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+31657533730 Mariya Sumayya Vardanya / Polina Vardanya

PseudonymMariya Sumayya Vardanya / Polina Vardanya
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Telephone+31 6 57533730 (ou 0031657533730) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsI met this woman at a dating app. and had a immediate click with her she said she was from kiev ukraine, and lived and worked in Dordrecht in the netherlands, We switched to Whatsapp to continue our conversations She worked for a international company called dupont.
She lured me into crypto trading.
But when i wanted to withdraw the money, i had to pay a 36,4 percent tax over it.
She also tryed to scam other people on different dating platforms, Boo, Happn etc.
Ive been in contact with multiple other Victims (and almost victims) of her scam
Comment / ReviewUses multiple names on different dating platforms, then switches to whatsapp
Used names: Mariya, Polina, Angelina, Sonia

Uses multiple phone numbers

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