Scams using PayPal

"PayPal scams" are used by scammers who usurp the identity of the famous payment system to override the suspicions of Internet users. Often linked to classified scams, their operation is simple :

  • The scammer deposits an advertisement claiming to be a seller.
  • The interested buyer is encouraged to use PayPal
  • The latter sent him a fake email with the image of PayPal to make believe that the payment was made.
  • Thinking she received the money, the victim sends her object by parcel

It is rare that the scammer is the direct recipient, often he uses a mule… It's called a consignment scam !

To denounce a scammer who uses this kind of technique, complete the dedicated reporting form.

Last reported scams

+639567527764 Gwen Joanna Tolentino Magtaas 12/30/2022... Scammed thru gcash he gave me 2 numbers but this number (09567527764) might value more and here is the other one 09274770745. Can email me for proof i really got scammed. Contact me here 12/30/2022... SCAM, SCHEME, FRAUDULENT Their website used stolen images and created a product listing with an item description totally incorrect/fake and different from what we received. SCAM, SCHEME, FRAUDULENT and using major delivery services including United States Pos (1 comment) 12/29/2022... Comment / Review: I want my money back!!!!. Scam contents: These were supposed to be amazon pallets. All i received was earbuds.. SUSPECTED SCAM! +14308884124 Bill Pay 12/29/2022... Comment / Review: I forwarded this to . Scam contents: Thank You for Choosing PayPal, Your Payment of $619.99 will be charged through PAYPAL for BITCOIN CRYPTO.If you did not make this transaction, please contact us at number +1(430) 888-4
cleverwhalego 12/29/2022... Comment / Review: The cushion shown first is what they have advertised. The cushion shown last is what I received.. Scam contents: I ordered a cushion from cleverwhalego. I thought that the cost was in Australian dollars. When I checked my PayPal account
+35620341517 ZBKCENTRAL.NET 12/28/2022... Comment / Review: LADRI. . Scam contents: Preso dei soldi dalla mia paypal. . SUSPECTED SCAM! +18889091312 12/28/2022... Comment / Review: Fake online store. Takes your payment via Paypal and never ships products. Uses text and images from legitimate websites.. Scam contents: Fake online store. Fake contact numbers and email. Fake address. Address: 8268 Prohaska Motorway, I
+14308884124 (1 comment) 12/28/2022... Comment / Review: PayPal invoice phishing scam. I forwarded the email to, as everyone should who receives this (or similar) emails.. Scam contents: Thank You for Choosing PayPal, Your Payment of $619. 99 will be charged through PAYPAL for +14154172329 Folding storage boxes (1 comment) 12/28/2022... Comment / Review: Scammers. Scam contents: Folding Storage Boxes. SUSPECTED SCAM! Jespe_4201 12/28/2022... Comment / Review: I will report to ebay once i am able to cancel the transaction after 4 days. This is a generic scam message. Scam contents: Buyer on ebay that has emailed with details of how to arrange payment via a different email address and as a gift. 12/27/2022... Comment / Review: thet will steal your money. Scam contents: I ordered the screen cleaners and was charged 239.40 and should of been charged 43.00 they never reversed the charges through Pay pal. I never received the items. Now they won't return my money. +13195734211 12/25/2022... Took 85 Plus dollars from my account without my approval by doing so it prevented me from returning to the previous page to cancel my order and as I try to go back to the page it said my cart was empty where it would not show me where the order was placed but 12/25/2022... Comment / Review: I didn't open it cuz I know it's a scam I don't even have $1,900 in my PayPal account so I knew right off the bat it's a scam I got those before 12/24/2022... Comment / Review: So mad!!!!!!!!!!!. Scam contents: I was purchasing a jacket for $44.88. once I paid they sent a confirmation email. I replied asking when the jacket would be shipped and I never got a response. I tried to go back to the website and it doesn't +12485152597 Becheer Co.,Ltd 12/24/2022... Comment / Review: My review is that I never received this item. . Scam contents: I ordered a personalized metal artwork with last name. Saw ad on FB with photos of examples. Cost $29 plus shipping and tax for $43.72. Received email it would be shipped by USPS. Melanie Muir (1 comment) 12/23/2022... Comment / Review: Site will force you to pay with PayPal-friends and family as to not to be able to receive any type of money back. Scam contents: Different “ items” to purchase at 50% off with rotating sales calendar +19079570333 12/23/2022... Comment / Review: Do not purchase from this site they are a scam website. Scam contents: Had a product on their website listed for 90 CAD. I believed I was paying via PayPal. When I realized it wasn’t PayPal and tried to return to site the transaction had al Rearvbukdgaanao Co.,Ltd 12/23/2022... Always, always check reviews before placing orders. From my observation, this order was never intended to be delivered. It's simply a monetary scam. PayPal is working on the refund issue as this company is claiming no accountability for their actions.
Lululemon product 12/23/2022... Comment / Review: Garbage. Scam contents: Order got garbage. SUSPECTED SCAM! 8889953164 12/23/2022... Comment / Review: I don't even know what this item is.. Scam contents: KUOE Old Smith 90-002. Automatic NH38 Movement, green replacement belt. $389.99. Invoice #88412013 Starcraft Network Limited 12/23/2022... This was supposed to be a Christmas gift and I ordered in lots of time . I only ordered because it indicated shipping from the US. Of course now I can't even find this site. Advertises on Facebook, and Instagram and should be shut down,
+8555642348 12/22/2022... Comment / Review: I never ordered anything on PayPal. . Scam contents: Said I ordered on PayPal for laptop $1969.62. Becker & cromecast mpkp83764/J893. SUSPECTED SCAM! +18022434135 (1 comment) 12/22/2022... I was sent this attempted subscription via email earlier today. I have not clicked on any link but suspect this email is a phishing attempt to access my data. Phone number does not match with original Paypal Customer Service. I do have Norton 360 and my accoun (1 comment) 12/21/2022... Comment / Review: Three emails in a couple of hours. Scam contents: Kaitlyn Cardello sent you a money request Payment request details Amount requested $599.00 USD Transaction ID U-1D9755219W742764U Transaction date December 21, 2022 Swing detection batting BOX1 12/21/2022... Comment / Review: Keeps changing arrival date Bogus tracking information . Scam contents: Golf training mat. SUSPECTED SCAM! +17067019856 12/20/2022... Site allows you to place an order if you send an email they'll first send you an invoice showing that you've paid and you got it coming and then they never respond to you again... 12/20/2022... Comment / Review: DO NOT BUY A SINGLE THING FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST!. Scam contents: Purchased a christmas solar cross on October 6. It is now December 20th and no sign of it. They pretend there is tracking information, say it is still in transit meanwhile the +447443655649 12/20/2022... Comment / Review: The two screenshots of transactions. . Scam contents: Purchase of a pair of hiking boots & two payments were taken, one from Tesco Credit Card & another from PayPal account; this seems to have been my error but they will not refund one paymen +8615705958872 Cool wallet 12/20/2022... Comment / Review: Any chance to get refund? . Scam contents: Bought a wallet last week through their website and till no update on the order status. SUSPECTED SCAM!
2211 N First Stree, CA 95131 12/20/2022... Comment / Review: Was charged $46.05 for I don’t know… please stop this. . Scam contents: 46.05 charged to PayPal account. No phone, no email. . SUSPECTED SCAM!
8889911357 Guillaume Hagen 12/18/2022... Comment / Review: Requesting money on my paypal acct. for $457.99 The message read "your paypal account was used fraudulently, call 1-888-991-1357". Scam contents: Requesting money on my paypal acct. for $457.99 The message read "your paypal account was used
+13475660328 12/18/2022... Comment / Review: He states you have to get a gift card to get the money he has sent to your paypal. Scam contents: Claims to be a sugar daddy wants to send money 12/17/2022... This website is scam they will never deliver anything to you don’t trust them they got my money and never get back to me I finally got someone that you can trust I got my meds from him with no hassle contact him. Marksellman25 at g mail dot com +16692677036 12/17/2022... Comment / Review: Im really upset im out of 1700 dollars that i got scammed out of. Scam contents: Told to me to.go to a fake PayPal store and go get gift cards to block hackers there were trying to attack my personal accounts im out of 1700 dollars because
+15145687981 (1 comment) 12/17/2022... Comment / Review: I got sports wear that I never ordered. . Scam contents: Exp either parcel YW Co., Ltd TRONTO TETURNS GATEWAY . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447951659249 12/16/2022... Comment / Review: N/A. Scam contents: Advertising . SUSPECTED SCAM!
inckwp,co.,ltd 12/16/2022... Comment / Review: I was charged too much tax for Fl. tax is 7% in fl USA the amount was $59.76 and tax was $14.64 should have been $4.18 . Scam contents: charged too much tax on a item item was $59.76 tax was $14.64 i live in Fl. usa and tax is 7% s 12/15/2022... This website is a scam I tried to order ketamine powder from them I did payment after the first payment they asked me for some extra money after paying that they blocked me don’t trust them after long search for legit vendors online I found one you https://n
mhelps.infod 12/15/2022... Comment / Review: Same as above.. Scam contents: The email said that someone was trying to get $599 from me from paypal. So I rang the phone number and they got me to fill in a form (no bank details) and then open the above website.
+13054907342 12/15/2022... Comment / Review: I never ordered the item for $13.13 and it was taken out of my Paypal account. Scam contents: 11/13/2022 Express Checkout Payment: inckwp, Co.,Ltd wells fargo - Checking +18883055774 12/14/2022... Comment / Review: Received one email at 9:16 am from Rhonda Moore and another email at 12:46pm from a Joseph Donnie Myers. Same emails, different names . Scam contents: Your PayPal account has been used used to purchase Google Pixel for 599.99. If you didn't Becheer Co.,Ltd 12/14/2022... Comment / Review: This is an internet fraud. Stay far away from Becheer Co Ltd. No one charges 30% tax rate on goods in the U.S.. Scam contents: Advertises a flying orb drone for $22.95 (which other sites sell for $5) on Facebook. Also advertises PayPal as a p 12/14/2022... Comment / Review: Get paid to do different tasks and don't actually get paid😡. Scam contents: Get paid to. SUSPECTED SCAM! 12/14/2022... Comment / Review: I ordered coffee table but never received. Scam contents: Product sale. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Inckwpcoltd (4 comments) 12/13/2022... Comment / Review: I have had a conformation email regarding my purchase for £39.99 from greatupt. But paypal has wrong amout and company. Scam contents: Although Greatupt seems genuine i purchased items for £39.99 but paypal email said INCKWPCOL £47.99 Zero-Miracle Network Limited 12/13/2022... No phone number to call them, only an email listed. I have reached out several times for credit but keep getting the runaround. I highly recommend never doing business with this company. +8613859845573 Gilbert eugene 12/13/2022... Comment / Review: i want my money back i gave 67 euros i ordered the product did not come gilbert eugena PayPal account please help. Scam contents: this is a scam website +8613437285983 Zola E-commerce Co. Ltd (1 comment) 12/12/2022... Comment / Review: SCAM. Scam contents: Glock & M1911 Shell Ejection Soft Bullet Toy Gun . SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 12/11/2022... Comment / Review: I made a purchase on this website, but realized I did not receive a receipt.. Scam contents: This appears to be a legit website, but the contact us email goes back to a scamming website.
INCKWPCOLTD (1 comment) 12/10/2022... Was advertised as a MUCH larger product able to split a medium sized log and it is so small not even a 2x4 can be placed in its opening. Looks more like a small candle holder. Only 8” tall and opening is only 4” in diameter.