Text message scams lists: Beware!

Have you received a suspicious SMS? It is most likely a scam! Scammers regularly use this way of communication to set traps for consumers. There are many messages that put forward elaborate scenarios: fake package tracking, phishing...

This page aims to present you the most active SMS scams on the Internet so that you can protect yourself as best as possible.

If you are a witness or victim of a scam received by text message, we invite you to leave a report via this dedicated form.

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+447394294343 the Human Resources Department of On Assignment (23 comments) > Job Scam
10/31/2023... Comment / Review: I received this on SMS. Scam contents: Hello,This is the Human Resources Department of On Assignment! We recommend finding a part-time job that pays $70-$150 an hour! My name is Suzanne and I am a part-time promoter at On Assignment. The work
farloshop.com (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
09/08/2023... Comment / Review: This is a scam site selling counterfeit merchandise. . Scam contents: I received a text message supposedly from Polo Ralph Lauren regarding a sale on their merchandise. A link in this text took me to a website that claimed to be a Polo RL sit
+8447611794 Michael Davis (7 comments) > Other Scam
09/06/2023... Comment / Review: threatening text message. Scam contents: threatening text mesage to me and members of my family have called me concerned about the text they received this is Michael Davis from the Mediation Department. It is imperative that youbcontact my
+447830934752 USPS > Phishing
08/18/2023... Comment / Review: Phishing site. Try to steal your personal information and money form your card. . Scam contents: SMS from UK phone number: The USPS package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please c
unrelieffund@outlook.com +94756115724 U.N RELIEF FUND PROGRAM (8 comments) > Phishing
12/07/2022... I received a text message claiming I had won pounds and requesting my personal information.This is a scam. Be careful; do not believe them or provide them with your details.

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+278391951788 aroduct.com > Fraudulent website
9 hours ago... Comment / Review: The sms came after I made online payment. Scam contents: Its a sms about instructions to pay for a courier. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61480529747 > Phone Fraud
17 hours ago... I recieived a text message from the number above, saying a delivery from Startrack expess/ Australia Post, had been stopped and asking memto pay a small amount of money to release the delivery. I contacted Starbtrack express's directly and asked them to chec
dorcasaguila50@hotmail.com +639853513510 > Other Scam
one day ago... Random message asking to reach out directly via email 😡. I have been scammed and fooled several times. Please 🥺 be extra cautious, they are so deceiving nowadays.
+17728674932 > Lottery Scam
2 days ago... They weren’t saying of Laarni Bibal real. I was saying that actual Laarni Bibal real and actual won the lottery. But I don’t know if a scammer is using a real to do that
+17728674932 Lottery: Laarni Bibal. > Lottery Scam
2 days ago... I got a text message with a number of text message and a number of the text message. Saying. Even though Laarni Bibal is real helping financial and even actual won the lottery. But I don’t of scam. Because I contacted and text message and they said 100% real

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