Phishing scams

Phishing is a scam technique used by phishers to recover sensitive data by masquerading as trusted organizations.

To make this scam, scammers create fake websites that look like official versions. To better target their victims, they usurp identities well known to the general public : banks, telephone operators, energy suppliers... In a second step, they send a large number of emails (SPAMS) by inviting users to enter their login information or bank details !

In UK or USA, the main usurped identities are : PayPal, EDF,...

To report phishing, simply complete this form.

Last reported scams 22 hours ago... This email have to scam my friend In whatsapp and hacked your account on instagram Now change the email, phones and passwords The emails is Already report instagram, but no change, and this person send messages from my conta
+18002408151 Fifth Third Bank one day ago... Comment / Review: I do not want my personal information in possession of fraudulent callers and scammers in general.. Scam contents: Asked for my banking information about some mobile monitoring unit. If possible. Original Phone number is +1 (800) 240-8151 A
+13064090159 Indiana toll services (3 comments) one day ago... There is a text message going around claiming to be from Indiana Toll services warning people about a toll amout on their records. this is a scam Scammers are operating from different domain names and using different phone numbers trying to steal people's mon
+3613237314 (1 comment) 2 days ago... Comment / Review: bosszantó hogy átverik az embert. Scam contents: a bank kártyámról levett pénz összeg nem volt jogos és hogy a kártyám használata nem volt engedve +61280065117 Trystan (1 comment) 2 days ago... Comment / Review: My wife also received the same scam last week. This is a very difficult one to spot if you are in a rush checking emails.. Scam contents: Email from Tristan of PayPal confirming I made a purchase from AUS_Digital_Seller fro an I phone. which +18018729569 Micah Dooley 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Nonsense . Scam contents: PayPalTM Invoice No:. 1SQY64H9N177GW#RQ-XLD Helpline: +1 (801) 872-9569 Date of Order: April 19th, 2024 PayPal Email DI: BRIAN137927@GMAIL.COM You sent a payment of 669.99 USD t o US_DIGITAL_SELLER We've asked (1 comment) 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Scam contents: Collects Info and promises money but impossible to get it . SUSPECTED SCAM! Darius Yundt 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Hung up after I called to ask questions/ wanted me to open a laptop . Scam contents: Email received claiming that an I-phone has been ordered and charged on a pay pal account +11010101010 no phone calls one week ago... Comment / Review: runs fake ads on google to scam users. pretends to be walmart bank. Scam contents: pretends to be walmart bank . SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... Comment / Review: Installed an agent. Scam contents: URL link SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... Comment / Review: Many emails are being received for all manner of items. . Scam contents: Claims of money won!. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639670089930 USPS one week ago... Comment / Review: This scam came to my mobile phone as a text message. Obviously, they have my phone number. Came from phone number: +63 967 008 9930 [ Philippines ]
Website investment one week ago... They ask me to pay $67.00 to make money online and I could not set up the tech part on the video so I gave them a call and they gave me a different number. The number was 866-208-5877 The person said they are not at all involved with any company like that and مریم شهاب one week ago... که من آدرس سایت در برنامه شما اسکن کردم دیدم خطرناک زده کاری نکردم،خواستم که اعلام کنم کس دیگه ای گرفتار این کلاهبردار نیافته Kevin from green dot bank 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Fake phishing scam. Scam contents: Domain pretends to be green dot bank, cash app and Walmart bank and scams users. A similar post +639098638770 None 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Foul language. Scam contents: PUTANG INA MO KA MARTES NA HANGGANG NGAYON HINDI KA PARIN NAGBABAYAD NG UTANG MO HAYOP KA HINDI KANA NAUBUSAN NG DAHILAN!!!!! MAGBENTA KA NG PUKE TARANTADO KA PARA MAGKAPERA KA!!!!!!! O IBEBENTA KO PUKE NG NANAY
+12637782444 Desjardins 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Phishing. Scam contents: DESJARDINS La carte d'accès 4540** a été suspendue. Pour confirmer votre compte, rendez-vous sur la page Web :
+12363083028 FedEx 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Phishing . Scam contents: FedEx Notification: Your package has reached the local facility, but further action is required. A delivery fee of $1.30 must be paid. Please visit the following link to complete this process: https://id624284-packa
Ash 2 weeks ago... They ask you to provide VIN number and that they do not trust ICBC and Car fax. Gave me the link and said friend suggested. After I made a payment I have realized that he scammed me and he blocked me on Facebook, I called my credit card company and asked th @TheTrendingService @booktrending 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Crypto Scam in the name of marketing. Scam contents: Crypto Scam in the name of marketing @booktrending @TheTrendingService . SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Text messaging scam acting as a government agency trying to get victims credit card details . Scam contents: Txt message scam trying to get victims credit card information 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Scam text message received. Scam contents: Canada Post: Your package arrived at the warehouse but could not be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address in the link. (Please rep Event Luxor 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: All hyperlinks (images, buttons, text, etc...) all redirect to the same page. Scam contents: Notre société Event Luxor en charge cette année de votre événement Team Building sera heureuse de vous accueillir dans son nouvel espace Le Luxe +639176203071 Ms. Garcia 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Not sure of this is legit or what cause the account number I had with globe is correct and they have my name and email.. Scam contents: Ms. (name), Our client, Globe Telecom, Inc., has referred to us for immediate legal action the matter of
+542477639323 DARREN CRISS (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Hola esta persona se hace pasar por el actor de Estados Unidos Darren Criss usan su nombre para pedir dinero. Gracias . Scam contents: Hola hay personas que se hacen pasar por el actor DARREN CRISS y piden plata 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Txt message scam getting victims credit card details and acting as Australia post. Scam contents: Txt message scam getting victims credit card details and acting as Australia post
+61240121595 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: suspicious number. Scam contents: saying that my phone service will expire in two hours. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Bob Gartens 03/24/2024... Comment / Review: Link looks legit but is no fro Reverb customer servicr. Scam contents: Appeard in Reverb app, with a link that looked legit, to try to further authenticate my seller account, tried to get banking details etc Btitd 03/24/2024... Comment / Review: Sa le fie rusine. Scam contents: Semnezi un contract și îți aduce venituri! Și există un final in care nu mai primești nici un ban și îți mai și cer în plus!
ABANCA 03/24/2024... Comment / Review: 2863679400_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN. Scam contents: Operativa no habitual. Se ha realizado una operacion por importe 1446,00 EUR, si no reconoce esta accion verifique inmediatamente:
+18024687205 03/23/2024... Comment / Review: I would like for them to stop black mailing me . Scam contents: Their trying to blackmail me my phone number is 501 304 0697. SUSPECTED SCAM! 03/21/2024... Comment / Review: they changed their website link to so if you search for dealslaash.con which is the old one you won’t find it.. Scam contents: selling fake goods for cheap prices and stealing people money (2 comments) 03/19/2024... Comment / Review: they contact you via steam, discord etc. and ask you to "vote for a team", mostly through compromised accounts. Scam contents: Gaining login data for different platforms
+639536118478 USPS 03/18/2024... I got this group text and it reeked of scam(I also haven't bought anything online for a long time) I didn't click anything and am going to block the number after submitting this
Starbucks 03/17/2024... Comment / Review: phishing scam. Scam contents: survey with chance to win a stanley cup. then you have to pay shipping and enter all creditcard info. SUSPECTED SCAM! Trust wallet 03/16/2024... Dear Security Team, I have come across a phishing website that aims to steal funds from users. It misleads people into providing sensitive data and steals crypto assets. The website URL is: Please take down this domain a
+12636882234 RBC 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: Phishing text recrived. Scam contents: RBC ROYAL BANK ALERT: Your RBC client card starting with 4519************ was restricted due to suspicious activity. To restore access to your account, please visit: Https://
+37257889155 CENTRELINK 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: SCAM / PHISHING Blocked contact & deleted text.. Scam contents: Text message : Centrelink: You have a new message that needs urgent attention, view at +3197005034294 Midnightchems 03/09/2024... They using like three sites to scam on this shipping company also fake one. Check website adresses that they put inside. Complete different company adresses.. gg
+18334422675 Ryan J. Tucker 03/08/2024... Comment / Review: They are Using Norton to scam terrible English!!. Scam contents: Dear customar, We have received renewing request of Norton subscription.your have will be debit 490.00 USD from you account which will reflect in t Bessy Ann Frejas ( 03/08/2024... This official-looking email is supposedly from the Best Buy Geek Squad. The content, though, makes little sense. Needless to say, I did not call the phone number of the supposed Helpline. Do not fall for this scam.
+18708887858 03/05/2024... Comment / Review: Blocked them and changed all my bank information . Scam contents: Called pretending to be a scam advisor from my bank. Was asking questions out of the ordinary iCloud storage 03/04/2024... Comment / Review: Terrible site, completely unmanaged and a free for all. This is a site made for scammers, legitimate businesses stay away!. Scam contents: Phishing iCloud content as their own to trick people into releasing confidential personal information
Austin T. Anderson 03/03/2024... Comment / Review: I don't know what you want here! This email looks phony so I'm ignoring it. Scam contents: Dear subscriber, Since you have purchased our Norton LifeLock service. So $360.00 will be debited from your account which w Amazon 03/01/2024... Comment / Review: Clearly not from Scam contents: Nous tenons à vous informer que depuis votre souscription, vous avez rassemblé un total de 5901 points de fidélité. Veuillez noter que ces points expireront le 7 Mars 2024. Nous vous invitons
+31686472235 02/29/2024... Comment / Review: This is a squarespace registered domain name according to Scam contents: SMS: Uw pakket is onderhevig aan douanerechten. Volg de procedure op om de levering te hervatten. 02/28/2024... Comment / Review: Ihave received a few of these in the past via text message. Thank you.. Scam contents: The USPS package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address in the link within
0618610949 Anonym 02/28/2024... Comment / Review: Pishing of False UPS SMS. Scam contents: UPS: Estimado cliente. Su paquete con numero de seguimiento D746529823 está a la espera del despacho de aduanas. Por favor, compruebe sus datos y resuelva la situación directamente en: https://pack 02/27/2024... Comment / Review: Legit website shows bookstore and company in New England but books were “shipped” from China. Very upset. . Scam contents: Ordered several books from what appeared to be a legit website. I even found the legit one so I thought this was le
+639129442416 Paul Hernandez Diaz 02/27/2024... Comment / Review: Caller identified himself as Manager from BPI Head office. He knows my bank details.. Scam contents: Hacked my online banking and widraw more than P200k