Facebook scams list

Due to its very high popularity, Facebook attracts scammers who use it to spread numerous scams. Even if it is not possible to mention them all, some of them clearly stand out: The promotion of fraudulent sites through ads, fake contests or sentimental scams.

On this page, we present the most popular scams as well as the most recent ones.

If you are a victim or a witness of a scam on Facebook, report the scam via this form.

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service@warmthside.com www.warmthside.com (25 comments) > Fraudulent website
01/27/2023... The website is a Chinese online store that pretends to be selling clothes, but they're deceiving customers with non-delivered items.Any content or data on this website is being duplicated from other online stores. Their email address is unresponsive, and cust
Planterbeds supply company (10 comments) > Social Media Scam
04/27/2023... Comment / Review: I ordered 2 of the planter boxes. They delivered a pair of sunglasses. All of their "support" links just come to THIS site about it being a scam.
shipeling.com > Social Media Scam
one day ago... I always identify them and leave them reviews that they are lying and stealing the content of others to create their own fake page. They quickly block me, but not before i screenshot their loose ends and expose them for all potential buyers.
info@zonin.store tanakale.com > Fraudulent website
one week ago... A scam online store is advertising on Facebook for an electric jet body board for around $40. That's way too good to be true. The prices are unrealistically low and cannot be offered by a genuine company. The website listed all of its items on sale specifi
servicesupport001@mqcontactmail.com PHP*SHOPEX (92 comments) > Social Media Scam
10/14/2022... Hi there, i found an interesting offer on Facebook about selling return products from amazon, so i decided to buy a parcel composed of 9-15 boxes and fortunately i have chosen a free chipping method ,i started tracking my parcel till today when they showed tha

The latest...

shopoin.com (1 comment) > Fraudulent website
38 minutes ago... Comment / Review: trying to selling items on line or Facebook. Scam contents: On Facebook selling stuff.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
support@sphericalm.com www.sphericalm.com > Fraudulent website
4 hours ago... A fraudulent website linked to the Uniqueness scam network is advertising on Facebook, claiming to be selling various types of products at low prices. The website is trying to trick people into buying by pretending to offer huge discounts but never sending t
service@moonsinnovationline.com +447578135529 Moons Innovation > Social Media Scam
6 hours ago... It is sad that when you think you are getting a deal and it's publicized through social media like Facebook that there are no repercussions for the company that is doing the fraud. I know it's only $39 but that's $39 that I worked for so I would like to know i
+18668600485 > Phone Fraud
7 hours ago... my facebook account was hacked and i was unable to access it. i got this number from google supposedly for facebook and called to get help recovering my facebook account. they claimed to be facebook and tricked me into sending $30 on cash app to "sidney gines"
support@gauyen.com Gauyen wholesale > Classified Scam
8 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fast web page and secure payment options but no produce. They seem to be sending cheap sunglasses insead of what is ordered. Scam contents: Selling new golf clubs and cloths online through Facebook and Instagram. Fast processing aswell, they

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