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Donation scams

Donation scams attract people less familiar with the risks of the Internet : Scammers make believe to their victims that they are the recipients of a gift of money… In the majority of cases, this scam is broadcast by mail but some variations can be found on the classified ads websites.

How does this scam work ?

The scammer attracts his victim by making him believe that he is a beneficiary of a donation : heritage, hidden fortune stuck on a bank account… When exposed on ads classified, they are spread through donations of animals or atypical vehicles (cars without a license, motor homes ...)... The scammer does not hesitate to use photos evoking pity !

The problem is that in all cases, this donation requires a counterpart : Money is required on the pretext of customs fees, legal fees or transportation.

Last reported scams 0 Maria Menandez 5 hours ago... Comment / Review: WAtch out people. Scam contents: Maria Menandez Dec 7, 2022, 7:30 AM (2 days ago) to me Attention: First, I must insist on your confidence in this transaction. I made this contact with you based on reliable information available to me one day ago... Comment / Review: Avoid it.. Scam contents: TELL YOU 364 DAYS SINCE YOU LAST CONTACTED AND IF YOU DONT SORT THIS TODAY YOU LOSE IT ALL. Then they ask for money to convert it into dollars $64 in my case. 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Beware, they tried to make my purchase a donation through PayPal . Scam contents: Fake website, it was trying to make my purchase a donation.. SUSPECTED SCAM! 0 one week ago... Comment / Review: I feel this is a scam they are ripping people off . Scam contents: They said their was donations for me in Bitcoin but then it wanted me to send them money first. +13237476844 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: They took $380 from me . Scam contents: Dear, user-id81214293, welcome back URGENT NOTICE! 364 days ago, you registered on our platform for automatic cloud Bitcoin mining (collecting) by linking your devices to our platform by IP addres
934420961 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Also asking for money in another text . Scam contents: Hi mum, I'm texting you of a friend's phone. I've smashed mine and their phones about to die. Can you WhatsApp my new number please number the sent from was +7934420961 Number they to
+447784701898 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Was told they need some money have they have lost their phone. Thet phoned from +44784701898 Told to WhatsApp. Scam contents: Was told they need some money have they have lost their phone. Thet phoned from +44784701898 Told to Wha Christiophe danlos 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: pas la première fois, il a fait pareil en Belgique. Scam contents: Le mer. 16 nov. 2022 à 10:19, Christophe DANLOS a écrit : > > Bonjour > > Je vous envoie ce mail concernant la location de l'apparteme +48732121939 Andrzej Zajkowski /Ukrainehcr 4 weeks ago... When you click on the "Please help and donate today" button, they redirect you directly to, where you should pay with Bitcoin to donate.
+447466699698 11/07/2022... Comment / Review: THis is a Donation scam. Scam contents:
+4917634493534 Shkelzen Mirakaj 11/04/2022... Comment / Review: Be careful with this site, very danger and they steals all your Information . Scam contents: They steals all your info and sell to others . SUSPECTED SCAM! (2 comments) 11/04/2022... Comment / Review: je signale car c'est une arnaque, n'ayant rien commandé et rien reçu. Scam contents: prélèvement inconnu de 29.50€. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19099880080 Dennis and David Ritchie 10/28/2022... Congratulations..My name is Dennis, I’m mr David Ritchie agent the winner of powerball..I’m here for confirmation of your claims and I will like to have your full name for confirmation 10/26/2022... I am pleased to announce that the Douglas Foundation has made a donation to you to help those around you who otherwise cannot help themselves. For more information contact the email below. Email: Kind Regards, 10/21/2022... They send you email to tell you that you have been selected to receive 0.20 of betcoin ,but you have to pay 55euro in betcoin to receive what you won ,and on their website you see alot of people receiving betcoin online .I see the end of the dominance of the U +61421196661 Central Intelligence Agency 10/19/2022... An email sent, pretending to be from the CIA, claiming to be able to recover money lost and offering compensation. At a later stage, these scammers will ask you to pay them an amount of money for fees and taxes.
+32468189355 Marissa van mertens (1 comment) 10/17/2022... Comment / Review: Niet verder op in gegaan bewaar Berten . Scam contents: Donatie van 885.500euro heb alleen adres gegeven en naam verder niks omdat ik de naam na keek zag ik opligting staan geef het alleen door een notaris stuurt brieven niet via gsm had ook 10/11/2022... Comment / Review: Trying to receive doantions. Scam contents: Trying to receive donations.. SUSPECTED SCAM! Beno MEICHTRY 10/06/2022... Comment / Review: x. Scam contents: Bonjour, Je vous contacte concernant un projet humanitaire que je tiens à réaliser, mais malheureusement ma situation physique actuelle ne me permet pas de réaliser le projet. Je vais mettre à votre disposition tous l Michael Yapog 09/30/2022... Comment / Review: Well if this was real then they should email people with their own email. Also this is dutch.. Scam contents: Gefeliciteerd!!! Een donatie van $ 5.500.000,00 is u aangeboden door de Kirk Douglas stichting, een Hollywood legende, filantroop (1 comment) 09/21/2022... Comment / Review: Everything is on the youtube clip clip. Scam contents: SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12058867388 Bradley Hahn 09/20/2022... Comment / Review: I've been receiving this text on a daily basis. These scammers are using the names of other power ball jackpot winners to trick people and take their money.
+16157059498 David Ritchie (8 comments) 09/20/2022... Comment / Review: Donation scams are popular these days and many have fallen for them. At a later stage, they will ask you to send them money in order to claim the prize.
Excinderella 09/18/2022... A scammer pretending to be Excinderella, whose YouTube clips I was following and commenting, contacted me some 2 weeks ago regarding a gift that she decided to donate to me. The gift has reportedly included Iphone 13 Pro and Mack Book, and some makeup produc +639687945006 Gcash (1 comment) 09/18/2022... Comment / Review: Babba. Scam contents: Baba. SUSPECTED SCAM! +32486628592 Gino P 09/16/2022... Comment / Review: Instant blocked and banned from the Server/Discord Server.. Scam contents: Trying to sell donations and you get nothing.. SUSPECTED SCAM! www.mmoneygrampayfund (1 comment) 09/12/2022... Comment / Review: It looks like a Scam. Is it?. Scam contents: Dear Customer ,4 Yahoo/Inbox Money Gram Bcc:XXXX Sun, Sep 11 at 1:54 PM -- Dear Customer , We Money Gram want to appreciate you for your patronage for using money
+442070728860 used M/C details for pending payments 09/05/2022... Can someone help me with this. My mastercard is being used to make monthly payments of $80.00 & I would like to remove their transaction. I can't seem to get in contact with the website.
+17692248388 (1 comment) 08/31/2022... Comment / Review: The donation is mandatory and the least amount of money to donate is $50 but why is a donation mandatory if the trip is free?. Scam contents: Radio station sweepstakes for net zero corporation , promotes free trip to Las Vegas after they get +971588711235 Fazza Hamdan 08/30/2022... Comment / Review: I'm surprised, Hamdan's fakes are becoming more sophisticated, no sending money to strangers anyway. Prince Hamdan of Dubai does not give away cars 08/30/2022... Comment / Review: please try to block the payments . Scam contents: redrow money 64.95€ from master card . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Marceros 08/28/2022... Comment / Review: BS. Scam contents: Wants to donate 800k. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Thatcher Huff 08/27/2022... The website looks reasonably legit. It even lets you convert the BTC to other cryptos and back, with a proper history log. Well above what I'd expect of a scam, but then, when you try to withdraw the BTC, it tells you you need to first deposit 0.01BTC to "acti 08/24/2022... Comment / Review: Is this the genuine website of the courier company?. Scam contents: Pay whatever they charged you then you will replace it back when they delivere it to your doorstep +18022766382 Cason Foley 08/21/2022... Comment / Review: I hope you can shout down this 2 accounts the he used.. . Scam contents: He lies to me 5months ago pretending to be in love with me,he call me his wife, and he told me her mom have leukemia and was very sick he ask me for money to help him ou Lily Owen 08/17/2022... Comment / Review: I don't know what is that, but seems quite suspicious!. Scam contents: Greetings my dear, I'm from Bukhara, and my husband is from New Delhi India, but we live here in the United Kingdom. I lost my husband in a car crash on 16Th June 2014, an (1 comment) 08/07/2022... Comment / Review: Was told to donate bitcoins to receive bitcoins. Scam contents: Bitcoins. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+32467799007 (1 comment) 08/02/2022... Comment / Review: Tentative de smishing par une donnation de soit disant le service fédéral des impôts.. Scam contents: Beste, De Federale belastingsdienst heeft beslist dat u een terugbetaling ontvangt van €278,35. Om dit bedrag te ontvangen kunt u o
+14109898482 07/30/2022... My Dad got involved in this a few months back comments it has been a scary experience and lots of confusing one I hope Is over soon and never want to be involved in again.
+14109398482 07/29/2022... This was a Donation my Dad somehow got invole with as he thought it was a good caused at the time but did not know it was a scam.Her name is Melinda Perez and the guy James Carter.There phone numbers are Melinda 410-939-8482.James Carter is 1-484-303-0355 Meli
+16475345754 07/26/2022... Comment / Review: Slay ig. Scam contents: Mssg sent: morningg sorry for taking so long but I have sent the money thank you. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16475345754 Good afternoon hope you had a good weekend I have sent the money 07/26/2022... Comment / Review: Scam contents: Good afternoon hope you had a good weekend I have sent the money. And then he sent me this link +15412565811 Ted d billbe (1 comment) 07/22/2022... I recievie an email ndicating a donation from the giving pledge. They send me and email from an Attorney, i give my personal details to him, he gave me bank email, i also send my personal details to them, and before the transfer of the donation, i have to pay @locvanmai79 (1 comment) 07/20/2022... Comment / Review: Bitte auch YouTube melden wenn Sie die Möglichkeit haben. Wegen Tierquälerei und Betrug !. Scam contents: Tierquälerei um gefälschte Tierrettungsvideos zu erstellen um zum Spenden zu animieren. Ein weiteter Kanal dieser Gruppe wo es um T 8882434884 TNU 07/20/2022... Comment / Review: These people have frauded me for hundreds of thousands of dollars . Scam contents: Fake tribal government selling trusts and filing fraudulent tax returns and extorting people for donations. Filing fraudulent lawsuits +18144084569 Prince Fazza Bin Mohammend 07/15/2022... Comment / Review: Very persistent. He invents a trip to the Place of his victim. Indicates that he is in a Hotel and asks for Cards to be seen. Scam contents: He says he is Sheikh Hamdan Fazza. order itunes cards. +447897040301 Lewis Smith 07/14/2022... Comment / Review: I never answered.. Scam contents: Vidarebefordrat mejl: Från: Lewis Smith Ämne: Reply Urgently Datum: 13 juli 2022 2:04:15 em GMT+3 Till: undisclosed-recipients:; Observera: vän, Jag arbetar med rev
+14075544488 07/12/2022... Bribing for donations and the "free vacation" Im sure doesn't exist but its a good way to get your card number. Then when that doesn't work they bribe you with a $500 hotel voucher IF you'll sign a petition. I didn't click on that text but Im sure ther chris boletta (1 comment) 06/28/2022... Comment / Review: Did you get me the card Can you try and get me $25I thinking you don’t want to buy it for me right now. Scam contents: Did you get me the card Can you try and get me $25I thinking you don’t want to buy it for me right now +639815533033 06/26/2022... Wanted to report this message that just got. It seems like a scam message! I don't even know who this is from? ! How do they get my number and what are they wanting to give? Phishing scam I presume, message for personal information and even my bank account. I