Lottery scams

Lottery scams are intended to make the victims believe they are the winners of a lottery of up to several million dollars. In the majority of cases, these are broadcast by email and they impersonate big companies like Microsoft... To recover the sum of money, fees are charged by the scammer.

To report a lottery scam received by email, use the reporting form intended for this purpose.

Last reported scams

+17698679407 one day ago... Comment / Review: Received as a text message. Scam contents: Saying that this lady wanna lottery, and I would wanna lucky winners to receive part of the lottery, because he was being so generous
8888045413 2 days ago... I called the number on my bank statement. It was a guy that sounded india. He said there’s no refunds!! I was a bit angry and he said he’d cancel my sub, that I didn’t know I signed up for!! Julie Leach & Family one week ago... Comment / Review: Ridiculous. I feel bad for people who fall for these scams.. Scam contents: Greetings I am Julie Leach from Michigan, A 52-year old mother of 3 children and 11 grand children.and aging widow suffering from Esophageal Cancer and prese
+16692446148 one week ago... KINDLY PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING NAME ....... ADDRESS........... MALE/FEMALE...... AGE......... MARRIED/SINGLE......... E-MAIL...... Occupation...... Your picture..........
+639506793653 :KOPIKO Blanca Inc. one week ago... Comment / Review: I have been receiving this edundant text message. Scam contents: CONGRATULATIONS! NOTICE FROM:KOPIKO Blanca Inc. We would like to inform you that your simcard number is the 2nd lucky winner during our fund raising activity(Via:electronic fre
Mr beast one week ago... This scam website claims that Mr. Beast is giving away up to $1000 for each person who visits the page, clicks on the links, and answers a number of surveys and tasks. This scam is running on YouTube ads and has no relationship with the YouTuber, Mr. Beast. 2 weeks ago... Many different with this combination: foxnews_kb9trbj1d2urzt1b4xx9whvu54qjdhirjeqteylywn3auesy and many mails every day. The corect email is: foxnews_0IDEVRMAJPYGAHEP1W3FJPVTL0JDKI
+601160598796 Amoi 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: So badd. Scam contents: Judi online. SUSPECTED SCAM! +27640196402 Facebook 3 weeks ago... I Douglas kgosana, i have been scammed by the lady called, him self paballo modise claiming that she a uk49 lotto, provider,she took ,she started by asking R1500 for registration, then R2000,for email and forms, after she demanded R3000 to release the winning 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I don't know . Scam contents: Spin wheel. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Spectrum 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I don't believe in this site, it is too good to be true. Scam contents: Gives out a free give away of a Samsung Galaxy Fold phone for free, and requires a $50 or more be spent on card before purchase.
+12158400755 Becky bell 3 weeks ago... I knew it was a scam since no normal person would give away that amount of money for free. And then this person tells me to contact someone about this and someone wants payment in order to send this “package to my address Unfortunately, I lost my $75 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I did not click the link.. Scam contents: Stating I won 100,000 from a lottery winner trying to share her winnings.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14693533301 (2 comments) 09/04/2023... Comment / Review: Scam. Scam contents: You are receiving this message from BECKY BELL Charity in conjunction with Family Support Program. BECKY BELL is from Auburn, and the Powerball jackpot conqueror of $ 754.6 Million. You can watch her winning interview on 08/30/2023... Comment / Review: Hit my inbox ask for money to exchange for a lottery winnings that she wanted to share ask for personal information . Scam contents: Hello Congratulations!!! My name is Julie leach the Michigan power-ball Jackpot Winner of $310.5M, You have b
+17698679407 Becky 08/30/2023... Comment / Review: Lottery scam!. Scam contents: Hello, Becky Bell is my name, am from Auburn and I recently won the "jackpot" of $ 754.6 million top prize of Powerball. By searching for my name on YouTube, you may see the live announcement of my victory. I
+15186938535 Dave Johnson and Wayne Coman 08/28/2023... Comment / Review: Please see attached files. . Scam contents: Coman claims to be sending money winnings of Dave Johnson alt#681-209-1579. SUSPECTED SCAM! 08/28/2023... This person has signed up like the actual company. Which I still haven't found. C completely copied their entire site including videos terms of service and everything promising to pay only to end up not paying she is using this as a way to boost her own sales
+17698679407 Becky 08/25/2023... Hello, Becky Bell is my name, am from Auburn and I recently won the "jackpot" of $ 754.6 million top prize of Powerball. By searching for my name on YouTube, you may see the live announcement of my victory. In fulfilling my willingness to give back to the
+16469487683 Sweepstakes/Lottery 08/24/2023... You did not win anything, this is an advance fee scam where they'll ask for a sum of money for you to qualify as a legitimate winner of the prize and once you do pay you're done. Do not call back that number.
Julie leach 08/24/2023... Comment / Review: Just watch yourselves . Scam contents: Now posing as Julie , this person is on Facebook claiming they are giving $100,000 to the first 200 followers @julie.leach.41068
Media market 08/21/2023... Comment / Review: And take the mony. Scam contents: Lotery and they have the number of my card and they take the mony. SUSPECTED SCAM! 0748397952 Cocacola lotto 08/20/2023... Comment / Review: Scam . Scam contents: You Won 750,000 Euro ongoing Cocacola lotto Write Email: SUSPECTED SCAM!
+213655742312 (1 comment) 08/11/2023... This is a site that deceives people by paying without refunding money. Fraudsters from Russia bought a domain for 6 months. They stole me. I want to close the day before tomorrow. Please help me.
Mega Millions-Powerball power play 08/07/2023... Comment / Review: Over time I have come to realise I've been scammed and tricked into thinking I had won US$51,200:00. I just can't find any details on this app.
+442030006992 Mr john lamb 07/31/2023... Comment / Review: Called the number asked for John lamb he sounded like he just got out of bed sounded indian maybe 🤔 . Scam contents: Winning numbers letter saying my late husband has won £825,000,000 07/30/2023... If you are a victim of a scam,please file a police report and a complaint online. Please read below... Thanks Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) o
Dave Johnson, lottery winner 07/27/2023... I admit that I was a fool for actually believing that I was going to get a huge portion of money. This is what happens when you do not pay attention to your surroundings, especially with anything that looks or just sounds too good to be true. I learned a har
+15123529123 Christy Davis / Charles Ruby 07/25/2023... Comment / Review: I did not send it to him . . Scam contents: They wanted my info to send my winnings . . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Dave Johnson 07/23/2023... I gave my name phone number and address to this scammer before I went to research. I feel like a fool but I caught on directly after that. I’ve since deleted and blocked Dave Johnson on TikTok. 07/23/2023... Comment / Review: Would like for something to be done so no one else gets scammed and loses money. Scam contents: Free Lottery!!! Summer Lottery Gift. Accept your free gift from out store! Free Lottery Ticket 07/21/2023... Comment / Review: Asking to follow for $30k. Scam contents: Dave Johnson lottery scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 07/14/2023... Comment / Review: I buight two boxes one was large and that was 100 items and other one was small box that was 10 items but you send me one box two items. Scam contents: They told me to give you 100% of the valuables, but they gave me $3.453 worth of airpods a +64272085993 Cocacola Promo 07/14/2023... Comment / Review: reported to Norton. Scam contents: you won $750,000 EU Cocacola Promo. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+94741248825 (1 comment) 07/11/2023... What is this?? I got a message... CONGRATS,UR NUMBER IS WINNER OF 189,000 POUND IN THE U.N FUND RELIEF PROGRAM,TO CLAIM UR WINNING,EMAIL US UR FULL NAME,ADDRES,NUM TO mrsmaviswan 07/10/2023... Hello, I'm Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk, the mega winner of $758 Million in Mega Millions Jackpot, I am donating to 5 random individuals if you get this email then your email was selected after a spin ball. I have spread most of my wealth over a number of charitie +12137223702 Mavis Wanczyk 07/08/2023... She has gottne me for $390 promising $50,000, then went town to a lower amount. to $20,000. I've made 5 payments by way of stem cards. She keeps telling me after 7 months now just 1 more hundered and i can get my$1 refunds. Shes a fake. +14092418060 Dr. Amber 07/07/2023... This is a scam. Do not contact "Dr. Amber" - their "winning lottery numbers" are fake, and they will give you nonsensical reasons why they need you to send them money before they can give you the lottery numbers. Never trust "testimonials". Fake testimonia +13022040295 Dr. Wealth (1 comment) 07/07/2023... This is a scam. Do not contact "Dr. Wealth" - their "winning lottery numbers" are fake, and they will give you nonsensical reasons why they need you to send them money before they can give you the lottery numbers. Never trust "testimonials". Fake testimoni
Casino Dice 07/06/2023... They don't have a phone number, their email address was created using a free email service. This is likely a fake website where the games are rigged against you since it's not even operated properly. A 150% on my first deposit is just too good to be true. S +16804440127 Jim Henneger Craig 07/03/2023... Comment / Review: I? need to send $390.00 for Account opening, plus? Divulge my and my Wife's Banking details, plus Social Security Info.. Scam contents: I Horst Roland Schimek have won in the Mega Million Sweepstakers... Award Winning Certificate, Cert. NO: #10 (1 comment) 07/02/2023... Comment / Review: C'est bon. Scam contents: Sexe. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19252000375 Patricia Busking (1 comment) 06/19/2023... Comment / Review: FAKE SCAM. PATRICIA IS NOT GIVING OUT ANY OF HER WINNINGS FROM 2017 POWERBALL WIN.. Scam contents: I'm PATRICIA BUSKING, The Powerball winner of 632Million USD in Powerball Millions Jackpot, click here to see my winning interview https://www.
decocash 06/15/2023... is attempting to con internet users into taking part in their public opinion poll by posing as a Coca-Cola affiliate and utilizing a phony Coca-Cola customer satisfaction survey to lure people in. As soon as they sign up, participants are promised
TTHISSEPTEMBER.ORG 06/15/2023... Comment / Review: Fucking piece of shit criminals. . Scam contents: You have won a samsung Qled tv.we have attempted to contact the original winner but hve been unable to do so. Therefore you are now the chosen winner of a new Samsung QLED TV! CONFIRM AS SOON 06/12/2023... Comment / Review: modus. Scam contents: agent salary of WINFORDBET ONLINE CASINO is not releasing in two weeks. SUSPECTED SCAM! Hilbasi Alvisi 06/11/2023... Comment / Review: Podvod. Scam contents: Tímto vás informujeme, že vaše e-mailová adresa vyhrála cenu ve výši 1,5 milionu USD. Píši vám ještě jednou, abych vám poblahopřál k tomuto skvělému vítězství, které vás dovede na vaši e-mailovou
+13109978558 PATRICIA BUSKING 06/08/2023... Comment / Review: Clearly a scam . Scam contents: I'm PATRICIA BUSKING, The Powerball winner of 632Million USD in Powerball Millions Jackpot, click here to see my winning interview   I'm donating to 200 random edmondadjalla 06/06/2023... is to inform you that you have won one million five hundred thousand United States Dollar $1,500,000.00 through the United Nations portion of her experts helping the poor in such countless nations of the world for Codvi19 relief package. This was organized +17038540192 support viorn (1 comment) 06/05/2023... Comment / Review: I think the site has stopped and they left with my money. Scam contents: THEY SCAMMED MY MORE THAN 700 USD I tell you my story with these dirty thieves since May 4 I came across this fraudulent site while looking on trustpilot for a crypto