Scams using PayPal

"PayPal scams" are used by scammers who usurp the identity of the famous payment system to override the suspicions of Internet users. Often linked to classified scams, their operation is simple :

  • The scammer deposits an advertisement claiming to be a seller.
  • The interested buyer is encouraged to use PayPal
  • The latter sent him a fake email with the image of PayPal to make believe that the payment was made.
  • Thinking she received the money, the victim sends her object by parcel

It is rare that the scammer is the direct recipient, often he uses a mule… It's called a consignment scam !

To denounce a scammer who uses this kind of technique, complete the dedicated reporting form.

Last reported scams +18155642904 Thank you for your order 2970789 (3 comments) 02/05/2024... I called the number, and the guy told me someone had created a Paypal account for me. then he wanted me to download a program to connect to "to their server" to help me resolve the problem. At this point I refused to download the program and the person hung Jason miller 02/05/2024... Comment / Review: Any Jason miller communication via email . Scam contents: Basically this guy is trying to buy my car but reading other Jason miller scams it appears this is normal practice for this guy, watch out people Gearup Auto Parts Emporium (2 comments) 02/05/2024... Paid money for vehicle parts, for transport and insurance and for customs clearance than company wont give consignment number then demanded more money saying wrong delivery and need to pay for correct delivery. When asked for Fedex consignment number, no answe +17579969901 Theresa Richardson (6 comments) 02/04/2024... I didn’t call or logon. I waited to see if any said transaction went through on all of my cards. I am insured for any false transactions so I wasn’t worried. +4915215074956 Patrick turk (1 comment) 02/03/2024... Comment / Review: Buy sneaker. Scam contents: Buy sneaker. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14029357733 Clement Shop 02/02/2024... Betu Limited Jan 12·Payment −$28.42 Paid with L.L.Bean© Mastercard© (MasterCard Credit Card x-4202) You'll see "PAYPAL *BETULIMITER9CY" on your card statement. $28.42 Ship to Diane R Plankenhorn 700 Highland Terrace n/a Williamsport, PA 17701 Advertising video adds on YouTube and yahoo (2 comments) 02/01/2024... Comment / Review: Fullofcarts is a Scamming company that faulse advertising to sell products that do not work. Scam contents: They advertised waterproof washable pocket razors that are not washable and you cannot get them wet and the razors broken down and re Jason Miller (52 comments) 02/01/2024... Comment / Review: I haven't bothered responding.. Scam contents: I advertised my car on and a reasonably innocuous arrived asking if it was still for sale. Then I got this "What's the Final asking price?Why are you selling it? Does it need any
+15107360516 Payroll enrollment officer 02/01/2024... They pull you in with the intent of making u a sugarbaby and then put you through payments that dont make sense, like "recepient has to pay for thr company card to accept payment" makes 0 sense, and if the payment is delayed theres a "reopening fee"? Wat? Anyw +18044913211 Shawn Strother 02/01/2024... Comment / Review: Will continue to monitor bank acvount to ensure no money goes missing. . Scam contents: Invoice ID: KJKQ5MV26Q0 Ebay purchase, iPhone 14 pro (unlocked) was sent to : Theresa Richardson 4165 Madison Hwy Valcosta, GA 31601 Total char +61261720388 AUS_DIGITAL_SELLER, Twila Emdee (2 comments) 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: We never ever did this order. And don’t know this person at all.. Scam contents: We hope this email finds you well. We are thrilled to confirm that your order with us has been successfully received and is now being processed. Order Numbe +35315231400 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: They scam people with the nolige of PayPal nolige have reported it no feed back. Scam contents: GAMING . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18047151582 Theresa Richardson 01/31/2024... Comment / Review: My name is not Theresa Richardson and I do not have PayPal account. . Scam contents: iPhone was sent to Theresa Richardson 4165 Madison Hwy Valdosta, GA. 31601 (5 comments) 01/30/2024... Comment / Review: No glasses in a month. Scam contents: Ordered glasses a month ago and didn’t Receive. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Inckwp,co Ltd (1 comment) 01/30/2024... Comment / Review: Paypal will not help me get a refund . Scam contents: Lots of useless products many not even delivered. Advertised on facebook but should be banned
+18025605181 01/30/2024... Comment / Review: iPhone purchased overnight for $539.26 to Valdosta ga. Scam contents: They bought a iPhone for $539.26. SUSPECTED SCAM! +18025605181 Kristie Lynn (2 comments) 01/29/2024... Comment / Review: They are claiming I bought a phone. Nothing has been taken out of any account I have. Nothing on eBay or PayPal. Seems to be phishing for account info! 01/29/2024... Comment / Review: trying to use paypal on ebay for IPhone. Then when u call the number they try to get into your phone to help you then they get all ur info.. . Scam contents: Theresa Richardson 4165 Madison Hwy Valdosta Georgia 31601
US_DIGITAL_SELLER 01/29/2024... Comment / Review: im lost where have this come from . Scam contents: his address 4165 Madison Hwy Valdosta, Georgia 31601. SUSPECTED SCAM! 01/27/2024... Comment / Review: error on website to load images btw.. Scam contents: They were advertising on tiktok about selling humdifiers . tik tok name was linkeking I bought 1 in december 23 , never got response after , no refund , no delivery , nothing . They +923090432515 Omair 01/26/2024... Comment / Review: Now I can't open my Paypal account cause they change its email and password, and they got my I.D. They might use my identity to scam other people. +61881214393 Margeret Fiorino (2 comments) 01/26/2024... Comment / Review: This is the second time I have received this type of email, always a new iPhone for a Amanda Fayette in Sydney, NSW. Scam contents: Margeret Fiorino Attachments 11:36 AM (14 minutes ago) to me Great news (1 comment) 01/25/2024... Comment / Review: Don't used them. Scam contents: Nike shoes . SUSPECTED SCAM! 01/25/2024... I lost 70 pou ds in ordering two himsn hair wig . Website showed uk paying jn pounds then the transcripts itwas in dollars. I made a huge loss how can i het my money back ir purchase back .below theres plenty of emvidence. It shows my item is delivered in bri +61282053106 Joanne Bessinger 01/25/2024... Comment / Review: Fake sale. Scam contents: PayPal Email DI allenrudd, Invoice ID- IV-63890 Helpline: +61 (02) 8205-3106 Date: January 24, 2024 Y o u s e n t a p a y m e n t o f 6 6 9 . 9 9 AUD t o A U S _ D I G I TA L _ S E L L E R We've asked the seller t
+18046313418 01/24/2024... I called the number listed above, but because I had this happen before and my phone was hacked while I was talking to the people. I didn't trust it not to happen again. A charge of $39.99 was declined yesterday and now it's $659 today. I haven't received an al
+639550930202 01/24/2024... Comment / Review: I lost a lot of money. Scam contents: Selling gems in online game. SUSPECTED SCAM! 01/24/2024... Bogus fake site .You will receive approximately $000,000,000 after you invite all your friends and family to sign up upon completing requirements met for cashing out $0. $3,545 means $0000 on this site. $000 Springfield armory 01/24/2024... Comment / Review: See attached . Scam contents: PayPal see attached. SUSPECTED SCAM! US_DIGITAL_SELLER 01/24/2024... PayPal® Dear kim.ellis35 Registered Email: Invoice di- KG4QOD9107LMD5409 Helpline: +1-206-809-1353 Youhavesuccessfullymadeapaymentof529.92USDto US_DIGITAL_SELLER We've asked the seller to ship. We appreciate you for using PayPal. G 01/24/2024... Comment / Review: Track # - AM241844700CN ORDER NUMBER - 2023122221218593. Scam contents: 3 pair of women sneakers. SUSPECTED SCAM! Guitar shop 01/23/2024... Comment / Review: Facebook market place is usually legit. They should screen their sellers better or they were dupped as well. I am reporting this to paypal.. Scam contents: Discounted guitars on sale. Used facebook market place to post a site called Guitar S That online health shop 01/22/2024... Comment / Review: No communication from company. Money has been paid . Scam contents: Medication. SUSPECTED SCAM! +18042123177 Paypal (1 comment) 01/22/2024... Comment / Review: just don't want to receive these emails. Scam contents: Something about buying an iphone. Seller = US_Digital_Seller Shipping; Amanda Fayette, 4165 Madison Hwy, Valdosta, Georgia 31601 Judy Blu 01/22/2024... Do not fall for any items being sold by Grass-Wood. It’s a total scam and it will take a month for you to receive your Knock off products that will come soiled and poorly made. The seam sewn up the rear was 1-2” off center rendering them completely useless
+14029357733 FDEOLFRXAES 01/19/2024... Comment / Review: $20.22. Scam contents: Paypal FDEOLFRXAES. 4029357733 HK. SUSPECTED SCAM! sweetnavas01 01/19/2024... Comment / Review: stay away from fake money gifts . Scam contents: stole money . SUSPECTED SCAM! JUYPUPIN 01/19/2024... Comment / Review: I just made a payment of $55.03. Scam contents: I ordered a pair of orthopedic shoes just today.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Aus digital seller (4 comments) 01/18/2024... Comment / Review: It says that if your did not purchase this, then to call the number (02) 8003-5749. Scam contents: Apple iPhone. SUSPECTED SCAM! +18026851632 Amanda Fayette/Tambra Krysinski 01/17/2024... Comment / Review: I have not made this purchase!. Scam contents: Received email saying I made a purchase of an iPhone via Paypal, of which I have never used. Purchase amount said it was$769.99. I deleted the only card I have on file with Paypal, though I’ve +17409381920 01/17/2024... Comment / Review: Be cautious of websites that can’t be checked as legot. Scam contents: They have you pay for the puppy via PayPal or Zelle and the send you fake documents for shipping the puppy. The courier then emails you to pay an additional $990 for cra Jason Miller 01/17/2024... Wanted to pay via PayPal and also pay for the transport cost of the car to NT. Payment to the transport company needed to be made before the funds for the car were released. Requested transport cost to be paid to a Gary Paul. +61280050415 Amanda Fayette 01/16/2024... Comment / Review: Money has not come out of my bank but I think they were hoping I would ring and give them my details. I have checked my Paypal account as well. +316138226251 JSM eCommerce B.V. 01/15/2024... Let op, aangifte doen in en Nederland haast niet te doen. Een keuzehulp van de politiewebsite verwijst naar "juridische hulp aan vragen". Op deze manier kan deze webwinkel nog heel veel mensen oplichten. 0 sterren zijn al te veel> Koop hier niet!
+61412368947 paypal 01/15/2024... Comment / Review: please let me know. Dying to know. Scam contents: I am not sure of anything any more. I feel I might have been a victim of fraudulent activity. I want to advise you of the phone numbers that I been contacted by in just a few hours (or less)
+16155473890 Richmond 01/14/2024... Comment / Review: Please can you stop this guy and if possible get my money back. Scam contents: Has been telling me that he'll help me but has been actually siphoning my money 01/14/2024... Comment / Review: Never recieved the product. Scam contents: Cheap running ahoes. SUSPECTED SCAM! +18185339791 US_DIGITAL_SELLER 01/14/2024... Comment / Review: Not sure what this is about. Can you provide any clarification? Thank you,. Scam contents: Seller US_DIGITAL_SELLER Shipping address Amanda Fayette 4165 Madison Hwy Valdosta, Georgia 31601 You sent a payment of 669.99 USD to US_DIGIT 01/13/2024... Comment / Review: Please help to blocked the scam email. Scam contents: Asking our guest for payment using Paypal. SUSPECTED SCAM!