Romance Scam
Eileen (He Ziying), Jason

PseudonymEileen (He Ziying), Jason
Url /
Scam contentsShe uses her name Eileen as a Hong Kong and Macau designer and lives in Macau. She pretends to be very generous and good attitude and donation etc. She tried to explain her life in Macau and learn a lot from her father etc. She is interested in economy and investment. Finally, she shows what she does for investment such as coin short/long play 20~35% profit which is helped by her uncle who is a long experienced special investment. I check her Instagram but her name use Azalea Ho but she looks very similar and I trusted her continuously. She starts firstly 5000USD and 10K usd and 20K usd and 50K usd and 100K use and 200K usd etc. I lost 350K because SDX coin exchange site is not allowed to withdraw finally. SDX asked me to deposit 30% portion of profit due to tax verification. It is very fake site I realized now. She has tried to deal all things with her uncle and pretend not to know everything.
She is really scammer and Jason is one of really bad scammer and Azalea Ho might be one of their group a well. Pls away from her Eileen / Amanda etc (He Ziying) and Don’t try to believe Azalea Ho Instagram as well.
Comment / ReviewPls stay away from them

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