Romance scams

Romance scams are the most devastating : they attack the moral integrity of the victims and often cause isolation, depression or even suicide... The technique used by the scammer is always the same : he usurps an "attractive" identity to seduce his future victim. Once established, he establishes a relationship of trust to obtain money.

Although it targets men and women, the latter seem to be mainly targeted…

To report a scammer met on a classified site, use the reporting form by selecting “romance scam”.

Last reported scams +447532826670 Owen Lucas Wilson 14 hours ago... Comment / Review: He says fall in love for you and ask for help transfer money then the account is block he blames you and ask for money . Scam contents: He says is a Civil engineer that was cheated by his ex, he's very friendly and kind, also well educated, t
Edith Elizabeth 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Potentially Unsafe website with 0 ranking. Scammers are romance chatting via Telegram and lurking to dupe your money through such fraudulent websites +420777699131 Toolman676 6 days ago... Dozens of similar spams per day, always from a different sender, cannot be blocked. Now 4 spams in 2 minutes. It's been going on since February, up to 25 spams a day. I don't open links, I delete spam, but to no avail. How to defend yourself? Last header and +17409540871 Chris Holms 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Romance scammer, senior widow was victim. Scam contents: Romance scammer, fraud checks 3 for total of $3,000 cashed by victim. . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+31645334355 Ceren sizer one week ago... Comment / Review: Don't fall for her. It's not worth your time.. Scam contents: Ceren sizer proclaims to be a working in a hospital and living in Breda. So far so good. And she comes off as wanting to know you. And be with you. And she talks about relationship
Its a entire dating site called date in Asia one week ago... Comment / Review: The women are paid to chat . Scam contents: The site claims to be a dating site But while in communication with one of the women she begged me not to end the chat because she is poor and earns money from that site , that she is paid to chat
+16195927842 Jessica Smith Williams one week ago... Comment / Review: My husband suffers from schizoaffective disorder and this scammer preyed on him. Asked for money several times and my husband sent them some.. Scam contents: My husband suffers from schizoaffective disorder and this scammer preyed on him. Ask
+447475270395 Aisha 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Don’t fall in this trap.. Scam contents: Meet in Christian dating app. Asked for join in metamask for trading in cryptocurrency. Once metamask is open the below address is given to link. This will feel it’
+12149658565 @jlames.louis67 2 weeks ago... Usuario falso era @oliver_noah2 le borraron la cuenta y ahora está con esta, muy peligroso pide dinero, en tarjetas Steam y Apple. NUNCA devuelve nada del dinero defraudado. Está pidiendo Bitcoin
+447864538577 John Clarke 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: +44 7864 538577. Scam contents: I've talk to John Clarke via whatsapp for days. He seemed nice and polite. He said he will come to my country today after his business trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He told me he want to see me in person befo
Same person same modo 3 weeks ago... He friended me on Instagram and we started talking he told me the same sob story and he found bars of gold and money and he needs 4000 dollars to get a box released due to permits in Germany trader-wizz or WIZZW (beware scammers) 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: the website stacks looks legit and there are many traders to choose for copy trading. if I create an account than the address must be mine. +2347041310127 Eric Daniel o Mark Daniel 04/27/2024... Conocí en la aplicación moji el cual pasamos a WhatsApp, fue atento conmigo dulce y demasiados poemas cursis, hablando y hablando le conté de mis problemas y me dijo que me iba a transferir dinero y que debía pagar al banco para que me pasen el dinero el c
Sophie Schmidt 04/27/2024... Comment / Review: I feel for it and they are now asking for money to withdraw my returns. A tax of 20% on my returns before I can withdraw cash.. Scam contents: Started as a wrong number text. Uncle had the kelly formula for picking massive feturns on nodes +5521999298052 Miguel Karam Bencatel Canhao 04/25/2024... Comment / Review: Rua Conego Vicente Miguel Marino 32 Apt 101 Barra Funda São Paulo SP 01135-020 CNPJ: 53.858.052/0001-60 - 53858052000160. Scam contents: Conheci Miguel Karam Bencatel Canhao em minha recente viagem ao Brasil e ele me abordou no Termin (2 comments) 04/22/2024... Comment / Review: Carrying out a series of scams because the money is easy to make. Scam contents: After the user registers, the user can randomly match and chat, but many words are disabled, but the user must exchange contact information privately, and the us +14407941670 True Nudists, Instagram, Google Chat 04/21/2024... Comment / Review: Warn others about this person going by name Aranya Koh.. Scam contents: This person scammed me out of 500. Met on True Nudists website, then she suggested talking on google chat, she kept losing her account and created a new account and then
+12569416687 Stella Nui (Fii) (1 comment) 04/21/2024... I was first introduced through facebook dating app. I matched with her, and she messaged me first. Then we talked. Told me about WhatsApp, and then about Cyrpto and trade. Once relationship became stronger, I trusted her to teach me market trade and Crypto. Sh
+447475270395 (4 comments) 04/19/2024... I lost $110,400 USD to this scam. Please don't fall prey. The key to the scam is that you are asked to send cryptocurrency from your wallet eg a metamask crypto wallet to another cryptocurrency wallet which they make you assume is also yours on +447532826670 Lucas u Owen Wilson (1 comment) 04/17/2024... Pide favor de hacer transferencias de su cuenta, está se bloquea y te pide ayuda con su hospedaje porque está de viaje. Amenaza con acusarte de robarle a el +447475418400 Aliah (2 comments) 04/11/2024... Comment / Review: Romance scam from app dating to go on Promising 30-40% gains in 5 minutes with usdt. Scam contents: Romance scam from app dating to go on Promising 30-40% gains in 5 minutes with usdt 04/10/2024... Comment / Review: Sex. Scam contents: Sex . SUSPECTED SCAM!
sex works 04/08/2024... I came across this site on accidentally, I sent a text message to a couple of the girls, never heard anything from them. A couple of days later I get a treating text that I need to pay up or they are going to kill me. I told them anytime and any place.
+447577276244 amalia 04/06/2024... Comment / Review: .. Scam contents: It is a fake profile who playing with you and your money for invest. SUSPECTED SCAM! +6092099540 Joy Tayler Rose 04/05/2024... Desde noviembre que se hizo pasar desde Instagram por esa persona Joytayler_214. Empezó a romancero a mi persona y diciendo que estaba enamorada y me fue pidiendo porque la onu le clausura su cuenta y yo preguntando qué trabajando de eso y pidiéndome diner Jemy Smith 04/05/2024... Comment / Review: Jemy Smith If I give you my location, Can u plz come to me ??? Text me to Yes/Ok ??? . Scam contents: Jemy Smith If I give you my location, Can u plz come to me ??? Text me to Yes/Ok ???
+447475418400 Andrea 04/03/2024... Comment / Review: Romance scam with side hustle ideas. Scam contents: Trying to get me to sign up . SUSPECTED SCAM! +13602183622 Thomas Warren, Tom Warren 04/02/2024... I came close to falling for this. Only because the two bar codes I received from him by email for buying the Bitcoins didn't work was I able to come to my senses. I came so close to losing the money. +61480023872 Leo Adam (1 comment) 03/30/2024... - if you question their identify they will fake their identify. Eg. Photoshopped passport, send you faked whatsapp live location, house address they claimed they owned but not theirs. Always do a search for all the pictures you receive including ID. Do som
Diane Cresswell 03/28/2024... Comment / Review: User is Di followed by emojis for a heart, ring and padlock. The user is rude and aggressive and blocks when questioned.. Scam contents: Using Snapchat to scam money for sexual services. +212628763859 Bouchra Mellouk 03/28/2024... Comment / Review: Her promise me come to Guatemala with me and make life according her, her received a heritage . Scam contents: Promise of heritage. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+971528990849 Jino (1 comment) 03/26/2024... Comment / Review: Watch out for this ghost scammer. Scam contents: Watch out for this ghost scammer.
@williams_hanna14 (Instagram) 03/24/2024... Comment / Review: Uses pictures taken from Escort services and Brooke Rose an American therapist. Real account:
+13262071348 Donald 03/21/2024... The photos of the actual man in the pictures are stolen and have been recycled over the years by scammers. This scammer found me on an app and was already love bombing on second day. He never could speak to me on the phone but used sophisticated AI to fake a v
Nichola Thompson 03/17/2024... Comment / Review: Uses KIk under nicholaa2023 and snap h_v248640 as means to chat outside of the website. . Scam contents: Using the Chatiw site to ask for money to help pay rent/pay for her children. Used blackmail to get the money she wanted. +12149458565 @olivernoah_2 03/16/2024... Dice estar en Noruega varado sin poder viajar, que vive en Dallas USA y su hijo está ingresado y necesita dinero para viajar. Dice tener un maletín con oro en distintas aduanas y pide dinero para sacarlo y promete darte una parte. Es todo una gran estafa,
+17193092040 03/16/2024... She is very good at romance scams, even show me plane tickets to come and see me. She always talking about her aunt taught her everything about cryptocurrency. show me pictures of her parents live in L.A. of course that’s not true most likely. Lots of vide
+15715435432 03/15/2024... Comment / Review: Most likely a scam.. Scam contents: Image of person sent to me asking if i remember them followed by image of decent looking woman.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+34692267610 dating apps 03/14/2024... They are a big group of girls be careful they will talk to you on dating apps then when you give them your mobile number they will call you via video and even they can send you their location but all are fake we are now a group of people who took from us until
+4915213195042 Elena 03/11/2024... Comment / Review: An organized network of scammers working around the clock using the Telegram platform to disguise themselves. Multiple names but same model . Scam contents: The site is a quicksand. Victims are tempted with a lot of profits in a short time.
Lena (1 comment) 03/10/2024... Comment / Review: fake crypto mining . Scam contents: fake crypto mining. SUSPECTED SCAM! Liam Huggins 03/07/2024... Comment / Review: Didnt send the phone and he has a helper to give you information. To send the package to. I will show picture.. Scam contents: I was contacted on plenty of fish, By this man. Talked for weeks asked me to send him a phone so we could talk more
+447868327750 Dani (3 comments) 03/06/2024... Comment / Review: All pictures his sending are from google and dont fall for it. Scam contents: He will ask your whatsapp number, he will making you feel he is real by video calling and sending pictures, he will get interest of what you doin he will said he ow
+13434367668 Owbreee 02/29/2024... Comment / Review: Pretending to be a woman looking for love and collecting pictures and asking for money. Scam contents: Pretending to be a woman looking for love and collecting pictures and asking for money +447868327750 Dani 02/28/2024... Comment / Review: Not sure what his con is but do not fall for it. Scam contents: Tells you he’s in international business and owns his own business. Ask you to talk on WhatsApp then proceeds to tell you how perfect you are and your what he’s been looking +61480023872 Nicholas Awang 02/26/2024... Comment / Review: Beware . Scam contents: Well trained fake boyfriend(scammer). Beware of The scammer will show a lot of money in their account. They will ask for your help to pay their FAFT code, IMF code and tax code because they a Daniel francis 02/25/2024... Comment / Review: Don’t trust on that account. Scam contents: Taxes payment. SUSPECTED SCAM! Yaroslava 02/24/2024... Comment / Review: What ? . Scam contents: The same name as Dmytro. . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Tomlin K Douglas 02/24/2024... Представляется доктором ортопедом из США работающим в Сирии.Просит зайти в его аккаунт где у него лежит крипта валюта, якобы он доверяет свои
+639852056432 Shamie Phyan 02/24/2024... Comment / Review: Terriblething to do someone when they’re at they’re lowest low. So sad.. Scam contents: Exchanged naked pictures then threatened to release all my information to all my contacts.