Text message scams lists: Beware!

Have you received a suspicious SMS? It is most likely a scam! Scammers regularly use this way of communication to set traps for consumers. There are many messages that put forward elaborate scenarios: fake package tracking, phishing...

This page aims to present you the most active SMS scams on the Internet so that you can protect yourself as best as possible.

If you are a witness or victim of a scam received by text message, we invite you to leave a report via this dedicated form.

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+61489956358 Elsa > Job Scam
3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Random text message that seemed weird, looked at their website and it had a notice about text messages for job offers and said is not them. So I reported it.
Post office. First pick in atatchments. Track no:SM601695206AN. (5 comments) > Classified Scam
02/02/2023... Comment / Review: Did not do payment, went out of link no info for card payment. . Scam contents: Sms to my no, parcel not delivered SM601695206AN. Want credid card payment R0. 47 to rescudule delivery. Try to contact post office on 0860111502 no answer. Did n
unrelieffund@outlook.com +94756115724 U.N RELIEF FUND PROGRAM (7 comments) > Phishing
12/07/2022... I received a text message claiming I had won pounds and requesting my personal information.This is a scam. Be careful; do not believe them or provide them with your details.
usdtmny.com > Investment scam
09/21/2022... No tengo clave de seguridad Como retirar Sitio web oficial: usdtmny.com Cuenta VIP: Vaiox Contrasena: bali1989 Saldo actual: 620,680.00 U.S.D.T THE ACCOUNT NO EXIST. IMAGEN LOAD AND TRACK BY IP MY CELLPHONE AND COMPUTERS
8007506466 mycreditadv > Phishing
2 weeks ago... Be careful; these scammers are sending random text messages claiming to be from the government and claiming to offer credits. Those scammers are changing texts and numbers frequently, aiming to scam as many people as they can. Be careful, and do not fall fo

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8887123394 > Phone Fraud
4 hours ago... Scammers are sending text messages to people randomly, aiming to obtain their personal and financial information, and asking them to call and reach out to a phone number they provide. Be careful and do not fall for their trap. If not, you run the danger of hav
mms-usps-btim-uhxc@fcevwreck.autos +272722429977 USPS.COM / US9514901185421 > Phishing
one day ago... Scammers are sending random emails and text messages claiming to be from the USPS and asking people to pay the delivery fees. Unfortunately, many people have fallen for that. These scammers are using different emails and numbers and sending different links ea
Fake Usps text > Phishing
3 days ago... Beware of scammers sending fake USPS text messages to trick people. They use a deceptive website called gussellsz.com and provide a tracking number (us9514901185421). The website falsely claims issues with shipping addresses and asks recipients to update their
0628989604 > Phone Fraud
6 days ago... J'ai reçu ce sms de omexes.com.. : "Bonjour Danielle, veuillez confirmer vos références pour la livraison sinon votre colis sera renvoyé à l'expéditeur" hors je n'attends aucun colis.. et omexes n'existe même pas sur internet..
service@kicishow.com Kicoshow (1 comment) > Classified Scam
6 days ago... Comment / Review: Scammers are giving ordering on line a bad rap. . Scam contents: 6 items purchased for 39.99. Was told this was delivered on a Sunday via DHL. Even received a text message from someone from supposedly DHL say they had a pkg heading my way

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