Donation scams

Donation scams attract people less familiar with the risks of the Internet : Scammers make believe to their victims that they are the recipients of a gift of money… In the majority of cases, this scam is broadcast by mail but some variations can be found on the classified ads websites.

How does this scam work ?

The scammer attracts his victim by making him believe that he is a beneficiary of a donation : heritage, hidden fortune stuck on a bank account… When exposed on ads classified, they are spread through donations of animals or atypical vehicles (cars without a license, motor homes ...)... The scammer does not hesitate to use photos evoking pity !

The problem is that in all cases, this donation requires a counterpart : Money is required on the pretext of customs fees, legal fees or transportation.

Last reported scams

+980999999999 21 hours ago... Comment / Review: Belem exchange is fraud . Scam contents: Belem exchange is scammed . SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 days ago... Please file a police report and a complaint online if you are a victim of a scam. Please read below... In the US ... 1.first ... file a police report (you don't have to but it may help) 2. second ... file a complaint at (IC3 Complaint Referral
+522881079436 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Porfavor necesito el renvolso de los $400 que me cobraron . Scam contents: Me cobraron $400 que ni siquiera confirme . SUSPECTED SCAM! David oldfield. Managing director (Lloyds Banking) londra 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Allego badge che mi ha inviato in allegato alla mail. Scam contents: Vuole donarmi 35milioni di Pound a un mio conto. SUSPECTED SCAM! Joe & Jess 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: This was sent to my phone via email . Scam contents: Donation scam. Possibly selling numbers as well as it’s asking for the mobile number.. has an attached rtf file but I did not open it so I do not know the contents. joeandjessdonations adriana seabra 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Recently made fb page owner claiming to make a donation. Scam contents: Offering a donation and asking to contact this email address.. SUSPECTED SCAM! Greg Davies 04/30/2023... Comment / Review: Then they wanted $1000.00 deposit. I didn't have it and didn't send it. All communications have since been met with radio silence.. Scam contents: Offered to donate to my go fund me ( I am having heart failure and spent a week in hospital). Greg Davies 04/30/2023... Comment / Review: Please find this person and shut them down. They attempted to "donate" for my rescue dog's surgery...and truly tried to convince me it wasn't a scam. 04/21/2023... Comment / Review: I just want the scams to stop coming to my phone.. Scam contents: N/A. SUSPECTED SCAM! +13193317458 (1 comment) 04/19/2023... Comment / Review: Not sure their # . Mine is (319)331-7458. Scam contents: Receive $ from joe and jess donations 600k plus left a reference #.... SUSPECTED SCAM! Patrick Souillot 04/16/2023... MrsElizabeth Duchet Mr Patrick Souillot Iban: IT61H3608105138236489236502 E-mail address: 04/08/2023... Please file a police report and a complaint if you are a victim of a scam. Please read below... In the US ... 1.first ... file a police report (you don't have to but it may help) 2. second ... file a complaint at (IC3 Complaint Referral Form) Abebe Aemro Selassie 04/07/2023... This is what is saying in email (IMF) Head Office Senior Resident Representative Address: 467 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn; Pretoria 0181, South Africa Attention: I'm the appointed Director of IMF International Monetary Fund, Managing the 45 countries acro Eric Dupond Moretti 04/03/2023... "Safia" wrote with an offer to donate 450,000 euros, and after a chat-bot-like dialogue, she sent the address of her notary, Eric, with a request to contact him. The dialogue of the scammer was illiterate, the IP address did not give anything because he used v
+18883733669 Libertarian Party of Michigan 03/31/2023... As per the corporate bylaws of the michigan LP and by the word of LNC secretary Caryn Ann Harlos in the following video, the board which put together the website in question is not the one recognized by the LNC. See:
+94755146842 03/27/2023... Comment / Review: I'm scared about my privacy . Scam contents: CONGRATS YOUR NUMBER IS SELECTED AS WINNER OF 185,000 POUND IN THE U.N RELIEF TEAM PROGRAM,EMAIL US UR NAME.PHONE,ADDRESS TO OUR EMAIL: Bitcoin 03/24/2023... Comment / Review: These are Russians trying to scam Americans because they know Biden won't do anything to them. Scam contents: Tells me that my phone has been doing Bitcoin mining and has racked up 0.817 and I'm to withdrawal by DONATING it to her email. I r
magdinbtc 03/24/2023... Comment / Review: Trying to get people to give him 0.01 bitcoin for "verification". Scam contents: Bitcoin scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! Steven Swank 03/23/2023... Comment / Review: This email is being sent to all the members of my golf league. The sender is posing as me (Steven Swank - President MNGL). Scam contents: From: Steven Swank Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2023 9:31 AM To: Ron Rousseau (No
+61435195745 4 for a paw 03/17/2023... this is a Charity fraud scheme seeking donations for fake organization and website stealing people's money and keeping it for themselves. the website they are providing is fake and suspicious. Be careful and do not fall for this
+14022048817 e.campaign 03/16/2023... Another ceaseless spam courtesy of Winred. There is no unsubscribing or stopping these spams. Once Winred gets your email address and/or cell phone they sell your contact info to every GOP campaign, committee, organization, group who will unmercifully keep sp Joe and Jess Thwaite (1 comment) 03/13/2023... Comment / Review: I recieved this as a txt message but there was no phone number attached, it was an email address from Scam contents: There is a donation for you from Joe and Thwaite for a total sum of £550,000.00 GBP equivalent to $676,6 +393494168477 sharpxo 03/05/2023... Comment / Review: please give me the shoes. Scam contents: After I bought some shoes they still haven't arrived after a month. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Maddie.neal02 03/03/2023... Comment / Review: I have a screen recording I was trying to attach, but its not letting me. All the videos are on her Tik Tok account that I attached.. Scam contents: 4 days ago, she posted numerous videos asking for donations, as her and her fiance are homele +447578045383 Receipt# 68B83-6HYKAX4 03/02/2023... Comment / Review: I do not know this company. Scam contents: Receipt for donation . SUSPECTED SCAM! +447578045383 Receipt from APRE Sunday LTD receipt 1646-8513 03/02/2023... Comment / Review: I do not know this company. Scam contents: Donation. . SUSPECTED SCAM! 02/28/2023... This website was good but but can't increase our mining speed. If one time send the lightcoin to them it's not activated our purchasing. And can't reach them and technical support. Frances & Patrick Connolly, 02/21/2023... Comment / Review: They send you that you were like random chosen to get a donation and at the end to get the donation you have to pay 810 pounds .. Scam contents: From this emails - Our Names are Fra
+13855013404 Bryan (1 comment) 02/20/2023... Comment / Review: The guy took the last of my food money, idk. Scam contents: Was told that if I send the scammer $20 through cashapp to "verify my identity" I would receive $500. I received nothing and he claimed the cashapp account I sent the money to, $JDHo
+639514037429 02/13/2023... Comment / Review: Donation para sa ikswelahan pero scam. Scam contents: Sabi nila donation para sa iskwelahan pero scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639287117316 Silven B.(Gcash) 02/12/2023... Comment / Review: Told me that he would visit home or send via Gcash, asking money, in Bisaya. . Scam contents: Rebelde, asking funds/donation. SUSPECTED SCAM!
8888993461 National firefighter pac 02/10/2023... Comment / Review: Scamming for police fire and medic. Scam contents: National firefighter pac and autism pac. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+86138000000000 GXL GBO 02/10/2023... Comment / Review: I have received loads of dpam on my phone recently . Scam contents: Lovering from Cartier never ordered - my full name address and phonenumber is on the package
+639158882315 Joel B 02/10/2023... Comment / Review: Certified scamming using gcash. Pls blocl the number or unregister it for avoiding other law abiding citizens. Scam contents: He will ask 500 pesos for helping but no service will be done
+639666916091 02/07/2023... Comment / Review: Please the number. para di na makaperwisyo ng iba. Scam contents: Will donate 1000 pesos through gcash. SUSPECTED SCAM! +639271937496 Ika 02/04/2023... Comment / Review: She fooled me and i didn't expect she will do that to me. Scam contents: Promising to double my money. SUSPECTED SCAM! Richard Clarke (3 comments) 01/31/2023... Now this website is asking for $500 to confirm the account. Couldn’t find advice anywhere about this site, no help questions, website doesn’t have contact information. I used all the free scanners and most said very bad score. It also said the whole websi 01/30/2023... Comment / Review: please give the attention for this. Scam contents: that website collect deta from the people by posting donate laptops. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639193605650 NAGPAPANGGAP NPA. Naloko na ko huli na ng nalaman ko. Mag ingat 01/29/2023... Nascam na kami ngayon. Huli na ang lahat ng malaman kong scam. sana malaman ng lahat ng tao. Ang nagmamay ari ng number na nanloloko ay nakarehistro sa gcash. Ito ang gcash number nya. 09702550799
+27768418671 01/28/2023... Comment / Review: Very convincing. Scam contents: Tell the recipient of call that he/she is winner of Vodacom Summer rewards. Sends SMS with reference numbers confirming winning of Phone. Then sends SMS with # pin codes for winning R10,000 To unlock pin cod
+639193605650 01/23/2023... Comment / Review: scammer na nagpapanggap na NPA at nanghihingi ng donasyon para daw sakanilang kilusan.. Scam contents: nagpapanggap na NPA at nanghihingi ng pera 01/22/2023... Comment / Review: I did research before I even bought into it, if it’s to good to be true, it probably is.. Scam contents: FW: JJt.///.*** FYI. Read for more details Disclaimer The information contained in this communication from the sender is confide Joe & Jess Thwaite 01/22/2023... Comment / Review: Absolutely Disgusting Scam Preying On Poor People. Mimecast Software Website Referenced In Message.. Scam contents: FYI. Read for more details Disclaimer The information contained in this communicat
tonica beamish 01/22/2023... Comment / Review: The subject e-mail came up on my SPAM Folder. Only be opening do you discover the contents. This arrived on my relatively new computer.. Scam contents: Hello Frank Haysom Let me get straight to the point. I know all there is to know ab
+27691136132 01/19/2023... Comment / Review: COVID 19 donation for homeless. Scam contents: Telkom reward’s winner’s . SUSPECTED SCAM! +27640749990 01/19/2023... They have an attractive website that have images of persons that confirm in everyday language that they have received cash donation after following their process. They have you send the first amount then claim that they have not received it, then they have you +639279550800 MIMI NI MAXENE 01/17/2023... the said group still continues their program, solicitations, ask for donations from members and other people without proper legal documentation and permit to do so.
+639655976472 Chief Commander in NPA 01/14/2023... Comment / Review: I hope that this scammer will be traced whoever is the owner.. Scam contents: Threatening my life if I wont give financial support. According to him he is a Commander in Chief in New People's Army. He said that even if I report to the police,
+43670309918 : Jorge Puig Montserrat 😍: 01/13/2023... Donație [13.01, 16:25] Franck Berton 😍: Name : Jorge Puig Montserrat IBAN: ES12 0182 2383 5402 0184 6430 Bank: BBVA BIC: BBVAESMMXXX. type of payment: immediate transfer [13.01, 16:26] Franck Berton 😍: Spune-mi sigur la ce oră va fi