List of Scams that spoof Amazon

Amazon is the world leader in ecommerce and is known by everyone. This notoriety inevitably attracts scammers who do not hesitate to misuse its image to trap Internet users. On the platform itself, few scams circulate... but outside, they swarm, especially by mail in various forms: Phishing, fake contests...

To avoid the majority of scams that revolve around Amazon, there are 2 rules to know:
  • Never provide personal data after receiving a text message or an email (login for example)
  • Do not provide your bank details either... Even for a small amount because hidden subscription scams are often present.
You will find on this page the great majority of the scams of the moment which circulate on Internet. Do not hesitate to consult some of them to discover and understand them better.If you are a witness or a victim of a scam following a message received that impersonates Amazon, report it through this form.

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08/16/2022... The scammer advertises "Amazon Global Online Wholesale Pallet" for sale on Facebook at $42.08 each plus $12.61 and provides photos and details of the pallets from a local Amazon warehouse with user comments 100% satisfaction so the custome (6 comments) > Fraudulent website
08/20/2022... Comment / Review: As per above info provided . Scam contents: Facebook advertising shows the above advert and says scam website so reporting Website address is > Fraudulent website
2 weeks ago... When you google image their clothes catalog it is traces back to walmart or amazon listings. They have no number. The email address links to poprosy another scam site. There's no return link as stated in their return policy.
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one week ago... Comment / Review: No email confirmation received . Scam contents: Looked like amazon survey. Won ipad srnd $1 to $5 shipping . SUSPECTED SCAM! > Phishing
08/27/2022... The message that appears here is very clearly a scam message that is be presented withe the Amazon team. What does one do with a message like this when there is no Amazon account to speak of. The url when looked up gives rise to a danger message. To click onto

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+16464810541 > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Esta pagina invita a realizar supuestas tareas de Amazon y ganarse una comisión... pero son unos estafadores. presentado certificados falsos y direcciones falsas de fachada de edificios tomadas de la calle
+16464810541 > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Este pagina se hace pasar de amazon para estafar a las personas y pedirles dinero para completar unas supuestas tareas y ganar unas supuestas comisiones. se debe consignar dinero para hacer unas tareas pero resulta que nunca se termina de hacer las tareas y s
+18449537848 Amazon Support/Woot e-mart, LLC > Other Scam
4 days ago... Comment / Review: These folks like cursing into the phone and making sexual noises to people.. Scam contents: Invoice claiming I am being billed for $989.00. Typical scam. Invoice# KP773456 Purchase order# 40090434 for $599.00 Samsung 54" Class 7 TV, $350.00 +16324758474 > Other Scam
4 days ago... Comment / Review: Came up on my Facebook feed. Apparently this has been ongoing for quite some time. How can this be legal and be on Facebook. Obvious scam.. Scam contents: Fraudulent Amazon clearance pallets being sold on Facebook
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5 days ago... I received this text couple of days ago, however, i don't have an amazon account. obviously they're deceiving people and stealing their information. Watch out

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