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Scam contentsI received a bag containing 12 red plastic containers ( 2”x 2”) each. Each box contained small numerous clear plastic stickers (1& 1/2”long x 1/2
Wide). This is NOTHING like what I saw & ordered online. I ordered a product which was a large double sided sticker or tape that purported to hold heavy objects on the wall like a vacuum.
Comment / ReviewI want a refund. Address on bag Jane.
371 Little Falls Rd Ste 4
Cedar Grove NJ 07009.

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    • Judge Dredd 04/10/2023 at 12:46 PM

      Many users have reported negative experiences with a company called "Jane" that operates from Cedar Grove, NJ. Customers have reported receiving products that are significantly different from what they ordered, such as low-quality items, incorrect sizes, or even items they did not order at all. Some people have received cheap knock-offs of what they thought they were purchasing.

      In several cases, customers have expressed frustration with the process of disputing charges and attempting to get refunds. Many have turned to their credit card companies or PayPal for help, with varying degrees of success. It seems that this company is connected to other businesses under different names, potentially making it difficult for customers to identify the correct merchant to contact for refunds or returns.... Read more

    • Abii 06/30/2022 at 04:22 AM

      Depending on the payment method you used, you can request a Chargeback from bank or you can contact PayPal and start a dispute process to get a refunded:


    • Brad 08/08/2022 at 03:55 PM

      Same thing for us. We got a 4th of July wreath that looked like a 6th grade art project, not at all what the picture looked like.

    • lynn 08/12/2022 at 01:39 PM

      I have moved on to my credit card to handle my dispute. I purchased items that were supposedly small batch linen and cotton blend clothes. The items that arrived form china by way of Jane had no brand labels and were polyester knock offs. the process through PayPal is ridiculous.

    • Rebecca 08/28/2022 at 02:42 AM

      I am not sure I ordered anything from this company. But I received 5 pair of what appears to be "period underwear" for women. They were somewhat near my size but I am not in need of them. If I ever find out what I did order, if anything, I will repost. But I am frankly confused as to why they would send me something with my name and address correct that I never ordered.

      • Shazza 01/25/2023 at 03:26 PM

        Usually the order begins with another company, a scammer, then in the end, after several weeks, it pops up from this company JANE. It is usually a cheap version of what one orders from a whole differently named company. They have different names on PayPal, as well as credit card companies. SCAM. I received a cardboard plastic thing that was supposed to be a lamp and it burned out in one day. Disputing credit card as PayPal seems like a big stall.

    • Mike 08/28/2022 at 10:31 AM

      Order some shirts for Male adult, fits like a boys shirt. Doesn't fit at all, couldn't even get my head through.

      • bipbip 10/26/2022 at 02:44 PM

        Same here My husband order some shirts it shows XL I am a medium and I could not even fit on those shirts and they can not be return or exchange

    • Tom 08/29/2022 at 12:28 PM

      Did anyone get the merchant name that showed up on the redit card statement? We got scammed on backpacks

      • Shazza 01/25/2023 at 03:32 PM

        Does "Anhotpursuit"(ad on Facebook) , "Vanice Technologies" (PayPal name) or "VANIFRSHOP (on Visa credit card statement) sound familiar? They are all part of the scam.

    • jag 08/29/2022 at 07:44 PM

      I received a pair of flip flop type of shoes close to my size, but I don't recall ordering them.

    • PS 08/29/2022 at 08:43 PM

      Received 2 Bras that do not look anything like the Ad Photos. Plus they are too small and the backs have 7 hooks. Crazy. Not what I ordered. No labels on them, No paperwork except a Thank You card with a crazy email address for Customer Service. Return Address on package is Jane, 371 Little Falls Rd, Ste 4, Cedar Grove, NJ. However, I got a different Business Name & Email Address from my PayPal Account Receipt. So I am asking them to return the items for a Refund. We'll see how this goes.

    • Bonnie Waters 09/02/2022 at 02:11 PM

      I also received two pairs of what I guess are shoes--nothing like the ONE pair that I ordered. No receipt, nothing, just the return address on the label from "Jane" Well "Jane is running a shoddy business. How do I return, obtain a credit?

    • P. 09/02/2022 at 05:36 PM

      Received a small package with one cellophane packaged white mask from Jane. It's in the garbage.

    • Dan 09/04/2022 at 09:57 AM

      I received something from "Jane" I never ordered. There was no packing slip. The 2 shirts were absolute garbage.

    • Luke 09/06/2022 at 07:09 PM

      I ordered a jersey that was clearly a knock off and not the legit version posted in the photo online on elizacopel.com. The jersey looked like it was made at a t shirt cannery. I think I found a shirt cannery in NJ tied to this this business. If anyone else finds information on the owner/point of contact please comment back here.

    • Diana Hendrix 09/06/2022 at 08:44 PM

      I just received a white mask sealed I have no idea who this person is but they need to stop

    • Marylou willhaus 09/08/2022 at 02:25 PM

      I ordered a stained glass sun catcher. I got a plastic bird sun catcher.that you can't even see through. I want my money back. This company is a scammer.

    • Marylou willhaus 09/08/2022 at 02:27 PM

      I ordered a stained glass sun chatcher and got a plastic one you can't even see threw. It's cheap plastic.i want my money back.

    • MayB 09/09/2022 at 03:19 AM

      Good morning, if you paid with your credit card, try to contact your credit card company to get refunded:


    • G 09/09/2022 at 11:50 AM

      I don't recall ordering anything but I did see a charge of 19.99 and .60 international fee..I received I think they are for your eyes,like strips..I will be calling my bank.... The merchant name was Hexocare.comRANDERSC

    • Julie/ Juls 09/10/2022 at 03:11 PM

      i today got a package from Jane, 371 Little Falls Rd Ste 4, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009, gonna write on

      the unopened package Refused & Return to Sender.......................I didn't order anything from this person.........................once the package is open, u have to pay to send back..............Thats why I didn't open especially after seeing all these posts!! I don't care what's in there!!! Jane needs to get a life......................................

    • Brenda Snyder 09/13/2022 at 11:45 AM

      I purchased a small "ring for champagne" wall plaque thought cute for bedroom- arrived in pieces, with button too small to make ringer work even if I glue it together! WANT REFUND!!!

    • Kathleen 09/19/2022 at 08:07 AM

      I received a wreath that is nothing like it was suppose to be. It is plastic garbage. The name from mailer is Jane at 371 Little Falls Road. This is a complete scam.

    • Fred 09/19/2022 at 10:35 AM

      I received a No.K-7 Vacuum Cleaner that I did not order. I tried to to email Jane about this matter but the email address on the Jane site that I used was not accepted.

    • Bri 09/19/2022 at 09:01 PM

      Ordered a Corset Dress in freen received a teal colored, poorly made dress

      They copy others pics and sell as their own. I have sent an email. If I do not receive a response by tomorrow I am contacting PayPal.

    • Georgi 10/04/2022 at 11:21 PM

      I ordered some wigs that I thought to be from a National chain and received this package from Jane. The wigs I received were of low quality and poorly made and styles were not what I had chosen. I contacted that National chain and they informed me that I had been spammed. I will be contacting my bank for a full refund from this company and also posting this spam on FaceBook!!!

    • Simon 11/28/2022 at 10:17 PM

      I ordered Italian style made shoes and I received a fake shoes, different sole , size. If they don’t respond to resolve the problem or refund tomorrow I let credit line knows

    • Kindred 11/29/2022 at 06:40 PM

      I got scammed by Jane as well. I received a very nice pair B39 wireless headset. Brand new and is actually quite nice. The only thing is, I did not order this nor would I as I have no need for it.

      I checked for all my bank purchases and I found one that indicated carvindar.com Which looks to be a giant warehouse. Scrolling down on the page that it brought me to, I see headsets. Specifically, the B39 wireless Bluetooth headset. Can you say smoking gun? Here is the thing, I now am trying to determine what I actually meant to order. I am pretty sure it was one of those internet marketing pieces for something like the "waterproof pants" or maybe "get a box of mixed random amazon returns products". Not sure yet, but fairly certain it was something like that. This cavindar.com is in Germany and is likely just a giant fulfillment warehouse. Will I fight the charge, hells yea. The real takeaway is only orders from trusted sources.... Read more

    • Elizabeth 12/05/2022 at 02:45 PM

      Received cheap paper Advent calendar with little resemblance to picture. Case was banged up because it was thin cardboard that had been packaged super tightly in a plastic bag with no cushioning and no warning up USPS that contents were to be handled with care. Embarrassing.

    • Frank 12/05/2022 at 02:59 PM

      Bought a brahmin bag, supposedly for my wife for Christmas.

      It was delivered today. Took three weeks to receive it. Bag came from Jane 371 Little Falls Rd. Cedar Grove, NJ.

      It is a terrible knock-off. I got SCAMMED!!! Be aware. It was supposed to be a real Brahmin handbag. IT IS A FAKE. Think before you purchase. Contacting American Express Now

    • Joy 12/06/2022 at 12:21 PM

      I ordered a pair of thermal boots for 60% off. Arrived 3 1/2 weeks later, not thermal & no discount! Scammers!

    • Sue 12/08/2022 at 04:16 PM

      Ordered a set of 12 individually boxed cell phone holders, gladly took my money, didn't return FB messages for 2 weeks, finally sent the pkg, took 10 days and was sent from Ireland. Every box in the big ziplock bag was damaged, 3 are pretty bad but product is ok. Then I look at the package wrapping (very very cheap gray shopping bag quality that didn't withstand much abuse) with the return address of Jane and the address in Cedar Grove NJ. They wanted photos of the bag containing the product (big ziplock bag) and once I found the gray wrapping sent that too. They will never respond...just don't buy anything off of Facebook, they don't back the consumers.

    • Valeri123 12/12/2022 at 11:06 AM

      I believe this is just a mail forwarding company. Most likely you ordered something from China. So your issue is with the website/company you ordered from not this package forwarding service.

    • Reese 12/14/2022 at 06:31 PM

      I received a fake diamond ring from this company and I never ordered anything like this

      • janescam 02/08/2023 at 03:48 PM

        Same here. Didn't order a fake diamond ring and sure don't want to pay for one. Spent the morning looking at my charges - credit card and paypal - and can't find a charge - YET!

    • Vikki 12/15/2022 at 12:55 PM

      Dang it, same story...SCAMMED BY JANE. said they'd send shoes and sent some plastic shoes 2 sizes too small, not even remotely resembling what they promised.

    • Mialyn 12/17/2022 at 02:44 PM

      Same here ordered the log splitter… all the videos and pictures show I nice size splitter thing and just revived today..😂😂 if you want to split your kindling into smaller kindling it may work.. no way you can even fit a chunk of wood into the micro mini splitter.. what a joke!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!

    • Earvin Russ 12/20/2022 at 04:24 PM


    • Lester 12/23/2022 at 12:37 PM

      Ordered two shirts. Nothing like the image online. Cheap fabric.

    • D 12/29/2022 at 02:32 PM

      I ordered what I thought was 3 pair of Bombas socks. This scam company used real photos from Bombas site. What I received were NOT Bombas socks, even though they had copycat packaging...After many emails the address I received for return was Singapore. They kept trying to "settle" my dispute about the scam with a "percentage" refunded and coupon for FUTURE purchase. Haha!
      I think the Jane address is a mail company.

    • Jordan 01/03/2023 at 04:32 PM

      I received a package in the mail that I did not order. I opened it assuming it was something I bought online and it ended up being a DIAMON RING. It looks fake. The band is cheap and adjustable. Attached to the ring is a sketchy price tag marked for $188 and it came without an invoice. The only documents in the envelope are pamphlets for the diamond details and it has nothing to do with a the company. I checked my bank statement and I couldn't find a charge. I don't know what to do!

    • ExtremelyAnxious 01/04/2023 at 04:00 AM

      I received a package from this "Jane" ho too, and it was a giant ugly ass shirt that feels like its made of paper. i checked my credit card and bank statements but i dont see anything weird???

    • Val 01/04/2023 at 05:37 PM

      I as well recieved a ring and not the correct one, took about close to a month to recieve tge purchase. Just to be as disappointed. Has anyone tried contacting The Federal Trade Comission because I'm sure we could try and prevent it from happening to anyone else.

    • Snap 01/04/2023 at 06:17 PM

      I got something I never ordered and I am mad as he'll they sent something other then what I ordered this place will get posted so no one else will get scams this is bs that it happens.

    • Will 01/04/2023 at 06:57 PM

      I ordered a rechargeable food processor in good faith and paid for it, including shipping, using Paypal and it arrived today. Only problem was that there was postage due in the amount of $10.05. Unfortunately, I order so much stuff I had no idea what was inside the package. All it said was Jane 371 Little Falls Road, Suite 4, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. I paid the mailman to get the package figuring I would just contact the legitimate vendor to get the postage refunded. Wrong!!! Came upon this website which shows other people have been scammed by the same vendor. Live and learn

    • Debbie 01/05/2023 at 06:53 PM

      got a Ted Ex Package with white envelope in it.. its a mask!! have no dea

    • Lou 01/08/2023 at 10:04 AM

      I recieved a pair of boots today that I did not order! How do I send them back and get a refund

    • Candy 01/08/2023 at 12:58 PM

      I got scammed on a fake Kate Spade website. Fake bags showed up sent from this "Jane" address. Now they are telling me I need to pay to ship the fake items back to China and they will give refund me 15% if I just keep them. Anyone have a lawyer working on their issue? This is ripe for a class action re:mail fraud.

    • rls 01/09/2023 at 02:43 PM

      I have been scammed on Bombas socks! These are a terrible knock-off. I called my credit card company and said it was a scam.

    • Granny 01/09/2023 at 02:51 PM

      I received a Commanders NFL jersey. No idea why. No one I know ordered anything like it. Do I just keep it?

    • Granny 01/09/2023 at 02:58 PM

      Just what companies did you all deal with? Ebay?

    • Renee R 01/10/2023 at 09:36 AM

      My husband ordered what he thought was a Charlotte Hornets NBA player jersey for my son for Christmas. He got sent to a site that he thought was a broker for the Hornets fan shop. Over a month later, the jersey arrived yesterday and it is obviously a fake. No raised lettering, old, ripped off design, bad screen printing. He paid more than $100 for this as a Christmas present. He is going to try and contact Jane, but he doubts he'll get anywhere and hopefully he can issue a chargeback with our credit card. Thanks to everyone for posting their reviews here so we can see that we weren't the only ones duped!

    • Doc 01/10/2023 at 10:06 AM

      this is a scam. the company that I contacted said it was one of there distributors Jane...the original company I ordered it from is Lightinthebox. It is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ!!!

    • Chip 01/11/2023 at 04:35 PM

      Ordered three leather hats for Christmas for my brothers. Received a package today from Jane with only two hats. Paid for three and got two. paul

    • rhonda 01/11/2023 at 05:07 PM

      I placed an order for uggs on Dec 26th paid $150 Received today fake uggs. The return address is from Jane in cedar Grove. Scam

    • S KW 01/12/2023 at 06:26 PM

      I just received a package I didn't order and I don't think anyone I know sent me.

      They are a set of 6 solar powered light up plastic "trees" about 18" tall that you'd put out on your lawn or walkway something. They are cheaply made and pretty ugly. I opened the package because I thought it was something I ordered. I am glad I am not the only one who is receiving weird stuff from this address.

    • Nubian Queen 01/12/2023 at 11:30 PM

      I ordered the color changing Rose Diamond Table Lamp with remote to change the colors. The boxes were worn and no remotes anywhere. When I tried contacting them it was to no avail. They also came from Jane in Cedar Grove, N.J. 07009

    • Bss 01/13/2023 at 11:29 PM

      Same I ordered on Dec 27th what I thought was 98%off Marilyn Monroe vintage ring from zales on the web site it says the name. So I snap shot the pic of the advertisement and my comfrmation number along with the pic of what I'm supposed to get and what I actually got. I am not happy at all . I want what I paid for or my money back. I have tried to email them back a few times. Even went on the chat message on their web site and nothing and no respond NOT happy

    • Mama Crewe 01/14/2023 at 02:58 PM

      Just received a package from Jane at 371 Little Falls Rd Ste 4, Cedar Grove, NJ. I ordered a fleece-lined sweatshirt on Amazon. What I got was a kid-sized black sock. One. Went to Amazon to report it. Says I'm not eligible for a refund because I've already been refunded. I'll wait a few days and check my account before I go back to Amazon with it. Seller was "Find Pretty" and EFOEFI Hoping Amazon does, in fact, make it right.

    • Weirded Out 01/15/2023 at 07:09 PM

      I received a package from this sender “Jane” that I initially thought was a prank from someone who knows my address because the contents were pretty wild. There was no packing slip inside, just a gaudy Hawaiian- style shirt but with Jesus hugging the twin towers with “9/11 Never forget” above it, and like a very dramatic NYC starry background, etc. It’s an intense piece of clothing to say the least, and I certainly didn’t order this for myself nor has anyone I’ve asked. I don’t see any strange charges on my cards so I’m not sure who has paid for this and why it was sent to me? My full name is on the address, too. Uhhhhh what the funk?

    • Shitfire 01/16/2023 at 03:52 PM

      So I received something in the mail from the same place as everyone else..from Jane. My item was slightly expensive not too expensive. I dont know why it was sent to me, but I will sell it!!

    • Debra 01/16/2023 at 08:43 PM

      I received product ordered from Kylieshe, shipped by Jane. I never received confirmation of the order, never received shipping information.

      I specifically read the return policy prior to purchase which said the buyer is responsible for return postage, but says NOTHING about return to China. No refund unless I ship at my expense to China. I have taken it up with my credit card company. Quality of the product is AWFUL.

    • Courtney 01/17/2023 at 01:26 PM

      Today I received a package from Jane, from the same address. It included a green sweater vest and floral jacket. I emailed the detective bureau in Cedar Grove in case they wanted to look into this, and included this website.

    • Jeannie 01/17/2023 at 02:26 PM

      I ordered a sequin dress from a company called DreShe. I also received an envelope from Jane in Cedar Grove, NJ. It was a dress but not what I ordered. I only know it's was supposed to be what I ordered because the tracking number is the same on the order. I paid via PayPal and the merchant name is BERICH. I am requesting a refund but can probably guarantee I'll never see that money again.

    • Illinois 01/17/2023 at 10:40 PM

      Just received a package from "Jane" with the NJ address. I don't remember ordering eight lights that plug into a USB. Why would anyone need 8? It shines a pattern onto the wall/ceiling. I don't even know what to search in my email. Have no idea what company they are from, where or when they were ordered, what was the price, and what card or account I used, if I even did at all? Very confusing.

    • Sarah 01/18/2023 at 01:04 AM

      I received a pair of shoes I ordered but they are the wrong size. Anyone know how to get in touch with Jane?

    • Gem 01/19/2023 at 02:31 PM

      i recieved what seems to be a 200$ Proposal/wedding ring from a "Jane" @ 271 Little Falls Rd Ste 4, Cedar Grove NJ, but I Never ordered a ring. I'm not sure why it got sent here with my name and all but I never ordered anything, especially a ring..?

    • sam 01/19/2023 at 03:24 PM

      Here is a message I received from Jane.com it seems like facebook online stores etc just use "Jane" as a random sellers address and drop ship from china

      Thank you for reaching out and sending over that information. I am so sorry, but this is not an order from our company, Jane. There are a couple of companies based out of China, that have been posing as Jane (like Modlily), that have been putting "Jane" on their packaging. Jane is an online marketplace of small businesses based in the United States, but we do not ship or receive any goods ourselves.

      The best way to be sure of where your purchase came from is to check your payment method for these items to see where the charge came from. Purchases made on Jane.com or our App will appear as a charge from "Jane LLC, Lehi UT" on your statement.... Read more

    • RG 01/20/2023 at 09:04 AM

      Sorry but we got some junk pants marked 2xl and they might fit a 12 year old Uber 80lbs. They were sent USPS from Jane in Cedar Grove N J not from China.

      They came from you. I have filed cc dispute.

    • CBS 01/20/2023 at 04:30 PM

      I ordered a Nativity Scene that I just received. It is NOTHING like what was advertised and there is no way to return it. The company listed in the charge on my credit card is embroiderlyn London GBR. Same issue. Sent by Jane at the same address

    • Judee 01/20/2023 at 08:43 PM

      I just received a Nativity Scene and exactly the same thing as CBS. I'll file a dispute with credit card company but think there will be no answer as scammers do not leave a trail.

      PURE JUNK. Of course they included a card to contact them if not happy and we know how that will end. Just ordered a new card and will be more diligent in the future.

    • Caro 01/21/2023 at 01:34 PM

      I just received the fake ring from Jane at 371 Little Falls Rd Ste 4, Cedar Grove, NJ and I don’t what to do????

    • Judee 01/22/2023 at 05:10 PM

      Today I received a pair of earmuffs that I did not order from "Online Seller" These folks are just scammers to the enth degree. Looks like they use "Jane" plus several "Online Sellers" in different states as return address. NEVER EVER again will I order something from FaceBook. I will turn over to bank. Address on credit card is simply Embroideryn

    • JMS 01/25/2023 at 12:42 AM

      I received a fake diamond ring with a $188 tag on it. I never ordered anything like this.

      It was from Jane with the Cedar Grove, NJ address. I did, however order a Christmas wreath I saw on Pinterest from a website called Cveraot.com about 2 weeks ago and never received anything. I think this could somehow be related to that order.

    • Maria 01/25/2023 at 05:32 AM

      I received a package yesterday from this same address and when I got home it was in my mailbox open and nothing was in it at all smh

    • Valw 01/26/2023 at 12:02 PM

      I received a pink package in the mail with a cheap moissanite ring with an adjustable band and $188 price tag and honestly do not remember ordering anything. I don't buy cheap, junk jewelry especially online. There seems to be no way to trace it back to where it came from

    • CAG 01/26/2023 at 01:43 PM

      “I received a fake diamond ring with a $188 tag on it. I never ordered anything like this.

      It was from Jane with the Cedar Grove, NJ address. I did, however order a Christmas wreath I saw on Pinterest from a website called Cveraot.com about 2 weeks ago and never received anything. I think this could somehow be related to that order.”

      Exact same thing happened to me. My bank flagged my card because Cveraot is apparently a scammer. I got a new card so hopefully that takes care of it. I haven’t been charged for anything.

    • Rich 01/26/2023 at 02:31 PM

      Wow this person needs to be stopped. I received a package from overseas from this person 46 days after I ordered it. it had been sitting in Tallahassee, FL since before Christmas. Please post any way to report this person.

      • Shazza 01/27/2023 at 01:08 PM

        Rich, What was the name of the original company you ordered from, do you remember? The issue lies with them. Mine was "Anhotpursuit" (Vanice Technologies).
        Yes, they have to be stopped !This is an elaborate scam.

    • Pissed Off!! 01/28/2023 at 12:30 PM

      I paid over $200 for what I though was a good for three wigs. Received cheap straw clown hair! Not literally clown wigs but thr items were cheaply made and trash. Came from Jane...

    • kb 01/28/2023 at 04:07 PM

      I received a kind of cute pair of aviator sunglasses from this address--??? Did not order anything...

    • J. 01/28/2023 at 09:22 PM

      I received a ring in the mail (Moissanite) with a card of Authenticity. I never order this ring I too ordered a Christmas wreath from Cveraot around 1/13/23 and received the ring 1/28/23. The return address was JANE 371 Little Falls Rd Ste 4 Cedar Grove NJ 07009. I notified my Credit card provider to dispute the charge.

      SCAM company CVERAOT. I hope the credit card company will report this Scammer.

    • Land 01/29/2023 at 12:06 AM

      I received a ring instead of Laptop that I bought.
      Apparently there are 2 labels in the package, the first label is containing tracking number for my order, and another label on top of it containing the USPS label.

    • P 01/30/2023 at 08:00 PM

      Just received a dress from Jane that I did not order. I was going to contact the company but from reading all the comments above, have decided to just watch my credit card for internet purchases to see if it comes up. I hope someone is investigating this scam company. Very upsetting. Address on package was : Jane/371 Little Falls Rd./S 4/Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

    • Theresa Lake 01/31/2023 at 04:31 PM

      I ordered a mandela light that was supposed to be wood but its crappy plastic and it came broken after 2 1/2 months.

    • Juan 02/01/2023 at 07:41 PM

      It’s a scam and PayPal do not help, I purchased a shirt with hood, this one will cover completely a basketball the sleeves are short ask to returned and answer me that they will give me 5 and latter 7 dollar and give it away , that pice of junk came from Greece to new jersey’s and then to me ,now they send me a return address in china and the cost of shipping it’s 80 dollars it’s a scam

    • Frank Fisher 02/02/2023 at 08:31 PM

      Ordered product and paid extra for USPS priority mail, before Christmas and was not mailed out until January 14th, 2013. Received a second package, on the same day, purchased at same time, with just regular mail. Priority mail is a joke. One order was OK, second order is not correct. Ordered kerosene lighters and received weed smoking pipes. They do not respond -- SCAM.

    • SL 02/06/2023 at 03:12 PM

      My daughter get receive a Moissanite Diamond ring, tag says $188, just like the others. She didn’t find any weird charges yet but does have one outstanding order that might be related.

    • TGO 02/07/2023 at 06:49 PM

      Jacket I ordered 3 sizes too small

      what a ripoff

    • BabyGee 02/09/2023 at 08:58 PM

      Yes, I just got a shirt made from crap. I went to ship it back and it was going to be $125.02 to ship it back to China! This is BS. I want my money back and it was bought through PAYPAL!

    • BlackCat 02/10/2023 at 11:47 AM

      I too received a Moissanite Ring with a tag of $188 and with authenticity card, most likely fake as the band is split for adjusting. It came in a pink package and return address was Jane at 371 Little Falls Rd New Jersey. I ordered a nook book from a Pinterest link to a website and received the ring instead. WHAT A SCAM!

    • Jenn 02/10/2023 at 06:13 PM

      I, too, have received a fake diamond ring that I never ordered. As someone else described, 188 price tag, adjustable band. I never ordered this.

    • Marie 02/12/2023 at 04:30 PM

      I received wig in a zip lock bag that was charge on my account since Christmas trying to return ,send multiple email to name that charge my account ,itahair.

      So she is a scamer and a theft somebody will get her sooner or later

    • Angelita 02/13/2023 at 05:11 PM

      I ordered what I thought were beautiful sunflower cowgirl boots, the photos advertised on the website show brand logo's and all, look gorgeous and had good reviews.. I received an e-mail initially with a tracking number (link however did not work, so I used the tracking number itself and went to all the postal companies I am familiar with and finally found it working on USPS so signed up for mobile notifications on each tracking step... after nearly a week sitting on "USPS notified of shipping label" and nothing else, I e-mailed the company purchased from, no response.... a few days later I e-mail again.... nothing... crickets.. the tracking finally gets updated, so I decide to remain patient but kinda ticked off the company still hasn't... Read more

    • suerob10 02/13/2023 at 06:34 PM

      i received a fake ring like the others however, mine did not come from overseas. it came with a usps first class package postage on it. it does have a mailers package id that maybe the post office can elaborate on. i will contact the post office.. i ordered 3 d puzzles. i will also contact my bank to see about a refund.

    • moons2004 02/14/2023 at 04:29 PM

      I just received a fake Moissanite ring in the mail from Jane. I had ordered some really cool bins from Binerlay off Pinterest and this showed up instead. I have been checking my C.C. and bank statements, but there has been no suspicious activity on any of them. That teaches me for buying on impulse.

    • Clawdia 02/15/2023 at 02:46 PM

      Ordered 2 dolls from Inaruw.com it was an ad I saw on Pinterest. They looked so cute and I wanted to buy them for my daughters for Valentine’s Day. The tracking number took me to this bizarre Chinese website despite Inaruw.com saying owned and operated in USA. I received my item and it was a Moissanite diamond ring instead. Website was gra.hk for the ring. It’s a total scam asking me to put in a credit card number to warranty my ring. I disputed the claim and was never charged for anything else.

    • Yvonne Fosmire 02/15/2023 at 07:35 PM

      Ordered a shirt which arrived today. Not a problem with that. The problem I have is who ever got my original order online took my credit card number and purchased almost $600.00 in items between Home Depot and Target. My bank caught it and let me know. If anything can be done that person should be fired. How many others has this happened to??

    • Nikki 02/16/2023 at 07:24 AM

      I tried to buy book nooks from Binerlay off a pinterest ad like the other commenter here, I never got a confirmation or saw a charge, so I emailed the contact on the binerlay website, someone did reply, but before I got back to them, i got the moissanite ring in the mail. I still dont have any charges on my cards, but I am nervous to reply to the email

    • joyceeb925 02/18/2023 at 06:45 PM

      I too received a Moissanite Ring with a tag of $1.88.I ordered from a company by the name of cveraot. I ordered storage bhins and received the ring today from Jane. That is what led me to this site. Thankfully my CC charge did not go though as my shipping address and my billing address did not match so the charge declined. I called my bank and was told that the charges would not go though. I got lucky.

    • Shadielas 02/18/2023 at 08:35 PM

      I received a bag today from Joe Foe from Jamaica NY
      i don’t even know where they came from
      i did not order these 3 ugly dresses
      address is:
      17920 149TH ave
      Jamaica NY 11434. From Joe Doe

    • Blue14 02/20/2023 at 04:24 PM

      Received Moissanite Ring w/ tag $188.

      Ordered Book Nooks and got confirmation e-mail on 02/03 from Binerlay, but never received - doesn't look like the charge went thru either.

    • Nelson 02/21/2023 at 05:52 PM

      I just received an envelope from this Jane and I have not ordered any thing from here and don’t even know who they are but I received a covit material mast like a handkerchief , I guess I’ll blow my nose on it and send it back

    • Hamp Repper 03/01/2023 at 08:34 PM

      I ordered 5 silver eagles for $50. I got them. Sweet

    • JenM 03/02/2023 at 11:08 PM

      I'm so upset. I bought these reading glasses that looked so good during thr commercial. When I got then they were cheaply made and I cannot see through them. I want a refund but I don't know how ot where to start. Does anyone know what I can do about this? It was from Jane btw the same as all of you.

    • Pauline 03/03/2023 at 09:41 PM

      I ordered a womans jumpsuit from lightbox complete garbage cost 45 dollars its a rag can't get ahold of anybody every reply from them is computer generated total sweat shop crap how can I get a refund from these overseas scammers

    • Jim 03/04/2023 at 11:00 AM

      I did receive what I ordered cell phone holder

    • Lorraine 03/06/2023 at 01:30 PM

      I order a wig from this place and the wig does not look even near what i ordered. The wig is also a size for a dog or doll to wear. I paid 49.00 dollars and i had to wait like a whole month of me asking via texting them for my wig. If you receiving complaints about this place why isn't anyone taking action on these people. they are scamming hard earn money from people.

    • John Stanley French 03/06/2023 at 03:11 PM

      I ordered a KC Chiefs shirt that was pictured as Red. When I received a package from Jane, 371 Little Falls Rd. STE 4 Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 it was a cheap knockoff of what was pictured and the color was Pink!

    • Gretchen 03/06/2023 at 04:22 PM

      I just received a pkg of 8 metal spikes 1"long in the mail from JANE at the same address. on the end of the spike is a hand with the middle finger raised! WTF! I have not ordered anthing and none of my credit cards have been charged. It is the wierdest thing! I'm a 72 yr old grandma and I can't imagine who I may have offended!

    • Miket 03/07/2023 at 01:12 AM

      Yep. Same thing, I got scammed too. I ordered a large hand-carved wooden owl wall decoration from "Jampastey", and "jane" sent me a 12 inch, obviously mass-produced, cheap plaster piece of garbage. The photos from the ad are still up on my order page on the Jampastey site and show a three or four times larger owl sculpture in a living room, with furniture, lights, windows, and an open door for scale. That's because, I discovered with Google image search, the photos are just stolen from the Etsy page of the artist who makes the 48" wooden owl I thought I was ordering. He sells them for $4000. I'm not going to bother with these people, I'm just going to call my credit card company and get a chargeback.

    • stephen 03/14/2023 at 10:47 AM

      I am trying to return a jersey for a different size

    • Gingy 03/15/2023 at 03:37 PM

      I also got something from this "company". I'm sure Jane must mean Jane Doe, because this is very suspicious that there is no specific business details attached. I got two wigs that are horrible in the mail... nothing I would order. I saw that they charged me on PayPal.

    • Lane 03/16/2023 at 08:19 PM

      Sersiously I want to provide slow pain to the person who took my money and sent me a fuggly shirt that was blury when you look at it.. not what I wanted nor was it the same...

      Sent from :

      371 Little Falls RD, UNIT 4 CEDAR GROVE NJ 07009

    • Lane09 03/16/2023 at 08:49 PM

      This is the site i bought the shirt from and a picture of the shirt... looked like a nice shirt on line but was poo when you got it.

    • Jo 03/22/2023 at 02:03 PM

      Received package we didn't order. Have an odd charge on credit card but from April miracle. Could this charge be associated with Jane return address?

    • ION MUSTEATA 03/22/2023 at 02:28 PM

      Hello friends. I also have a problem with this company. I bought 3 pieces of PS 5, I paid as I asked. Now it says that the order has arrived, but I still have to pay $1,770. I asked Sami to give me the 3 pieces that I ordered and not to insist that I pay for the remaining 3 pallets

    • Ivy 03/27/2023 at 03:30 PM

      Warning !!! Just received a package from Jane. My original notices and response came from some shipping email saying I have a package coming from Finland. . Reached out to my card carrier and disputed the charge. What I received is not what I expected. This is a scam. Not sure why this person is still in business.

    • Quack 03/31/2023 at 02:42 PM

      I ordered 2 wigs that costs $40.00. They advertised as lace front. These wigs look NOTHING like those that were advertised. I'm sending them back for a refund. RIP off. Never again. I also received a necklace that I didn't order.

    • Audr_1 04/13/2023 at 09:55 PM

      Scammers, the shoes I ordered are the wrong size and horrible quality without any sole support just a cheap thin rubber, I ordered from this site https://macysshoe.com/ macysshoe.com scam macysshoe scam Email is macysshoe@onlineservice.vip DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

      Home Page of macysshoe.com

    • DL 04/18/2023 at 12:35 PM

      I ordered 6henley style shirts and received ONE from Jane!! It looks cheaply made and certainly NOT worth the $160 plus that I paid for the six shirts!! Contacting my credit card company now!!

    • english 05/10/2023 at 05:14 PM

      I just received 2 t shirts, my bank did not pay them and refused to pay as it came up as scam, sending t shirts back return to sender at this same address reported above, Epay keeps calling me saying I need to pay them that the bank didn't pay, I think its a scam too, sending it back hope this gets resolved.