Scams using PayPal

"PayPal scams" are used by scammers who usurp the identity of the famous payment system to override the suspicions of Internet users. Often linked to classified scams, their operation is simple :

  • The scammer deposits an advertisement claiming to be a seller.
  • The interested buyer is encouraged to use PayPal
  • The latter sent him a fake email with the image of PayPal to make believe that the payment was made.
  • Thinking she received the money, the victim sends her object by parcel

It is rare that the scammer is the direct recipient, often he uses a mule… It's called a consignment scam !

To denounce a scammer who uses this kind of technique, complete the dedicated reporting form.

Last reported scams +611800418604 Phyllis Acosta (1 comment) 02/19/2024... Comment / Review: I've never bought anything from eBay before.. Scam contents: They sent me a fake PayPal bill for an eBay purchase that I didn't purchase.. SUSPECTED SCAM! +61282053106 Jayne Beauvais 02/19/2024... Comment / Review: I received this email that seems a scam, Please check.. Scam contents: Order number 72665-51Q-192 is the brushstroke on the cosmic canvas of commerce, imprinting payment as art. Your account statement, the exhibition catalog, will unveil the 02/18/2024... The lengths thet have gone through on the tracking is unbeleivable It never made it to me but it arrived in Belfast I have no idea what is going on but part of the plot involves this company IMHO in 69 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge CB2 8D +18284904708 Kathy Lafleur/ Sophie Pearson (1 comment) 02/18/2024... Comment / Review: No money was actually taken. Nothing on my PayPal account history even showing where it tried to charge me. But got this email on 2-16-24 at 9:57am. 02/18/2024... Comment / Review: Is anyone visiting this person if this many people are being scammed? Amanda Fayette 4165 madison hwy Valdosta Ga 31601 . Scam contents: Iphone ordered by scammer 02/17/2024... Comment / Review: Posso avere il riaccredito? . Scam contents: Ho acquistato, con carta di credito, il18/11/2023, scarpe Hoka one per 32, 23 euro,non ho mai ricevuto nulla.
Soundmasters 02/17/2024... Comment / Review: Come posso farmi riaccreditare l'importo? . Scam contents: Ho acquistato una maglia w Montura il 23/12/2023. Ho pagato con carta di credito 56 euro, ho ricevuto un paio di occhiali falsi Ray Ban mai ordinati e non ho mai ricevuto ciò che av
Sophie Pearson 02/16/2024... Comment / Review: They need to go to prison and not be allowed around the Internet anymore.. Scam contents: Ordered a iPhone 15 yesterday (2/15/2024) for $520.89 with a extra $20 to have it overnighted by FedEx. Paid using my PayPal. 02/16/2024... Comment / Review: They should be held accountable for their actions of scamming people . Scam contents: They emailed me with a PDF saying.We're delighted to inform you that your order has been successfully placed and is now being processed. Order Number: J3 +18458838257 Sophie Pearson 02/16/2024... Sophie Pearson 4165 Madison Hwy Valdosta Georgia 31601 On 02/16/2024 used my PayPal account to order a iPhone 15 pro 256GB for a total of $550.89. When I called the number from the receipt on my email the person put me on hold then told me to move closer +27783066455 Welle official 02/16/2024... Comment / Review: Please assist me as soon as possible . Scam contents: I ordered sneakers 2022 August and I'm still waiting... they're not even responding. The sneakers were R1500... didn't get my money back
+14313047933 02/16/2024... We have to rate their travel destinations to get the commission. For few assignments we have to transfer cryptocurrency which they repay after the assignment. We can't withdraw money until we finish all assignments. Aftet finishing all assignments, i could 02/15/2024... Comment / Review: I didn’t authorize this. It’s a huge scam!! . Scam contents: This person is using my email address to order a phone off eBay using a PayPal account!!
Giske Network Technology (2 comments) 02/15/2024... Comment / Review: As above. Scam contents: An amount of $149.63 was taken from my account, returned then paypal emailed me that they have billed me this amount. I am beginning to think they accessed my account vis temu, after i ordered and paid for items from +61731023391 Shin Janicke 02/15/2024... Comment / Review: Used Amanda Fayette - poor Amanda Fayette. Seems to be a popular woman.. Scam contents: Your account statement will exhibit the debited amount within the next 24 hours. The purchase date is 2024-Feb-15, and your product is on its way with t +61280034014 Gerald Dimperio / Fanny Legier (1 comment) 02/14/2024... Comment / Review: Image and pdf letter attached.. Scam contents: iPhone worth $649.99 was purchased from my Paypal account. Contact the above phone number if this is not correct. Paypal (19 comments) 02/14/2024... Comment / Review: Pretended to be Costco online warehouse ordered a bed that never had trace of delivery status . Scam contents: Mattress. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Fdeolfrxae (1 comment) 02/14/2024... Comment / Review: Came up on bank statement I’ve not ordered this no idea what it’s for. Scam contents: Came up on my bank statement for £15.98 I’ve not done this 02/13/2024... Comment / Review: Online shopping using paypal. Scam contents: It is online shopping . SUSPECTED SCAM! +61261720432 Leanora Sivie (2 comments) 02/12/2024... Comment / Review: No idea what if anything to do about this. Scam contents: Purchase of iPhone via paypal. SUSPECTED SCAM! Essie Evans 02/12/2024... Comment / Review: I knew immediately this was not legitimate! Overall, these scammer(s) are pretty sloppy in their attempts to appear official!. Scam contents: See attached. 02/12/2024... Comment / Review: It withdraw money from my account. Scam contents: Advert in. SUSPECTED SCAM!
enifielt pte. ltd. 02/12/2024... Comment / Review: scam. Scam contents: vest. SUSPECTED SCAM! +35699492907 Arietggbl, Co.,Ltd 02/11/2024... Transaction ID 5PK98340LX376212S SDH0030049082 December 8, 2023, Sent by SDH Status: Shipped This shipment did not occur. There is no "mailbox" to drop a package in. All mail and packages are delivered to the receptionist at the front office and after t Freemanlove0619 02/11/2024... Comment / Review: I ordered 2 pairs not had a response £45 off the Facebook sight. Facebook should be held responsible for these scams. Scam contents: Sketchers training shoes hemsida för djur och motorcykel tillbehör. (1 comment) 02/10/2024... Har beställt en motorcykellyft, har fått ett mail om att det ska skickas men det går inte att få någon mer mailkontakt med dom, har provat i två veckor nu. 😡 +61280062644 Mariella Griep 02/10/2024... Comment / Review: the scam didnt used my credit crad as far as I know. Scam contents: the email content: We are thrilled to confirm that your order has been successfully placed! We are committed to providing you with outstanding service and products that me +61280062644 AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER 02/10/2024... Comment / Review: I don’t know what to do with the email I haven’t lost any money but just to be safe I changed my password and sign out off any other devices
Geathers fottys 02/09/2024... Comment / Review: I want my money back . Scam contents: Just a piece of cheap ring. SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 02/09/2024... Comment / Review: Faire attention au Fraude.. Scam contents: -9,68 $ de prelevement non autorisé. SUSPECTED SCAM! Antonio Robinson (1 comment) 02/09/2024... Comment / Review: I neither have a PayPal or eBay account. Scam contents: Saying I bought an iPhone 14 Pro from email using paypal. SUSPECTED SCAM! +6448893367 Amanda fayette 02/08/2024... Comment / Review: Order form. Scam contents: Apple iphone 15 pro256-gb black. SUSPECTED SCAM! +611800861341 Elvira Pugh 02/07/2024... Comment / Review: Received by email.. Scam contents: We're thrilled to confirm your recent order with us! Your trust in us means the world, and we're dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. Here's a breakdown of your order: Order Nu +14849902079 Jason Scarborough 02/07/2024... Comment / Review: Please check to make sure that no money was actually taken. I also don't think I have an actual PayPal account.. Scam contents: Invoice of a fake PayPal invoice that an I phone was purchased for $649.99 Fortune blast casino 02/06/2024... Comment / Review: Misleading ads. Denial of refunds. Lies. Scam contents: Missleading advertising. Denial of rightfully owed refunds . SUSPECTED SCAM! +14076558033 Augustina Mozzone 02/06/2024... Comment / Review: She scammed my PayPal and fraud. . Scam contents: She bought iPhone new brand but that’s my email used in PayPal Gabbyx23. Not her. . SUSPECTED SCAM! +18155642904 Thank you for your order 2970789 (3 comments) 02/05/2024... I called the number, and the guy told me someone had created a Paypal account for me. then he wanted me to download a program to connect to "to their server" to help me resolve the problem. At this point I refused to download the program and the person hung Jason miller 02/05/2024... Comment / Review: Any Jason miller communication via email . Scam contents: Basically this guy is trying to buy my car but reading other Jason miller scams it appears this is normal practice for this guy, watch out people Gearup Auto Parts Emporium (2 comments) 02/05/2024... Paid money for vehicle parts, for transport and insurance and for customs clearance than company wont give consignment number then demanded more money saying wrong delivery and need to pay for correct delivery. When asked for Fedex consignment number, no answe +17579969901 Theresa Richardson (6 comments) 02/04/2024... I didn’t call or logon. I waited to see if any said transaction went through on all of my cards. I am insured for any false transactions so I wasn’t worried. +4915215074956 Patrick turk (1 comment) 02/03/2024... Comment / Review: Buy sneaker. Scam contents: Buy sneaker. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14029357733 Clement Shop 02/02/2024... Betu Limited Jan 12·Payment −$28.42 Paid with L.L.Bean© Mastercard© (MasterCard Credit Card x-4202) You'll see "PAYPAL *BETULIMITER9CY" on your card statement. $28.42 Ship to Diane R Plankenhorn 700 Highland Terrace n/a Williamsport, PA 17701 Advertising video adds on YouTube and yahoo (2 comments) 02/01/2024... Comment / Review: Fullofcarts is a Scamming company that faulse advertising to sell products that do not work. Scam contents: They advertised waterproof washable pocket razors that are not washable and you cannot get them wet and the razors broken down and re Jason Miller (52 comments) 02/01/2024... Comment / Review: I haven't bothered responding.. Scam contents: I advertised my car on and a reasonably innocuous arrived asking if it was still for sale. Then I got this "What's the Final asking price?Why are you selling it? Does it need any
+15107360516 Payroll enrollment officer 02/01/2024... They pull you in with the intent of making u a sugarbaby and then put you through payments that dont make sense, like "recepient has to pay for thr company card to accept payment" makes 0 sense, and if the payment is delayed theres a "reopening fee"? Wat? Anyw +18044913211 Shawn Strother 02/01/2024... Comment / Review: Will continue to monitor bank acvount to ensure no money goes missing. . Scam contents: Invoice ID: KJKQ5MV26Q0 Ebay purchase, iPhone 14 pro (unlocked) was sent to : Theresa Richardson 4165 Madison Hwy Valcosta, GA 31601 Total char +61261720388 AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER, Twila Emdee (2 comments) 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: We never ever did this order. And don’t know this person at all.. Scam contents: We hope this email finds you well. We are thrilled to confirm that your order with us has been successfully received and is now being processed. Order Numbe +35315231400 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: They scam people with the nolige of PayPal nolige have reported it no feed back. Scam contents: GAMING . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18047151582 Theresa Richardson 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: My name is not Theresa Richardson and I do not have PayPal account. . Scam contents: iPhone was sent to Theresa Richardson 4165 Madison Hwy Valdosta, GA. 31601 IONOS 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: I have sent many mails to them but they just stopped answering me. Scam contents: I bought a domain and hosting for my web page, I paid USD 65 via PayPal. My Purchase never appeared on my contract, I wrote to them, and they say they were work