Fake LeCreuset cookware scams

LeCreuset is a luxury cookware brand. Originating from France, it has become a worldwide business known for its high quality products. Considering the premium nature of the items, they are unsurprisingly very expensive, with price tags that could reach up to 10 thousand dollars. Many online scams target customers who want to acquire these cookware items.

How does it work?

Easily. Scammers are aware that the brand is on the more pricey side, so they create fake websites and online ads where they advertise the same items but heavily discounted to lure customers.

The usual story they spin is that there is a liquidation/anniversary sale/mother’s day sale/etc. and that the items are now being sold for 45$ only!

So an unsuspecting victim will think they’ve stumbled upon the greatest deal of their life and order. Once they’ve paid and the scammer never sends them their pots and pans, they will realize what happened but at that point the damage’s already been done.

It’s a classic scam really. We’ve seen the likes of it several times but with different products. We’ve all come across the “iPhone 11 for only 1$” scam on social media. This is exactly like that except the price is bumped up to make it look less like a scam.

How to avoid it?

Well, you know what they say: "if it’s too good to be true, it probably is." When you shop online, it’s very important to keep that in mind. So here’s a little list of red flags to look out for when shopping online in general:
  • If you’re going to buy something online, the best option would be to get it from the official website. Because when you look at different sites, you’re running on the risk of falling for a scam.
  • Scammers love to present expensive items at dirt cheap prices. So if you go on a site that claims to sell LeCreuset (or any other brand) products for 70% less than their original price, know that you’re looking at a scam.
  • Always check the site’s reviews online and analyze it.
If you want to see more examples, why not have a look at the articles that we chose below? Or you can see user-submitted reports about these scams.

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