Job scams

Job scams are about people looking for a job. Whether it's through a driver's job or housekeeper job, the hunting grounds of these scammers are always the same : the classifieds sites

How does this scam work ?

Even if there are several techniques, there is one that comes back regularly : overpayment scam. The scammer sends a stolen check to his victim. This one cash it. Shortly after, he cancels the mission and asks for a partial refund. A few weeks later, the bank informs that the first check was uncovered.

Last reported scams Roxanne Gwinn one day ago... Remember to STAY on the platform to protect yourself, always do a video call face to face to confirm and verify that they're real (meeting in person before hand is better of course) NEVER accept checks from strangers and NEVER send money on behalf of someone +61402245204 Mary one day ago... I need you to report this scam and block the website so she/he cannot scam another person anymore. I have lost all my money and i can’t get it back. im so stressful right now.
+447458662204 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Job scam. Scam contents: A laddy was contacted via WhatsApp regarding a job. Her name Anne. The WhatsApp no. +447458662204. The job was to help merchants around the world increase product sales through the Argos e-commerce platform. After acc
+351912083273 Silvia (1 comment) 2 days ago... "Every time I received a negative balance, I was forced to deposit more money to reset the balance and continue. I've attached screenshots showing the negative balances and corresponding payments made through a secure app. However, each time I paid, a new task
+12792566616 Emma and Alvis Royal 3 days ago... I sent an email to Precision Consulting informing them of this scam and that two individuals were falsely representing their company. They have not responded. Emma's Number: 657-395-7545
+18339213020 4 days ago... Domain: Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On: 2024-06-19 Claim "Over the past 20 years, we have partnered with over 450 clients" but the domain was only made a few weeks ago on Tom Lindley 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Dr. Brawley Elizabeth 4 days ago... Note that in the email there are a lot of parenthesis () - this is a scam script and scammers will input whatever fits the situation there. Another is the CAPlocks for the position, they can just change it up when they like and re-use this script. 5 days ago... Often fake job scams are one of two things: 1) Fake check scam - claiming you'll get a (fake) check to deposit in your bank account and send money elsewhere before your bank catches the fake check. 2) Money mule scam - getting you to get bitcoins or giftcard one week ago... Domain: Registrar:, Inc. Registered On: 2024-04-03 While these scam sites pop up daily, you can report this one to their webhost registar Name dot com: +6501065985888 one week ago... Comment / Review: Avery time giving me extra fees to pay . Scam contents: Refusing to return money . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12792453531 one week ago... I applied to a job on LinkedIn to Precision Consulting, Inc. for a data entry position. I then received the above text. Please let people know not to respond to this type of text. It is hard enough trying to get a job. To then be scammed. one week ago... Often these fake jobs lead to fake check scams. They'll claim you need to deposit a fake check for work equipment for the remote mini office - they usually list off a bunch of items to get. They'll tell you to send money to the scammer (their "trusted vendor" one week ago... Domain: Registrar:, Inc. Registered On: 2024-06-14 +9715046122231 Neelam Philip one week ago... Their business supposedly is in Dubai, but they are not registered in Dubai's business registry. There is nothing about them that is located in Dubai except the phone number on the email sent to my friend. Carla Fowler one week ago... Thu, Jul 4, 3:01 PM (1 day ago) to me Greetings! I hope you're doing well! My name is Carla Fowler, and I'm a HR Manager at AutoGlobal-Transport Inc. I want to contact you to find out whether you are interested in our completely +16474923844 Annualtix financial services inc one week ago... Hi at first i got an email revarding job offer and then they aent email regarding asaessments but i was unable to do tests. But then i got an email menfioning that we have selected you on behalf of my performamce but the thing is that i didnt gave any tests. Lisa Tran (1 comment) one week ago... A single bonus order was said to occur randomly, while 2 bonuses in two days were a rare oddity, but then it happened a 3rd time in a row right before complete the daily quantity. This led to distress because both scam-business and scammer tried to get a commi
Administrative Assistant Job (Fake) one week ago... This is the scam script. Scammers often have () in the script so scammers know where to change/edit. "Got your application details re: Administrative Assistant Jobs – Part Time. Happy to let you know that you have been considered for the position. I'm an en
+17473581901 Clare one week ago... Task scams promise easy money for completing simple tasks like liking posts, watching a video, ordering, rating or reviewing hotels/apps or items. You pay even get paid a little at first. They often give you "bonus" or "special" order/tasks that make you pay one week ago... It has NOTHING to do with app tweak which is a real company. They even warn the public of these fake jobs using their company name. App Tweak fake job scam warning: "⚠ Warning! It has come to our attention that scammers are impersonating AppTweak and reac one week ago... Domain: omnicomgroupinc .com (it just redirects to the real company url) Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On:2024-07-02 one week ago... Domain: Registrar: HOSTINGER operations, UAB Registered On: 2024-06-21 Expires On: 2025-06-21 +15513300101 Costamare shipping one week ago... Comment / Review: Please help me I've lost out on a whole month of work because I thought I was legitly working for this company. . Scam contents: They had hired me to do a base pay of $3,200 for the first month and it was coming close to getting paid as of to
+639660462086 one week ago... Offering fake jobs by first providing users with an account to complete 60 tasks. After completing these tasks, users are instructed to switch to another account to check their earnings. As users start to see their earnings grow, the website then pressures the one week ago... The FAKE email domain name they use: Domain: Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. Registered On: 2024-02-01 Expires On: 2025-02-01 Unprofessional "employment" letter and emails. Su one week ago... The only info on bloomberg is "Lammers Consulting LLC was founded in 2012." The URL domain was only just registered in June 2024, so it's possible the actual company is dissolved, and scammers have gobble one week ago... Domain: Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On: 2023-12-20 Expires On: 2024-12-20 50 LAKEFRONT BLVD STE 230, BUFFALO, NY 14202 The site is just a building - nothing to identify their suit/floor or that they actually is an office there. N one week ago... Comment / Review: Lütfen yardım edin. . Scam contents: Ürünümü yollamadılar,her ay iki üç kez banka hesabımdan $olarak para çekiyorlar. . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16506915789 Feedback Rewards Inc 2 weeks ago... The scammers number is a VOIP or internet number: Phone Number: (650) 691-5789 Date of this Report: June 27, 2024 Phone Line Type: VOIP Phone Company: GOOGLE VOICE Phone Location: MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA More info on these types of scams: https://www.reddit.
447340849241 Atrium Staffing 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I feel so stupid. It was about all I had. . Scam contents: First number contacted me by a message to my phone. 769 303 9389 saying name was Diana from Atriumstaff. send me to Whatsapp and connected me to a person named Kelly. Whats app number 2 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: Danesco Trading Ltd. Registered On: 2024-05-16 This site has NOTHING to do with amazon - scammers are just using the name to seem legit. The parcel mule scam involves fr 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I lost money. Scam contents: personating RHS . SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On: 2024-06-01 The domain was only made earlier this month in June 2024. EA warns of fake jobs and people pretending to be them and offering fake 2 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: HOSTINGER operations, UAB Registered On: 2024-06-24
+4915219734079 Sophie Müller - WhatsApp 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Never use this website: Scam contents: They offer online work. Gradually they pull cryptocurrency out of you. Group in WhatsApp - Wearemidfield🌹💌150 49 members 2 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On: 2024-04-15 Gcash 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: It was for my daughter then they scam me. Scam contents: Looking for VA📣 POSITION : Virtual Assistant - PURE NON VOICE! - SALARY 2k - 6k Weekly ( payout everyweek ) - Require 1hr - 4hr between 9:30AM - 9:30PM - PC WILL BE PROVIDED!!
+447430225625 Kelly Bree (2 comments) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Wasted two hours with this scam. Scam contents: It's a fake site for Deutch LA. They claim they are hiring you. You've do a lengthy training, then they all you to top up your "work" account. +15517558041 Hugo Gin, Costamare Shipping 3 weeks ago... I was disappointed at this scam, as it looked very legitimate, but the business model presented simply did not make sense. I have been scammed numerous times by "work at home" scammers, but this is by the most legitimate looking, except for business model of 3 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: NameSilo, LLC Registered On: 2024-06-17 You may get an email subject "Sought-After Position: Remote Full-Time Editor at Angi - Offering Pathways to Career Growth, Professiona 3 weeks ago... Task scams promise easy money for completing simple tasks like watching videos or liking posts. You pay even get paid a little at first. They often make you pay to upgrade your account after a few tasks, trapping you in an advance fee scam. Victims end up was +15812049094 Carla fowler 3 weeks ago... They offered a online job and they asked for work permit copy and passport copy , which I sent unfortunately because they have a official website and they prentended to be very professional but when I did research I am doubting it’s fake . I wana report this 3 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. Registered On: 2022-11-01 Expires On: 2024-11-01 In many mystery shopping scams, a scammer pretending to be from a well-known company “hires” 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I just want other online users to stay safe. . Scam contents: Making me pay for online material that's useless to get employment which they never provided
+447719816352 Trustedshops 3 weeks ago... They put you on a workers group which looks more legit everyone saying what they earned for the day. They try to get you to pay via p2p binance but you can deposit via your bank until they help you setup binance, I never got that far. Total scam. 3 weeks ago... I did not send my 1000$, but everywhere on internet this is described as the scam pattern, and I did not risk to lose my money in th dimension of 1000$ but I lose 100$
+639677155443 Allysa Geniston, Sundae McFlurry, and Carmencita Villaruz 4 weeks ago... I already funded 5,000 plus on their scam company thinking I could finish the task but on the last item that I should order it needs a lot of money to purchase a product that worth 18,000 plus. You cannot withdraw your money because you didn't completed your t
+639388257174 Analyn Veluz 4 weeks ago... I would just like to say that I really needed that money, I was trying to find online jobs to get more money and help out my mom but ended up getting scammed. As little as that money was, losing that made me unable to even buy food anymore or the school suppli 4 weeks ago... Task scams promise easy money for completing simple tasks like watching videos or liking posts. You pay even get paid a little at first. They often make you pay to upgrade your account after a few tasks, trapping you in an advance fee scam. Victims end up was