Social Media Scams (Facebook, Twitter...)

Scams are very present on social networks, this is explained by the large population that frequents them on the one hand but also by the ease with which they are distributed : indeed, they are unfortunately regularly relayed.

For this reason, social networks are privileged relays for all types of scams : Loan scams, romance scams and many others...

The particularity of social networks is essentially the anonymity of its members, so it is common for fake profiles to broadcast fraudulent messages (adware, quizzes…).

To report scams or fake profiles, just fill in this form.

Last reported scams

+639984976545 swetty premium's one day ago... Comment / Review: i already confirmed his facebook account base on his gcash number . Scam contents: Selling facebook netflix account
sweetty premium's one day ago... Comment / Review: his facebook page sale netflix account and when i received account it doesn't log in then i didn't receive any reply. Scam contents: selling netflix account
Shaira one day ago... They apparently are from the Phillipines, they tried to make me transfer them money, and after I reported & blocked them on Snapchat & Instagram, they made an additional account to further threaten me on snapchat
+447823468609 Purchase items (Shein buyerblissed) 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Is a scam and its fake. Pleas be alert. Scam contents: You have a shop with a username and a pin,then they ask you too send n R100 too your store and start too purchase items and you get 40%commission for every item your purchase.but afte 2 days ago... Do not purchase from this site! They are not trustworthy, they steal content from creators on Instagram and use it to promote their website and sell merchandise. Willaine 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Advertised on instagram, follows up on emails but most definitely not legit . No products delivered .. Scam contents: Dumbbells exercise equipment +60172543379 bitemarker.bookdepository 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Cant track my order. . Scam contents: From: Unsubscribe To: Sun, 11 Feb at 5:30 pm ORDER CONFIRMATION Dear VERONICA RUTH, We h 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Stay away scam . Scam contents: Clothing sale for pretty little thing . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19296694061 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Not sue but received message on WhatsApp regarding we will pay you a good amount if you will provide review on our film so that they can attract investers. Ad in instagram 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Order but never get the item. Scam contents: About new balance shoe on dickssporting good. SUSPECTED SCAM! 4 days ago... Comment / Review: I have tried to contact them so many times since at least august 2023. Scam contents: Patriot solar generator . SUSPECTED SCAM! River Island 4 days ago... Advertising on facebook as River Island with the blue tick so thought was legitimate but when i ourchased and looked at my bank it was a scam account that had taken the money and not River Island, going to contact bank and see if i can get my money back. Wont 5 days ago... Comment / Review: I got taken for 60. Dollars they put advertising on Facebook really good deals. Remember "if it seems to good to be true its not real". Scam contents: Bulk sales like warehouse sell out on pallets they call it on tools dewalt power tools. 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Fake ads. They'll steal your money.. Scam contents: It was an ad on tiktok. They sell t shirts and such. But they took my money and never sent me my shirts and they said they'd give me a refund but obviously didn't. 5 days ago... Comment / Review: I just want my Facebook account back. Please help me. Scam contents: The scammed changed my password and email address on my Facebook account and now I can't access it 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Do not trust this email I’d . Scam contents: Lulu lemon pants. SUSPECTED SCAM! 5 days ago... Comment / Review: I ordered food items a month or so ago have had no response where my order was when asked no e-mail nothing i would like my money back. Scam contents: Food purchased order no.7F03P-5A9UKEC
Foot locker 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Please help. Scam contents: Shoes For 14.99 I paid for 3 pair. SUSPECTED SCAM! 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Do not trust this site, they are dishonest on social media stealing from others to promote them. . Scam contents: This site has created scam pages on Instagram then they steal creators content on social media to promote their website and sell JC Penney clearance 6 days ago... Tracking Number: AM154057730CN ; If you have any questions about your order or need to contact Kohl shop, please click to view order details or visit our store. one week ago... I ordered from this site in august 2023, i have been in touch wirh this company via emails, they have constantly told me its on its way, never received any goods but they fmtook my money one week ago... Comment / Review: Do not use this website! Using stolen content!. Scam contents: Several links to videos that are stolen content. No phone listed. Email bounced back
+639057034609 one week ago... Comment / Review: They scammed me 😔. Scam contents: Online Job. SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... Comment / Review: I really wanted this, but I would like a full refund.. Scam contents: I ordered from this A 35" grill February 2,or the 4,2024 $29.98 plus vip rush and haven't received yet. one week ago... Comment / Review: I emailed them 4 times but got no replies. . Scam contents: Shoes, boots, copy remote controls, stream tv channels. SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... I had emailed them several times asking where my order was. Was told this address showed my tracking information:Number: AS835291681CN Package status: In transit - AS835291681CN Country: China -> Unknown Destination: Origin: 2024-02-02 20:50,Import cust one week ago... This is a bogus weight loss product, not only do they not have any reviews anywhere online, but most of the content that find about this miracle product is just sponsored content. The site is less than 2 years old and the people behind it did not include a ph Slideyboyz, deskdrifterz, driftboyz (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Paid for one car was given a tracking number but have never received and says was delivered to france.. im in new Zealand . Scam contents: Mini desk drift cars
Lululvs one week ago... Comment / Review: Item advertised is not the item recieved. Scam contents: Pretty pearls bomber jacket. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Deathers Fotty one week ago... I have no idea what this is or where it came from. I did not order it. I have placed a couple of orders through Facebook, so I believe it came fro a scammer on there.
Delisha Reed one week ago... Comment / Review: Please be careful of this guy. Scam contents: This person Hacked my Facebook page and now pretending to sell items on there using my picture and name. Facebook will not take it down.
+639096312676 Lazada (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: They don't want to bring back my money. . Scam contents: Lazada. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Chocobux.Com (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: $77.18 Aud charged to my bank account for food & Beverage Eur46.45 I have not ordered anything or been in Europe. Please investigate.. Scam contents: $77.18 Aud charged to my bank account for food & Beverage Eur46.45 I have not ordered Power tool and socket set (1 comment) one week ago... I ordered the 2nd of January and tried tracking shipment. Not showing movement process just date i checked on. Order # m32024020540288428 Also gives ToBeNo1 one week ago... Saw the site listed Facebook as a sporting goods jersey company based in the U.S. 128-326 Hanse Ave Ste 6 Freeport, NY. 11523 The products are actually sent from China, over a month to receive, and then sent to the NY address and then semt out to the U.S. XIEHAN one week ago... Alleged sent to address but too a different postcode. Advised correct Postcode. The then said sent another but this time to correct address. Never arrived. Upon being chased repeatedly they say be patient we are tracking your package!! A load of rubbish that n
ilyas_elmalki926 one week ago... Comment / Review: please help me to remove that account. Scam contents: He runs a fake Instagram account impersonating me. SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... Comment / Review: I really want iordered it cost me $228.88 . I really want what i ordered or my money back. Scam contents: I ordered outside lights with ened to end hook up with the plugs i received fairy outs no plugs only has usb not plug no ebe to endhook Mistery box Amazon one week ago... Publicado en instagram te ofrecen una caja misteriosa con artículos no reclamados de Amazon a precios muy bajos. Realizas el pago y si quieres hacer el seguimiento del paquete te mandan un código de rastreo. Luego de varios días aparece como entregado y no one week ago... Comment / Review: 0 review for scamwatcher as they post fake information without evidence, and putting pictures of kids up without notification . Scam contents: Scam Watcher Posting false information about people without supporting evidence only on hearsay, p +441416736525 TOYOURMOON.COM one week ago... Comment / Review: SCAMMERS !. Scam contents: This site advertises on Facebook and if you supply credit card details, they automatically charge you a further charge of $49.99USD or $79.21AUD, to join a shopping site advertising cheap electronics. This is a reo
+27827639426 one week ago... Comment / Review: Im extremely sad about this, . Scam contents: Avoiding my msgs, oaid already for my good in October 2023 still waiting for delivery. SUSPECTED SCAM! Tonedten one week ago... Comment / Review: Items never arrive. Every email reply is that it is taking longer than expected. . Scam contents: Cat Litter tray. SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Dont go near http://usipay. Site This is totally fake and scam. Scam contents: This os totally scam site. http://usipay. Site. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Hallowforest (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Bait and switch Do not order from thus website. They sent cigarette lighters. Scam contents: TinySafety 50,000,000 Stun USB Keychain × 1 3 PCS (ALL COLORS)✨ 75% OFF
+919993510768 Tarun Sahu 2 weeks ago... These people lure you in with some upfront money they pay you to complete social media tasks, then there comes task where you have to give them monye in order to pay you an increased amount, but you never recive the ammount and you never see the money you paid
+639361548273 PRAXXYS SOLUTIONS, INC (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... I want to report a scam or swindling. Ganito po kase nangyari may sinalihan akong akala ko magiging part time job ko na. Una pinapa-recharge ako ng 200 for 1st task; then, 2nd task 1,000 which is lahat naman yun nabalik sa account ko. then, sa 3rd task na
Katrina (@meetka3na on Instagram) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please take down the website so that I can rub it on their face.. Scam contents: It's the nft social media scam where they look for an artist and offer to buy their artworks as nfts for large amounts. They trick the victim into depositing mon +12786579911 WLOVE.SHOP (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I have emailed several times for an update on when I will receive my items . Scam contents: Have not received my item. No tracking number. Phone number not working and email address bounce back +12062765354 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please investigate them . Scam contents: Black mail . SUSPECTED SCAM!