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Classified Scams

Scams encountered on classifieds sites like Craiglist, Gumtree or Ebay have the same goal : to steal your money. In the majority of cases, it's scammers from central africa. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, this kind of scam can reach you, beware !

In addition to the thousands of testimonials available in the list at the bottom of the page, you can report a scam via the form of the site.

Last reported scams +37082442735 (1 comment) 08/19/2022... Comment / Review: I placed an order on this site, money was taken but the order did not register payment, and now I can not contact the supplier. Scam contents: Site for ordering shoes that will never deliver you shoes +17606710026 08/18/2022... Comment / Review: Scammers don’t fall for it. Scam contents: Puppies for sale $850 but you only send $700 Zelle payment for puppy and $150 goes for shipping Then once pup is paid for then you are dealing with shipping that now needs $1150 for special crat
+17278885060 Geek Squad 08/17/2022... Comment / Review: The scam it very popular and I should have researched before calling.. Scam contents: Scammer Sent fraudulent email saying they were the geek squad and an automatic payment was about to be withdrawn from your account. They ask for me to put 8332016868 08/17/2022... Comment / Review: SCAM. Scam contents: SCAM. SUSPECTED SCAM! Amazon Global Online Wholesale Pallet (16 comments) 08/16/2022... The scammer advertises "Amazon Global Online Wholesale Pallet" for sale on Facebook at $42.08 each plus $12.61 and provides photos and details of the pallets from a local Amazon warehouse with user comments 100% satisfaction so the custome +19032008781 08/15/2022... Comment / Review: Thomas Montgomery and his family are scammers and should be locked back in jail. Scam contents: I was referred to sign up for Thomas Montgomery Four Week Funding Program I thought everything was probably legit since I was referred but obvious
I ordered a electric scooter discounter be Walmart (1 comment) 08/13/2022... Comment / Review: My order was confirmed 7/17. tracking # AG674501495CN NO RESPONCE.. Scam contents: Transformer Remote Control FoldingScooter. SUSPECTED SCAM! +16282274402 I'm 100 percent real!!! 08/12/2022... Comment / Review: This is a total scam!!!! And the biggest internet rip off!!! Guys!!!! She wants to rob you!!! 628-227-4402 is not a entertainment service!!! . Scam contents: Fun Size Bombshell! I'm ready to meet! My South American roots. Rabab Birkdar 08/11/2022... Comment / Review: Contacted mi via App Idealista, to buy or sell proprty, a message to my advertised property. Scam contents: Hola, ¿Cómo están usted y su familia hoy? Ruego que estén todos a salvo y bien. Le agradezco su respuesta a mi correo sobre su Brandon Ugarte (1 comment) 08/11/2022... This was posted on Eau Claire, WI Craigslist. We almost fell for this when at the last minute, I decided to google the name and scam contents when I discovered, literally the same dialogue with another scammed pet buyer. 95bb025 (1 comment) 08/09/2022... Comment / Review: I wouldn’t normally have clicked on an advertisement in my solitaire game. My bad . Will try to cancel the order in the meantime. . Scam contents: From my solitaire game I purchased an electric car Jack . I did not get any tracking advice Gantcliver 08/09/2022... They have said they will refund but come up with excuse after excuse why they can't. Also found a trustpilot review from someone else saying they have scammed her too.
+13522384723 unlimiedcan (1 comment) 08/05/2022... Comment / Review: product never delivered. Scam contents: 26volt wood cutter. SUSPECTED SCAM! Nigel 08/03/2022... Comment / Review: Looked dodgy to me - quick google search revealed msg was exactly the same as previous scams. . Scam contents: wanted to buy camper trailer on - sent txt msg outside official channel. +8619559826621 Jumpop (11 comments) 08/03/2022... This was purchase through a Facebook advert, that stipulated the product, shipping from the US. It was purchased through Jumpop, and billed through ASIABILL I have emailed to, with no reply, although the email is still active. Arriana Mackenzie (1 comment) 08/03/2022... Trying to do a police/safety check on me for dating someone and they gave as the admin website. Lost $250 and gave them my Driving licence details. I am afraid of an 'identity theft'. +14753294772 Austin holland 08/02/2022... Congratulations you have been approved Text me the name you want on the Lea agreement contract and your email address Why is your boyfriend sounding awkward look I’m not forcing you to rent the house or persuading you to rent the house if you know you are +17046495356 John Deere hood (1 comment) 08/02/2022... Comment / Review: Paid my money did not receive paoduct. Scam contents: John Deere hood $68.95. SUSPECTED SCAM! +12029674541 07/30/2022... Comment / Review: Dual BP1204 Car Subwoofer Dual BP1204 Car Subwoofer 0 (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) No comments BACK GZZINNEWS.COM 07/29/2022... Comment / Review: Offering a Arc'teryx Men's Keppel Trench Coat, mens, 19718 for 74.31 Pounds which usually costs at least 3 x more.. Scam contents: Arc'teryx Men's Keppel Trench Coat, mens, 19718
Joe Doe 230-39 Rockaway Blvd Bldg-B Springfield Gardens NY 11413 (14 comments) 07/27/2022... Comment / Review: I received a package that I didn't order labels are the same as above. No packing slip no phone number. Scam contents: a jumpsuit. SUSPECTED SCAM! Brandon Ugarte (1 comment) 07/27/2022... Solicitor claims to be in Oklahoma City where his brother has just passed away, leaving him three Maincoon kittens. He is willing to "give" away the pets if you can drive to Oklahoma City where is is currently located. Don't live nearby? No problem.....he just +15026323143 Leastc 07/26/2022... Comment / Review: The price was $95.99- they took my money yet have not heard from them about when I get delivery and not answer phone - busy. Scam contents: Roadmaster adjustable tow dolly with electric brakes 0769357064 M Georgelin et Mme Marie PIERRE (1 comment) 07/25/2022... Comment / Review: reported to the French Gendarme on Monday July 18. Scam contents: Not the real owners of the property I paid the requested sum upfront. Upon arrival the villa was rented out by the original owners of the property. IBAN accounts used: FR 07/25/2022... Comment / Review: OkTron This day July 25th 2022 was Scam Becarefull don't Register. Scam contents: OkTron This day July 25th 2022 was Scam Becarefull don't Register
Newsholgshop (1 comment) 07/24/2022... They offered me a so say refund after taking photos etc and paying for the refund to China even though they said it was made and sent from America. I do not trust them at all.
+61485828680 07/24/2022... Comment / Review: we do not answer. Scam contents: continuing to call on a slightly different number each time - . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17203586679 07/24/2022... Comment / Review: Scam. Scam contents: Concernt tickets . SUSPECTED SCAM! (2 comments) 07/24/2022... Comment / Review: The website has taken more money from me than i was going to pay for. . Scam contents: I read that I was going to pay about 500 NOK, bur they have taken about 800 NOK from me. And I dont know if i will get my clothes from the website. And if
jpp@mail.jstimier OLIKPS (2 comments) 07/21/2022... Comment / Review: The ad is still online. . Scam contents: I ordered a HARKEN - Truck Cap Overhead Garage Storage Hoist, Self-Leveling, Safe Anti-Drop System, Easy One-Person Operation, Smart Garage Organization NOd58d775, what I received was a personal belt, 07/21/2022... I nearly got caught. As soon as I paid I realised I had made a mistake and started looking around. This is how I found the real thing. I was issued a fake Chinese tracking number... it was this that alerted me also I was lucky to get my money back thro +13024993947 or or (1 comment) 07/20/2022... Beware of these scammers from the following websites: Their emails are: or or or (1 comment) 07/18/2022... Comment / Review: Fake tracking numbers and fake tracking . Scam contents: Merchandise that never gets delivered and they say contact postal offices. They take money and you never receive a refund. +447576517514 Aletehad Trading Co. Limited (1 comment) 07/18/2022... I’ve been scam and I didn’t realise until Now. I purchased a product worth $72.97. I email The post office about it and they trace everything and they can’t find anything that tracking number they’ve given me that’s why I found out that I’ve been 07/18/2022... They asked for my ssn and personal information. I changed my password with the link they sent. When I saw that they were asking for my ssn it was a red flag. I checked my email to see if Amazon sent me anything, there was nothing there. So I changed my pw agai +447576517514 Aletehad Trading Ltd (1 comment) 07/16/2022... Offering warehouse clearance on Le Crueset pan sets. Payment made and did get response to a couple of emails advising date of dispatch and that a tracking number would be provided. Payment made in $ but appears the address is in the UK. Emails now underlivera
+447734431223 coinwinn 07/15/2022... the photos below are of my enticer for the scam,part of a cybercriminal group. She is 166cm tall, weighs 56kg, wears size 36, black hair, Asian ethnicity. Always use fake pictures of others womens. She stole a lot of money from me. +33892217728067999 (25 comments) 07/14/2022... I placed an order on June 25th for a Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop. I received a doily instead on July 13th. Emailed to request a refund and they say packaged was mixed up by carrier. Wants me to return for a refund or keep what I received for a 40% retur (14 comments) 07/08/2022... I ordered the 90 degree double strip quilt ruler through the advert. I paid using PayPal but it has not arrived after 3 months. I checked PayPal and the transaction is there but the price is more than quoted on the advert and the ruler has not arrived!
Coinwinn - scam with cryptocurrency (USDT) (1 comment) 07/07/2022... the people who raise customers for coinwinn are mostly atractive asian women, (fake profile) and they use TikTok to approach people, enticing them who can make more extra money with their mobile phone in their free time. It is a large network that seeks to acq
Trusty electronics (1 comment) 07/04/2022... Comment / Review: Advertizing vcr dvd. Which i needed for memories of past family. They took my miney but never shipped the produce or returned my money. Scam contents: Advertising vc dvd. Never shipped. Never returned money (1 comment) 07/03/2022... Comment / Review: Scam contents: SUSPECTED SCAM!
They use product descriptions from other web-sites. (1 comment) 06/29/2022... They sent me an email order confirmation, but no information on how to track the order itself. I sent an email to "" but have not received any follow-up response. +15712235707 shane noel esley 06/28/2022... Comment / Review: I have not replied to his email. Scam contents: Thanks for getting back to me and I want to buy it for my son as a special gift on his birthday to surprise him. He is planning to stay alone, As I do not have access to receive calls at the mo 06/27/2022... Comment / Review: This was a add on gumtree I put up trying to sell a bmx and they tried to scam me out of money . Scam contents: Wanting to buy a bmx off me and sent a thing from Westpac bank saying to get it released I had to send $400 to the movers +13024993947 kiteok products (2 comments) 06/25/2022... Received a shower cap instead of cart. Delay used was delaying order until payment was verified (2 days) and then referring order to China. I should have known that for free freight that a shipment from China was more expensive than what the cart cost. Item (
+19056782257 (1 comment) 06/23/2022... Comment / Review: Hope you can help me.. Thanks Doris Thériault . Scam contents: I paid 58.47$ for a dress and when I received it, it was way too big, I wear a size small and the dress was large.So I went online and followed there customer to read the retu Anne Carmel (2 comments) 06/22/2022... Comment / Review: Scammer If you need more information email me. Scam contents: I put an ad on gumtree , Emails keep coming this person is dangerous . SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 06/18/2022... Comment / Review: Unwanted whidrawl, robbery.. Scam contents: Creditcard whidrawl, 1€95€ & 49€. SUSPECTED SCAM! WRIGHTELIOT 06/17/2022... Comment / Review: I was scammed by the above phone and email for crab legs. I did not receive any, and the charge is now being disputed.. Scam contents: Pounds of crab legs for a price. The more you buy the cheaper they are. They will take 2-3 weeks to recei