E-mail Scams : real time updated list

Because it is free and partly anonymous, email is a means of spreading scams that is particularly popular with scammers. It is notably used massively in the context of SPAM campaigns of scams: fake lotteries or in the case of the famous phishing.

On this page, you will find many examples of scams spreaded by email.

If you are the victim or witness of a scam you received by email, use this form to report it.

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customerservice@miahion.com lillianion.com (3 comments) > Fraudulent website
2 days ago... Lisa Murray - email sent to Liilianon: Re: Notice of disputed charge to Account No. I request a full refund IMMEDIATELY • I am writing to demand an IMMEDIATE REFUND of $57.45 to my credit card. • You charged me for items I purchased that weren’t d
hr@sheikhmuboilgasgroup.com Majed Farhat (3 comments) > Job Scam
03/28/2022... SCAMMERS!! Do not give them any of your details, claiming to ask for details for a job, i clocked pretty quickly it was not legit but others could fall victim to their information being stolen and potentially be asked for payment in order to secure a job doesn
sololi7368@baltey.com > Scam using Paypal
3 days ago... Comment / Review: Add scam email to Instagram account . Scam contents: Add that email to Instagram account to get money . SUSPECTED SCAM!
presale.firepin.io (6 comments) > Other Scam
03/09/2022... Comment / Review: The email does not work on this website and there is no way to contact the creators. I don't want anyone else to lose their money. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!
members@email.pro-immigration.com Kimberly cho (11 comments) > Other Scam
04/05/2021... Comment / Review: Help pls.. Scam contents: Email about canada immigration with my real name and place of birth. Very sketchy I think right.. SUSPECTED SCAM!

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support@greatoffers.email via zendesk.com > Other Scam
16 minutes ago... Comment / Review: I received this email but I have not bought or ordered anything from great offers.. Scam contents: Support support@greatoffers.email via zendesk.com 17 May 2022, 22:01 (15 hours ago) to me ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Add the email to your instagram > Phishing
one day ago... Comment / Review: A scam that continues to circulate. . Scam contents: Add the email to your instagram personal information then send me screen shots and let me credit you immediately receiveyourpaymentimme diatel06@gmail.com
tan3953@govtboyssecschool.onmicrosoft.com www.nearbysheilas.com > Phishing
one day ago... Sleazy Porn Scam Email from INDIA Link : Prostitute site from email https://www.nearbysheilas.com Man impersonating woman - one sick pathetic individual domain of govtboyssecschool.onmicrosoft.com REPORT - BLOCK - DELETE Waste the scammer
tan7726@chanakyavidyashram418.onmicrosoft.com avau.leaningv.me > Phishing
one day ago... Prostitute site sent to Childs email address from INDIA Pathetic attempt to obtain personal information domain of chanakyavidyashram418.onmicrosoft.com REPORT - BLOCK - DELETE Scammers
+18313378889 Heflin Armory > Scam using Paypal
one day ago... Comment / Review: Gives lengthy details on how to reverse charges which gets them access to your other accounts. So far has always been Eastern Indians

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