Phishing scams: Examples and tips to avoid them

Phishing is a very common scamming technique on the Internet. It aims to usurp the identity of a public entity or one with a high profile (bank, energy supplier, etc.) in order to retrieve sensitive data: login details, bank account details or even personal data.

The method of operation is very simple: the scammers make copies of the sites they are usurping and then send out alarming messages or incitements to action, particularly by means of e-mails. Using various pretexts (a refund due, a credit card expiry or a risk of hacking), the scammer displays a link hoping that an Internet user will fall into the trap.
When the victim clicks on the link, they are redirected to a site that looks exactly like the original. All the information he enters is then automatically sent to the scammer who can then use it as he pleases.

On this page, you will find many examples of phishing reported by Internet users.

If you are a victim or a witness of this kind of scam, you should report it using this form.

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97655267 > Fraudulent website
2 weeks ago... A phishing text has been sent to one of my friends, claiming to be offering him up to an $80,000 loan in order to help him with his credit. Surprisingly, they have his name and address, but ironically, he has no debts. Be careful; this is a scam. At a later s +971523903297 ERIC WILCOXSON, ARIF MALIK (4 comments) > Job Scam
04/13/2023... Such scam / phishing personnel must be severely punished and brought to light for others to see their stupid face, so that they may not do any job in this society. Sign in to project-626077182157 (5 comments) > Phishing
07/26/2022... Comment / Review: I visited the website, but i didn't give any information. I automatically exits the website, after I suspected that it's a scam or phishing website
+18443212777 (4 comments) > Phone Fraud
12/21/2022... Comment / Review: Claiming to be a part of a student loan forgiveness program as a phishing scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! Facebook password (1 comment) > Phishing
06/28/2022... Comment / Review: Phishing email I tried to log into my account and I did not get a facebook message asking me to reset my password.. Scam contents: We received a request to reset your facebook password. Enter the following password reset code: 14008424 A

The latest... > Fraudulent website
22 hours ago... this website claiming to be emkan finance company in Saudi Arabia and this is fake and phishing and not true at all the Website asks for private information such as credit card number and p
8004184023 > Fraudulent website
3 days ago... the item used in the advert and video, is a cheap wifi booster that cost a few bucks at best, i believe this is a phishing site that is just using youtube ad's to trick people into giving personal information
+14159386518 Victoria > Investment scam
5 days ago... Comment / Review: FULL SCAM ! FISHING ! STAY AWAY ! . Scam contents: FULL SCAM ! STAY AWAY ! . SUSPECTED SCAM! > Fraudulent website
one week ago... The website claims to sell INFLATABLE FISHING BOAT for only $59.99. That's way too good to be true. The pictures used seem to have been stolen, and the content is being copied from other websites. The website was recently created and has a very short life ex
+447394194403 Evri Parcel Delivery > Phishing
one week ago... What ever you do, do not click that link as it's a phishing website designed by scammers that hope you'll just fill in your financial data. If you disclosed any financial information please contact your bank immediately and for those of you that did not click

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