WhatsApp scams list

WhatsApp is a very popular social network for scammers who regularly use it as their hunting ground: fake contests, fake bargains and even fake health passes... You can find everything on it!

On this page, you will find the most common scams spread on this platform: the most popular but also the most recent ones.

If you are a witness or victim of a scam on WhatsApp, we invite you to to report it using this form.

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+527461185770 usdtserin.com (6 comments) > Fraudulent website
04/20/2022... Comment / Review: They give you a login for their website claiming you have some form of monetary or crypto balance. Contacted me via whatsapp. Scam contents: They give you a login for their website claiming you have some form of monetary or crypto balance.
customerservice@newsholg.shop +33892217728067999 Roguelsl.com (24 comments) > Classified Scam
07/14/2022... I placed an order on June 25th for a Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop. I received a doily instead on July 13th. Emailed to request a refund and they say packaged was mixed up by carrier. Wants me to return for a refund or keep what I received for a 40% retur
****hx@gmail.com +5511954343274 usdthcoin.com (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
06/01/2022... Hi! I received two messages followed by whatsapp from the numbers +212 698-100598 and +234 916 439 1503 communicating about the account and balance value through this site. If possible, analyze possible fraud.
topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com www.thuyenm.com (2 comments) > Fraudulent website
09/26/2020... Ordered goods, my internet said it was safe... This is what appeared on my CC: EPL*KSENDONAI GUANGZHOUS CHN $03.75. It has been almost two months and we have not received any good. Checking weekly on that link, signing and my order always saying pendi
www.bitcoinexos.vip (17 comments) > Investment scam
07/29/2021... Comment / Review: I found some people here who has the same experiece with mine but they were smart enough not to give in to it.. Scam contents: I met this guy in Bumble then moved to whatsapp after a few days of talking he starts talking about cryptocurrency

The latest...

+36112344714 www.coine-eo.com > Romance Scam
3 days ago... Comment / Review: there is no profit at all... or the guy... or your money any more. Scam contents: A guy matched me on Tinder, and tries to get my money to invest in USDT coins. He contacted me via WhatsApp. He tries to ask for money to invest in cryptocurre
+61450529427 www.little-hotelier.agency > Fraudulent website
4 days ago... Comment / Review: They are very popular in WhatsApp now and they posts ADS that looks like it's a real job.. Scam contents: They post ADS on FB that they are hiring. AD looks like this: Hi Our company looking for Warehouse Worker (Part/Full Time) Hourly rat
+14806242599 Winter Fx > Investment scam
4 days ago... Winter Fx claims to be a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform. The website is recent and untrustworthy. They're contacting people through Tinder and using beautiful girls to deceive them. Once people begin to invest, they will run off with their money and
+85246856530 Joanna > Investment scam
5 days ago... Comment / Review: The picture is from her Whatsapp.. Scam contents: She is using wink app and she using fake profile pictures about drawed girls. She is offer you to help invest, she is not forcing you or hurry you. She doing it like a friend. She telling you
+447362058873 Emily > Investment scam
5 days ago... Comment / Review: She is lies about her age, name and work.. Scam contents: We met in Wink app, she wanted to talk with me on Whatsapp. She was nice but forward like a men. She is also greedy and she tried help me to invest in crypto but not sending anything p

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