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Phone scams and ping-call

Phone scams are most often perpetrated by unscrupulous service publishers who use various pretexts to encourage victims to call back a premium number.

The most common pretexts are :

  • A voice message waits to be listened to
  • An e-mail tells you that a parcel post is waiting for delivery

How to fight against phone scams?

The best way is to inform the internet users as much as possible by reporting the fraudulent number

Last reported scams

+18437396209 38 minutes ago... Hello congratulations to you my name is Cristy Davis I’m the winner of power ball millions jackpot in feb 2/2021 Watch me on this link to see my winning interview I'm donating to 20 random individuals. If you get this message t
+447541993169 2 hours ago... Comment / Review: 18.51pm Monday 15 august. Believe scam mobile call requesting update details SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447510608952 4 hours ago... SMS received [2.27 pm, 15-08-2022]: ' Your Apple Pay has been suspended, please update your details by visiting: ' I don't use Apple Pay.
+61481232770 14 hours ago... On Monday 15/08/2022 at about 4:30pm I had a phone call from this number ‭07 2111 0862‬ from a man claiming to be from compensation claims lawyers asking about my car accident from 12 months (I’ve never been in a car accident) asking about details of acc
+14099984549 one day ago... Hello am Christy Davis, the Power Ball winners of $570 million in Powerball million jackpot and am donating $50,000 USD to 200 (214) 335- people randomly pick so If you get this message then your profile was selected after a spin ball, kindly send a text to Do
+12184914717 one day ago... Over a three year period this scammer claiming to be David Sayers working for Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes thru email the texting me and calling me saying that I need to pay for taxes on the prize money that I was supposed to have won $10,700,000 fro
+18605165076 3 days ago... The PayPal email is I've been keeping them busy for a few days because I figure the more of their time i use up is time that they're not scamming someone else.
+8555992025 (2 comments) 3 days ago... I got a text message saying that my courier returned my package to the fulfillment center because my shipping address was incorrect didn’t think anything of it because it took me to the USPS website I entered my info and then clicked on the link in the messa
+447707261368 3 days ago... Received text from this number at 17.31 pm on 11 August 2022. Text read: You have been exposed to someone who has the latest Omicron virus. Please make sure you have registered for a PCR kit at When you click on the link to
+18555992025 (5 comments) 3 days ago... They texted a virus. I sent them micro penises back. " The courier has returned your package to the fulfillment center because your shipping address was incorrect.".
+441513292068 3 days ago... Unsolicited phone call: It is yet another insurance scam!! I explained to the gentleman caller that I was at a prayer meeting. I asked him if he had heard of the Lord Jesus Christ? I then suggested he read the Bible. The caller hung up!
+16188455112 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Settlement claim SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12704554044 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Sane large settlement claim SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13853364138 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Another large settlement SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18037194177 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Says i have a large setylement to claim SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447470840196 4 days ago... Comment / Review: They ask you to invest & they run away with your money SUSPECTED SCAM!
0771622173 (1 comment) 4 days ago... Je vous demande le remboursement immédiat des 89€95 prélevé sur mon compte bancaire car je n’ai rien commandé sur votre site une plainte pour fraude a été déposé avec signalement à ma banque
+61432859354 4 days ago... She said that someone overseas was logging into my wifi and she wanted me to get on my computer. I cut her off and said I Think this is a scam and I will call Telstra to verify. She hung up
+13213160167 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Social security scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16473176686 5 days ago... Comment / Review: A robocall (veritas) for an unpaid debt It's a scam I have no unpaid debt. I blocked the phonenumber !!!! SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14372911752 5 days ago... Comment / Review: It's written Veritas when they call but they're scammers pretending you have a unpaid's all fake !!! SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18774879570 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Pretend to be Bell but call too late to be them and this phone number is not the good one !!!! SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27724352101 5 days ago... Comment / Review: This person trying to scam me by trying to fish personal information. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19296136542 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Your CAIP* is Available now. accept in mail or press Y to deposit. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+442920090434 6 days ago... Unsolicited call, supposedly insurance broker. The man knew my name, but as I refused to confirm any details, he did not acquire any information. I pointed out to him the danger of disclosing personal and private information to a total stranger in an u
+14044813426 6 days ago... file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/66/06/F51F858A-66D4-475D-AE01-E087933EC336/123_1.jpg “How was tha event last nite? Wish I could've made it but work has had me drained!“
+18599409594 one week ago... My phone was bluetoothed after the neighbor retrieved my email or Google id with a satellite that he's not allowed to use in that way. He then stole my phone and cloned it. Verizon sent me an email every time he cloned it. I pinged the phone inside his home 3
+447578352727 one week ago... Comment / Review: scam, scammers SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447428501768 one week ago... Comment / Review: scam, scammers SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61407142234 one week ago... A person by the name of Aaron Wilson supposedly from NBN called to advise that my internet connection was being used by someone in Mountainville California was accessing my internet - he gave me the IP address of 66.249.64252 & when I asked how I could check t
+447542876272 (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Said my Apple Pay had been deactivated. I do not use Apple Pay. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17156514953 one week ago... Comment / Review: Said to be pay pal, wanted card info... card has been canceled SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17754467439 one week ago... Being spammed by these numbers via text. 6576501822, 2408128142, 6059542342, 5645640888, 9162582969, 7478954645,5714630146, 7432108214, 2134608470, 5714630024, 8032399204,7079263535
+15052593254 one week ago... Comment / Review: Reserved 1 room @ Aspen Suites , Anchorage Ak Was charged 2 rooms. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16474079123 one week ago... Comment / Review: hi I sent your money SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13092394325 one week ago... Hello this is Mrs Patricia Busking the Powerball winner of $393Million in Powerball Millions Jackpot, I am donating $100,000 to 20 randomly individuals, if you get this message then your number was selected after a spin ball. I have spread most of my wealth o
+14124157076 one week ago... This number has called me several times without leaving a message. I did an internet search and lots of people have been to see this phone number .... I think it is a fraud. They pretend to be UPMC business whereas it's not the right number....
+17192320425 one week ago... I’m Christy Davis ! Michigan Winner of $70 Million in Powerball Millions Jackpot, Check Interview . Am hereby donating $70,000.00 USD to 10 Random Individuals if you get this message your number was selected after
+13147414738 one week ago... This phone number has been associated with scamming. It is circulating or attempting to scam via the telephone! If this number shows up it needs to be avoided or blocked!
+447935104587 (1 comment) one week ago... "You've been in close proximity to someone who tested positive for Omicron. You are eligible for a free test via:" NHS logo. Before submitting my card no, got a warning that it was not a safe site so stopped
+61412115167 one week ago... I have been scammed I think as I have waiting over a month to receive my items thier is no contact number or phone address nothing I haven't received any info on my arrivals.the company is services
+10423482516 one week ago... Asked my name I said yes then they hung up and I could not call them back. Hopefully I will not get scammer’s contacting me or making false accounts in my name.
+13055488797 one week ago... Comment / Review: They called me saying they was safe auto insurance knew my info. In 1 day they called prob 5 times within 20 mins. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18017428603 one week ago... These people had me call this number back claiming to be said someone had used my bank card to make a 799.99 purchase and they wanted to help put it back in my account. I followed along believing them but went to the bank when they asked me to
+18055485165 one week ago... Man claiming to be from Com Ed. He said we owed $317. We have solar panels so our Com Ed bill is never more than $35. He insisted we pay immediately or our electric would be shut off. He wanted us to pay with Zelle through our bank. He argued with is for at le
+442083464414 one week ago... Called saying they were a phone company (Literally the name of the company she gave me was Phone Company) offering up to 40% off phone contracts but the number identified on my phone as somewhere called Divans Resturant
+441862892661 (1 comment) one week ago... My mam just gave out her bank details to someone saying if she paid £1 for postage she would win one of the Scottish Sun newspapers prize!! She did enter a Sun competition!! I just don’t know if it’s a scam!! They have all her bank details! Can you please
+393802144615 (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Il mio ordine SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61412776935 one week ago... I was contacted from an apparent electricity comparison, who couldn't find my address on their system and wanted my NIM number. The caller was ERIC from 0421776935.@ approx. 1.30pm 2/8/2022 on 02~67691523.
+61482075771 one week ago... Comment / Review: These guys messaged me and pretended to be my child saying they dropped their phone in the toilet. The only thing is they didn't know which child they were!