Social Media Scams (Facebook, Twitter...)

Scams are very present on social networks, this is explained by the large population that frequents them on the one hand but also by the ease with which they are distributed : indeed, they are unfortunately regularly relayed.

For this reason, social networks are privileged relays for all types of scams : Loan scams, romance scams and many others...

The particularity of social networks is essentially the anonymity of its members, so it is common for fake profiles to broadcast fraudulent messages (adware, quizzes…).

To report scams or fake profiles, just fill in this form.

Last reported scams +351308805025 (1 comment) 22 hours ago... Comment / Review: they took amount from my account as Subscription . Scam contents: This is a confirmation about the registration. Transaction will be shown on the statement as For any questions related to your transaction on your acco +420731159276 one day ago... Dobrý den, dnes mi přišel balíček v hodnotě 2900kc od této společnosti a místo toho mi přišel kompresor. Tak si dávejte pozor a neobjednavejte nic od této společnosti budu to řešit s policií ČR. +31207941169 Lisa van Qwuirk one day ago... Verkoop online, vnmlk via fb advertenties van sportschoenen, maar leveren nooit, en geen communicatie mogelijk. Niks klopt van gegevens. Doen verder ondere diverse andere namen Hendra Alexandra / Brahim Diaz 2 days ago... I was trying to sell my Mobile Legends Account then the Hendra account sent me a message saying she was interested in buying the account and offered $300, she used a middleman (Brahim Diaz) for the transaction (turns out they were the same person). I want to +5521999298052 Miguel Karam Bencatel Canhao 2 days ago... The reason I checked my credit card statement in the first place was because I received a fraud alert text message from my bank indicating that an attempted purchase was made to SA*Fastsigns, an electronics company also based in São Paulo, Brazil. After calli
+218920957723 Letoa 4 days ago... Comment / Review: This is a scam report this one. Scam contents: The message said that I will just add the product to my watchlist and they will pay me, at first I know that this is a scam because the photo that the user is sending is blurred. I tried it and w
+639694257885 4 days ago... Comment / Review: I don't report this because I need my money. Back but because I don't want them to scam another person. Scam contents: Selling the cellphones for 3500 I purchase one and when I paid they blocked me 4 days ago... Comment / Review: They falsely claimed they shipped the correct item.. Scam contents: Facebook ad for glucose monitor, shipped pulse rate monitor instead.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639270042626 4 days ago... Comment / Review: get my gcash acc at nanakot na ikakalat niya pictures ko. Scam contents: get my gcash acc at nanakot na ikakalat niya pictures ko. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639634143035 Facebook 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Pagkasend ng gcash load block. Scam contents: Facebook profile . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639954791598 Centia Rosales Garden 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Kaya mag iingat kayo sa mga nag buy and sell na halaman. Scam contents: Nag buy and sell kunwari ng plants then magdadown ka ng pera or magbabayad ka ng buo sa gcash niya. Then, wala naman pala ipapadeliver. Madami na kami na scam ng babae na
+254727408511 Mr clement 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Be ware. Scam contents: He keeps telling you send money and advertise their products... For money then he doesn't pay you back your money but he withdraws your deposit
+260767706622 Chi Chi's clothes and shoes fashions 5 days ago... Comment / Review: The whatsapp group has thousands of members, l am afraid they may also fall victim . Scam contents: Contacted alleged seller via WhatsApp. Sent part payment to purchase goods via a money transfer agent. Seller has since stopped responding to
+375449025813 (1 comment) 5 days ago... An unknown number sent me a private message, telling me that I can earn money online, by following several steps. They created an account for me on a specific website, after that I discovered that I was being scammed and defrauded. 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Nunca me llegó y tengo un número de referencia pero ya no está la página . Scam contents: Venta de box sorpresas . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639268596639 Game console 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Please investigate and put those people in jail.. Scam contents: I ordered electronic product from this gaming console but I received a dishwasher cleanser +27723355608 Instagram 6 days ago... Comment / Review: They are active on Whatsapp and Instagram . Scam contents: They scam pple pretending to be an online sneaker shop. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Charles & Keith Website Philippines 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Instagram ads named Charles & Keith Website Philippines containing a sale of the original Charles & Keith bags. Scam contents: Sale products of Charles & Keith
+639610065036 Tristan Ruby 6 days ago... i think it was legit at first until the post office closed and i told him to send the phone tomorrow instead but ill send the money right now because he seemed like a genuine guy because he said he needed money asap. i wasnt responsive so he was asking if he s
Lamoon Unlimited 6 days ago... I ordered a pair of magnetic socks, hoping for help with my neuropathy. I even messaged the seller, Lamoon Unlimited and asked if they would help. I got a very nice response, and it sounded legitimate. The socks just arrived and they have no magnets, just litt Tommy Bahama 6 days ago... I should have known it was to good to be true. I never received my purchased merchandise. They gave me the run around. They said my package was delivered in Oklahoma, I live in Texas. Supposedly, they resent the package to my address and it was delivered but i +63322369516 James Gomez barat one week ago... Comment / Review: He want me to pay again 22,000 because the account is freeze. Scam contents: Money Loan lending. SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... Comment / Review: Please do your best huhu, I need the money as soon as possible. I need your helpp 😣. I lost 1k for this. Scam contents: THE PAGE SCAM A LOT OF OEAOPLE
+639530676612 09530676612 one week ago... Comment / Review: I got scammed. Scam contents: Via gcash payment. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Unknown one week ago... The individual is using cyber bullying to obtain money from this lady and plead the Ghana cyber security agency remove this image in the attachment section from all devices and trace the source for arrest. Thank you Affectiont (1 comment) one week ago... If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. We will assist you in tracking your parcel. I am in NY, last I knew from my geography, UT is CLOSER to me than "fooking" Ireland....I am smelling SCAM Show quoted text 2024-0 one week ago... Comment / Review: asking gmail. Scam contents: love scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Oprah one week ago... Comment / Review: Nothing happens once you hit the final page. Scam contents: You won $1000 gift card Then you have to give info and give more info...coming up via Silk Browser Amazon Fire tablet +639859920953 SHY one week ago... Comment / Review: She blocked me after i send money to her Gcash account . Scam contents: Telegram Group Chat. SUSPECTED SCAM! +923083376564 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: hand over my parcel or return my money. Thanks. Scam contents: I saw advertisement on FACEBOOK, he showed that he is the seller from amazone. That on 18 April 2024 at 09:48 AM I purchased a Hot sale enclosed heated scooter in 2023🔥Only 168
+51962738811 Gamegenius 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Estsfaron a mi sobrino. Scam contents: Robo del dinero de mi tarjeta. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18338317259 Spectrum 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: It was something that popped up when I was trying to read an article on Facebook . Scam contents: If you answer 9 questions and pick a prize you put your bank information in and only have to pay shipping rpearu.mondter 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Jsem velmi zklamán, neboť zadanou práci pro tento výrobek jsem nemohl udělat ani v čas ani vůbec. . Scam contents: Objednané zboží, v tomto případě svářecí pistole 4 v jednom ve zlevněné ceně 1500 kč. Bylo při dodání na
+12154330856 Chloe 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I am talking with them right now . Scam contents: Tried to recruit for a job, and requested my SIN number . SUSPECTED SCAM! Rhino usa 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Facebook link to rhino USA. Attached is the confirmation email. . Scam contents: Thought I was buying rhino usa straps. N got the confirmation email but nothing. Order 25th may tried to email and hit a bounce back using 68rep@vipprofessional HUHAOHAWO LIMITED 2 weeks ago... Se realiza la compra (con cargo en la cuenta), no se recibe el pedido en la fecha indicada, aunque el íd de seguimiento dice que si. Me han tenido 10 meses diciéndome que enviaban un nuevo pedido, y ya ni responden a los correos. Tenforstyle 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Fraudulent and scammers.. Scam contents: Ordered a linen outfit. Took forever to come. When is was received, the item was not true to size and very poor quality. They kept asking if I would take a partial refund. Had to agree to a 60% refund mylifepak 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Fraudulent company; scam. Scam contents: This company never delivered the items. They tried to say that they were delivered but probably stolen from my porch. I have a Ring system and there was no order delivered. I have been trying to get a 2 weeks ago... My wife and I ordered a Photo Personalization Bar Keychain from this website, and not only is the quality not even remotely as advertised and the time it took to arrive insanely long, but they sent us only what I can assume is someone else's order entirely... 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Scrivono che e ancora in viaggio. Scam contents: Acquisto scarpe x un importo di 54,30. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Confirms order but no delivery is made. . Scam contents: A Facebook page that offers sales on Victoria’s Secret items. Appears to be the actual site. Confirms orders but no delivery is made. +13363603739 3 weeks ago... I do a lot of scam hunting and this fraudulent classic car dealership is running an ad their ad on Facebook. FB is the #1 social media site for scammers. The phone number (VoIP) used is 336 360 3739. However, after running this number and the website, I found
xGrowaajaLOL (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I would like to get help and get the virus off of my phone. . Scam contents: Firstly scammed my game account twice, then threatend me buy him more stuff, otherwise he wouldve leaked my information. 3 weeks ago... Поръчах Чадър Philips против вятър, дъжд, сняг и градушка с безплатна доставка и три години гаранция(5.2M - Наложен платеж, отстъпка на половин цена Snipes 3 weeks ago... Su Instagram arriva promozione su noto negozio di scarpe Snipes con sconti pazzeschi con limite di tempo e fornitura limitata. Collegamento a sito Snipes (uguale all originale) e dopo ordine mail di conferma dell'ordine... Ovviamente non valido sul sito uffici +351933347111 firmino 2435 (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: MULTIPLE COMPLAINS ON LINE Scam contents: SELLIN ON WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK (at least) SENDS FRAUDULENDPAYMENT CODE: PPRO Financial para CLIQUIAQUI.PT* Entidade : 45648 .............. Seasalt Cornwall 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: This was a link through a game should have known better. Scam contents: Offers 6 items for £40. Seems genuine but when ordering is completed the mail address is not found Seasalt 4 weeks ago... Using same logo and clever photography to say shop closures are resulting in sale of clothes from seasalt. Ive contacted seasalt, they are aware of these scams, but not telling their customers to be aware.
+17782184369 4 weeks ago... Threatening and blackmailing by posting pictures on social networking sites. This number has a WhatsApp account and is located in Libya, but he uses this number as a camouflage