Classified Scams

Scams encountered on classifieds sites like Craiglist, Gumtree or Ebay have the same goal : to steal your money. In the majority of cases, it's scammers from central africa. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, this kind of scam can reach you, beware !

In addition to the thousands of testimonials available in the list at the bottom of the page, you can report a scam via the form of the site.

Last reported scams +442086385417 9 hours ago... I bought 1 shoe rack storage organizer & 1 Lazy wardrobe totaling $67.05 AU on 22/04/2022. I received my order today 18/05/2022 but I was scammed and recieved 2 cheap necklaces instead. I sent an email but doubt I will get a reply. I read hundreds of reviews one day ago... Comment / Review: 3 times I was charged 48.90 € from my card, I am asking for a refund. Scam contents: 3 times I was charged 48.90 € from my card, I am asking for a refund one day ago... Comment / Review: See above. Scam contents: This website pretends to be a small dog breeder. I paid an $800 deposit for a puppy that I never got I’m glad I didn’t give them anymore money. The website looks legit and the communication is regular right up to 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Do not want to belong to this website. Scam contents: I was charged $2.90 plus 0.09 international transaction fee … I DO NOT WANT TO BELING TO THIS WEBSITE PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ASAP chris odowd +358443353961 DUALMINE.COM 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I have a lot of crypto earned on this platform but they do not pay me. Scam contents: I have a lot of crypto earned on this platform but they do not pay me +16008008274 Sonia Cooper 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I need help ASAP. Scam contents: They are trying to use private information and are currently at this very moment trying to scam me of 1000 dollars. I have already done 300 through cash app to make them think they can trust me, i need quick h +27790324557 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Scam from south Africa. Scam contents: Marriage rituals are supposed to be very strong and effective. If you are in a relationship and your lover is not committing to you or is taking time to decide if she/he wants to get married to you or no +27839746943 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Scam from Arabic country. Scam contents: United Arab Emirates And Asia Call +27839746943 For The Pure 99% Ssd Chemical Solution With Activation Powder And All Parts Of Middle East And Asia +966509121068 4 days ago... Comment / Review: i bought these lights for my sons, its feel very sad to say to my son that i was scammed.. Scam contents: There is no such order number now when i check through there website. No one responds. only email ids are given info@essentailamp. 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Fake Website - Attempt to steal information - RUSSIAN SCAM domain of REPORT - BLOCK - DELETE Waste Their Time +19104765793 Mark michale 5 days ago... Thier Email to me. Hello Johnnie, payment has been mailed out to you and mover's fee has been included in the check.You will make the pick up money payable to the movers when you cash the check and my movers will schedule time for pick up as i have other stuf essentiallamp (1 comment) 6 days ago... If you have placed an order please report to your bank, facebook and comment here for other people don't get screwd like we did at essential lamp or amorpeluche 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Stop messaging . Scam contents: If you do this for 4 weeks you will shed 38 lb.s Ruben . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12138449479 Jayla bayy Facebook one week ago... I should have not trusted in this person have their phone number as well Facebook page jayla bayy number 2138449479 2000 Nissan Sentra gold in color for sale Facebook marketplace
+8667159888 Facebook one week ago... Comment / Review: One product was slit w knife, wanted to return some items, poor quality and didn’t fit. Scam contents: Ordered products on Facebook, said items could be returned. No way to contact. Ever way I tried, no such place exists. No such company. one week ago... Comment / Review: Sent people the link above through ny duscord after hacking it.. Scam contents: Stole my friends steam account after hacking my discord.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Xuyexbit one week ago... Comment / Review: The website relatively new, the website expired in 9 months and there are suspicious made up articles about the website in the search engine. Scam contents: Giveaway bitcoin but asking to transfer some coin as "verification" to certain addres service11 one week ago... was sent a pair of cheap sunglasses that i never ordered.. amount was for $87au for a pair of sandals but ended up costing $127au, due to a so called foreign exchange rate..
+13212372000 one week ago... Comment / Review: These scammers are taking people cash app info and using the desk top app to see all the info. . Scam contents: they use cashapp and your bank app to get your info !!!
+18014480522 Draxler one week ago... Comment / Review: Hope that you can shut down the website.. Scam contents: Vehicle history report scam on vehicle that is for sale in classifieds. . SUSPECTED SCAM! +639569503477 Japan Casio Center Philippines one week ago... He ask me Payment first before shipping and I paid 3000 Pesos something to ship my order,but the seller blocked me when he already received the money. Please help us to stop that Scammer..thankyou +8615392910000 Juyuan Trading Co., Ltd one week ago... Comment / Review: The packaging has the phone number on it +86 153 9291 0000 . Scam contents: Ordered a buckthorn tree puller and received a tank top. Made several attempts to get a hold of the company but to no avail. 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please make sure that this will be reported. Scam contents: Untitled Please Follow The Steps Below To Get Hired Faster! Teleperformance Philippines Greetings from HR! 1. Download GCASH on Playstore or Appstore to Receive your weekly
+639155043450 Facebook online page, extreme loan gadget 2 weeks ago... I sent a scammer the money amounting ₱5,000.00 via gcash with the transaction number 1004271301601 whom is addressed account to MELAN LUNAS. I loan a gadget, an iphone x to the person, via his/ her facebook page, but after the transaction, he/she blocked m
Gulf auto autioneers 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Would really like people to be aware of this scam. Scam contents: Gulf auto Autioneers is i big scam. They advertise Bank repo cars for bargain price. Everything looks legit but they ask for a 30% deposit and the vehicle Will be delivered to +27104472306 Intellicom call centre post 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Do not pay into their account. It's a scam. . Scam contents: call centre job. They want you to deposit R100 for background and criminal check. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Flameday (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Sends very poor quality items, then refuses to honour returns policy. Ignores emails asking to return. . Scam contents: Sends very poor quality items, then refuses to honour returns policy. Ignores emails asking to return. +27639132907 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Scammer from Nigeria. Scam contents: NAMIBIA POWERFUL MAGIC RING TO BOOST BUSINESS +27639132907 INCOME INCREASE, WIN COURT CASES,PASS EXAMS,BRING BACK LOST LOVER,STOP DIVORCE,JOB PROMOTION,SALARY INCREASE,, PASS EXAMS ,FOR CHURCH LEADERS TO
+639533479125 Harvey Bryce Salboro 2 weeks ago... Upon confirming deal, he was sending vids that he proceeded to courier service branch (LBC), sent receipt and video of item “before packing”. Afterwards, ask to proceed to payment saying he needed the money for urgent matters. The following day, no item wa
+639973343098 Ryan Christian Ogario 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please help arrest this person for his crime . Scam contents: My sister ordered an Iphone 12, from instagram account Christian Apple Prod, located at Ayala feliz . After sending a total of 14000Php thru pamaya to the account named Ryan Cristi +27127436725 Globetech Generators 2 weeks ago... went to the address to double check there whas nothing there tried to phone them when thay answered tay told me i have the wrong adress and thay hung up could not get hold of them again
+14079951618 2 weeks ago... Scam, extended warranty. They asked to verify my vehicle information. I asked them to tell me what information they had and i would confirm or deny. They said they didn't have my vehicle information on file so i proceeced to tell her that if she didn't have
Aderez 2 weeks ago... I tried to return the 3 dresses I bought as it says a full refund is given. However, I have gotten 4 emails each time saying they will pay me PART OF THE MONEY back, but cannot pay it all and I can KEEP the dresses. If they don't fit, why do I want to keep t Owens Aussoe Pups 3 weeks ago... They need to be shut down now. Absolutely ridiculous. I feel very stupid for entertaining this. My son and I were looking for a dog and they completely scammed us. QVC Summer Sale (5 comments) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: This was a total scam from Facebook and Instagram. They keep allowing these people to advertise such junk!. Scam contents: Claim to be selling Birkenstocks as a summer sale through QVC. I got a piece of shit cheap sandal. I sent many email
Oszkó Péter Oxo Technologies Nyrt 3 weeks ago... wanted to buy some stocks from them but they actively participate in insider trading. CEO Oszko Peter says he got a stroke TIA, claims to be very ill lying to investors all the time. He is married with kids yet he was messaging me talking about a***s** y
Tüszős mandulagyulladás 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Comments in hungarian with mistakes. Names not hungarian. Scam contents: Wants to sell something, unclear what it is but related to inflammated tonsils +27130040023 JP van Zyl 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Horrible business owner. He ownes several companies and can not give any customer service.. Scam contents: Placed my order received the shoes I sent the shoes back via courier since they received the shoes back from me their website is down a
Ball , claims to be made in USA (1 comment) 4 weeks ago... the item was cheaply made, rusted after the first rain, and was shipped from China. I will have to pay shipping to send it back to China to maybe get a refund of some type. +27604443912 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Paid for bird and flight she took money and blocked fake website fake tracking number . Scam contents: Lady has website selling exotic birds.
Jufn 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Ordered shoes , size 12… got size 10 , no return address or options to return. Scam contents: Shoes shown on Facebook , so ordered size 12. SUSPECTED SCAM! Urterrace (1 comment) 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: No communication after payment conformation mail.. Scam contents: Office Chairs , gadgets ect... SUSPECTED SCAM! +12029515433 Dubai All Star 04/18/2022... Comment / Review: Fake Products and Sold mentioning that they are original. . Scam contents: Selling fake products and promising that they are original . SUSPECTED SCAM!
8774745640 ssence 04/16/2022... Comment / Review: I did not order these! Clicked on a link for a free trial + shipping.. Scam contents: ssence Skin Serum ssence Skin vit C cream ssence skin ceam ssence skin immunity +17013355053 04/16/2022... Comment / Review: I was a victim. Scam contents: They verified a scam company say that they ship pinball machine for them .supply a fake tracking number and request money for shipping insurance after it was shipped and say its on hold +17013355053 Express mainline shippers 04/16/2022... Comment / Review: Got scammed from this shipper. Scam contents: This shipping company verifies scam online stores making you feel comfortable wiring your money to the store provides a tracking number for your shipment then sends an email for shipment time and
+639055046568 04/16/2022... Comment / Review: Hope na bigyan agad ng actions ganitong issue salamat😭😭. Scam contents: Using multiple gcash account na hindi niya pag may ari o name para gamitin sa pang sscam ng halos 2135 na katao. I hope you will trace her and take action immediate
Sandal-bigsorder (2 comments) 04/14/2022... Comment / Review: Ordered three pairs 3-15 for $93.96. My card was charged. Received one pair 4-13-22. Not as advertised and poor quality . Scam contents: Shoes assortment Clarks shoes 04/14/2022... Very strange situation The website looked exactly like Clarks. I am used to buying from Clarks and noticed nothing unusual. I ordered several pairs for my children and paid. Received a receipt and another email saying I'd be informed of the tracking details 04/13/2022... This is a scam. Advertised a 6 person whirlpool with heater and jets. After 1 1/2 months was sent a 2 foot round baby pool with a crappy foot pump to inflate. After receiving this joke I contacted them and this was the response: We are sincerely sorry f