Romance scams

Romance scams are the most devastating : they attack the moral integrity of the victims and often cause isolation, depression or even suicide... The technique used by the scammer is always the same : he usurps an "attractive" identity to seduce his future victim. Once established, he establishes a relationship of trust to obtain money.

Although it targets men and women, the latter seem to be mainly targeted…

To report a scammer met on a classified site, use the reporting form by selecting “romance scam”.

Last reported scams 03/08/2022... Comment / Review: Scam. Scam contents: Massage therapist scam . SUSPECTED SCAM! 03/08/2022... Comment / Review: Keep asking pay gold coin deposit but will not do any refund. Scam contents: Dating website that request to buy goldcoin for arrange meet up. SUSPECTED SCAM! +15109480560 03/03/2022... Comment / Review: I sent him money then he blocked me . Scam contents: He asked money as he is stucked in kenya. SUSPECTED SCAM! +12022402111 Stanley Christopher 03/03/2022... Comment / Review: He found me on Instagram and wanted to visit in a rush.. Scam contents: EMERGENCY LEAVE FOR MR STANLEY CHRISTOPHER The Continental Software Services Ltd has successfully granted an emergency leave request for Mr Stanley Christopher, w
+12488142786 mike heart 02/28/2022... Comment / Review: he has my information and my all of my photos his name is mike Heart and he is harraissing me. Scam contents: he has my information and my all of my photos his name is mike Heart and he is harraissing me +27631197376 02/23/2022... Comment / Review: am being scammed by an impersonator pretending to be a famous actor, requested i pay £20 000 in Bitcoin & flights & security. Scam contents: I am being scammed by an impersonator pretending to be a famous actor, requested i pay £20 000 in B Marie Jeanne Campo 02/22/2022... Comment / Review: As soon as I found out, blocked the profile on LinkedIn and email address. Scam contents: Unsolicited message for contac on LinkedIn, only wanted contact through Skype or email. First recieved email contained 3 pictures of model "Josie" verif
+821039736211 BIKA 02/20/2022... This guy will ask you to invest your money through Upbit/ BIKA. He will contact you everyday and teach you have to make money through BIKA currency platform, then he will make you invest all of your money and saving, then you have to pay tax then you can’t a
+447557495472 Prince Hamdan 02/18/2022... Comment / Review: On dating site pretending to be a price from Dubai. It WhatsApp is UK address gave me a site to get golden card for Dubai. . Scam contents: On dating site pretending to be a price from Dubai. It WhatsApp is UK address gave me a site to get go
+4915772829241 momo 02/15/2022... Comment / Review: Web has serious issues . Scam contents: builds trust on then talks about this binotcoin website (cryto) that is created by zebiex. website is full BS +15302149184 Sean Garvey (4 comments) 02/14/2022... Comment / Review: Sean Garvey is the name that he's using. He has 2 emails 1 business 1 personal I have a picture of one said sean garvey . Scam contents: Met on Seeking Arrangement and he wanted to get to know me and he cancelled his profile account because h 02/11/2022... i have absolutely no idea about them, they have changed mails around a bit but on the real site this mail seems accurate and it all comes from scamsite/scam company. would love to get response SANDRA LOVE 02/08/2022... Sandra love she enjoys scamming people she will ask you to buy her the Amazon gift card and if you don't get it for her she will swear at you and threaten you she needs to get reported to Google right now report her Google account to Google and report her to t ENDERSON JENNIFER 02/05/2022... ENDERSON JENNIFER she is a scam artist All she's interested in doing is taking advantage of you and scamming you out of your money. She is a prostitute and she will want you to send her money just to have sex with you Allisha 02/03/2022... Comment / Review: Inappropriate material constantly sent to a CHILDS email address LOW LIFE PORN EMAIL SCAM. Scam contents: Love to fish I'm looking for an interesting and fun sexual relationship, without extreme sex. Age is not important. I would love to m +66959701679 Areeya Sathanap 01/31/2022... Scammers from Africa,particulary black gents from Nigeria Corrupted under uniforms and thai sounding names.Even whatsnapp profile is on thai grandpa.Watch scammers,watch scammers,be careful.Am polish ,and i worked on them 3 weeks!-inteligent scam
Multiple user (1 comment) 01/30/2022... COMPLAINT TO AVOID LEGAL ACTION Re: Re: and agreement fraud Meteor Interactive B.V. LEGAL CLAIM OF FRAUD & DEMAND FOR PUNITIVE ACTION I went along with your Terms & Conditions for a while until I no (1 comment) 01/28/2022... A potential date requested my phone number, which I did not provide. They then asked for my email, which I provided. In order to go on a date a $280 US deposit is required. The instructions are to email your date’s name to the email address above. I sent an Rebecca Herman 01/27/2022... The scammer uses paypal account Britmac72076 in the name of Brittnee Konieczka to transfer money. The name and address of mrs Konieczka are (accidentally?) given to me by the scammer. I wanted to send some flowers the old fashoned way and therefor needed an ad
+31616502630 Li Mengyao (6 comments) 01/24/2022... Comment / Review: Be aware scammer. Scam contents: Pretends to know about crypto millionaire that helps you make rich deposing crypto on to website ask you to use uncle agency code which you cannot share to anyone when you try to withdraw your funds back the c 01/22/2022... Innapropriate material constantly sent to a CHILDS email address Good morning, ABUSE FOUL EMAIL - FAKE WEBSITE - Pornographic Material Emails of this nature are constantly being sent to a CHILDS email address They did not opt into to this or make contact 01/22/2022... Asks you to pay a fee to verify yourself, people on tinder are sending this link around but the website looks way too professional to have been around for only 6 days which is when it was created +12264999479 Bernard Edgar 01/20/2022... Comment / Review: Had also had his so called son email me asking to help his dad!? Email is Son called himself Brian. Scam contents: Tried to get $3500 or any amount to help with his 39.9 M contract. 45% of it he would get and would pay
+601161169543 Liu Lili 01/20/2022... Comment / Review: Very dangerous scam, they spend weeks to get your trust!. Scam contents: This is a romantic scam. They use whatssup and try to force you to make investments on this webpage. They are very carefull to not to push too hard. Once they are revela Michael Wolfgang, 01/20/2022... I’m horrified that this happened not on a dating site but on what is supposed to be a site for professionals. And I’m even more disturbed by the fact that when I reported it to LinkedIn they acted with indifference when they have a duty to protect their me 9152578198 Lisa Kelly George (1 comment) 01/15/2022... They are using images of a woman in Grand Rapids Michigan USA. Photos are VERY current scammer uses the email and Google chat Lisa Kelly George +1 915-257-8198 3125545771 Jolene Thomas (1 comment) 01/15/2022... Comment / Review: This is a Nigerian Scammer: Infinix HOT 9 Play RECENT ACTIVITY Nigeria Airtel NG 85% Trusted mobile device Infinix HOT 9 Play
8323901825 01/14/2022... Comment / Review: I think it's all I game being played by either one person or two. Scam contents: My friend is in a realtionship with someone scam her she introduced me to hid friend which I came to belive they are the same person names use are Corey Andrew W +15064420083 Dylan (1 comment) 01/13/2022... Comment / Review: Fraudster / Homophobe. Scam contents: The user claimed to come visit and asked for money using manipulative terms and then sent abusive and threatening. He is a serial offender defrauding other gay men to fund his addiction.n
8449450320 01/12/2022... I hope that you guys can do something about this website such as taking it down. There is also one more URL that I believe is linked to this website, because my debit card was charged and a purches was made on this website. +15754497388 Dr Louis Eun jeong-hui 01/10/2022... Acredito que deve ir atrás da verdadeira pessoa para repassar o que estão realizando com sua imagem. Não cair no golpe pois me pediram dinheiro para custear sua vinda ao Brasil e trocar o post dele por outra pessoa Vamos tirar esse fraudulento de circula
+85255128378 Chen Lina 01/08/2022... Comment / Review: My comment - people are alone and naive.. Scam contents: My friend met a girl. They talk, kissed. They stayed in touch via WatsApp. She texted sweet to my friend. She told him that she is economist and in cryptocurrency, and her family has ne
+13236397979 01/04/2022... Comment / Review: Totally scam , fake account , fake Korean girls Promising otc income .high return.all fake . Scam contents: Crypto. Facebook date , fake profile , romance scam +46727761816 Josh Karlsson / Pqaen 01/02/2022... After doing a scam test online ,it was clear and fortunately I didnt pay the money...only being stupid and have my heart broken again! Idiot -karma gets you. And I 'bettered' my English. +16592870429 Alex Luna 12/28/2021... Ele se apresenta como capitão de navio e diz estar passando por problemas técnico no navio... Essas foram as mensagens: [28/12 12:22] Alex Luna: It is not a pleasant situation,things got worse but now we are forced to stop because the other shaft is bad n 000000000 A love affair that never ends as husband & wife sex and all. 12/23/2021... Comment / Review: Believed to be a fraudulent activity. Scam contents: Retirement package of over 2,800000.00$$. SUSPECTED SCAM! Mistress Lauren AKA Symphony Ravenclaw (1 comment) 12/21/2021... Severely mentally disturbed paranoid schizophrenic Dominatrix Mistress Lauren AKA BBW Escort SYMPHONY RAVENCLAW has been stalking me Darren Ambler for years. Asking the public for help
+2250789540955 Angélique Melchon (1 comment) 12/21/2021... My comment is this: after a long month of investigating against him, I reported the situation to the French police because an ID document of a French person is involved in this romance scam. I think that somehow an ID card of a French man/woman was stolen or c +2348076092490 Tony Pilis (1 comment) 12/17/2021... I searched for the photo he sent. I found it on Instagram with a different name but the photo is the one I got. 12/16/2021... Comment / Review: Second email from this person. I blocked the first one but he/she figured out how to get another email through.. Scam contents: Greetings, I left you a few lines the other day, and I was sure it was either you never got it, or it was junk Michael J Schneider (1 comment) 12/15/2021... hello. this 'person' or group is already on your dbase, just with a different email. so wanted to share the other emails that are being used. thanks for keeping a record. very helpful. dani +27604577408 Sarah Martins 12/13/2021... Identity thief Targets seld employed men Find out their "soft spot", are they married happy or not, do they have children, find out their religion and confess she/it os of the same religion. 8567720018 Philly Dominatrix Lauren (1 comment) 12/11/2021... Philadelphia Dominatrix and BBW Escort Lauren Giunta is a deranged, pathological lying obsessed wack job who has been stalking and harassing me for years because I stopped doing sessions with her and don't want to have sex with her anymore. Most women mov
+85267628106 Clare or Chen Zi 12/08/2021... Chen Zi (陈紫 (@chenzihaha)) profile is available for the public in Instagram or All the pictures she sends is from there. Before sending money or investing always check the picture via google reverse image search Maria miles 11/21/2021... Comment / Review: Mari miles she is a nutcase who enjoys threatening people and will scam you. . Scam contents: Maria miles she's a scammer she created a Google account just so she can use it to scam people on Hangouts threaten them. Just search for the razor KATIE BANKS 11/20/2021... Katie Banks she is a scammer all she wants to do on Hangouts is take advantage of you and scam you report her to Google right now and then report her to the police All She wants to Do Is scam you wants a gift card so she can steal the money off the back of it. WILLIAM XENA 11/16/2021... William Xena she is a scam artist off of chatiw don't talk to her all she'll do is a scam you report her Google account to Google so that he'll get permanently terminated and without a Google account she can't use Hangouts. 3475355418 Hugh Jackman 11/16/2021... Comment / Review: SCAM. Scam contents: Tried to get me to purchase phones from at&t and send them to some programmer so we could 'start a new life together' once his divorce is final this week. Also tried to get me to send him bitcoin because his power was abo Hugh Jackman 11/15/2021... Comment / Review: Scam, scam, scam!!!. Scam contents: Getting divorced, blah blah blah, let's get cell phones and start over, could you send me some crypto - they're about to turn off my power...
3433051400 Li Peng (7 comments) 11/08/2021... Comment / Review: Be careful people. It is really devastating.. Scam contents: I got scam a lost 26 205 USD. I am devastated now. I lost my savings. I met "him" on facebook dating app. After we move ro whatsApp. He got ne to invest into cryptocurrency is a fak