Text message scams lists: Beware!

Have you received a suspicious SMS? It is most likely a scam! Scammers regularly use this way of communication to set traps for consumers. There are many messages that put forward elaborate scenarios: fake package tracking, phishing...

This page aims to present you the most active SMS scams on the Internet so that you can protect yourself as best as possible.

If you are a witness or victim of a scam received by text message, we invite you to leave a report via this dedicated form.

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usdtmny.com > Investment scam
one week ago... No tengo clave de seguridad Como retirar Sitio web oficial: usdtmny.com Cuenta VIP: Vaiox Contrasena: bali1989 Saldo actual: 620,680.00 U.S.D.T THE ACCOUNT NO EXIST. IMAGEN LOAD AND TRACK BY IP MY CELLPHONE AND COMPUTERS
Disney Sorcerer's Arena (25 comments) > Phishing
06/25/2022... Glu gaming company established in 2001 based in San Francisco would not be sending this sort of message via text message. I have never even played Disney Sorcerer's Arena and haven't created any characters, so this message has to be a scam. Clicking here will
+8555992025 (5 comments) > Phone Fraud
08/12/2022... I got a text message saying that my courier returned my package to the fulfillment center because my shipping address was incorrect didn’t think anything of it because it took me to the USPS website I entered my info and then clicked on the link in the messa
+447933761453 Post-Office Sasha tried to hand your parcel (18 comments) > Phishing
07/06/2022... Comment / Review: Scam text message already received with Jamie and Simon !!!!. Scam contents: Post-Office: Your driver Sasha tried to hand your parcel today. To re-schedule & track your parcels, visit : https://local-serviceassist.com
+14164578004 salaryrevenue.ca (3 comments) > Other Scam
one week ago... The link in the text message looked completely legit! The fake INTERAC page had links that led to the actual INTERAC website. But when I clicked on the link to my bank, it looked like my regular banking page but very few of the links worked.

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+13172018506 Bradley Hahn > Lottery Scam
one day ago... Comment / Review: I am smarter than this scam. I searched it as Bradley Hahn lottery scam, after receiving the text message and found this alert.. Scam contents: Hello I’m BRADLEY HAHN, The winner of 10 Million USD in Powerball Millions Jackpot, YOU ARE AMON
+447543572014 Evri > Phishing
2 days ago... Comment / Review: Text message claiming to be Evri. I wasn't expecting a parcel. Surely a scam. Scam contents: We attempted to deliver your EVRi parcel GBB0783K4TRV today but no one was home. Please follow: https://evri-support-parcel.com to request a redelive
+447521239951 Gov-uk > Phishing
3 days ago... Comment / Review: A text message claiming to be from the government asking to click on the link to apply and requesting your bank details later. watch out guys.
+639705535240 > Phone Fraud
4 days ago... I received a text message “Greetings, I am writing to express my interest on working with you, i have a proposal that might interest you, i would like an opportunity to further discuss in detail. kindly contact me by email : calcorry88@hotmail.com, I aw
+18023951156 > Phone Fraud
5 days ago... Scam started with a text message supposedly in error to my phone. A conversation was struck up and ultimately a friendship relationship. After a time the scammer suggest we communicate on WhatsApp. Scammer said she was a Hong Kong immigrant now living in Miami

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