Investment Scams

Investment scams, or more commonly known as investment scams target savers and investors.

Through unscrupulous websites, scammers entice you to invest your money in various and varied products: Forex, Binary Options, crypto-currencies or even more exotic products such as wine, rare earths or even cattle herds. Exceptional return performances are offered to the saver.

The reality is quite different with the promises made by the scammers: as soon as you try to get your money back, it is the blackout. No more contact: we are far from the sympathy displayed during initial contacts.

So investment scams are disastrous for those who hope to make their money grow.

There are many more or less related variants:

What should you do if you fall victim to an investment scam? :

Last reported scams

+27718836653 one hour ago... Comment / Review: Another African scammer - STAY AWAY. Scam contents: Fake trader/miner. Ask for 50 bucks, paid 200 and profit zero. SCAMMER. SUSPECTED SCAM! 14 hours ago... Comment / Review: fraudulent. Scam contents: This company refused to contact me after I did not receive my order. There Support email address is a fraud. They will not respond to my chat request. They just stole my money and cut off contact. Clifford Strictlan
+447397596730 alyssa simpskin (1 comment) 14 hours ago... Comment / Review: fui estafado. Scam contents: realizas una inversion , con retornos diarios importantes , y al momento del retiro, no responden mas , ni tampoco te llega el dinero a tu cuenta cripto. la criptomoneda utilizada es (USDT).
+447361135828 Nathalie Smith (8 comments) 16 hours ago... Comment / Review: 10k scamm. Scam contents: Been scam on crypto for over 10k. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+34618609950 DefiA001 whatsaap group (4 comments) 19 hours ago... Comment / Review: Scammers. Scam contents: Defi investment by trust wallet. Scamners.stolen my savings.. SUSPECTED SCAM! +48692941024 BORDERS GRAIN LTD (1 comment) one day ago... Comment / Review: This website and this company must be banned for life, and the UK government must take some harsh actions against them, and put them all behind bars. +447878772959 (2 comments) one day ago... is a scam, unfortunately I found out too late. The pretend to be genuine trading company and supported me to open a trading account, initially with a small fund and then persuaded me to invest more fund. The account opened show trading which looked
+8801972630594 Bank account one day ago... Comment / Review: Pls help. Scam contents: Mark eddie . SUSPECTED SCAM!
wiseprofits (1 comment) 2 days ago... Withdraw worked with Wiseprofits is a company that tricks people and takes their money. They are not honest. Imagine you gave your money to someone to help you make more money, but instead of giving it back to you when you asked for it, they kept it 2 days ago... Comment / Review: I been waiting for a long time for the rides . Scam contents: I paid for two mini hot cars it's $118 all together and still haven't got them. SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 days ago... Comment / Review: شرح موقع uu0519. Scam contents: شرح موقع uu0519. SUSPECTED SCAM! +447458680691 Julius Brown (3 comments) 2 days ago... I feel stupid for going through all this. Fell for his talk about what life will be like after this and the win is home. But now most of all I want to stop him from cheating even more people out of their money and getting into debt. I think he has a account on
Uveuro (1 comment) 2 days ago... pretends to be a crypto exchanger offering trading services, free bitcoins, high returns, and many other services however, it's actually a scam website the website operates without any regulation from any financial authorities. Which means investor +85251233456 King HK Sugar 2 days ago... Comment / Review: This is a fraudulent organisation - they are not a government organisation!! Avoid at all cost..!!. Scam contents: Dont accept the SBLC - scammers buying sugar!!!
+447403418778 2 days ago... Comment / Review: Fraud. Scam contents: Fraud. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+601159406473 Carly 2 days ago... لا انصح به ابدا لانه موقع ليس موثوق فيه يستدرج الأشخاص بحجه الشحن وكسب العمولة لكنه يردك ان تشحن لكى تكمل ولكنه يعجزك ويطلب مهمات بأسعار كبيرة
+639658163583 Rosalina Pulido 3 days ago... 600-3000 lang daw need to reach in vip 3 hindi daw pwede withdraw'hin if hindi complete all task order, umabot ng almost 40k un last amount at need pa magrecharge almost 22,627.3 to complete at para mawithdraw na lahat ng ininvest. Lucus Engel 3 days ago... Comment / Review: From Forcastsecure and Aveledian and Sequoia Capital Markets they are scammers and take peoples savings and leave them stranded and lost. . Scam contents: Filled out the form for who forward me to Sequoia and Luca
ZFPminer (1 comment) 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Minería en btc. Scam contents: Mineria. SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Investment scam!. Scam contents: Steven de Koenigswarter of The Health Factory, and business partner Luc Georges de Clerck, CEO of Venator International, claimed that they had access to a lucrative investment opportunity that would yield high @Mrabdulbtc1 , @CEO132 , @khadijatbtc141 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Receive profit after have investement . Scam contents: Investement . SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 days ago... Comment / Review: Penipu. Uang anda akan hilang.. Scam contents: Penipu. Uang anda akan hilang.. SUSPECTED SCAM! +12057101627 biinary (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: I want my money back. Scam contents: I got scammed by bitcion investment, invested over $7500 and discovered there website changed and i couldnt login with my account +18503306214 Certified Ethical Hacker & Cybersecurity Expert 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Jonson Rajagukguk is a scammer and do not deal this guy!. Scam contents: The guy behind on this website is Jonson Rajagukguk, who claims he is cybersecurity expert and will get your money back in 24 hours. He said he can use " Rootkit" method
+447846154708 Jamie Gonzales (1 comment) 4 days ago... Comment / Review: BIG SCAM!. Scam contents: A person contacted me by WhatsApp, someone called Jamie GONZALES who advised me to invest in cryptocurrency for an US based company called Octaprime on the site ''. She explained that she was an e 4 days ago... Be careful with this website claiming to be a crypto exchange and offering trading services. This is a scam Scammers are targeting potential victims through social media platforms, claiming that new accounts have been created in their names and they have alr (1 comment) 5 days ago... I am trying to provide the information related to this site and related people to the legal authorities. Please help me to get comprehensive information about the site, servers and people related to it so that we can prevent them from further abuse and I will
+12186643355 Daisy 6 days ago... Comment / Review: I complete the 60tasks now she say you need to pay more 1300$ then you can withdraw this amount . Scam contents: They told me everyday 60 tasks if you complete the task you will receive good commission
+441233221250 KOLERTUS sp. z o o (1 comment) 6 days ago... Comment / Review: part of use viber or anydesk. Scam contents: ewallet / crypto wallet cannot delete account asks for valid documents. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447771022881 Coinfarmglobal 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Estafadores . Scam contents: Inversion de estafa . SUSPECTED SCAM! one week ago... It's the new website address for My order was freeze for last 6 months as I don't wast to deposit more there. Today i contact with the customer care which i have since last chat in telegram so they provide me this new address to access the mall.
+26657618228 one week ago... Comment / Review: Have not receives my payment and it has been 3 months since they said will get it.. Scam contents: Buy and sell online. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17078439230 Bill Winters one week ago... Comment / Review: I'm trying to get my money out of my account myself, but it's now taking added verification to get it out which I didn't seem to have . Scam contents: 🔔🔔🔔:Trading is now open! 📣📣📣:Trading currency: RBC/USDT 📣📣
+31617708716 Lisa one week ago... Comment / Review: I would like to report the matter to the police. I would like to find out where the page on which domain was made. .. to snare the motherfuckers of this site. one week ago... Comment / Review: I have my pending funds on my view only wallet on trust wallet with the amount of 96000php.. Scam contents: Collecting payments to trade for higher profits
+85260373400 one week ago... Comment / Review: tranfer crypto from sites like and fake investing. Scam contents: Girls get you to buy crypto . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447565272940 Miss Xu one week ago... The fraudster uses techniques to manipulate feelings. He gives the impression of being very intelligent and knowledgeable in many areas of expertise. I presume he uses GPT chat in his conversation. / or Coinone one week ago... THEY USED PIG BUTCHERING ROMANCE TACTIC, AFTER YOU DEPOSIT ALL YOUR MONEY IN THEIR WEBSITE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW EVEN A SINGLE PENNY, AS THEY WILL ASK TO TO PAY AND DEPOSIT SOME FEE, AFTER THEY ARE STILL NOT SATISTIFIED AGAIN AGAIN THEY WILL ASK YOU
Meta Quest Plus one week ago... Domain: Registrar: Pte. Ltd. Registered On: 2021-09-10 Expires On: 2025-09-10 Updated On: 2024-05-23 Note that the url was first registered in 2021 but scammers have just updated it on May 23th, prob having this site in waiting b +14157258877 Stephanie (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: Please help . Scam contents: Stephane claims to be a finacial adviser for the website https://gssglobalfex.coma my father has sent that website over 2million for investing in gold trades. He tried to take the money out but they stated " he ne one week ago... Beware everyone. This is the former platform that has scammed thousands of people around the world. The people behind this Ponzi scheme are highly skilled and have a well-planned strategy. They will do everything and spend a lot in order to make one week ago... Comment / Review: The app is not opening now it is even available on app store. Scam contents: Invest and earn but how its not opening . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+6283817572358 one week ago... لقد تم استلاف هذا المبلغ ودفعة وفى حالة المساعدة في ارجاعة اتعهد بدفع نصف المبلغ لمن يرجعه لى
Julia one week ago... Comment / Review: Me pedia que haga un pago de comisiones, deposite luego me vuelve a solicitar mas dinero y la cantidad es mas elevada, y jamas envia el dinero prometido
+447341742918 Sophie (1 comment) one week ago... Comment / Review: I was scam it by this group WhatsApp . Scam contents: Sophie WhatsApp group . SUSPECTED SCAM!
139160594 one week ago... Comment / Review: Biggest issue I lose everything . Scam contents: Money earning told but they loot my money . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447401155306 alice chua one week ago... Comment / Review: investment scam. Scam contents: had a message on WhatsApp's, from some girl, she said she text my number by mistake, we made friends, then she said she makes lots of money on crypto, she said her uncle does a lot of investment and makes 30% p
+12678886993 Yuxin Zhang,Rose (1 comment) one week ago... an asain lady form Boston working at IDG Capital texted me by mistake on 2-29-2024 wanting to get to know me then to invest in crypto trading with her. money sent to coinwnt which i think is a scam as well. she also sent me pictures of f
+639072982582 Jerlie L. Cardenas 2 weeks ago... It was ok at first. Until i was asked to join a high profile mission. At first they asked us to give 3k then 6k then 9k then 18k then 36k which we are not allowed to withdraw until after the mission is completed. Afterwards, they asked for an additional 72k to Mr. Jones, Stephen Gardner, Amanda, McLean, 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Withdrawal of earned money is impossible. Constant freezing account and asking for new contributions in order to "speed up investor goals".