Job scams

Job scams are about people looking for a job. Whether it's through a driver's job or housekeeper job, the hunting grounds of these scammers are always the same : the classifieds sites

How does this scam work ?

Even if there are several techniques, there is one that comes back regularly : overpayment scam. The scammer sends a stolen check to his victim. This one cash it. Shortly after, he cancels the mission and asks for a partial refund. A few weeks later, the bank informs that the first check was uncovered.

Last reported scams 8 hours ago... I would never recommend this website developers. They are dishonest, lacking in skills that they stated they have, and after one year were unable to complete the website.
+17792005641 17 hours ago... Fake client inquiry for a quote on cleaning services provided by my cleaning company. Was a fraudulent inquiry in attempt to gather personal information and send a check to me to deposit in an attempt to access personal bank information. 18 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fraudulent job scam. This site is not associated with DJO or its parent company Enovis.. Scam contents: Fraudulent job scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639485797807 Latrina Beier/ Bea Patricia Tacuyan 2 days ago... Comment / Review: I hope you can find a way to help us being scammed.. Scam contents: Offering job with commission but you need to always recharge money.. When I ask to withdraw it she ask me to activate/ recharge again.
+639157876443 @Stillaa140 /@Annatalia18/@swired8 2 days ago... Comment / Review: This kind of online fraud must put into end. So that they cannot continue there evil act, that is to stole money from innocent person. . Scam contents: They offer a partime job then later, they encourage you to cash in a money. They are fraud
+639759701378 Telegram 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I'm victim of this website... Could any one help me to get my money back? Please help me.... Scam contents: They will give ask task, grab orders but we need to recharge amount in order to complete the task..
+966564163697 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Job offer. Scam contents: Jon offer. SUSPECTED SCAM! +639353015451 ttqshopping online by tina (1 comment) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I want to refund my money back.please help me the transaction.. Scam contents: They scam me in there item online such a hihg price.i pay them but the item is not arrived. Kelly Thomas 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Looked up amd does not exist. Scam contents: Job offer for supply chain ops manager. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27659676244 Pramod HR 4 days ago... Even when the tasks are completed, a further large amount is requested to "pay taxes with". But even this does not result in a payout. They request you to log into a new account and start with tasks anew... +14247223288 Royal Davis 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Phone numbers given don't work, can't find it information on any contact names from this company. . Scam contents: "Reshipping job scam". SUSPECTED SCAM!
Micro focus 5 days ago... They offer it as a job, but you are required to put money into the account to work. Then the money is automatically deducted while you are working. If you don't have enough, you have to keep putting money in to complete your work. If you don't complete your wo Fredric Ray (1 comment) 5 days ago... They do various jobs by freelance. They contacted me from Upwork. I also worked as a translator. But want 100$ to release the payment. I pay 10$. After that they stop contacting me.
+639197974789 ttqshopping (1 comment) 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Job offer that we must order.amd complete the task.. Scam contents: About giving a task to.order. SUSPECTED SCAM! wecertifyhire / Slam Entertainment 6 days ago... Their strategy goes something like this: they have job listings on linked mainly either under their name or another company's name. After you apply on linked in they send you an email almost immediately to reapply on their website and to share your data. Do
+447436672271 (1 comment) 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Scam!. Scam contents: I went searching for a job site earlier today I was then contacted by +44 7436 672271 I was then passed onto +44 7342 667422 I was then added to a WhatsApp group chat (admins lis Ronnie Hassan, Felicia Rhodes 6 days ago... This is the third remote job/check cashing scam I've met with during my job search. It's also the largest sum of money I have seen so far. I reported the scam to my state's Attorney General, and I am also contacting the issuing bank (M&T Bank).
+639076057426 Margaret Laura 6 days ago... I invest 500 pesos from my gcash account and and she said i'm going to buy an item in lazada that org and i'll be gaining some commission there but suddenly the item was was a bit pricier and she said again if my money was not enough i need to top up or rechar +12312312312 Earth dd one week ago... They're advertising for job opportunities, promising daily incomes up to $550 a day, but they're scammers. Once you complete the tasks, they will disappear without paying you. They are also using a fake Facebook account and fake profile pictures to defraud p +18053144949 Mark Chamberlain (2 comments) one week ago... Job scam. This guy is good. Claimed to be the Head of Recruiting for Joel's Automotive. I received an offer letter and submitted my I-9 before I realized it was a scam.
+48726173364 Helen one week ago... Comment / Review: Peaple responsible for this operation are shady as hell. Stopped talking to me after I started asking questions about the legitimacy of the business. +971523903297 GULIMAN LUCIAN VASILE one week ago... Comment / Review: Similar to reported already with different name of sender. . Scam contents: It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the staff of TOTAL ENERGIES DUBAI. Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for TOTAL EN Mr. Williams one week ago... Comment / Review: See above.. Scam contents: Scammer recruited Dutch translators on a website for freelancers. Then wanted to talk further on Telegram. Asked to do a translating job for $ 3.500. Called himself “Mr. William”. Took the logo of an existing co Invicta Medical, Administrative assistant job, 35.50 an hour one week ago... I was waiting for an interview and suddenly I was told to download the wire app. As soon as the interview was supposed to happen- I was told to state my full name and location. When they supposedly already had my resume. When I started asking questions I was i
+639353550154 Ttq shopping one week ago... Comment / Review: I got scam I need to bring back my money. Scam contents: They will provide task to do then you buy an order then when you are about to finish they will ask you to provide a recharge to be able to withdraw your money +31623610341 one week ago... It’s a cryptocurrency scam. None of the people in the group are real, and the website is not legit. The method is similar to this article:
+639659918282 Camila Ruiz and Jasmine Instrutor (3 comments) one week ago... I saw there ads the fast job. Its an app, I installed it and tried to apply. Then it directed to the WhatsApp and ask how to apply and this person name Camila Ruiz reply to me about this Global E-commerce. I thought It can help me earened extra but a big no. T
+61431523167 Nelson one week ago... Nelson explained that this is a freelance job that takes only 45 minutes to an hour a day to complete. Job title: Data Provider User, company name (Litslink), opening hours all day Sydney time between 12pm and 11.59pm This company is an international (
+917234898108 Grabing order one week ago... They have made a fraud webiste and playing with people money there offer was found in instagram ads saying work for 30 min and get paid 30 omr but job is different and they push u and greed u for money kindly take action they have used me also and manipulated
+27684577119 Hello! This is Amazon Multinational and my name is Aileen. one week ago... Now,I have the following 3 order tasks for you to choose to complete You can perform five tasks: 1. Deposit R100 earn R30 commission and withdraw 130 2. Deposit R500 earn R118 commission and withdraw 618 3. Deposit R1000 earn R271 commission and withdraw 1 one week ago... Comment / Review: STOLE PERSONAL INFORMATION INCLUDING UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATE PDF COPY. Scam contents: STOLE PERSONAL INFORMATION INCLUDING UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATE PDF COPY
+639810743531 one week ago... Comment / Review: please i need get back my money. Scam contents: I need money more. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61431523167 (6 comments) one week ago... This scam is very elaborate, I was weary at first and checked a few details out and what I could tell they seemed to be legitimate. There is even a registered business certificate on their website from the state of California with a link to what I could tell one week ago... Comment / Review: I've been scammed already . Scam contents: Need to deposit money before making money. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639756124189 one week ago... Only platform is introduced without telling what name, then after few chats, it will ask for your details without giving you what comoany are they. Seems suspicious so I did not consider continuing after they asked me to enter my details on their website
+639951674329 Vanee Zaa one week ago... Comment / Review: Please be aware of this im only a student who invest in them now i can't bring my money back please anyone who can help me. Scam contents: They're gonna recruit you to be part of the part time employee, but you need to finish first the level Work from home one week ago... Comment / Review: Suppose to be sight for sleep apnea machines . Scam contents: Had me to deposit a check and said it was for office equipment and had me to buy apple gift cards with it saying it was to purchase and install software on the office equipment I w +14242706260 Royal Davis one week ago... Comment / Review: Can’t find the company or employees. Scam contents: No website. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639669306833 Amelia Sobrepeña 2 weeks ago... The scammers are a professional and would tell you they are not violating anything and would all procedures are legal and I can complain freely since they have a dedicated legal department to solve it.
+601162275709 Loretta Ng 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: The information she provided does not match with SSM result. Apparently its a scam. . Scam contents: [07/03/2023, 5:07:28 PM] ‪+60 11‑6227 5709‬: My name is Loretta Ng , i am HR from ''M&G Investment'', we saw your resume on the JobS +36702449390 Mr. Sylvanus Orlando Mr. Grey Phillips (Payment Portal Director) 2 weeks ago... I applied for a job on upwork a few days ago labeled as a job from the UK. The main task was to convert 100 pdf images to a Microsoft Word Document. I was told in the beginning of the project that I would be paid quickly and with any method I wanted including 2 weeks ago... Job from upwork at the first place i am a new in upwork i thought it was real job but ya they will send you 3000$ in that account they will ask u to deposit first before you get the 4 digit code to withdraw the amount 61480611823 Sam or Simon 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: .. Scam contents: A man name Sarkis/Sam/Simon Bayeh is operating under our company name using our ABN & Builders license number to carry out construction related works in Western Sydney! On Wednesday 15th February 2023 a gentleman visited 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: totally scam. Scam contents: they introduce themselves as part time online job and claims to be zalora affiliate and then ask you to complete a task by recharging which means you have to deposit money. 2 weeks ago... They insist on communication on telegram (and hide telephone numbers )which is outside the main work website and there is no deposit or any monies to be paid upfront. I was a bit hesitant but they swore that everything is genuine. They use the name as Halifax +639955018126 Ligaya vilma 2 weeks ago... Review I already recharge 7k, and the last task obliged me to recharge additional of 14k and i cannot afford that. Therefore, I can't withdraw my money because i can't finish the last task. Based on my other readings here, this is a scam after you recharge the
+639303962638 Alerie Zyra 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: cannot widraw if you cannot complete task. Scam contents: they will ask you to deposit money to complete task.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639674105163 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: please help me withdraw my funds i just lend them. . Scam contents: part time job that buy thing then try to invest cash to them by means of recharging and unable to withdraw COVID-19 Tests 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Phishing Scams for March 2023. Malicious link embedded in email to steal personal information . Scam contents: Free Rapid Covid-19 Tests Send To Your Home. This message is from a trusted sender. Invertextyn bank 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Expose the Truth about invertextyn bank.. Scam contents: Local Bank Transfer LBT CODE 100$ Another fees 250$ Subscription fees 500$ which was transferred to 1yr subscription @1000$