Scams using PayPal

"PayPal scams" are used by scammers who usurp the identity of the famous payment system to override the suspicions of Internet users. Often linked to classified scams, their operation is simple :

  • The scammer deposits an advertisement claiming to be a seller.
  • The interested buyer is encouraged to use PayPal
  • The latter sent him a fake email with the image of PayPal to make believe that the payment was made.
  • Thinking she received the money, the victim sends her object by parcel

It is rare that the scammer is the direct recipient, often he uses a mule… It's called a consignment scam !

To denounce a scammer who uses this kind of technique, complete the dedicated reporting form.

Last reported scams 10/12/2023... It looks like a real eBay and PayPal confirmation but it’s too cheap, only $649 and tells you it might not show up straight away on your account but to call+61 (02) 8003-3971 to report it which I haven’t done 10/12/2023... Comment / Review: These pple are trash taking money from someone that works hard to try to enjoy the good things in life. Lazy ass pple need to get there ass to work
Il makiage 10/12/2023... Comment / Review: Do not try to wnter any of your bank info to this company. They are fraud . Scam contents: Fraudulently using pay pal to scam bank account my bank allerted me a fruad transaction from this company after finding a website to purchase. They Gipzio 10/12/2023... Comment / Review: Je me demande pourquoi la direction de Facebook laisse passer ce genre de publicité mensongere sans faire de vérification. . Scam contents: La publicité de Gipzio est apparue sur ma page facebook et c'était pour l'achat de vêtements a pr 10/12/2023... Comment / Review: His Facebook name is John Burden. . Scam contents: He said he was in Pa. but PayPal said he was out of the USA. I was buying a tractor transmission but after making the payment he wouldn't respond back.
geathers pottys 10/11/2023... Comment / Review: did not order. Scam contents: halloween skeletons. SUSPECTED SCAM! Artroyza (2 comments) 10/11/2023... Comment / Review: Ive paid for orders that i didn't received. Ive tried to email them the issues but they didn't respond to my email. . Scam contents: Ive paid for orders that i didn't received till today
Amanda Fayette 10/11/2023... Comment / Review: How do they get info that is supposed to be secure Amanda Fayette 3505 Siverside Rd Sydney Australia . Scam contents: Apple iphone purchase paypal off ebay The Yoga Profs Dublin (1 comment) 10/11/2023... Comment / Review: I have no idea how but somehow they got access to my bank account and started charging me with 49.99 EUR per month.. Scam contents: They charged me with 49.99 EUR per month. +61280056634 Joshua Hart (AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER) 10/10/2023... Comment / Review: Block email and number. Scam contents: Email from Paypal advising that a payment transaction had occured to purchase an apple iphone 14 pro unblocked for $649.99. It was being sent to Amanda Fayette of 425 Urana Rd, Lavington NSW 2641nvia Fed +18189355265 Amanda fayette (1 comment) 10/10/2023... I did not order an iPhone through PayPal and I want this scammer to be brought to Justice, I am an honorable discharged veteran and I would greatly appreciate it if you could do something about this for me.
Geathers fottys 10/10/2023... Comment / Review: No way of tracing . Scam contents: 2 dresses poorly made/ ugly/ not my size do not recall ordering. SUSPECTED SCAM! +27108246750 Reliable store 10/10/2023... Comment / Review: Pay on their website for goods with pay fast and you never get the goods.The phone number keeps you on hold and keeps throwing you to the back of the Que. +61280062015 AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER (10 comments) 10/10/2023... SCAM do not reply or go to paypal using their link or call the number provided. I strongly suggest to block the email, block the number on your phone and delete the email.
Zhuoda 10/10/2023... Comment / Review: I bought it months ago and never received it. . Scam contents: I bought a broken crayons still color sweatshirt . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13986151101 Promise4A54 QUC 10/10/2023... Comment / Review: Cherged 3 times when asked for a refund.. Scam contents: Shoes. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Geathers Fottys 10/09/2023... Comment / Review: I didn’t order these. Sharon . Scam contents: A pair of glasses. I did not order these!. SUSPECTED SCAM! Gogoishop (1 comment) 10/09/2023... Comment / Review: They will not answer about the incorrect size. . Scam contents: I ordered boots which were supposed to be Clark’s.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13986151101 PROMISE 4A54 and PROMISE 9UWQ (1 comment) 10/09/2023... Comment / Review: Please catch these people!. Scam contents: This was and add on Facebook. Supposed to be Clark boots. Never received. $73.98. . SUSPECTED SCAM! +61280062581 Amanda Fayette 10/09/2023... I received this email today stating that my papal account was fraudulently used to purchase an iPhone 14 from a seller on eBay when I never purchased anything and I already have one of these phones, so why the heck would I want another one. +61280906552 Binance Holdints LTD (1 comment) 10/09/2023... Comment / Review: the piece of software they tried to get me to use is 'ultraviewer' Scam contents: A simulation of a paypal reciept telling me that i pays 503AUD using my paypal account (which i did'nt), and giving me these (1 comment) 10/08/2023... Comment / Review: What should I do? Can I get my money back?. Scam contents: I bought a few items, sent my monet using my credit card. Never received anything (got the information that the delivery had been sent to a different address). 10/07/2023... Comment / Review: Order 25315S 22901. Paid $99.13 on PayPal on 9/16/23 and never received items. Scam contents: I ordered clothing $99. 13 on 9/16 and never received the 2 items
+61433914959 Jamo 10/07/2023... Comment / Review: Never do it . Scam contents: Said it cost $0.10 but coast $79.16. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Car Coating Spray - Buy 1 / 100ML 10/07/2023... Comment / Review: Payment sent to veawq Co.,Ltd Payment Status: Completed Gross amount -$54.72 USD. Scam contents: Last Day Promotion 49% OFF - 3 in 1 Ceramic Car Coating Spray - Buy 1 / 100ML
PureBetsyrBuck 10/05/2023... Made a clothing purchase, website asked for payment information and used the card to make other charges. Transaction was made through Paypal - flagged the invoice with notification of this as a scam GEATHERS FOTTYS (31 comments) 10/05/2023... I have been totally scammed by this vendor. Received a small bag full of old rusty pieces of nuts and bolts instead of an item I ordered on line. Total rip off company. Beware! (7 comments) 10/04/2023... Comment / Review: Nu mai comandati de pe saitul asta : Scam contents: Am comandat niste pleoape faruri. Pachetul a ajuns la bucuresti posta 63 iar aceasta la predat la toate dovezile ce am in colet +16306213515 SHIEN 10/04/2023... Comment / Review: I purchased several items that were due to arrive i. 5 to 10 days. Purchase was made on 9-14-2023. Nothing has been received. Scam contents: Online store for women
fashhall 10/04/2023... Comment / Review: Looks like the same people whom scammed me ,,,try returning them see if they do offer if not report nit here. Scam contents: This worries me, I have been conned by a company recently where I looked at the returns and told, the return address +61280062015 AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER (10 comments) 10/04/2023... Comment / Review: Shipping Address - Amanda Fayette, 3505 Silverside Rd, Australia, Sydney. Scam contents: Your Order Receipt 3VDKWDEODU1BQ0A3VDKWDEODU1BQ0A Inbox Liz Derks Attachments 8:28 AM (1 hour ago) to me Be careful w +18435643273 Alliyah brown 10/03/2023... Comment / Review: They required PayPal friends family payment . Scam contents: I found a website selling puppies- a refundable $450 deposit was required prior to viewing the puppies at there home. They gave me an address that was of a guy who knew nothing abou
+61413268426 Amanda Fayette (16 comments) 10/02/2023... Comment / Review: Annoys the hell out of me ,!!! Why can't people just get in with their life without causing stress for everyone else 😡. Scam contents: Another name and an address for Sydney An iPhone 15 @$669 and money to be taken from my PayPal account +61428862678 10/02/2023... Comment / Review: I keep receiving these emails regularly . Scam contents: I can’t scan it so I have 2 screen shots . SUSPECTED SCAM! YTTO ONLINE STORE Support Team (8 comments) 10/02/2023... Comment / Review: False Disney Merchandise. Scam contents: Disney Merchandise. SUSPECTED SCAM! 10/01/2023... Comment / Review: Have emailed and dont get response. Scam contents: 2 retro vertical cellphone bag 1black 1brown. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18048011725 Ordered from /ebay crystal Holli last name incomplete 09/28/2023... Comment / Review: I do not know this person and did not authorize anything for such person. Scam contents: An Apple iphone ordered and paid through paypal and shipped to a Amanda Fayetta from Valdosta Georgia, 31601
+18046673037 09/27/2023... Comment / Review: Invo/09512/A9UEK on pay pal invoice from ebay. Scam contents: Amanda fayette valdosta, ga 4165 madison hwy using a pay pal account that they just set up two days ok with my name and my email. 701.96 dollars. 1-855-339-6194 (1 comment) 09/27/2023... Comment / Review: would like my money refunded. Scam contents: charge thru pay pal which I cancelled my card but was charged to my checking acct on 9/11-$1.95, on 9/16-$49.95 and on 9/25-$4.95 +18046673037 Kelly Maxwell 09/27/2023... Comment / Review: Better than usual verbage but don't have a PayPal account so new it was fake. . Scam contents: Said we'd purchased a new iPhone and used PayPal to pay thru eBay. (1 comment) 09/26/2023... Comment / Review: This place is the biggest scam going! I have no idea how they got my into my PayPal account. This is the only account that is tied to my cc. Benjamin Hoffman 09/26/2023... Comment / Review: Dr Martens . Scam contents: Dr.Martems. SUSPECTED SCAM! +13187610716 09/26/2023... Comment / Review: I ordered a washer and dryer combo but never received it. No tracking number or anything.. Scam contents: Washer dryer combo. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18185284330 Amanda Fayette 09/25/2023... Called number given. A person with Indian accent answered. I was told to get the app and fill out paperwork for refund. I told person I would deal through PayPal and he hung up. Paypal Promise4A54 (2 comments) 09/25/2023... Comment / Review: My order was placed on 08/26/23 for some short ankle boots and never received an Order Confirmation or the merchandise i ordered. It has been a month mmchrono (9 comments) 09/23/2023... Order a watch after seeing it advertised on Facebook. Appeared legitimate and even had a shipping update that provide tracking. Had been following it up until 09/22 when the home web page became blank with no way to contact or follow up. sore-tales 09/22/2023... Comment / Review: The market well to global market, scam you on returns and there products are misrepresented. Scam contents: Ordered a product. return policy was 'contact within 7 days of receipt. it was sent to me in ACT from VIC. They will not give me +8552052032 Media Hamster Ltd 09/20/2023... Please make sure to put this out their as this has hit thousands in the past recent weeks I personally can handle the one payment I got but others could be hit worse especially if not catching it sooner QVC sillagre (1 comment) 09/20/2023... Comment / Review: Looked into and found out a scam sight on facebook. Scam contents: Shoes. SUSPECTED SCAM! Kick Haven: Cape Town 09/19/2023... They advertise an online store for sneakers, take your money but dont deliver or send the shoes as promised. They dont respond to emails and delete message and comments when we ask on Instagram when we are getting our order. It has been a month now