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Social Media Scams (Facebook, Twitter...)

Scams are very present on social networks, this is explained by the large population that frequents them on the one hand but also by the ease with which they are distributed : indeed, they are unfortunately regularly relayed.

For this reason, social networks are privileged relays for all types of scams : Loan scams, romance scams and many others...

The particularity of social networks is essentially the anonymity of its members, so it is common for fake profiles to broadcast fraudulent messages (adware, quizzes…).

To report scams or fake profiles, just fill in this form.

Last reported scams Nike Factory Store 2 hours ago... Comment / Review: Never received my package, but tracking said it was delivered. Email is non-deliverable. . Scam contents: Nike Shoes for Sale at discounted prices
verbraucherhilfe 6 hours ago... Comment / Review: Probably . Scam contents: Claims to help scam victims. SUSPECTED SCAM! 10 hours ago... Comment / Review: It was on Facebook and I thought it looked legitimate so I went ahead and made my purchase.. Scam contents: I purchased and paid for a mini c c TV security camera. It was never dispatched and I can't trace where the payment went to. 17 hours ago... Comment / Review: Just want to stop this from happening to others. This ws on Facebook.. Scam contents: WWW.MLOQUIENCEIL.COM Order No:4M5SD-3V4Y8EA Thank you! Your order is complete. Please wait for ship update Contact Ship to Brown K +38169649359 Auer Witte Thiel 23 hours ago... Comment / Review: my data and card were misused and a certain amount of money was taken to pay for the subscription. Scam contents: Dear Mr. Kulic, once again we duly inform you that we represent the company Dateblaster AG, Zugerstrasse 6, CH-6330 Cham (ZG
London Underground 23 hours ago... Comment / Review: Please see the post in the screenshot attached.. Scam contents: This website is advertising free London Underground trips by buying an Oyster Card for £1.78. When clicking on the website, the payment does not go to the TFL, but to a company (1 comment) one day ago... he has hacked into my account while i was asleep. please help me it would mean so much to me, i have so much memories from my deceased loved ones in my account. Dont no (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: Now it will not let me go to shipping ..disappeared . Scam contents: Ive got nothing . SUSPECTED SCAM! one day ago... I received an email confirming my order with a tracking number from Courier MENGTU - AT033575957CN. I tracked it to my post office Floyd, Va. But I checked and it's not there. Payeile crocs 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Had good comments and I fell for it . Scam contents: Selling crocs at cheap prices. SUSPECTED SCAM! Preacher 2 days ago... This is a scam site, they take your money and don’t send you anything. Then if you complain they tell you they’re looking for the shipment and then if you complain more, they tell you they’re sending replacements. They never send you replacements. +61870897222 Sterling vitamins 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Have not yet received product as order was done today. 2/10/2023. Scam contents: Advertised keto gummies when purchasing it goes to sterling vitamins in Slacks Creek Brisbane. Invoice shows a capsule not gummies. Price advertised buy 3 get 2 2 days ago... I paid 35.85 for this Bluetooth speaker. I tried to track this product and I keep getting an error. Please look into this for me. I have emailed them for a refund.
Jane, 371 Little Falls Rd, Ste 4, Cedar Grove,NJ (1 comment) 2 days ago... Comment / Review: I received the item but it was the wrong size. They will not issue a refund because they said they shipped out the correct item.. Scam contents: Selling stockings to relieve neuropathy. 3 days ago... I saw phone accessories on Facebook with row price so I got interested without thinking twice I ordered gadgets for 800 something but later I realized it is a scam,I have the photos of things I ordered and the amount I paid
SP MOMENTMCO BRIDGEVIEW IL 3 days ago... Comment / Review: ORDERED LIGHTS MID AUGUST AND HAVE NOT ANY ANY FEED BACK OR ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT OR TRACKING ETC. Scam contents: PORTABLE LIGHTS. SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I have not received the item I purchased, shipping details or any information.. Scam contents: I ordered a wreath Sept 16 and delivery was to be 1-3 days. I have not received any shipping confirmation. The order number is 10977S95633. I paid
+12045584449 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Onaexpress are scam artists . Scam contents: Selling iptv service. After getting your money for premium service for a full year, they are cutting your account off after 2-3 months. Service is all freezing and bugging. If you complain
+27795502892 3 days ago... Comment / Review: This site is is doing unauthorized transactions on my account . Scam contents: Flirting dating . SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Ordered sent to Alaska. Email Sily but no reponsd. Scam contents: Ordered Oofos slippers. SUSPECTED SCAM! 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Watch who you order from when you see Facebook advertising.. Scam contents: I order from them back on the 16th of September. It was supposed to a 3-5 day shipping. I still never got it then. They told me that it was delivered but not even in
Renewsa 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Facebook should be as resposible as Renewsa for allowing them to advertise on their site!!!. Scam contents: Unuseable tracking number for an item never delivered!!! (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Hice hace 1 mes una compra y hasta horita ya no responden ni nada son unos estafadores ahora perdí mi dinero . Scam contents: Estimado cliente, Gracias por su interés en nuestro sitio web, es un placer servirle. Tenga la seguridad de que
Princess Reyta 4 days ago... The e-commerce activities in social media such as FB is always deceiving. To deceive people by making them believe of their intentions to get their interests and sustain their scam actions ought to be punish by law. Fraudulently selling e bikes 4 days ago... Comment / Review: They don't have a phone number posted no rest to contact them . Scam contents: They are selling e bikes for 49.99 and it is a scam I'm trying to get my money back b thru don't have a phoneut no luck yet
+251946562656 Adela Harper 9 4 days ago... A working receptionist Adela Harper 9 informed me to open up your site and asked me to remit some money. After I deposited the money, she just went off and stopped communicating. It is not the money but she should not have cheated me. Your company's name is go 5 days ago... Comment / Review: They use WhatsApp with different agents and telegram . Scam contents: Various Amazon and Shein advertising on Facebook that is not the actual company and you can not withdraw from there account if you can not pay for a "custers" oders you nee Madison Wells/Madison Rivera 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Harassment . Scam contents: Asked me to buy him a gift card and send it to him because he was hungry and wasn’t getting enough food from the military to fill him up Municably 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Must be another Chinese scam ad. Facebook is full of similar ads and appears to make no effort to vett these users of their social media platform. 5 days ago... They offered a tracking thing. On the date that it said it was delivered I received this harmonica instead of the pants. The return address says Jane 371 Little Falls Rd STE 4 Cedar Grove NJ 07009 5 days ago... Comment / Review: This is the second time I’ve lost money due to scams on social media or the internet. Got me for $100 in total. . Scam contents: Clothes, shoes, mirrored shein website Vivian, Co-Founder 5 days ago... Ordered stretchy jumpsuits and received fabric that was not stretchy. These were advertised with a video showing how stretchy they were. Items took over a month to arrive and were sent from what I'm seeing is a scammer address: 5215 South Boyle Avenue, Vernon
+27686743323 Candice van wyke 5 days ago... Comment / Review: I need help please help me i have evidence . Scam contents: He contacted me on instagram portraying as girl gave me his number and we started taking. +27 71 881 3800 he started asking me normal photos and i sent him. After that he asked me fo
+601129058387 Najwa Fesyen 6 days ago... One of my family member is being scammed with scammer with amount of rm100. Although the amount is not big, but just imagine if he/she manage to scam for 100 people. How much money that he/she could earned? Promise E-Commerce Co., Ltd. 6 days ago... The shoes were branded as Skechers. Although they seemed a little inexpensive for Skechers, the deal looked legit. I see that this company already has a reputation on your website. I'm glad I paid with PayPal.
1/2 price sale Regatta jackets 6 days ago... This was an advert on facebook. I paid for a jacket early August, never received it. There was no mention of on advert, the first i saw of that name was on my bank statement! 0 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Order 4 pairs of Hey Dudes. Said it was delivered which in fact wasn’t along with my brothers order and sister in laws in which they never received.
Chelle Romero 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Nag aalok ng nurang frozen product Nang aakit ng mga negosyanteng gusyong kumita ng ooffer ng free na freezer. Scam contents: Manukang Bayan Franchise 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Nang aakit ng mga gustong magnegosyo nag ooffer ng murang franchise ng manukang bayan may pahiram n freezer at may worth 15k na product. Scam contents: Manukang Bayan Franchise Frozen Products +19802051503 Hair one week ago... Comment / Review: They tried taking more money today for some sports company . Scam contents: Semt my package to Massachusetts i orderd a wig. SUSPECTED SCAM! Salisbury Auto Parts Store one week ago... Ordered parts through Facebook messenger for $100, contacted them after a week since nothing had arrived, they said they were hacked... Payment went to: Van Maanen BSB 633123 Acc 205026206 Luvvme Hair one week ago... I file I’ve been scammed as there is no phone number, website or customer service site or number and when I click on the email address they gave me it comes up as scam Jhon blue one week ago... Comment / Review: Ya van varias veces que me envían estos mensajes y realmente nunca pasa nada, scam. . Scam contents: Hi, today there are sadly some bad news for you. Your device was infected with my private malware, your browser wasn't updated / patched, one week ago... is where my order tells me i have ordered from, the items are sent from China but not what you ordered, funny though the payment on my Credit card states the payment was taken in London by ABT*Occlure - London. Received same email as i have Adensey one week ago... Comment / Review: Never received. Scam contents: Selling furniture. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Shein one week ago... Comment / Review: Took my money no respond. Scam contents: Selling items claiming to be Shien. SUSPECTED SCAM! 14652141729944551260 tracking number one week ago... via Aug 31, 2023, 1:09 PM to me Dear customer, Thank you for your email. This is the Customer Service Center. In order to solve your problem quickly, less text, more service! Please click here or the customer s slaxen tshirts one week ago... I bought 3 T-shirts on-line and received a confirmation detailing my order, my name & address, cost of the t-shorts plus shipping & handling but the shirts were never delivered and I appear to have been scammed. I see "" is a common scam email. instagram one week ago... Comment / Review: never received my order nor did i get an email back when questioned about it.. Scam contents: electric scooter. SUSPECTED SCAM! Costco (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Do not use. Scam contents: Bogus website. SUSPECTED SCAM!