Text message scams lists: Beware!

Have you received a suspicious SMS? It is most likely a scam! Scammers regularly use this way of communication to set traps for consumers. There are many messages that put forward elaborate scenarios: fake package tracking, phishing...

This page aims to present you the most active SMS scams on the Internet so that you can protect yourself as best as possible.

If you are a witness or victim of a scam received by text message, we invite you to leave a report via this dedicated form.

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+611800960635 (6 comments) > Phone Fraud
4 days ago... Text message received: Your One Time Code is 737515 for a payment of 972.25 AUD to Philip Hewitt- Ref: RBTJ. If not you, contact us on 1800 960 635. Called number, that said they were from Bendigo bank fraud team wanting to know my phone provider.
unrelieffund@outlook.com +94756115724 U.N RELIEF FUND PROGRAM (4 comments) > Phishing
12/07/2022... I received a text message claiming I had won pounds and requesting my personal information.This is a scam. Be careful; do not believe them or provide them with your details.
usdtmny.com > Investment scam
09/21/2022... No tengo clave de seguridad Como retirar Sitio web oficial: usdtmny.com Cuenta VIP: Vaiox Contrasena: bali1989 Saldo actual: 620,680.00 U.S.D.T THE ACCOUNT NO EXIST. IMAGEN LOAD AND TRACK BY IP MY CELLPHONE AND COMPUTERS
+447514843218 https://evri-slot-booking,com > Other Scam
12/29/2022... Comment / Review: text message received at 00.26 on 29 dec 2022. Scam contents: evri: if you don't reschedule a new delivery??ate, your parcel will be sent back to the sen??er visit: https://evri-slot-booking.com
Disney Sorcerer's Arena (25 comments) > Phishing
06/25/2022... Glu gaming company established in 2001 based in San Francisco would not be sending this sort of message via text message. I have never even played Disney Sorcerer's Arena and haven't created any characters, so this message has to be a scam. Clicking here will

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+19125078593 sellheresplitabortive.com > Other Scam
4 hours ago... Comment / Review: I received this as a text message at the beginning of December and just didnt know what yo do with it. Scam contents: Fresh oxyocodonepills for sell
contact@eds-electro.fr 0780997683 eds-electro.fr > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Purchased an item for 470€ and they did not deliver. Couldn't contact them by telephone, email or SMS. Since I have seen on the internet loads of complaints from customers saying it is a scam and they never received their goods. The transfer I made went
lix32e.top > Fraudulent website
2 days ago... Comment / Review: Receive fake text message regarding parcels that couldn't be delivered. . Scam contents: Logistics service: We can't deliver your package IPS081447296FR because the door number is incorrect. Check for updates to arrange delivery. https://l
+61426034209 > Phone Fraud
2 days ago... Comment / Review: sms scam you have an overdue tollway bill please arrange payment mabually Pay now via: ysw2cn.link SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27768418671 > Phone Fraud
4 days ago... Pretends to be from Vodacom Summer rewards. Tell recipient that you won a phone and also 50k cash Recipient receive 2x SMS. One for phone and one for cash 2nd SMS have pin numbers as #### To unlock one must do donation to an NGO, currently using Nelson Man

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