Romance scams

Romance scams are the most devastating : they attack the moral integrity of the victims and often cause isolation, depression or even suicide... The technique used by the scammer is always the same : he usurps an "attractive" identity to seduce his future victim. Once established, he establishes a relationship of trust to obtain money.

Although it targets men and women, the latter seem to be mainly targeted…

To report a scammer met on a classified site, use the reporting form by selecting “romance scam”.

Last reported scams

Leonardo Pierre 12/23/2023... Comment / Review: He will offer investment . Scam contents: Romance Scam/ Love Scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! 12/23/2023... Comment / Review: Collect advance payment no services . Scam contents: Escort service scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14153368650 Leia, Diana, Antonia 12/22/2023... Comment / Review: Probably a bunch of skinny kids in a Nigerian call center, lol.. Scam contents: Text pretending to be a wrong number then tries to get personal info/pics thru conversation. This one claims to be in the fashion biz, a common script for them.
Crypto scam 12/21/2023... Comment / Review: Romance scam..... Lost quite a bit of money to this scam. Scam contents: Romance scam, was scammed out of quite a bit of money. This is a fraudulent site.
+4915219555441 Emma 12/20/2023... Comment / Review: The social engineering scheme when someone tries to befriend you and have a long-term scam. avoid.. Scam contents: crypto, eth, social engineering, attractive woman Tempting Local Neighbors 12/19/2023... This website is part of a network of fake chat/dating sites that are spearheaded by the company Meteor Interactive BV, some of which were already reported to Scamwatcher's data base: Milfs In Your Neighorhood 12/19/2023... This website claims to be a secure environment for you to flirt and fulfill your fantasies. They're setting this up to look like a dating/meet new people type of websites. However, the profiles that you'll find here belong to either the employees of their pa
Flirting Neighbors USA 12/19/2023... This website is pretty much identical to this one that's been already reported to Scamwatcher's data base: They both are managed by the same company, Meteor Interactive BV. They are using the same content and th Provocative Neighbors (2 comments) 12/19/2023... This website claims to be an adult platform where you can flirt text and "fulfill you fantasies". Below is a segment that was taken from their terms of service: "THE WEBSITE, THE SERVICES AND THE CONTENT ARE BEING PROVIDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY A Emily Staver 12/19/2023... Comment / Review: I lost a lot of money on this persons scam . Scam contents: Says she is in the military and stationed in Syria. SUSPECTED SCAM! Felix Raul 12/18/2023... Comment / Review: This person is in it for the long haul...2 1/2 years he sweet talked me. . Scam contents: A doctor overseas and could not access his bank account so always had excuses for needing money.
+447341030215 Zendy 12/16/2023... Comment / Review: Romance scamming . Scam contents: Through online dating to showing this trading site . SUSPECTED SCAM! +17029449610 MILF AVA ladys one and SECRET HOSTESS 12/16/2023... Comment / Review: Photos are enhanced , Asks for mony for scam reasons. Scam contents: Romance scam . trying to get money''; most likely for drugs . SUSPECTED SCAM! David Jose Bonilla/Jose Bonilla 12/16/2023... Comment / Review: I questioned his profile when I came across other photos of scams with similar photos found on ScamHatersUnited, SCARS . Scam contents: Claiming to be in Marines in Syria. Wife died, has a daughter in the states. Claimed to be in love wit Mark Grossman (2 comments) 12/14/2023... Comment / Review: Wanted a sum of over 10000 to meet with Mark Grossman (actor). Scam contents: No phone number just email. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14155281173 Briana (4 comments) 12/13/2023... It's not normal for someone to send me messages like this from the first day even though I've never met this woman. This woman contacted me on a dating app and after talking We moved to imessages. We communicated for about a week. scammer woman trying to My pe
+6282185376880 Sex video 12/07/2023... Comment / Review: Need to block and report to protocol. Scam contents: Asking for money for video sex no +6282185376880 & +6282184605362. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639161739654 @ashdump014 - namie (1 comment) 12/06/2023... Comment / Review: I have become a victim of this person and uses that number to extort money. Please make my files confidential. . Scam contents: Targets male Acts as female for sexual video call acts. Attempts to hook men for sexual video call acts and rec Er ada 12/06/2023... Comment / Review: Trust no one. Scam contents: Falsi investimenti. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+60173097642 12/04/2023... Comment / Review: I lost money. Scam contents: VC content as woman .. And ask for money before it got viral. SUSPECTED SCAM! +16186900380 Tircanu Francis Lilian 12/04/2023... Comment / Review: Turcanu Francis Lilian Kruger A Leclair. Scam contents: $65,000.00 sent for his homecoming from Afghanistan and Syria I gave money..$65k... Luke Bryan 12/04/2023... This person has been luring my neighbor in using love and friendship as a motivator for 18 months. She gives him money every week and is now selling her house for him. He’s instructed her not to believe anything she hears or sees about him. He has her in a c +233555314450 Tigerjames 12/04/2023... Comment / Review: This guy is scamming PEOOLE online n Will even use his mom n sisters to get money telling people a footballplayer . Scam contents: This guy is scamming people by using fake named n fake pictures he is using the name “ Frank Mills” on chat
turcanulil007@gmail.cpm +16103803069 Turcanu francis Lilian 12/04/2023... Comment / Review: They are a team to scam people.. Kruger A L'éclair his captain from the United Nations..demanding money since 2017.. for the homecoming of Turcanu.
+447846580434 (1 comment) 12/01/2023... Comment / Review: Be careful . Scam contents: This girl is a scammer working for the scammer platform Linkenfx . SUSPECTED SCAM! 11/29/2023... Comment / Review: They deducting my money from my account without agreement . Scam contents: They deducting my money from my account without agreement . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17606339324 Thomas Eugene Desjardin 11/27/2023... Why was this guy allowed to successfully transfer from stolen Discover Bank account? No one can tell me, if there is some financial malpractice on the part of Discover Bank, and First American Bank, claims to have no information on who or what owned the Discov
Top Local Singles 11/27/2023... Comment / Review: Same as Neighbors who play. Monitored for pay for chat . Scam contents: Romance /hookup scam site. SUSPECTED SCAM! +639368570337 Shamie Phyann (2 comments) 11/27/2023... Comment / Review: Aggressive, blocking the number on phone and WhatsApp stops him. Scam contents: Scammer uses dating sites to get contact. Asks if f he can text. Starts a conversation and tries to get nude photos. Threatens to expose conversation to FB conta Marie Joyce 11/22/2023... Comment / Review: They ask for Apple Gift Cards then want more Money . Scam contents: Asked to pay in advance, then wanted more money. SUSPECTED SCAM! 11/21/2023... Comment / Review: See above . Scam contents: Girls from dating sites are saying that to meet you must have a dating id that costs $600. Once you pay the money they advise that then you mist pay $600 for insurance. But they dont give any fsg, pds or any details 11/20/2023... Comment / Review: short crypto investment . Scam contents: short crypto investment . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13163691595 Alex 11/20/2023... Comment / Review: short investment. Scam contents: short investment . SUSPECTED SCAM!
Rita Lee (3 comments) 11/18/2023... Comment / Review: She used telegram app started with the Name Rita Lee but deleted that account and move to Gu o bao019 around September 25th 2023.. Scam contents: Put money in the account along with Rita and went to take some money out and they said the inter
Gerald Haakman (4 comments) 11/09/2023... Comment / Review: He was saying that he loved me. Scam contents: He scam me up to 5000.00 . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+380977809918 Mila, Milaya, Lusi, Ludmila 11/08/2023... Comment / Review: A compulsive lier. Scam contents: She wanted to come here and get married, but she was already married . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639388874848 Sophia Malic 11/07/2023... Comment / Review: Pretended to be another person then made a video call and recorded the explicit content and extorted atleast not less than 5000 pesos. Scam contents: Pretended to be another person then made a video call and recorded the explicit content and
Richard Clarke Douglas 11/06/2023... Comment / Review: Has not yet asked for money, but I'm sure that is coming soon.. Scam contents: Falling in love with me on line and promises of a romantic life together as his wife. Uses Bible quotes and claims to be a faithful Christian. Disgraceful.
+85259974290 11/06/2023... The above phone number 09128177996 belongs to me. I urge you to check out which is a scam site. and uses the coindcx exchange logo. And the phone number of their employee who directed me to this site (0085259974290). He works on Facebook and Wh
+989128177996 11/05/2023... This site with a fake logo of coindcx exchange is introduced by its female employees on Facebook, who are mostly from Hong Kong and Singapore. And they lovingly help you to invest in this site and make profit, but in the end they don't allow you to withdraw fr
+18884966889 11/03/2023... Comment / Review: Scammers trying to steal money from me . Scam contents: Trying to charge me multiple times for free content that was suppose to be free period.
Uses photos of Christian Gerhard Bøving 10/31/2023... Comment / Review: As above. Multiple profiles with same photo.. Scam contents: Unsolicited contact on instagram using fake profile. Photo is of Christian Gerhard Bøving. Likely love scam 10/27/2023... The folks behind this website make no secret of the fact that the chat features virtual entertainers, and they're upfront about it. But here's the thing – most people don't bother reading the fine print. Now, here's where it gets even more confusing. Som
+13238439003 Zoey Kazumi Ideke 10/27/2023... Comment / Review: Kazumi along with her Aunt Yoshima scammed me out of $346,000. Scam contents: futures trading, when I tried to get my money, I was unable. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 10/24/2023... This is a fake site.Even photos of women are fake as you can see they have been doctored. Fake faces attached to nude bodies. Very poor scam site they cant even be bothered to make effort with photos. Luckily my bank detected a scam and contacted me to confi
+491746723996 Evelyn (1 comment) 10/21/2023... Comment / Review: Impatient . Scam contents: Crypto scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61489942471 Dennis, Clint 10/20/2023... Comment / Review: Used socialcatfish on his photos and found that he was not who he claimed to be. Also spoke about crypto which is suspicious. . Scam contents: Tinder based scam. Requested to chat on whatsapp. Used photos of a model to try and pass. His t
+4915219555441 Emna (5 comments) 10/19/2023... Comment / Review: This is her phone number +49 1521 9555441 +44 7426 970422. Scam contents: she is an attractive young woman possibly Chinese or Singaporean who has several phone numbers from England and Germany it's a scam that offers you some financial ga +18035862883 Mikhail Varshavski (4 comments) 10/19/2023... After 3 months communication I was asked for money to facilitate this person's release from a position in Ukraine. I was able to check the veracity of some of the claims and found out that the story was fabricated and when confronted the scammer got abusive.
Zoey Kazumi Ikeda 10/19/2023... I knew it was a scam when i was told i had to pay money out of pocket in order to receive the money. I dig some digging and i found a lot of pictures of her on the internet, including screenshot post of her trying to scam them using a different name.