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Investment Scams

Investment scams, or more commonly known as investment scams target savers and investors.

Through unscrupulous websites, scammers entice you to invest your money in various and varied products: Forex, Binary Options, crypto-currencies or even more exotic products such as wine, rare earths or even cattle herds. Exceptional return performances are offered to the saver.

The reality is quite different with the promises made by the scammers: as soon as you try to get your money back, it is the blackout. No more contact: we are far from the sympathy displayed during initial contacts.

So investment scams are disastrous for those who hope to make their money grow.

There are many more or less related variants:

What should you do if you fall victim to an investment scam? :

Last reported scams +542235455860 Boxfx Trade 13 hours ago... Comment / Review: I invest 660 usd in this page and i cant retire the money.. Scam contents: This web promised earn 20% in my investments and I can't retire my money back to me. It wants 550 usd to retire the money. +447827474936 Stephane dupont 15 hours ago... Comment / Review: Fraudulent DO NOT TRUST them . Scam contents: Said they were suppliers for cosmetics. I sent money to a bank account named wholesale-direct LTD they took my money didn’t deliver anything faked for a refund and then was blocked and there’s 18 hours ago... Now DO NOT go onto this site whatever you do. it is a SCAM. after they asked me to pay a tax percentage i refused and asked for my money back which they did not respond to, they then somehow blocked me from accessing the website completely. Now i do not know i +966562162401 19 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scam contents: Toomach lost money from trading SUSPECTED SCAM! Bobbytrades one day ago... After investing 100usd, an email would be sent to you with a link to a website where 2750usd would be given to you but in order to withdraw the 2750 additional 300usd wiuld be requested for. one day ago... Comment / Review: Cryptocurrency trading platform. Scam contents: Cryptocurrency trading platform. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61481792741 au-clickshop one day ago... Comment / Review: Money stolen and SCAMMED badly!! ALL MONEY GONE. Scam contents: After taking all of my gone and stolen . SUSPECTED SCAM! ICoinsBase Exchange one day ago... I invested around 7000 USDT on this platform and the person introduced me to this platform name is Laura Son and she is living in NYC and originally from South Korea and she told me that she is a broker on the platform. She told me to subscribe for one of thei +17477245377 Skype Wallet Ex one day ago... I had around 10010 USDT on their platform and they keep add my daily profits to my grid, then one time I wanted to withdraw 5300 USDT and i done the withdrawals transaction but i never received them in my wallet and their excuse is i entered my wallet address
+14259051980 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Says you can invest little r nothing and gain big profit . Scam contents: Flipping your money . SUSPECTED SCAM! +6531385481 josh park @ Odeon Insurance PTE Limited 2 days ago... Comment / Review: is fake do not do business with them . Scam contents: josh tryed to sell a bond for loan the company is fake, do not send money to this place. SUSPECTED SCAM! +14243638905 Mary Walker 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Please help me I am a bit weary about this and won’t do anything further until confirmation from you Regards Vince. Scam contents: Asked me to open account with Requires payment first of $500 to release bitcoins and tr 3 days ago... DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE! They said I won 2.8 Ethereum and after depositing over $500 to my account I made with them to verify and receive my currency funds they suspended my account. I made another account and I asked about the account that was suspended +6584229940 DSS 3 days ago... Comment / Review: They invite you to join a business group and then transform that into their trading sams.. Scam contents: ITDE is a private exchange inviting people to trade DSS a new crypto coin. They guide and show the trading on their ITDE platform for s +12525134799 Mr James plataforma 3 days ago... Comment / Review: a pessoa que me contatou foi pelo instagran Charles barklay ( Barclay_trader ) se alguém souber algo sobre este site, por favor entre em contato comigo
lee&sy 4 days ago... 5/2-7/31 我被騙走總額141萬台幣(47474USD) 請問這筆款項還有機會取回嗎 他們的入幣地址為: TA3x8qqcbsaBKiY2u1LYzP6LHvSJXVQD8k 不知道這項資訊是否有幫助
Toff Super Market LTD 4 days ago... They take your money using women to join their website. Through them you add money but there is no actual person to talk to in order to withdraw funds. They have a chat function that just takes you in circles. They use MT5 or other trading platforms to lure yo
+85255366504 JPMorgan Coin 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Después de aportar la cantidad requerida continúan pidiendo más dinero para retirar la inversión que nunca ase devuelve. Scam contents: Se plantea como una página de inversión en Bitcoin pero no permiten retirar la inversión si no paga
+26776137382 Edwin 5 days ago... Comment / Review: He is introducing a platform where you can invest. Scam contents: Investment in cryptocurrency . SUSPECTED SCAM! +27635210853 nail de beer 5 days ago... Comment / Review: a persistent scammer, who won't take no for an answer. Scam contents: website inviting bitcoin investment or unbelievable shares. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+9715025873309 5 days ago... Comment / Review: its a financial scam to take the hard money of poor peoples.. Scam contents: The detail of scam is to making the accounts with this web site and invested in the stock trading of different companies e-bay, amazon, etc. actually we Maxpole 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Total scam site,. Scam contents: This is a crypto site where they are trying to push these crypto tokens woe and eibo. They let you purchase them, but as soon as you sell and try to withdraw funds it gets frozen. Then when you contact them,
+966599196039 (1 comment) 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Please i want to get my money back..... thank you. Scam contents: Sir i had deposited 900 usd to get earnings from them.... Now they had took my balance Account number at 5iusd is 176209 coinminers one week ago... Comment / Review: موقع احتيال. Scam contents: موقع احتيال. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) one week ago... I transferred funds to this exchange and when I tried to withdraw funds, they blocked the funds and offered to deposit another $ 300 to automatically unlock the funds. I transferred another 300 dollars and the funds are not received despite the fact that the t one week ago... Comment / Review: Do not invest, it’s a scam. They paid 2 times and then nothing.. Scam contents: Investment. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61480096954 Xioatong Meng one week ago... Comment / Review: The scammer will ask you to join the trade and allow you to cash the profit. Once you deposit big money, they will lock you out. Scam contents: Crypto scam one week ago... Comment / Review: they use telegram to contact and harass potential victims. Scam contents: they invite bitcoin investments offering incredible profit, but to be able to withdraw any funds you have to input more money what they call brokers fee. In my case, $4
+85253426132 MSCOIN (1 comment) one week ago... It is highly doubtful: 1. As non-US citizens or residents, customers are not obliged to pay US personal income tax, instead they should pay tax to their own national authorities; 2. It is illegal to request its customers to pay tax to a personal account, ins
Asj one week ago... Comment / Review: They withdraw our money in trading account.. Scam contents: Forex trading scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! tina wilson one week ago... Comment / Review: dont . Scam contents: Scam scam Tina Wilson is a big scam she use to work with h she changes to https:/, and she refuse to transfer my money and cheated me with 40. 000 don't trust her because the pla
+6141629449 Leon one week ago... Despite reporting this issue to my bank, scammer’s bank, Cyber Crime police, IDCare, Scamwatch the funds could not be retrieved although it’s been 35 days already. The worst thing is this scammer still keep postonf ads freely without any fear and more p +12133255815 one week ago... Comment / Review: After you purchase the plan and requested withdrawals they are requesting you to send more money by using bitcoin. Scam contents: The site was requested you to purchase an investment plan.
+447564896384 one week ago... Comment / Review: They are scammers. They read my message but don't reply. Scam contents: A lady messaged me on Instagram and offered me a site saying I was an investor and tricked me with good profits. I deposited the money and then he told me that you have t
+13473280575 one week ago... Comment / Review: Has anyone else heard this scam.. Scam contents: Cool, I also got a very successful income last year, 😊 I bought BTC when the price was $28,000 last year, and I sold it when it was $60,000, because my uncle's analysis team gave it to me Ac Favid Hoffman one week ago... This company defrauded me of almost $1million. I invested as an investor rather than a trader at VIP level given my investment, assigned this "account manager" "David Hoffman" supervised by the scam supremo "Paul Baros" his "boss". Every few days he'd rin
+16768905868 one week ago... Comment / Review: I block them but they keep sending it to me everyday all day . Scam contents: To buy something or i won something or i have money being delivered one week ago... Asking all members to pay to unlock accounts and not letting people withdraw theyre balance. All managers stopped answering and locked all community chatrooms. Please dont Invest in this company
adbf4bf3 on discord (1 comment) one week ago... Hello Somebody on discord said that I won something, I get a code and with that, I could get 0.8 BTC. I try it and the website look really professional so I decided to get my account ready. I verify with my ID and such things and I tried to withdraw my fund
Jessica Allen one week ago... I constantly sent telegram screenshots of who she scammed including me. They first removed all my contacts except for 2. One was President Trump I had been in contact with him about something else. He can no directly respond to anybody but earlier I did rec one week ago... Comment / Review: In the end, they kept my money.. Scam contents: They pose as a crypto currency mining investment company. After an investment or a few to gain your confidence, they try to get you to invest a higher amount. Eventually you won’t get your m
+61272027159 02 7202 7159 one week ago... Comment / Review: BLOCK AND REPORT . Scam contents: Investment scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13176653818 Jessica_allen_offc one week ago... Jessica allen investment scam of 2400. She came to me via telegram letting me know that if i invest 600, i will 12000. I did not have the 600 so isent her 400 and she supposible addlet me borrow the other 200 after i got paid to return it back to her. They had
+12512910929 ASPROEX one week ago... ASPROEX a online trading exchange will not release or let me withdraw any of my funds in my account. They said I have to pay them $2030 and then I can withdraw my money. I have correspondence with them from today stating this.
+447584061781 Dakota Steward one week ago... Comment / Review: Rules are first one and then another. Explanations will come one after another. . Scam contents: they are taking money to make high profits. When you wish to withdraw they try to make you pay insurance to get more out of you. Insurance is 10%
+353894065933 Hi mum My other phone crashed one week ago... Comment / Review: It's a scam. It's going around right now Scammers ask for money pretending it's your child. Scam contents: Hii mum, My other phone crashed. But this is my temoorary number 👍📲 you can save this one. Message me if you've seen this. one week ago... The website asks users to transfer taxes first if you want to withdraw funds, even though taxes should be directly deducted from the total funds to be withdrawn +27844328411 Denis one week ago... Comment / Review: This is fraught I do not have an estate. Scam contents: He send me: You have an unclaimed estate in your name. Email Denis At to claim +442031296275 Donald Davis (1 comment) one week ago... First you inscribe yourself with little money with your visa card. Afterwards they phone you and let you invest more. The money goes from your bank to Coinbase and than convert into crypto and than further to their account. On the website you see your initial
Cash cow one week ago... Comment / Review: Investment scam. Scam contents: Investment scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!