Fraudulent websites

Fraudulent websites are generally e-commerce sites known to be litigation generators : No delivery, poor quality of products, counterfeit...

Even though the specialists of the genre are mainly sites of Chinese origin, it is not uncommon for local sites to also launch scams.

To report a website that displays abusive behavior, use this reporting form.

Last reported scams +17473342860 (1 comment) one hour ago... Found this site in Google and I have placed order for Travel Luggage's for £200 and the products never arrived. Now the support email ID is not reachable, with details below. Looks like scam to me. (1 comment) 2 hours ago... Website took my money Have me. confirmation the money was taken off my card and gave me a tracking number. This was March 1, 2022. My husband and I have never received our product and vanity reach anyone regarding this purchase. (1 comment) 3 hours ago... Total scam website! Fraudulent website that is selling medications! The website has strange offers with prices that are very low! Seems that they are looking for personal and vital information or even a bank account! The website was just created and seems t (1 comment) 8 hours ago... Comment / Review: First she say no fees at all after withdrawal request you will paying fees.. Scam contents: Stay away from this website. Person name katty. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 14 hours ago... The website homyshirt never delivered my package it said I would receive my package within 5 to 7 business days they also said my package would be delivered through DHL but they never gave me a tracking number to see where my package is. (1 comment) 15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Took my money . Scam contents: Took my money haven't heard back. SUSPECTED SCAM! 18 hours ago... Scam website. Ordered garden table and chair set and no longer lets me track it, website taken down and email bounces back. Managed to get money back from the bank. (1 comment) 18 hours ago... Ive ordered snow white a six piece set of rattan garden furniture for £129. It said it had been dispatch from abroad but could take a month to arrive in the uk. I thought this was why it was such a bargain. More fool me!! I sent messages by email asking which (1 comment) 19 hours ago... Comment / Review: PleSe inform people. Scam contents: Tried to make a purchase and it took my info and has been charging my credit card for random things. SUSPECTED SCAM! 20 hours ago... Comment / Review: Booking # was ABON368327.. Scam contents: Won't send e-ticket since April. Flight is for July 20-July27. I am out $373.00. How do they get away with this? 21 hours ago... Comment / Review: Do not buy from this site . Scam contents: Says they sell shoes. Ordered a pair and now website is invalid . SUSPECTED SCAM! +27103126442 (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: I believe they are scamming the public and continue to do so as you ccan see at Please shut this website down. one day ago... Comment / Review: I rented, paid but the villa didn’t exist when double checking. The office they have photos of used to be on that location, but not anymore. Scam contents: Rent holiday homes, but it is a scam. (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: Please help me get my money back Please Tammy. Scam contents: Fishing minnows chestcooler . SUSPECTED SCAM! one day ago... Comment / Review: Fake phishing website . Scam contents: Fake parcel delivery service . SUSPECTED SCAM! one day ago... Comment / Review: Very bad. Scam contents: I can withdrawal the funds> wrote: Dear user: Sorry for wasting your precious time, the platform took some time to check your account for security issues. After paying 20% personal income t +447576460427 one day ago... Comment / Review: ارجو الرد سريع . Scam contents: وضعت عملات مشفره في هذه المنصه ثم بعد ذلك لا يفتح الموقع one day ago... PLEASE TAKE THIS SITE DOWN. People are being scammed as they see that the price point is low for the item that they have Googled and hence think they are getting a deal. THIS IS FRAUD. Not only has our Business been impacted but countless other people have +15804752812 one day ago... Comment / Review: We are on a limited income. We have to dispute this charge due to fraud.. Scam contents: Jennon tires had a sale 2 tires 215\75/15 for $64.50. We ordered 2 sets. Totallying $120 + tax with free shipping. We were told 7 to 10 days for tires to (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: This is clearly not dhl. Scam contents: They claim there is a package from dhl and ask your details and a fee for shipment. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: They accept all types oof payment. From debit card, credit, PayPal.. Scam contents: Products reduced to prices that do not; cannot match the product. one day ago... Comment / Review: issue. Scam contents: A cryptocurrency rewards scam called tries to trick you into thinking there are free bitcoins accessible. If you follow the instructions, you will only be asked to send bitcoin to the scammer's own bitco
www.uniquegarden (1 comment) 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Not sure if I have been conned out if 80.00. Scam contents: Garden furniture . SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Scam . Scam contents: Ordered a laser and sent me a table mat. SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 days ago... Comment / Review: These people need to be reported and shut down. Scam contents: The website offers goods (tools) at ridiculously low prices. Like about 20% of the usual price. This can’t be possible 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Don’t use this website! Don’t pay anything it’s fraudulent . Scam contents: It’s fake Nine West UK web, paid and received an email from Card shows ‘ LMMARBLEGRANITE’ not ninewest at all! 8885349716 2 days ago... Comment / Review: This offer was part of a home depot survey. Scam contents: send $1.95 and receive a john deere riding mower FREE. They have my credit card# and I will cacel the card. +12066662431 2 days ago... Placed an order, did not receive any email confirmation on the order. Called number and it goes to a voice mail message. No response when emailing. Submitting a credit card fraud and notifying Google Shopping. 3 days ago... Clever but simple scam. Believe you’re ordering from a legit uk site. They send a piece of crap you didn’t order - I ordered trainers for £50 and got a piece of fake jewellery worth maybe £1. They then offer to refund you 40%. +13234165575 (1 comment) 3 days ago... Fake store, don't buy from them. You will receive nothing or something nearly worthless. You will be lucky to get your money back from your bank. This is a scam. Don't try it. 8337187246 (1 comment) 3 days ago... Purchased airfare from website and never received an email confirmation or e tickets. Said refund for airfare would be refunded in a few days and no refund was issued. SCAMMERS!! (1 comment) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Order placed and purchased in march Digital invoice recieved with tracking number....tracking stopped 27 april in shiyan city.... Scam contents: 2 pocket watchs 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Inselare prin telefon. Scam contents: Atragere de bani. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+441382200014 (2 comments) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Products seem cheap. Scam contents: Cleaning mops. SUSPECTED SCAM! 8337187246 (1 comment) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Is this a fraudulent company. Scam contents: booked plane tickets and took money from credit card. cancelled tickets onde week before flight. I am awaiting refund. (1 comment) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I don't want anyone else to get scammed . Scam contents: Mopeds at 70 percent off. I ordered one paid 124$ and received no tracking number or confirmation. (1 comment) 4 days ago... This is very upsetting. People work too hard for BS like this to be going on! The other email I discovered was HelloKAIYA.COM OLIVIABURG. there is also a company with name U-Hang Group Limited RM 1502-A EASEY COMM BLDG 253-261 HENNESSY R
petlovecity.fom 4 days ago... I have tried over and over to email them and they will not return my emails. They are illegally using my artwork on one of their commodities and they do not have permission to do so. They have not asked for permission, they have not licensed my artwork and the 4 days ago... I purchased a fragrance from this website on June 10, 2022 and it stuck shows as “not shipped”. I tried to contact the company numerous times and have not received my item or a response (as of today June 22, 2022) (1 comment) 4 days ago... Paid for them via PayPal and started a claim. The 'seller' sent paypay a USPS tracking number but nothing arrived. They wouldn't provide a tracking number to me. total scam!
+12062222585 (1 comment) 4 days ago... Sent me to a site saying that my mailing address was incorrect then a form to enter my address and 'pay' $2 processing fee to correct delivery. It then redirected to the real usps site. (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: They are a scam . Scam contents: Claim to be selling legitimate products but sending something else instead, Claim to have sent the wrong item 4 days ago... Comment / Review: these charges showed up around the same time I ordered keto weight loss gummies promoted on the internet. Thoe product were Life style keto and power keto. (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Never received the merchandise. Never received a response from seller.. Scam contents: Ordered an item from on June 4th and have never received a tracking number or any other information from them since. Have written to them 3 t (1 comment) 4 days ago... I have a transcript of the conversation via Telegram. I want to find out if this is a scam and is there any way i will be able to retrieve my funds or can this site help recover them for me. +19344455235 (1 comment) 4 days ago... I placed an order. I received a confirmation. After that I received nothing from this company. And then started checking into whether or not they were scamming, and I believe that’s exactly what they do. Do not buy anything from this website. I sent them num 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Do not use or Scam contents: They did not send a confirmation e-mail. Only sent tracking number for package sent through (also a fraud). Then I watched as the package supposedly mad
+8447750933 (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: I'm nr process of trying to get my money back. Scam contents: I bought 2 plane tickets from Philadelphia to Arizona for$1390.00.. I went to check my ticket number and information it was not in the system and I googled airborne travelers and c (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: I checked online to verify site and did not find scam warning, must have been a new site?. Scam contents: Ordered Craftsman V60 5amp\hr battery. Received a small pair of socks to generate a shipping code and tracking #.
+447518527399 (1 comment) 4 days ago... Every time you make money she will tell you to message customer service to unlock the next reward which requires you to invest USDT into the website. The website is fake and once you apply for the next reward that you can’t afford she will tell you there is