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Messages being deleted? > Please help me!
6 hours ago... Details / precisions: I have a post, I have been receiving messages but they appear as deleted and when I reply they end up being marked as deleted. Why?
how I got back my crypto lost to pig butchering scam > I share advice
14 hours ago... I met a pretty girl on facebook after we had been talking for some months,the scammers told me to download binance(a crypto exchange platform) and after directed me to to invest usdt,at first I put in a small amount of money under the instructi
How to stop receiving unwanted calls in the United States? > I share advice
2 weeks ago... If you would like to opt out of being solicited by telephone marketing companies, you can register at 3 actions can be carried out via this site: - Report unsolicited calls ( - Register your
How to avoid scams on the internet? > I share advice
3 weeks ago... The best way to avoid scams of any kind is to remain vigilant. Online criminals are always improving their methods and getting better at stealing and scamming. A foolproof way of knowing what to do is to use search engines to find websites where you can review