Romance scams

Romance scams are the most devastating : they attack the moral integrity of the victims and often cause isolation, depression or even suicide... The technique used by the scammer is always the same : he usurps an "attractive" identity to seduce his future victim. Once established, he establishes a relationship of trust to obtain money.

Although it targets men and women, the latter seem to be mainly targeted…

To report a scammer met on a classified site, use the reporting form by selecting “romance scam”.

Last reported scams

+15127608649 08/17/2023... What I’ve attached here is all the scammers that have contacted me by text messaging. They’ve all tried to take money from me. I’m just hoping that you can find these people and finally give me justice.
JASON LEO 08/17/2023... Comment / Review: He is saying he id from New York, working as a contractor and asking for money . Scam contents: He has a profile on Hinge and asks women for money (16 comments) 08/17/2023... Totally a scam, lures you in and suckers you with so called women that talk very seductive. I dont think it is a bot because the girls can speak very good english on several subjects. Miguel alverez 08/16/2023... Comment / Review: He is on facebook under Miguel alverez . Scam contents: Says he has a daughter named Lisa and is divorced and mother passed away. Has not asked for money
+17132927205 Pretending to be musician Mike Love 08/14/2023... Comment / Review: I reported the conversation to favebook as well as emailed the Mike Love management. Scam contents: I was contacted via favebook messemger thanking for being a loyal fan etc, amd then my dear and wanting personal information and ch
+639662913829 Sophie Garcia 08/14/2023... Comment / Review: +63 966 149 7658 +63 953 366 6065 +63 945 779 2563 +63 966 291 3829 Above all number scammer contact to me. Scam contents: I am a victim of Bitcoin trading and romance scam. In January 2023 I receive voice message lady on Whatsapp,who cla Emma_87 New Pics 08/12/2023... Comment / Review: Keep messaging me saying to sign up to some website . Scam contents: Emma_87 New Pics. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+37258445406 08/10/2023... Comment / Review: Just recently given an Estonia phone number to add her to WhatsApp. . Scam contents: this scammer got me to send gift cards. Said she loved me and wanted to come to Canada from Hong Kong. Send 10, 000 in gift cards.
+85265586164 Alice Lee (2 comments) 08/10/2023... Comment / Review: Still matched to Tinder a few days in but to my shock, the same account changed into a completely different chinese lady with a more polished bio
+85246773227 Alvin Chan 08/09/2023... He also have a gambling online game rig where he uses someone else's bank account for offshore transfers, he totally got an entire operations in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong, and Taiwan.
+13233707606 Anna Grace 08/07/2023... Comment / Review: Four months call messaging with pictures and calls convince me to proceed. Scam contents: Crypto scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447456080233 Jackson Barnes (4 comments) 08/07/2023... He is a ver dangerous love scammer. He provides fake passport, websites and pictures. He says is an engineer working in Cyprus that lives in Oldbury Birmingham, divorced, no kids. He says is Norwegian and his ex lives in Southampton. He works in Cyprus as an e (2 comments) 08/06/2023... Comment / Review: They make you pay for the services upfront and then don’t pitch up. Scam contents: They make you pay for the services upfront and then don’t pitch up
+19546386873 Regina Gayout 08/06/2023... Please contact the S.E.C! Submission Number: 16897-272-704-288 was submitted successfully on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 09:18:43 AM EDT I invoke my fifth amendment right and I want a pro Bono lawyer from Harvard University! Where is SLED for this C.I.A ident +8685295603996 suxiaoke (2 comments) 08/06/2023... Comment / Review: I affirm that this issue is true. Scam contents: this scam asks ppl to buy things for thier lady friends at outrageous costs. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61256047561 Tiffany Siman Lim 08/06/2023... Comment / Review: Some of the photos she uses dont seem real.. Scam contents: Meet girl on TAN TAN, started of really well, told me abit about her self, said she lives in east Brunswick, with her aunty and uncle. Mention about her investment, that she's learn
Colonel Richard D. Clarke 08/05/2023... I then stated I am a money handler at work, I have skills and don’t need your help. I said I regularly certify in scams and how to avoid them and it’s not going to happen to me! I said I was lecturing him and was on my soap box! He said I don’t unders +12298086006 Diego ortiz (1 comment) 08/05/2023... Comment / Review: He told me he was in the marines currently on a mission in Syria . That he was a divorced dad with an 11 year old girl name Julia . . Scam contents: He told me he was in the marines currently on a mission in Syria . That he was a divorced dad
+2250575423613 @Sandra_Delgado_522 08/03/2023... Comment / Review: HELP!!!!!!!. Scam contents: Sextortion, they act as a loved one, record you when your vulnerable, blackmail you for money to delete the video they took for you and force you to pay $5800 or $500 for there fake baby that's from Google images.
Sean james 07/29/2023... Ask money related questions. Wanted Bitcoin and cash app and steam cards. Called a few times but never video chat. Chatted through Google Chat. He was reported to Google Chat along with his fake daughters chat. John lopez 07/29/2023... I still find my self looking for him after he threatened me by coming to my address and kill me and then he disappeared but i still see him on face book .he needs to be stopped please +12522205216 Patrick Andrew 07/28/2023... Comment / Review: Noore to say . Scam contents: Contacted via Facebook. Claimed to be a Marine engineer working on a rig. Widowed. Got very involved fast. Then his bank account was frozen. Next thing he wanted to meet but there were paperwork charges of 2000.0
@yvette212023 Yvette Pelletier 07/27/2023... Is active on Instagram and asks you for your Skype or E-mail. She types in French so I assume she might be from a French speaking African nation as well. Be careful! Skype name: Yevette Pelletier
Asian Flirts 07/26/2023... Comment / Review: Run and operated from Netherlands. None of the profiles are real. They chat you pay and nothing happens. Scam contents: Pay for Date. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17207222224 Jahi (2 comments) 07/25/2023... She poses as a Malaysian sexy girl who will romance you and try to send you pictures from her Porsche, spa, restaurant, swimming pools. She is using another voip phone +1-650-826-8081 which she uses for introduction and then takes you to wats app or telegram.
+14168343099 Michael Rizzo 07/25/2023... Comment / Review: Michael Rizzo and his lies . Scam contents: Romance scammer using ok Cupid He says his name is Mike and he is 43 years old ..but I saw him he is around 50 maybe more .. he told me he has a company in Budapest- where I don’t know he did
Cheng Hung 07/23/2023... He is using others person’s image to scam for romance and money. Looks like a legit account on instagram. Claims to be a Thai however his voice does not sound an Asian Thai.
Anna 07/23/2023... Comment / Review: I haven't recovered the money yet. Scam contents: She promised me to make money in cryptocurrency, they procceeded to get me to invest $3000 which she said is now $4200. She asked if i was Mike first, which im not +18573655808 Sergent Henry Smith 07/21/2023... Comment / Review: Some of the pictures were very intimate (dick pics) but never showed his face! . Scam contents: Romance scam then request for money to pay for flights for emergency leave following unexpected deployment to Sira even though they were supposed
+447455266049 Lucy 07/19/2023... Comment / Review: I hope you can help, I don't know what to do. For the record I used binance to buy usdt, and used and usdt address to withdraw, wich first time worked
+447380892838 Dennis Lopez (1 comment) 07/19/2023... Comment / Review: Please do not trust this website they will never let you withdrawal anything.. Scam contents: I could not withdraw the assets after i invest money. I got a reward but after i received they made me pay 80% more as a reward. The site made pro
+19734465694 Anna Grace / Chen Fala (7 comments) 07/16/2023... Contacted via text by Anna looking for Mike. I replied and we “hit it off”. Shes a scammer so she made me feel great. We fell in love and planned to start a life together. Then she started to tell me about the amazing crypto node trading she does. She stud Precious Barnett (1 comment) 07/12/2023... Comment / Review: Same as in the attachment . Scam contents: Same as in the attachment . SUSPECTED SCAM! Ryan Russell 07/08/2023... He expressed himself he widow says I'm his soulmate, that he had a house being built in Seattle Washington, We just spoke personal about my children he sent pictures of General Richard Douglas Clarke and also shared he has a son named Evan in a Boarding school
Julius John, Juliusjohn111_ 07/06/2023... Comment / Review: not nice. Scam contents: Instagram Sugar Daddy scam. Promising allowance after you pay a “transaction fee”. Transfers the convo out of Insta to telegram +8225721576 Choi Jin Hyuk 07/05/2023... I only wanted to know the people behind this scam or at least they'll be exposed so that it will serve as an eye opener to those hopeless romantics out there. It is pointless to hope that I could get my money back but I sincerely hope that justice will be serv +17185877881 Melisa daileg 07/05/2023... She asked you to pay for everything but each time after payment the inheritance is never received. She engaged attorney named John Scott, Rachel Einbund, Gerard d. Simeone. She also known as Cempaka alimony chia wei Auer Witte Thiel Solicitors Bayerstraße 27 07/04/2023... I have registered on this website but never actually purchase the membership and it is the second time they emailed me about this payment. - I have the feeling my data was sold or leaked to another company. Alenn Keshishian 07/03/2023... Comment / Review: Google Chat oldalamat meg hackelték. Aleen Keshishiannak adta ki magát.. Scam contents: Romantikus.Kicsalt 20.000.000.-. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17173222056 Kathryn craner 06/29/2023... Comment / Review: I blocked the number and reported it to as many websites as possible . Scam contents: Wanting money to come visit/ needing money cause "shes" sick. +12813323055 06/27/2023... I have lead as of a address where i was lead to at 3369 Barrington Ave, Springfield, MO 65807 which they pretended to be there address and i have a personal id in stacys name but not sure if its a real id or not most likely its a fake missouri licenses but h Alvin phillips 06/23/2023... Comment / Review: Need help. Scam contents: Ask for a razor gold card or he going to put my personal picture on line. SUSPECTED SCAM! +61403091123 Anna 06/17/2023... I’ve found someone I matched with on Tinder, and we ended up talking on whatsapp. She opened up about crypto and that we ended up trading. Initially we started low on the hundreds and made a little “profit”. Eventually she pursuaded me to make deposites Sondra love 06/16/2023... Comment / Review: asking for amazion gift card. Scam contents: using pictures of Heidi Gray. SUSPECTED SCAM! (3 comments) 06/16/2023... Please review. I dont know if he is real we have only chatted through discord. And i want the threats to stop. I have attached a few screenshots of what he sent me
+639563362322 David, Chiara, Jack Liu, Zhiyu Liu (2 comments) 06/16/2023... Comment / Review: Jack Liu, David , Chiara, Zhiyu Liu. Scam contents: He will make fall in love with you until he will share the scam site to invest on crypto by trading, you will get your money first but eventually you will be scam and your money will not wit peng fei 06/12/2023... Comment / Review: I highly discourage anyone from using this site. Scam contents: I just paid for a one year subcription to this website...a month later I'm asked to pay for yet another one month subcription in order to continue with my one year subcription... +380933503119 Karol (1 comment) 06/12/2023... Comment / Review: Offers escort service Models are not real just use invluencer pictures Prepay travel feed will be lost No Escort will come. Scam contents: We send you a angel Mein Angebot: — 5 Tage mit Alena — all Leistungen inklusive — Gerard James Butler 06/11/2023... Comment / Review: I met this character in the chat forum of Word Wars, an online app resembling Scrabble. . Scam contents: Attempting to get me to send money for a personal one one one meeting with him. Claimed that he had fallen for me. Then basically kicked
David Richard 06/10/2023... Comment / Review: I am very suspicious of this person. I would like to know if he is an real person. . Scam contents: Have been communicating for only a few weeks. Have not ask for money. Constantly telling me how much I mean to him. Has even said he wants