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Scams using PayPal

"PayPal scams" are used by scammers who usurp the identity of the famous payment system to override the suspicions of Internet users. Often linked to classified scams, their operation is simple :

  • The scammer deposits an advertisement claiming to be a seller.
  • The interested buyer is encouraged to use PayPal
  • The latter sent him a fake email with the image of PayPal to make believe that the payment was made.
  • Thinking she received the money, the victim sends her object by parcel

It is rare that the scammer is the direct recipient, often he uses a mule… It's called a consignment scam !

To denounce a scammer who uses this kind of technique, complete the dedicated reporting form.

Last reported scams

PayPal 19 hours ago... In the past, when I used PayPal to make a payment (via another bank), my account in the other bank was hit with fraudulent chanrges that caused me to have to get new cards with the bank. I considered the contiguity of events as a coincidence. I am fairly cer Veawq Co.,Ltd 19 hours ago... Comment / Review: I’m not gonna be getting those dice. Scam contents: Bought dice from and Instagram ad from them and it added an additional $16 in tax that they didn’t show me as I made the purchase. 19 hours ago... The website's "contact tab" keeps indicating that message not processing I want to report the above website as well as the name of the recipient of my funds which is Tyler Bossetti
+16127206579 veawq Co. Ltd 20 hours ago... Comment / Review: It did not show up in my email or by phone. It showed up in my PayPal activity and our bills on line.. Scam contents: $34.36 charged to my paypal account Lorraine Eurogdy-Eiler 21 hours ago... I ordered an UGG blanket and pillow for $80. Received an email that my order would be shipping soon and have received nothing since then. Tried to email them, but it got kicked back. PayPal won't help since it's a "personal account" one day ago... Comment / Review: Never received the item ordered.. Scam contents: Hi, I ordered from Veawq co ltd - it was a weather vane, was charged 1/3/22 for about US $53.41. Paid with PayPal. Alberta Palmer one day ago... Comment / Review: I bought a pair of shoes.. Scam contents: Shoes.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14029357733 INCKWPCOLTD 2 days ago... Comment / Review: will not buy any items from this co.. Scam contents: ordered stick on leather covering not received item , ordered 12/17/22 I>D> no. is 6DR11817Y93153733 +17206235986 Teacon nedder 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Won't accept credit card , said they don't give money back for the dog , and then found out it was all scam , there is no dog . Scam contents: Money for dog scam
Starcraft network 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Charges I have not made . Scam contents: Charge of $38.40 using PayPal. . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61742536086 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I have no printable comments to make. Scam contents: I was told by a recorded message that a sum of money was going to be taken from my paypal account. To stop same I could press 1 or ring back. The message was fairly obviously recorded, I wa 3 days ago... Comment / Review: I saw it. We women will do anything to get rid of wrinkles. Since it went through PayPal I thought it was legit. Dummy me . Scam contents: Wrinkle remover GINA PURVIS TRAVEL LLC 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Confirmation emails from Paypal not real and seller names are all different. Scam contents: Hello, Steve Henning You paid $85.65 USD to GINA PURVIS TRAVEL LLC Create an account with PayPal and activate Return Shipping on Us. Lim Beatriz Soares 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Contacted me via Instagram as "james" and proceeded to solicit and say they were a sugar daddy and tried to take money from me. Scam contents: Tried to take $5000 from me
+61240170128 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Contacted this number and an Indian gentleman tried to tell me that our emails could possibly be hacked. He wanted me to turn on my computer and I declined. 4 days ago... See attached , no knowledge of any transaction with bitcoin Spoke to a guy that said he would help they I called him out then hung up. Called him again and told me to fuck off inckwp, Co.,Ltd 4 days ago... I ordered makeup from them and they charged me $Total before anything added was $28.89 Shipping$3.98 Tax$8.36 Insurance$0.58 Total$41.81 I tried to get cancel the same day and it would not let me, filed a problem thru Paypal because they charged me $8.36
mike rutter 4 days ago... Comment / Review: selling safflower seed. Scam contents: selling safflower seed. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18508210016 Paydap acam. 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Scamm fraud . Scam contents: Fraud scammer from India asking credit card information and saying my paypal account delinquent . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Uses messenger 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Website doesnt work. Scam contents: Supposed to do logos. Takes your money then blocks you. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Ladiopmn 5 days ago... I ordered two bras 3 months ago and finally received them but they are definitely not true to size and it cost me 50 supposedly through PayPal and the bras are for smaller women. Is there any chance of getting my money back? +639559805103 Nicolas Trevino 6 days ago... Comment / Review: I need help. Im trying to talk to him but he is not answering my chats.. Scam contents: He filed me a case where he said that I am putting something online on sale and I didn't ship the item etc. Now paypal is asking me to send almost 9000pes 6 days ago... The bras sent were not true to size and took almost 3 months to arrive. When they came one was the design shown but the second one was nothing like the shown item but a cheap copy with a fraction of the money paid and also wrong size I contacted PayPal but th Giske Network Technology Co., Limited 6 days ago... Comment / Review: The reviews on Scamwatch are appalling and PayPal should dump this company asap. How many buyers are to be scammed out of their money before this happens? +61280051286 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Nothing showing upon bank account at this time . Scam contents: Payment for crypto currency’s and a comprehensive list of email addresses including mine
+16606763880 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Have contacted or tried to ..No response . Both Pay Pal and Scam contents: Order is Bras Amount is $43.71. SUSPECTED SCAM! 6 days ago... False business address in New Mexico Phone Number for business is not complete, missing a number on purpose. No email listed for business. Using only PayPal for payments. Service Contact Customer (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: They pretenes to sell me the music box but did not send any contact. Scam contents: They sent a fake e-mail to confirm the purchase without any link to follow the shipping or any contact. +12134819867 you have used keyiaa one week ago... Have tried every avenue with no success.oney was invoved in the scam and Facebook never gave a warning of the scams involving Paypal,or keyiaa or one week ago... Comment / Review: Do no . Scam contents: I made a purchase on this website and they have taken my money and not sent no tracking number for the item I was promised so never make a PayPal payment to anyone under friends and family +4915752065387 Mile, Ado, Biljana one week ago... Comment / Review: Was swindled out of over 1500€ from this scam website. Hopefully something can be done to stop this. . Scam contents: False gambling company, takes money and then offers to refund if you pay a “fee” where they further keep trying to tak one week ago... Comment / Review: Scam artist . Scam contents: This website is a scam they got my money and I Never heard them again I finally found someone trustworthy on darkweb I got my meds from him with no hassle will leave his infos down it might help Marksellman25 one week ago... Comment / Review: This scam was posting ads on online games such as Words With Friends for many weeks. I finally fell for it.. Scam contents: Selling Le Cruset cookware FDEOLFRSHOP one week ago... Comment / Review: charge me 3 times the tax on my purchase can not get InTouch with seller to cancel order. Scam contents: charge me 3 times the tax on my purchase
+18054191286 LADIOPMN one week ago... Comment / Review: I'm not sure how they charge Paypal since the credit Card on file is an old card that is no good.. Scam contents: Transactions Sort by:DateAmount Mar 08 LADIOPMN Purchase $17.18
Alecker one week ago... Comment / Review: Charged me double. Items were wrong sizes, I ordered two pairs of shors, ended up getting 4 pairs all different sizes. . Scam contents: I was charged twice for an item. They were sent to me wrong sizes. Cant seem to get any help with th
Jane one week ago... Comment / Review: Cheap small wreath came in the mail.. Scam contents: Wreath by Martha Stewart. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Zimran Limited one week ago... Comment / Review: Please help . Scam contents: Zimran had taken $59 out of my PayPal account and I have no idea who this is. SUSPECTED SCAM! 85728983423 one week ago... Comment / Review: Awful . Scam contents: Say they’re selling tires. Took my money over a week ago and can’t get in contact with anyone email or phone number. Took money immediately and never even got confirmation +381606563386 Igor one week ago... Comment / Review: Every time they send me that my order is stuck in customs inspection amd i must wait few days. Scam contents: They fraud me before 4 months, i paid 19 $ for shoes and stil wait
+61432075362 one week ago... Comment / Review: I was searching for an item from two web sites: Etsi and Lightin TheBox. Scam contents: Security Alert; A Transaction done on your Pay'Pal*Aus account of 1567.00AUD , for query or dispute Dial (+61)7 2104 1865 Thank you
LADIOPMLA one week ago... Comment / Review: No idea what or who did this . Scam contents: February 6th, $36.23, $.36, Int’l Service Assessment (FIS) 17052468254. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Lenseih one week ago... Comment / Review: Paypal has got to have information on these jokers! SIC the FBI on Paypal and stand back!. Scam contents: I ordered leather walking shoes. They arrived POOR quality, I used a Discover Card - they switched to Paypal whom I've never used and ha
+61290567608 one week ago... Comment / Review: Called back twice- number was still operational . Scam contents: PayPal purchase of $299. Get a refund if you didn’t purchase etc. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Charging more money one week ago... Comment / Review: I am just hoping the goods arrive.. Scam contents: Charging more money than originally said. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Ladiopmn one week ago... charged my bank account $27.91 which I did order and pay through PayPal for some adhesive curtain hangers. but there is an additional charge of $13.21 that I did not authorize. I thought PayPal was more secure.????
Zero-Miracle Network Limited one week ago... Paid through PayPal. Noticed over 30% sales tax charged. Contacted Zero-Miracle Network and they refunded the entire sales tax of $6.39 and apparently kept the bra as I never got it. I did get tracking info a couple of times, then that disappeared, too. Try Finebesu (2 comments) one week ago... I ordered a 2023 New Year Promotion $34.99 Transformer Remote Control Folding Scooter×1 that was supposed to only cost $34.99 they took out $60.00 of my money off my card sent me a tracking number I cannot even track
BEECHERCOLT one week ago... Received order but it was wrong size. It also wasn’t the buy one, get 2 free that was advertised. They charged me $8.74 tax on a $29.99 clothing purchase. They refuse to give me return address and instructions.
+8668447401 VEAWQCOLTD one week ago... Comment / Review: Please investigate & refund my money. Thank You. . Scam contents: On 1/8/23 I ordered a plush doggie bed, that’s adult size, for my granddaughter’s 11th birthday. I haven’t received my order and my account was debited. I’m finding ou