Romance Scam David Jose Bonilla/Jose Bonilla

PseudonymDavid Jose Bonilla/Jose Bonilla
Url / Website
Scam contentsClaiming to be in Marines in Syria.
Wife died, has a daughter in the states.
Claimed to be in love with me requested I apply for an emergent leave request for him to return to the states.
Talking in gchat with him using multiple profiles claiming he was logged out of his account and had to create new ones.
Email addresses can be provided.

Recieved email correspondence from
Photos are of Pierre Bonilla and his daughter (google reversed images).

I paid money for his “return”. On his way home to the US he was allegedly arrested for not disclosing having gold bars on him and a “fine” was imposed and had to be paid for his release.

Now requesting more money for flights to proceed.
Comment / ReviewI questioned his profile when I came across other photos of scams with similar photos found on ScamHatersUnited, SCARS

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