Lottery scams

Lottery scams are intended to make the victims believe they are the winners of a lottery of up to several million dollars. In the majority of cases, these are broadcast by email and they impersonate big companies like Microsoft... To recover the sum of money, fees are charged by the scammer.

To report a lottery scam received by email, use the reporting form intended for this purpose.

Last reported scams

Tiktok 3 days ago... Everything sounds real until she FedEx the package full of money then says I have to get a hold of a FedEx agent. I would have to pay clearing and shipping fees. I thought, she the millionaire, she can't afford shipping fees? Who knows what clearing fees are one week ago... Hallo ! "Finanzzentrum GmbH" ist eine private rückzahlbare Finanzierungsgesellschaft, die Darlehen und/oder Geldinvestitionen anbietet.
+15036073313 2 weeks ago... On 02/08/2024 at 2004 ET, I received the above text message. Three (3) phone numbers were attached: +1 (503)607-3313 +1 (405)414-0331 +1 (463)710-5757 In that order.
+27609344829 (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I want my money back from him, cause he couldn't do what he said he could, close his accounts if need be . Scam contents: Sent him R1000 for him to trade he is no longer paying it back +27729158477 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I paid R700 to a forex guy and an additional R840 for withdrawal now he has blocked me. Scam contents: I sent Madonsela money claiming that he is a forex broker and will trade on my behalf and I will receive my money in Two days time but his
+14096005119 Mr. Donald Carver 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: He sent picture of money in my PKG but I can't get it to work. Same wording as phony gov grant.. Scam contents: 𝘏𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘰 𝘐'𝘮 𝘓𝘢𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪 𝘉𝘪𝘣𝘢𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘳 𝘰𝘧 𝘵 (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: If you place funds on account, it is impossible to withdraw them in any way. The won funds are blocked.. Scam contents: steals funds under the guise of a bookmaker's office 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: LOTTERY GAMBLING SCAMMER, PLEASE TAKE DOWN!!. Scam contents: LOTTERY GAMBLING SCAMMER. SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: this is scam link, they hack other people site and use that for gamblink promotion. Scam contents: online gambling. SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: He’s emailing me right now saying that there’s a cashiers check I have to go pick it up from Canada or the delivery fee waiver to any carrier.
+254772777033 MODATECH 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: the site should be disqualified. Scam contents: Dear user, kes 50# SB461D2VJO to pesa spin confirmed. for issues call us on 0772777033
+447482264926 Lee 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Stay away! They use real recruitment company names to convince you to join the job.. Scam contents: Roulette scam. They train you on a new job and then incentivise to deposit some money but it's a scam. You will loose all your money. Aceofcasino 3 weeks ago... Tried to wiithdraw ask to depost to registar account not able to add bank cant contact support. This is a scam do not fall for it. And do not share this to friends and family. This is a trash way to earn income scam fast get out sad buisness. Fraud. Ontop of t 3 weeks ago... will not give you what they advertised even all requirements had been met. they will tell you that your IP has been used already or you logged in to a multiple gadgets which is a complete lie just for them not be eligible with their promotions. This is a com +601125857156 Website 3 weeks ago... This is a scammer website. Jr casino Please proceed to block this website and police report will do later. Thanks +27780093761 Wanejobets 01/24/2024... Comment / Review: This site has to be flagged there are a million bad reviews on Facebook too. Scam contents: The are a gambling site that when u win request payments for payouts and just daily change their rules and regulations. Theyve been steinign me along
+60102717237 01/17/2024... Comment / Review: Ini penipuan. Scam contents: +60 11-2743 4361 +60 11-6865 6449 +60 10-657 9528. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17728674932 Laarni Bibal 01/17/2024... Comment / Review: Why do people do this to people do this? Everyone needs money and plays the Lotto.. Scam contents: This Mr. Bibal lotto winner decides to help10 people by giving them one million dollars and my name was pulled. Contact Mr Sperry the agent in +998998233561 Bit-halo 01/15/2024... Comment / Review: . Nn. Scam contents: Lottery scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! David Smith 01/14/2024... Comment / Review: I wish.. Scam contents: You have won the German lottery. Your email address, your full names, your telephone numbers, your country of origin have to be supplied. The winnings will be paid back to Germany within two weeks.
+16616186692 (1 comment) 01/07/2024... This number forwarded this message to three other numbers… 801-597-0862 443-477-3146 661-618-6692 Hopefully you guys can reach out and let them know it’s a scam Mrs Cristy Davis 01/04/2024... Comment / Review: scumm. Scam contents: YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT WON A DONATION OF 243,500,000.00 USD CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION REPLY TO EMAIL Signed Mrs Cristy Davis , USA. Email:
kpn 12/23/2023... Comment / Review: Needs to be punished. Scam contents: Free electronics phone etc. asked for personal details and bank details. SUSPECTED SCAM! Ace of casino 12/22/2023... Do not play on this casino.. I deposited money and then it asked me to deposit more money, and yet never payed out.. I have 5400 dollars usd that i won on there and every hoop I have to jump through to withdraw, I get another obstacle to overcome and now wants
MR CHARLES RUBY 12/21/2023... Comment / Review: He offering me money and i have paid money. He offered to pay me 80.000. And i have to pay through gift cards to get the winnings.. Scam contents: Ive sent it through pics 12/18/2023... If you are a victim of this scam,please comment and let us know what method of payment you used and if you filed a police report and a complaint online. Use Bing then Google when searching the internet. Bing seems to have more results then Google. In the US
Elon Musk gold bar giveaway 12/18/2023... Scammers are using an AI generated video of Elon Musk saying that he'll be giving away gold bars to the first 10000 people that sign up. All you have to do is fill in your information, pay a shipping fee, and the gold bar will be shipped to your doorstep. Yo +16172949219 charles ruby 12/14/2023... Comment / Review: think this is a scam. Scam contents: saying i was picked to receive 200,000 dollars from Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt.. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 12/13/2023... Comment / Review: Luring everyone to check-in the site.. Scam contents: *_CANADA VISA LOTTERY 2023/2024 APPLICATION FORM IS OPEN_* The CANADA Government Announced Plan to Issue over 55,000 Visa plus Permanent Resident Cards *Applications are now Open* +212666905155 Zoe (2 comments) 11/29/2023... One last thing, I wanted to insert attachments, couldn't insert them, I have so much proof for that eBaybox is a part-time platform on mobile. Popular part-time tasks on the platform. Users can complete suitable part-time tasks according to their ability. We a
+17728674932 11/29/2023... They weren’t saying of Laarni Bibal real. I was saying that actual Laarni Bibal real and actual won the lottery. But I don’t know if a scammer is using a real to do that
+17728674932 Lottery: Laarni Bibal. (1 comment) 11/29/2023... I got a text message with a number of text message and a number of the text message. Saying. Even though Laarni Bibal is real helping financial and even actual won the lottery. But I don’t of scam. Because I contacted and text message and they said 100% real 11/26/2023... Comment / Review: tehey are scamming. Scam contents: Casino online ..when customer winning they dont pay the price winning . they tell customer playing illegal . y fontecha 11/25/2023... Comment / Review: -- Hi did you receive my previous email? I am still waiting for your reply. Best Regards Jonathon . Scam contents: -- Hi did you receive my previous email? I am still waiting for your reply. Best Regards Jonathon 11/25/2023... Comment / Review: Scam!!. Scam contents: I got contacted on Facebook messenger by Patricia Busking saying I was going to be getting money from lottery winnings then contacted by a 'fedex guy' who asked for money to active delivery.
+17722246109 Laarni Bibal (lottery winner) (5 comments) 11/24/2023... Comment / Review: Too good to be true . Scam contents: Says that my name was selected by lottery winner to receive 2 million dollars and to call above number to talk to Mr John Mark
Patrica busking 11/22/2023... Comment / Review: This form. Scam contents: Saying she will give away money, after i fill the form. SUSPECTED SCAM! 11/15/2023... Comment / Review: I was contacted by Facebook through this profile. By the way the wording was it appears to be a scam. Scam contents: Hello I'm Patricia Busking Powerball jackpot winner of $393 million dollars I am donating to my people from the states and ot Loretta, janet, johanna (2 comments) 11/10/2023... Comment / Review: Please involve me in any lawsuit against this website . Scam contents: Was told i needed to make deposits of $58 to recieve my winnings and then was told it would take 24-72hrs to recieve my winnings and it never came then was told i needed t
Julie Leach (1 comment) 11/01/2023... Comment / Review: I had a different supposed lottery winner attempt the same thing earlier yesterday, and I blocked them. . Scam contents: She said she was giving away lottery money. I have her on my Friends list as of last night.
+19134137976 Charles Ruby 10/25/2023... Comment / Review: This guy thinks he’s creative lol . Scam contents: Wants your social security number to see if you won a $99 thousand lottery.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Pit boss grill by Guy Fieri 10/22/2023... Comment / Review: I would to get my money back if possible . Scam contents: Guy fieri said sell these grill so you could had chance to win but 9.98 they took my money and next it was on internet that it was scam
Julie_leach_powerball_426 10/13/2023... Comment / Review: I didn’t fall for the scam. I really hope no one else does. Scam contents: This person is using Julie Leach’s identity in promising to send 50,000 to whom they choose. Julie leach is a power ball lottery winner from 2015. I started resear @Alex_Wils 10/11/2023... Comment / Review: Fake news . Scam contents: 🏆 MATCH-FIXING FOR TODAY ⚽️👇 🔥 Big odds 47 🔥 🗓 11.10.2023  ⌚️ Start game: today at 21:00 (09:00 pm) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
+17698679407 10/10/2023... Comment / Review: Lottery scam. Scam contents: You are receiving this message from BECKY BELL Charity in conjunction with Family Support Program. BECKY BELL is from Auburn, and the Powerball jackpot conqueror of $ 754.6 Million. You can watch her winning inter
+14693533301 10/05/2023... Comment / Review: Tired of scammers so i waste there time like they waste every one elses. Scam contents: Lottery becky bell give away . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16692446148 09/26/2023... KINDLY PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING NAME ....... ADDRESS........... MALE/FEMALE...... AGE......... MARRIED/SINGLE......... E-MAIL...... Occupation...... Your picture..........
+639506793653 :KOPIKO Blanca Inc. 09/22/2023... Comment / Review: I have been receiving this edundant text message. Scam contents: CONGRATULATIONS! NOTICE FROM:KOPIKO Blanca Inc. We would like to inform you that your simcard number is the 2nd lucky winner during our fund raising activity(Via:electronic fre
Mr beast 09/22/2023... This scam website claims that Mr. Beast is giving away up to $1000 for each person who visits the page, clicks on the links, and answers a number of surveys and tasks. This scam is running on YouTube ads and has no relationship with the YouTuber, Mr. Beast.
+12158400755 Becky bell (1 comment) 09/07/2023... I knew it was a scam since no normal person would give away that amount of money for free. And then this person tells me to contact someone about this and someone wants payment in order to send this “package to my address Unfortunately, I lost my $75