Romance scams

Romance scams are the most devastating : they attack the moral integrity of the victims and often cause isolation, depression or even suicide... The technique used by the scammer is always the same : he usurps an "attractive" identity to seduce his future victim. Once established, he establishes a relationship of trust to obtain money.

Although it targets men and women, the latter seem to be mainly targeted…

To report a scammer met on a classified site, use the reporting form by selecting “romance scam”.

Last reported scams +23058225061 sasha aleksandra 3 hours ago... Comment / Review: scam. Scam contents: AttachmentsJun 22, 2020, 10:11 PM to me Hello Baboo!!! Thank you for your answer! I'm glad you answered me today. This means that you are interested in a serious relationship, and we +601137291538 Wen Xing 11 hours ago... I am lucky to search for the content before doing any investment , please report the facebook and the website. this facebook and insta account is only 1 month old , posted a lot of photos and +16614020907 Lily Gao (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: When I got involved I knew nothing of cryptocurrency or exchange. I know now some of the pre-investment diligence required. Lost life savings. +15302149184 Darius Page one day ago... Do not send this guy a single penny, if anyone on seeking arrangement approaches you to be a sugar daddy, don’t believe it. The website is so easy and free to use that scammers do this on a daily basis. Nobody is going to give away money for free
+12104361554 Brian Gray 2 days ago... Comment / Review: This man is a cool, smooth talker and he has a winning personality that will draw you in. Beware and don't send him money. . Scam contents: Scammer approached me on Facebook Dating. He was hurt by his previous lover and was looking for some James Sebastian Cody 2 days ago... I already made a report with the U.S. Army Criminal investigation and also I made a complain to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I would like to know what else to do because I’m afraid here in my home and I don’t even want to go outside and I don’ Mario cole morgan 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Don’t want him do this to someone else. Scam contents: Met on dating site pof said he worked for chevron and he would get paid a million dollars I thought yeah whatever he started asking me help him finish job so I sent him a thousand dolla
+15157170061 Dan 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Started romantically then demanding money. Scam contents: Demanding money. SUSPECTED SCAM! 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Avoid, do not use. Scam contents: When withdrawing profits, received email stating withdrawal was successful but did not receive funds.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13322525458 Steven Dye 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Instagram Sugar Daddy scam. Promising allowance after you pay a “transaction fee”. Transfers the convo out of Insta to WhatsApp. . Scam contents: Instagram Sugar Daddy scam. Promising allowance after you pay a “transaction fee”. Trans
+12132797551 Aoi Kim 5 days ago... I coincidentally was reading an article on Facebook and saw her name pop up targeting men asking them if they want to be friends. This is the same scam she used on me. I was suspicious, so did some digging. There is no UN surgeon in Syria with US military dep
+601169806748 Bella 6 days ago... The nowhere known crypto coin like yql is raising endless and the site seems ok. You get transaction logs of very precise details, you have to verify you, the homepage has longer term of conditions etc. It is a professional scam! Even 30 use withdrawal was p
+2349035793679 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Nurudeen Kadiri . Scam contents: Started as romance . Need money to get visa for school in the U.S . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Rox63 one week ago... Their answers is exactly the same it is laughable! The site is set up so that you have to pay for each time you make a contact whether it is new or not. I invested about $50 to see if it was real and lost the $50. I have notified a couple of other review pla +61420974373 one week ago... He is extorting me to do this and I don't have that type of money, he threated me on his last text. I have no idea how my face shows in that sex video or my photos and I am extremely concerned. How do you explain to your love ones and friends that is not you, Linda forgive one week ago... When are you going to get it for meCan you go send me the BitcoinIf you don't want to send me the money tell me and stop saying bulshitOkay hope you're free can you go to any store to get it for me Kathryn Johnson one week ago... Found on Tinder app (im based in New Zealand) Managed to get scammer to open link tracer and found their ip address to be out of Egypt after conversation went to snapchat username on snapchat funcat9, scammer then tried to get me to make a payment to validate
+18889809770 2 weeks ago... The has hundreds of fake profiles with a stolen images - pictures from the internet. The individuals behind those profiles pretend to be a US Military personnel serving overseas. None of them could provide the military email or a post address. +61420973891 Chris Ballado 2 weeks ago... He wanted to move off Bumble to What's App soon after we established we wanted the same thing. I was a bit uneasy about this. He later wanted to send me a letter so asked for my email. Again a bit uneasy about this. He sent me 3 emails in total. The first indi Belinda James 2 weeks ago... Promise you will get me the gift card tomorrow babe this is now her second Google account she created to use to scam people with this one needs to be terminated too lots of people need to report her new Google account to Google have it permanently terminated r (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Detta är fjärde eller femte malet från de. De hotar med domstol De ignorerar när man frågar saker. Jag försökte betala de för jag blev rädd av hoten. Flera samtal till banken därför att betalning till utlandet kräver säkerhetsfrågor. Efter mång lawson queen stella 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Alert me when you get me the card baby$25 Vanilla gift cardPlease try and go out now and get me the card baby. Scam contents: Alert me when you get me the card babyWell baby can you try and get me some $25 Vanilla gift card so that I can use laura jonas 2 weeks ago... Can you go get my gift card now babyCan you go get the card now babyWhen are you going to get me the gift card babyJeremy please go to the store and get me the gift card
+17737986523 Hi, Mark 2 weeks ago... This must be an attempt at a Romance scam. The scammer will contact with some sort of message and entice the curiosity of the vistim. usually the scammer will work on the sentiments of the person and at some point ask for help with some time of money. Seems li +4989590683145 Auer Witte Thiel (4 comments) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I need help plss ,what can i do . Scam contents: Dear Mr. Darius Starting with this date, we provide the legal representation of the company Datablaster AG, Zugerstrasse 6 CH-6330 Cham(ZG). Unfortunately, you have not reacted to the notifi
+15066164157 Sophia 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Trying to get you to transfer funds to the site.. Scam contents: Investment crypto scam sites. SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 weeks ago... Getting plenty of messages from these scammers that pretend to being the romance of ones life. Looking at this website I noticed it was a recent creation and the abilty to fine any information about this company remained very diificult. Seems like a Romance sc Liam Williams 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Be on the look out for this profile picture on tik tok . Scam contents: He is from California but currently in Djibouti should be coming home next month. He found me on tik tok under liamwil20. He will talk a romantic game to you then startin Belinda James 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Will you get the card Belinda James now she's using her sister's account to scam people will ask them to buy her a gift card. .. Scam contents: Will you get the card Google account got disabled so she told me she is now using her sister's acc
+447883412885 Shirley 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: False platform, false identity across many social media platforms. . Scam contents: False trading platform focusing on a false STL token. Telegram phone number +447878634496 +447883412885 @shiry6688 Telegram vicencia mills 3 weeks ago... So babe u have to present it tomorrowGift card ready for my birthday 🎂Honey which gift card are you getting ready for my birthdayYes babe so that I can get my self some necklace and sexy clothes and bra BELINDA JAMES 3 weeks ago... Will you get me the card ??Of course sweetheart can you send it right now on PayPal loveOf course sweetheart do you have cash app or PayPal Rose Muasya Family And Friends queenstella Lawson 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Ok baby hope you’re go out now and get it for me now babyWell baby can you try and get me some $25 Vanilla gift card so that I can use it to buy food baby +27822868833 Roy Menard 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Hinge contact Be very cautious . Scam contents: Also using uk mobile number Gets intense very quickly Long story about a business deal in South Africa +447458114157 Roy Menard (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Uses name Roy Menard, and RoyMenard69@gmail.Com No money sent but using a long winded business story. Saving he’s in SA for work. . Scam contents: Emails from romance scammer, first matched on hinge +17023000427 Garrison 3 weeks ago... He took advantage of myhonestly and i believe him while he destroyed my account dont ever put a check into your account from someone you dont know especially from this guy it will destroyed your account and ruined life. Dont take pictures of your bank
+447404795279 Alex Hanja 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: sending gift from uae. Scam contents: Pilot. SUSPECTED SCAM! Martha Scott 3 weeks ago... But I will like you to get me 25$ Amazon gift card TodayThis is the cash up $DjEzNutZ420How much will you afford for me on tomorrowI will do that when you get me the card +19082199717 Guilt trip he would make up stories to scammed you out of money 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Scam and catfish people are fraud these people need to be hold accountable for their actions and behaviors of lies that destroy people lives (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: The charges won't stop. Scam contents: verification cards for internet dating. SUSPECTED SCAM! George Steve 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Very dodgy, quite entertaining tho if you know it’s a scammer . Scam contents: Sugar Daddy scan - wants a transaction fee in exchange for sending me £7500 weekly. Am aware is a scam, playing along for now. On Instagram, he messaged me out Jennifer Cynthia 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Do you have cash app?How do you wish to send the money to me?Go and get the gift cardSo how do you think you can send it?. Scam contents: Do you have cash app?Go and get the gift cardHow do you wish to send the money to me?So how do you think Angela love 4 weeks ago... And I don’t have gas too so I will go with my friends and they want me to pay for the billsBby today is Sunday and I want to go for shopping and get some sex toy for the pose and I don’t have any cash on me so can you get me some 100 dollars for itI need a JASON MARY 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Will you get a card I think that would be better honeyJust get the iTunes card that’s okay dear. Scam contents: Will you get a card I think that would be better honeyJust get the iTunes card that’s okay dear Hannah Jean 07/16/2022... Babe Send me the card NowBabe are you going to get to get me the card NowBabe do you have the Card with you now babeBabe are you going to the store and get me the card 
+18573317070 Anna Smith 07/16/2022... Comment / Review: What do you think?. Scam contents: mother is in the hospital in the UK and she has flown from her home in Mass. to be with her! Upon release from the hospital she sends text with request for $2570.00 to pay hospital bill She sends copy of inv
+2349167459694 Prince Hamdan VIBER 07/15/2022... Comment / Review: He promises to visit his victims and asks for Google Play cards Creative and persistent. Scam contents: Look for the data of the possible victims, and want Itunes card
+13475625437 Prince Faisal 07/15/2022... Comment / Review: Look for the data of the possible victims, and want Itunes card. Scam contents: Ask for bank account number to send moneyLook for the data of the possible victims Lashell 07/15/2022... Comment / Review: Please stop this , i get 50 a day , all different.. Scam contents: • DesktopVersion • Hey, do you know you are too sexy for me to resist? VIEW LOCATION Lashell 11 location profile • View Results • Cha Linda Chelsea 07/14/2022... Amazon Gift Card my love♥ Linda Chelsea she created a new Google account so that she can use it to scam people and hangouts again lots of people right now need to report her new Google account to Google so it will get terminated as well by Google right now.