WhatsApp scams list

WhatsApp is a very popular social network for scammers who regularly use it as their hunting ground: fake contests, fake bargains and even fake health passes... You can find everything on it!

On this page, you will find the most common scams spread on this platform: the most popular but also the most recent ones.

If you are a witness or victim of a scam on WhatsApp, we invite you to to report it using this form.

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+527461185770 usdtserin.com (3 comments) > Fraudulent website
3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: They give you a login for their website claiming you have some form of monetary or crypto balance. Contacted me via whatsapp. Scam contents: They give you a login for their website claiming you have some form of monetary or crypto balance.
topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com www.thuyenm.com (2 comments) > Fraudulent website
09/26/2020... Ordered goods, my internet said it was safe... This is what appeared on my CC: EPL*KSENDONAI GUANGZHOUS CHN $03.75. It has been almost two months and we have not received any good. Checking weekly on that link, signing and my order always saying pendi
job-now.make-achange.online (1 comment) > Job Scam
01/31/2022... Comment / Review: Says to send to 15 friends on whatsapp and you can get acces to a visa form. Scam contents: Its a canada job recruitment for 2022. SUSPECTED SCAM!
0610479122 VANGEMA (2 comments) > Job Scam
01/07/2022... Comment / Review: They deposit money into the fake accouny they created then access all linked bank accounts to your number.. Scam contents: Hi I reviewed your application for our Personal Sales Assistant job and am impressed with your background. Please co
www.bitcoinexos.vip (17 comments) > Investment scam
07/29/2021... Comment / Review: I found some people here who has the same experiece with mine but they were smart enough not to give in to it.. Scam contents: I met this guy in Bumble then moved to whatsapp after a few days of talking he starts talking about cryptocurrency

The latest...

Shoes > Phishing
one day ago... Comment / Review: Are these for real or just another scam site?. Scam contents: Stylusso shoes Good Shoes Take you Good Places For Order DM or Whatsapp Whatsapp 03250480833
tunnel.us.ex@gmail.com www.tunnel-nn.com > Fraudulent website
one day ago... My old friend got tricked by a young Asian girl through WhatsApp,or that is what she said. She claimed she is a billionaire because of Bitcoin and she is an expert in finance ,also a yoga teacher in China.She made my friend to buy krypto currency on that websi
jhnwardlaw@gmail.com +16028882070 > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: Classical recovery room scammer. Scam contents: I don’t recommend, stay away for your own good! If you fell for them, don’t be dismayed. Get in touch whatsapp +16028882070
marineosaca@outlook.com +4915143458722 > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: This person scams massively on the internet, do not answer him. She can't get your money back!. Scam contents: don't send them more money they we not allow you withdraw your investment and profit i was able to get back my money, reach out t
bobbynelly@outlook.com +17185406602 (1 comment) > Investment scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: Beware if you come across this person on the internet! She is just looking to scam victims a second time.. Scam contents: don't let them fool you and take all your money i was able to get my funds back to get help reach out to this whatsapp

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