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Scams using PayPal

"PayPal scams" are used by scammers who usurp the identity of the famous payment system to override the suspicions of Internet users. Often linked to classified scams, their operation is simple :

  • The scammer deposits an advertisement claiming to be a seller.
  • The interested buyer is encouraged to use PayPal
  • The latter sent him a fake email with the image of PayPal to make believe that the payment was made.
  • Thinking she received the money, the victim sends her object by parcel

It is rare that the scammer is the direct recipient, often he uses a mule… It's called a consignment scam !

To denounce a scammer who uses this kind of technique, complete the dedicated reporting form.

Last reported scams Heffrey Hobson and Sharana Phillpotts one week ago... Used this email and this went straight as danger in my spam: I requested photo ID, which the person emailed me. I have a photo of the licence but don’t know whether this is a stolen identity or sloppiness of the scammer. Anna 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I did actually contact the support email and Anna replied that my goods had been shipped and were on their way! Lol . Scam contents: I ordered 2 x electric jet body boards. Got duped
inckwp, Co.,Ltd 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: The receipt I received was $33.83 however they charged my PayPal ac ount $42.29. They charged a 29% "sales tax". Scam contents: Last Day Promotion 75% OFF - Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum CleanerWHITE_1SET. ZERO-MIRACLE NETWORK LIMITED 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I did not make this purchase. Scam contents: Payment sent to ZERO-MIRACLE NETWORK LIMITED March 1, 2023 at 12:41:48 PM CSTTransaction ID: 9FK15034SY126801T Payment Status: COMPLETEDShipping Status: SHIPPED Gross amount -$50.95 USD Shippi +15755288104 Inckwp. Co. Ltd (1 comment) 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I purchased something from the seller's website but I changed my mind And now I want to cancel the order but the seller isn't responding.. Scam contents: Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner × 1
Jane 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Carolyn thompson 2821 Berwick Blvd Columbus ohio 43209. 614-506-3800. Scam contents: I cannot find an email or phone number. I ordered 1 item of eye cream. I did not get what I ordered. Now I got another shipment. Box says VERFONS. The side
+639324160040 Zimran Limited 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: How do I stop further payment to this site? . Scam contents: The app asked for a subscription payment for their tutorial app. Then it started the app/online tutorial-quiz form. When I checked my emails, the payment, made thru paypal wa
Flashdealshop 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: This lack of communication is facilitating scammers the menu choices do not pertain to the scammers . Scam contents: Purchased item on eBay. Received notice it was being delivered. Then received notice of delivery. Not at my house. Called Fed +18883422472 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: This is bogus. Scam contents: PayPal hi diz1713, Thank you for your Order - 5489135569 ORDER INFORMATION: Customer ID: #HD64trFkUA34783 Date: 03, March 2023 Amount : $ 293.60 USD (PAID)
Bank bingo 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Withdrawal by PayPal and try to verify I could not. Day later I was able to but the info was not there all was back to zero. No record of PayPal payment.
Jane 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Those peoples are.scammer and they are usi g an address in nj. Scam contents: I received the wrong product for a high price. It was never as was described on facebook market i or s eres a bike headlight and they sent me a vulgar concrete figu +40745909104 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Aproape mereu pe Facebook.Nu-i poate bloca manegerul de sistem?. Scam contents: Comanda in valoare de 40$ nelucrată.. SUSPECTED SCAM! 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: They won’t answer . Scam contents: Trying to contact support to return my trousers as they don’t fit they want me to pay £1 then £35 per month no I just want to send them back and get my refund please
Velina O'Brien 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please investigate as this was very strange behaviour for a sale on marketplace. Suspicious. . Scam contents: Wanted me to pay her back for $ which has not been paid into my account for a fridge I was trying to sell from Facebook Marketplace Shoptvlistdvd 2 weeks ago... Enclosed is part of the screen shot info i have . I have even more if needed. I do not have a phone # for this alleged company. And i have only the 1 email they sent me . So I know they have emai adress as they sent me the phoney shipping info. My bank account
The contact info for them --- https// 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Don't recommend . Scam contents: The game Bank Bingo is false with it's so called gift,of an Apple watch. I will attach and post pics of what I'm talking about. Their contact info is also fake and false, looking for them is how I found out ab 2 weeks ago... I purchased items from shoptvlistdvd with payment going to SUBAIX876135716@163.COM. i have screen shot all info from actul purchase to the phoney shipping info and phoney email of person wh took my money. I have sent many emails to this shoptvlistdvd about my
Jane 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Very small plastic vacuum with no suction power. Scam contents: Very small flimsy plastic car vacuum with no suction . SUSPECTED SCAM! +8866561275 3 weeks ago... Denisse / 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: They are completely FRAUD. . Scam contents: I ordered 2 shoe cases $49.96. claim being SHIPPED, never revieved. Order #230102020737532 online does not exist. How can I get my money refunded. They are still advertising on facebook now. 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Did not send product, but provided bogus tracking number so I could not file a complaint.. Scam contents: Selling elivated plant beds. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+8668447648 inckwpcoltd inc 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: FEEL THIS WAS A SCAM. Scam contents: just looked up this that came in my text to buy a pair of shoes..... note on internet that this is a scam website.... 8338723977 Paypal bitcoin payment 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Multiples keep popping up in my email claiming i made payments varyimg between $700 & $800.. Scam contents: Pауmеnt Cоnfirmаtiоn Dеаr Cuѕtоmеr, Yоur рауmеnt оf $756.40 for OrdеrID#1248187 hаѕ bееn соmрlеtеd. Pl
PayPal on FB Junk (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... I ordered 4 Flying Orbits though Pay Pal on Jan. 29 2023 charged me 95.00 and they are junk. Have never been given as gift to Grandchildren because they are just a few dollars worth of plastic and junk. Thank you, a very satisfied customer of EBay and PayPa retail sales of off facebook 3 weeks ago... the seller posts a product and sends you substandard product. when you try to get a refund they use paypal to screw you out of your money. If you are caught in this scam go and find the 800# for paypal support. They will follow through on your claim and get yo 3 weeks ago... I had ordered Jesus Tomb Easter on January 9th. I had to go thru paypal. the transaction # is 57A90228SK793364C. The order was $39.99. My balance at paypal came to $56.21. I had a tracking # thru service#vip. They tracked it from Spain to the US. I had a track 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please investigate and reverse the credit card amount $58.99. Scam contents: Purchased on Friday 24 February 2023 Time purchased 12.28PM (Sydney/Melbourne time) Card used Visa Listed as Dating & escort services Is this business name confu
+13302657597 Veawq co.Ltd's 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: At this point I just want my fefund thank you for anything you can do!!!!!!. Scam contents: Two topiary balls ordered on February 6th2023 no information from them .there E-mail is chenghesite@ I paid thru my PayPal account the cost $6 +18552091844 Paypal Team 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I Don't Know What This Means.. Scam contents: Pауmеnt Cоnfirmаtiоn Dеаr Cuѕtоmеr, Yоur рауmеnt оf $756.40 for OrdеrID#1248187 hаѕ bееn соmрlеtеd. Plеаѕе find thе dеtаilѕ of уоur оrdеr bеlоw: Ord
VEAWQCOL 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Looked up VEAWQCOL it sent me to a page that said it was a SCAM using PayPal. Scam contents: From PayPal $40.91 VEAWQCOL. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Joyui Co Ltd 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I would like to return for refund its supposed to sat Carhartt on front. Scam contents: I ordered a sweatshirt from Joyui Co Ltd it took about 4 weeks to receive it when i received it, it was missing most of thr letter and very poor quality.
BESSIEDUNLAP 3 weeks ago... Never received purchased product. Payment collected via PayPal. Never received confirmation email. Fictitious phone number. Fictitious address. No way to contact seller. This seller is a fraud and this website is a scam. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS WEBSITE. Sold dog bed never delivered got socks instead 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Just company advertises on Facebook cheap prices and then there’s no items. Scam contents: Never got the item they keep. They keep telling me to go to the post office to pick it up but there’s no tracking from China ? 3 weeks ago... The ran bay sumglasses showed up in the mail telling me that i ordered this pair, which i did not. It said my visa was charged $163.00. Never ordered, never authorize any transaction on my visa for $163. I dont have any active visa at this time, i canceled all +61413795207 PayPal/McAfee 4 weeks ago... I reported this scam earlier: This was in response to an email from PayPal/McAfee saying I owed $419.00 for McAfee antivirus; I had just bought a new Dell laptop with a free trial of McAfee which I deleted because I already have Norton 360. Then I received the eversocute bras 4 weeks ago... i asked 4-5 times for return address, then mailed back to the address on the pkg sent with a tracking # from the PO. the next day they advised me no refund because I sent pkg to wrong address. NEVER ONCE STATED ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT RETURNS HAD TO GO TO CHINA 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: See above . Scam contents: purchased a firearm from this website as soon as money was sent there was problem with shipping when asked when it would be shipped and what store it would go to for legal reasons has to go to store they said Satur +61391183723 Hb Rt 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: as attached. Scam contents: Your Subscription with McAfee . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61420660251 4 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I looked it up and it brought me here. Scam contents: Taking money from my paypal. SUSPECTED SCAM! (2 comments) 02/18/2023... Comment / Review: they are a company of liars and thieves. Scam contents: i ordered silicone airfryer pads 13th dec 2022 they told me items were at navan sorting office 17th dec 2022 still not received items. They lie continually about items on route,they have
+18774153289 (1 comment) 02/17/2023... Comment / Review: I did unsunscribe in blue area, & came up unsubscribed. Didnt want 2 call the ph # . Scam contents: Letter innmy gmail inbox stating Tjurs Feb 16. 2023 3:04 am.Paymrnt Confirmstiom. Details payment amout $756.40; Order : ID124887; Has produc +61391183723 McAfee 02/17/2023... Comment / Review: Received a few minutes after the first one from Scam contents: Similar to previous one. Request for money regarding subscription +61876590763 McAfee 02/17/2023... Comment / Review: Received this email and then a similar one not long afterwards . Scam contents: Requesting payment to date in terms of subscription . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+526863229758 02/17/2023... Comment / Review: Ahora me dicen que tengo una cuenta con ellos y me debitaran 8.99 euros cada mes.. Scam contents: Estaba esperando un paquete y me pidieron que depositara 2 dlls. Para que se me enviara ewl paquete yno tenian nada que vercon el envio.
+61876590763 McAfee (4 comments) 02/17/2023... Comment / Review: Called the number told the service department that I am not going to download any app as I’m not using PayPal. He hung up on me.. Scam contents: Invoice to debit an account +40756621237 Aromacent 02/16/2023... Comment / Review: .. Scam contents: I was tricked to make an account on there website and now it keeps draining money from my card.. SUSPECTED SCAM! (3 comments) 02/16/2023... Comment / Review: I ordered both of the orders on Feb.3,2023 and Feb 04,2023. Scam contents: 2 orders Order number 00136132. 25.09 Order number 00134580. 24.39
Happy shop 02/16/2023... Comment / Review: Piece of shit fraudulent company never stands behind products. I am thinking if driving there and kicking someones ass.. Scam contents: Sold n indestructable phone case. Would not refund money send a replacement and both were damged in the Embroideryn jesus Nativity Set 02/15/2023... Ordered on FB…what I saw advertisement for is not what I received! Careful….said made in America but was shipped from Netherlands. It’s too bad FB can’t do something about these adds!!!
+18087204655 Apple 02/15/2023... I received the above e-mail this morning and avoided calling the number because once before i received a similar e-mail from Amazon and it nearly cost my brother $3,000 as they said they refunded me too much and i had to pay them back. I checked my bank accou