlement agreement, he isn't supposed to have a website or receiving money. He goes by many names but known as Jon Cusso. But you can see his full name in page 8. (2 comments) 05/09/2022... Comment / Review: Have debited my account for four months for an amount of USD450 - unauthorized. Scam contents: Have debited my account for four months for an amount of USD450 - unauthorized 05/03/2022... Scam website impersonation of famous youtuber YouTube creator « MrBeast » , fake charity site , hack and stole my cryptocurrency / bitcoin ( BTC ) / ethereum (eth) Scammer ! +4333752386951 Ellen Petronella Harleman és Nicola Ghassan 05/03/2022... Comment / Review: Nagyon rosszul érzem magam hogy ennyire át tudtak verni.. Scam contents: A hölgy meg fog halni már nem tudnak rajta segíteni ezért szétosztja a vagyonát.Én írtam neki jóhiszemüen hogy segítsen nekünk.Visszaírt kérdezett pár d +84979799884 vanphuocvo179 04/27/2022... Comment / Review: Pls report these channels if they cross your path. Scam contents: This youtube channel is part of a chain of fake animal rescue channels all run by the same group of vietnamees men. They use and abuse pups, put them in horrible situations the Snapchat account @helper bankroll 04/26/2022... Comment / Review: I am attaching screenshots of the process taken . Scam contents: $31 sent to the person through paypal as charge fee to finish transaction of money which is not yet received now am requesting for a refund on the $31 sent +6282297747717 Not respon 04/23/2022... Comment / Review: Payment in dana lost. Scam contents: Not working in accurate. SUSPECTED SCAM! 04/21/2022... Comment / Review: Koisan World Never have give away program. Scam contents: Celebrate wonderful event by giving giveaway coin. SUSPECTED SCAM! +17139041071 irinales 04/16/2022... Use of name for this Instagram profile is remarkable similar to Iryna Vereshchuk, (iryna_vereshchuk on Instagram) who is verified spokesperson of Ukraine government regarding humanitarian aid. I have screenshots of my conversation with her where I question Josh Maccnb 04/12/2022... Presents himself as a beneficiary of a special donation from a company that wants to assist regarding the pandemic. He has may decisive strategies such as a correlated profile, apictures and videos of face beneficiaries, Bible quotes. He will insist and persis
+19377192657 helpusukraine 04/02/2022... The site is a scam. They are asking for "donations" but they have no address or real organization behind. They lie that Ukrainian banks are closed and they ask money in crypto. They know that a lot of people are helping Ukraine now and they pretend that they a +27788122675 Patrick Luthando and Guusje Fabian(Mrs) 03/31/2022... Comment / Review: They try to get you to pay money uofront for a virtual card. . Scam contents: Congratulations once more. United Nations - Central Emergency Response Fund We hopes you use the relief grant fund judiciously. We will employ you to do w
RAMADAN RELIEF PACKAGE 2022 03/28/2022... Comment / Review: Thus. Scam contents: Using Page to scam under privileged . SUSPECTED SCAM! 0745712048 Marie-Jose Veyrat 03/22/2022... Comment / Review: This is obviously more than a suspected scam. . Scam contents: The tel # is a Whatapp #. My wife was contacted by a Mrs Piia-Noora Berglund though Viber. Mrs Berglund are allegedly living in the small town of Äänekoski in central Finland, a +16146536257 Oksana 03/18/2022... Item actually is shipped directly from China. No response for cancellation of order, and also for details of how the donation is routed to Ukraine. According to Paypal, the payment all went directly to China. Other sites have been set up with different dist 03/07/2022... Comment / Review: Incessant solicitation of transfer,registration fees. Scam contents: 1 Million Euro . SUSPECTED SCAM! Gmail 02/27/2022... Comment / Review: Faks. 100% don't believe & Don't try. Just fantasy award.. Scam contents: Yahoo/Microsoft Covid-19 Award Fund 2022 CONGRATULATIONS !!! YOU ARE TO BENEFIT FROM YAHOO/MICROSOFT COVID-19 AWARD FUND Yahoo/Microsoft 0680068921 (1 comment) 02/09/2022... This person is looking for you to pay money upfront to receive the donation. This is what the lawyer sent back: "In addition, we will have to declare the donation to the court. I will send you the deed of gift which will be signed after this document must be Mary Ellen Baker (1 comment) 01/31/2022... She has invented a very sad story about a Doctor ho died en 2012 in Ibiza spain in an accident, leaving 22,500,000 million dolars and she it´s triying to give thaht money to a person with the same last name.... 0758323487 Artemis francoise PERIYA (1 comment) 01/30/2022... Comment / Review: C'est une arnaque. Scam contents: Transfert d'héritage,cette dame est veuve maladive elle va mourir elle veut faire un don pour construire un orphelinat Mary Ellen Baker 01/26/2022... Comment / Review: Another email: . Scam contents: Complement of the season to you and your family, I would like to discuss something with you, is it ok for me to write you on this email address for more information? Thanks
657857043 micheal jn 01/26/2022... known on the meeff app, a dating site. the photos obviously fake. from its geolocation from 1418.84 km from my house, I live very close to Milan. he wrote, english and corean native lenguage
8774381476 11/29/2021... Comment / Review: This is obviously a scam and should be investigated ASAP. Thank you.. Scam contents: They offer a chance to win a TV for $3.95, then have a recurring monthly charge for $37.97. I did not sign up for a recurring charge and the phone number i Harleman Petronella 11/15/2021... Wcześniej uwierzyłem jim i opłaciłem co wysłały, po jakimś czasie nie pisały teraz znowu napisały. Co robić i czy można odzyskać pieniądze co wysyłałem jakiś czas temu??? +18007813067 11/13/2021... There are similar scam sites with the same fraud scheme like Ocean Project poping up over the last years. Ocean Project (, Club Ocean (, Blue Ocean Collections ( is all the same FRAUD! Petronela Harleman 11/12/2021... miałem z tym oszustwem jusz w2019r podawali sie za notariusza o nazwie wysyłali nawet dokumenty potwierdzajace o autetyczności które sa fałszywe by zdodyc zaufanie i wyłudzic pieniądze jak mniemam działaja na całom unie eu 0755290565 Marie-Josee zorzutti 11/10/2021... Bin zwar erst drauf eingegangen habe aber sehr schnell gemerkt das es sich um betrug handelt . Ich hoffe das den Betrugsopfern nicht großer schaden entstanden ist falls doch hoffe ich das die Täter bald gefasst werden 11/09/2021... Ive bought some items from the site and i never received the tracker and i could see the items were shipped from China. My money wasn't donated to the cause they're advertising. Check this site for more info Keith J. Nichols (2 comments) 10/27/2021... Same kind of what you put on your site, this time is in english language, but the text is more or less the same and the email is quite similar (just a J has been moved behind the point). Sam Woods 10/23/2021... Comment / Review: I think this person is a conman. Scam contents: Hello Am Sam Woods,a Member of the Monetary Policy Committee on banking at BANK OF ENGLAND.Kindly read through the message to understand and get back to me should you be interested but disre
Ethereum 10/19/2021... Comment / Review: Theres is a youtube video with a video of Vitalik.. Scam contents: Give away in Cripto and Ethereum. SUSPECTED SCAM!