List of Scams that spoof Amazon

Amazon is the world leader in ecommerce and is known by everyone. This notoriety inevitably attracts scammers who do not hesitate to misuse its image to trap Internet users. On the platform itself, few scams circulate... but outside, they swarm, especially by mail in various forms: Phishing, fake contests...

To avoid the majority of scams that revolve around Amazon, there are 2 rules to know:
  • Never provide personal data after receiving a text message or an email (login for example)
  • Do not provide your bank details either... Even for a small amount because hidden subscription scams are often present.
You will find on this page the great majority of the scams of the moment which circulate on Internet. Do not hesitate to consult some of them to discover and understand them better.If you are a witness or a victim of a scam following a message received that impersonates Amazon, report it through this form.

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