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Fraudulent websites

Fraudulent websites are generally e-commerce sites known to be litigation generators : No delivery, poor quality of products, counterfeit...

Even though the specialists of the genre are mainly sites of Chinese origin, it is not uncommon for local sites to also launch scams.

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Last reported scams 2 minutes ago... When ordered did a search, responses were mixed but basics led me to believe legitimate site. Subsequent searches raised doubts, tried to cancel and received no responses and the email address Was not valid only Way to communicate was via their website form.. 11 minutes ago... The website claims to be having a clearance sale, offering cookware sets and many other products and machines for only $29. All of their products are offered with the same price tag, and all are on permanent sale. The prices are too good to be true, which i 13 minutes ago... Comment / Review: These people are rude and inconsiderate and their website should be shut down.. Scam contents: Selling sports apperal, taking your money then saying you never made a purchase with them. They won't refund and refuse to do anything about it. Wi one hour ago... I did receive an item, but i received a little bag proporting to be a "handbag". Definitely nothing like I ordered. When you go to their site now there isn't even any mention of these shoe racks Does this look like a shoe rack!!!! 2 hours ago... so first things first, The contact email is created through a free email service, low prices and massive discounts, incomplete contact information and copied content. they do offer a chat witch customer service but there's no way to actually do that. Do not 2 hours ago... Crazy discounts, no social media presence, copied content and a low shelf life expectency, this website is to avoid as it has all the text book scam website tells. don't order from this website, as it does not have a phone number or address. There's no guaran 3 hours ago... This website's defining feature visually, is the BIG discounts, the lack of full contact information, the copied content, and it feels as though the website is not yet finished. The owner of the domain name is hidden, along with the fact that this website is 3 hours ago... Avoid this company at all costs! If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! They took my order No money on 6 Mar. I emailed them, after hearing nothing, on 15 Mar. Nothing! I emailed again on 16 Mar threatening them with Trading Standards. I got a reply +14086573370 3 hours ago... Comment / Review: Using fake address. Scam contents: Scammers - No such delivery company. SUSPECTED SCAM! 5 hours ago... Comment / Review: Haven’t received any email about order but was charged. Going to call my bank and report them as well.. Scam contents: Macys pot set. . SUSPECTED SCAM! 6 hours ago... Comment / Review: Its not Macy's!!!! Its a scam by the website owners of check out on Scam contents: Electric Bicycle for 49.00 (MACY'S) is the catch.. 6 hours ago... Comment / Review: Ordered luggage and I received small puzzles in the mail! This is a fraudulent website! Luckily my credit card reimbursed me!. Scam contents: 8 hours ago... BEWARE this site.. looks legitimate, but there are many broken links, and there is no number and no real address to contact them. As stated above, every few hours, the web address of the site changes ( i use a link from my order email to return to the site). I 9 hours ago... Comment / Review: I would like to recover my purchase cost.. Scam contents: I made a purchase from this website. I have reached out to customer service several times with no response. I have screenshots of my purchase being paid for. I have not received a conf
+6285601779312 9 hours ago... Been unable to contact them thru Paypal. Address ends up being an apartment or some none retail place. - 1800 Indian Plaza Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA Product never delivered to this day when ordered in Dec 2022 Seller forcing to buyer to use "Frien
+14242291946 9 hours ago... Can this website be flagged as spam? Trying to prevent others from falling bait to paying $75 just to see the property. Another one of their listings on Craigslist was already removed. 10 hours ago... Comment / Review: This makes no sense to have the consumer go through this. I will never order another thing off of social media.. Scam contents: 2 pieces of Luggage 10 hours ago... After losing my funds too many times I met Mike who helped by getting my medication delivered you can get in touch with MIKE on his contact,. Plus one (Two Zero Nine) Two Eight Four -Six Seven Seven One. you can as well get me on my email if you find any defin 11 hours ago... Comment / Review: Bought 3 pallets and received rubbish from Hong Kong . Scam contents: Buy returns on pallets . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+6154749974 dziowa.c 12 hours ago... Comment / Review: I lost $24.96 n didn't get anything. Scam contents: Ads selling cheap clothes n then u pay by debit n don't receive anything. SUSPECTED SCAM! 12 hours ago... Comment / Review: Overly cheap bikes up to 90 percent off, definitely fake.. Scam contents: Bikes/Bike parts. SUSPECTED SCAM! 15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scam . Scam contents: Puppy scam, Just got scam after I tried purchasing a puppy for my daughter. After I made first payment, they stop replying to my numerous text and emails. Please for your safety, Do not purchase from this website. You w
+8669799572 16 hours ago... Please get back to me as soon as possible. (@ I highly appreciate your help, concern and safety of the public. Thank you for your time, interest and support. Take care and stay safe !!! Sincerely, Daniel McLaughlin 8888406536 16 hours ago... Comment / Review: Complete scam, stay away, do not fall victim to this fraud.. Scam contents: Items received were not items advertised and came damaged. No one answers the number or responds to your emails, EVER. I have tried to get a hold of someone to return 17 hours ago... This website advertises as a Game testing website where you get paid to test games. After you put in your Name, contact information and type of consoles you own the next page claims to pay you via direct deposit by entering in your bank Account/Routing number. 17 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fiz o pagamento e não recebi nada, nem sequer respondem a e-mails . Scam contents: Venda de lâmpadas . SUSPECTED SCAM! 17 hours ago... Placed an order for a hydraulic cylinder. Created a virtual credit card for this specific transaction as I didn't trust the site. No order confirmation was emailed. Bad URL to send comments. No contact information. No charge nor product was shipped. Late +18889283539 18 hours ago... The company is fraudulent the name in the company is totally different from what the agent says it is. No one calls to follow up on your order and you can’t get support to respond at all. Agent was so confused and unorganized with his lies. This company is 18 hours ago... Comment / Review: DO NOT USE. Scam contents: fake JoJo Maman Bebe website - takes you to personal accounts for paypal or helipay*mydresshomes for card payments. 19 hours ago... Comment / Review: See above.. Scam contents: I ordered 6 book nook kits 2 months ago. Tried emailing them with no results. I got this cheap fake diamond ring in the mail one day…had no idea where it came from until I checked for scams and saw that someone 20 hours ago... This is a fraudulent website. They have a fake address and contact info. They are really in China and have scammed hundreds of people using many similar scam sites. DO NOT think you can “take a risk” because PayPal is offered because they can still steal 20 hours ago... This is a fraudulent website. They have a fake address and contact info. They are really in China and have scammed hundreds of people using many similar scam sites. DO NOT think you can “take a risk” because PayPal is offered because they can still steal +13055705203 20 hours ago... This is a fraudulent website. They have a fake address and contact info. They are really in China and have scammed hundreds of people using many similar scam sites. DO NOT think you can “take a risk” because PayPal is offered because they can still steal 20 hours ago... This website is a fraude!!!! Bought a returngoods electronics box for €49,95. Today i received a small envelope with a selfielight in it, worth €2,- So beware, never buy something from this website!!!!!!! 20 hours ago... Comment / Review: bought and paid for human dog bed 11/19.22 Paid 49.99. Scam contents: advertised human dog bed. SUSPECTED SCAM! 21 hours ago... Your address does not go through the mail, we are very sorry for this problem. We have submitted the refund to you, and we have canceled the order for you. Depending on the arrival time of the customer's bank, it will take 3-15 days. Please check and be patien 22 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scam website . Scam contents: Stay away from this website. They are not legitimate They are not trustworthy They are a scam and would never deliver your medications I ordered, made payment and no medications was delivered. No refun 22 hours ago... Placed an order 13/02/2023 for cocktail ingredients on seemingly legitimate site, had credit card payment redirect to Salorixshop. Received an email from with tracking information and a request to reply "Yes" when the email was received +611800994345 22 hours ago... Comment / Review: A scammer website impersonating fashion brand Mimco. This scammer also impersonating the brand Dejucba.. Scam contents: Scammer replicate all web content and products from Mimco- all photos and description identical to the legit one. Only dif (1 comment) 23 hours ago... Comment / Review: I was lured on telegram to invest and make profits . Scam contents: Investment in crypto trading platform . SUSPECTED SCAM! one day ago... Comment / Review: I just wish there was a way to get some if my money back. Scam contents: I was tryjng to sellmy gift cards online and this company offered a lousy $2 more for them and i took the bait. Gave them the information and havent heard back they stol
+12253401733 one day ago... Comment / Review: Dont get sucked into this. All of this is fake.. Scam contents: Sells supposed kittens. Ships with global cargo shippers who are crooks also. They are working together one day ago... Comment / Review: They are not real. Everything was fake and unfortunately i lost money.... Scam contents: They claim to be selling F1 savannah cats and showed up on Craigslist posing as some lady who is really from Nova Scotia (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: Found as a YouTube ad.. Scam contents: Claims 92% off deal for electric bike that goes up to 45mph, as a clearance sale. Site is less than a year old. one day ago... Comment / Review: Not happy. Scam contents: I orded Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case ×1 and got a baseball hat.. SUSPECTED SCAM! +19173824057 one day ago... It's biggest Scam Trading Platform:- Please contact me on for screenshots and proofs. It looks pretty legit and I have recently moved my money to it and they are not responding . Don't move your money on it. Here is how they appr +19092853536 one day ago... Comment / Review: Stock market . Scam contents: Stock market Fortunes 500. SUSPECTED SCAM! one day ago... Ordered a bean bag couch. After 4 months we have yet seen nor heard anything from this so called retailer. It’s definitely a scam and they are literally taking money out of people’s pockets! Something needs to be done about this scam I have read many other
+19108007509 one day ago... Comment / Review: No comment at this. We had the same results as previous people that were scammed by this site.. Scam contents: We sent 605.00 Venmo to @wandaalysa82 When we keyed her 4 digit code it declined and we backed out of that transaction. Went back +447309912011 (1 comment) one day ago... Receipt from WDERNI LIMITED Receipt #1534-8689 AMOUNT PAID $59.98 DATE PAID Oct 29, 2022, 11:29:16 PM PAYMENT METHOD Visa - 9616 SUMMARY Order No:2T53P-KDZXRJ7 $59.98 Amount charged $59