Job scams

Job scams are about people looking for a job. Whether it's through a driver's job or housekeeper job, the hunting grounds of these scammers are always the same : the classifieds sites

How does this scam work ?

Even if there are several techniques, there is one that comes back regularly : overpayment scam. The scammer sends a stolen check to his victim. This one cash it. Shortly after, he cancels the mission and asks for a partial refund. A few weeks later, the bank informs that the first check was uncovered.

Last reported scams 2 weeks ago... Other reddit threads:
+17202492374 Airbnb Limited 2 weeks ago... Website is fraudulent, conns and scams people. The people behind this Colorado Corporation, named Airbnb Limited incorporated May 15, 2024, are impersonating Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky to defraud and scam people with part time job offers https:www.sos.state. Karishma Weissman 2 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: Namecheap Registered On: 2024-06-02 The email and domain was only created to pretend to be said company. They'll offer you a remote position with good pay, most likely wi
+639061721246 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: They say just get the orders done and i get additional money. Top up then get orders them there is commission. . Scam contents: They offer part time job that I will earn more. Damn! Okta translation typesetting retyping job 2 weeks ago... You will be offered a translation, typesetting or "picture to work" type of freelance work online. Usually this is through freelance sites or telegram offering a handsome money reward to complete the fake job. The point is to have YOU PAY upfront advance fees
+17139274113 Annie 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Please help me get my money back and stop these people from doing it to someone else . Scam contents: I was told I could make a good commission by completing 38 task a day but what they didn't tell me that I was going to have to pay to comple 2 weeks ago... Comment / Review: It's fake - if it was a real position, they would not reach out via a gmail address.. Scam contents: Scammer pretending to work for Hennepin Healthcare, offering fake jobs.
+97145604917 Amir Ali 2 weeks ago... Am ende letzte Jahr hatte ich das Geld von meinem Konto auf seine überwiesen, er hatte immer mir gesagt, dass das geld schicke ich zu dir, aber leider zeit acht Monaten bestimmt gar nicht. Zeitdem lügt immer noch. Ich will mein Geld weder zurück holen. Die (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: Pte. Ltd. Registered On: 2024-05-23 Expires On: 2025-05-23 3 weeks ago... They boast about numbers back from 2023 but their domain was only made on April 27th 2024. Domain: Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. Registered On: 2024-04-27 There is no physical addre 3 weeks ago... The domain was only made on April 10th 2024: Domain: Registrar: eNom, LLC Registered On: 2024-04-10 There is no physical address listed nor can be verified. No linkedin links, n 3 weeks ago... <<< They'll use a hidden URL that redirects you to: Domain: Registrar: ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED Registered On: 2024-04-07 Expires On: 2025-04-07 3 weeks ago... Task scams involve the sunk cost fallacy, as you put in the "work" and are lead to believe you're getting commissions on the fake site. They employ emotional and sub-conscious methods to try and make you believe it's all real: - they are super welcoming an +18406880142 3 weeks ago... I applied for this position on Glassdoor on 2/20/24 6:34 PM. Didn't hear anything back from this so call company until today. They didn't even tell me if I got the position instead they wanted a picture of my credit report. 3 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: Web Commerce Communications Limited dba Registered On: 2024-05-05 3 weeks ago... There are many ways a job scam can go, most often are fake checks for you to deposit a check then send money elsewhere to the scammer before the check gets caught fake. Domain: Registrar: NameSilo, LLC Registered On: 2024-05-24 https (2 comments) 3 weeks ago... Domain: Registrar: Singapore E-commerce Private Limited Registered On: 2024-04-19
+4915214026937 Kim 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Don’t trust nobody . Scam contents: Good day, I'm Kim, I received your job application, we are now offering online job positions, do you have time to learn about our work now? We work online, and our company mainly cooperates with major on
+447456629704 Tina 3 weeks ago... Je possèdes une vidéos de la conversation totale ou des informations personnelle sont demandé et un faux travail rémunérateur et proposer contre des services illégaux. un ponzi
CARAT (4 comments) 3 weeks ago... I didn't lose money on the site as i decided to decline their suggestion to put my personal funds. I tried to find how i can delete my account and there is no option to cancel it from the user's side. SCAM SITE!
+255652972786 Y&Y HOLDINGS LP 3 weeks ago... Hey guys, I want to warn you all not to fall into the trap of these scammers who haven't been caught yet and are still operating. They start by sending regular messages with a link that takes you to WhatsApp and then to Telegram, where someone poses as a recep THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE 3 weeks ago... Richard Weissman is Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, & CEO at The Learning Experience I want to start with saying that, is a legitimate website as it belongs to a legit preschool. However these scammers are impersonating Brittany Roush 3 weeks ago... They will contact you with a job offer via email or on your form website etc. They will say they want you to download a "brief" to look and review. Only this will be a virus. Seems to be spreading in the photography community. The email domain was only made
Jenny 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: This scammer will ask you to add her new number. "+447831110341 Add my private Whats account and I will teach you the next step". Scam contents: Online shopping. "This job is to help Etsy merchants around the world sell their products, incr
Claim they are Kyruus Health 3 weeks ago... The texts: This is Joseph —— from (Kyruus Health), your resume posted on Indeed was reviewed online by our Talent Acquisition Team and you have been selected to undergo an interview for the Remote Customer Service representative position. Kindly respond w
+64204962208 (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Complete Scam.. Scam contents: I was looking to earn extra money online. I filled out an application form through
0745638369 ALTAIR ONIVFORIAPA (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Arnaques . Scam contents: promesse d'employ . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447934639229 (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... I got them by a website name You should check them if they are legit ornot They will contact you from whatsapp after you gave phone number +639612560705 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Sana ibalik nyo pera ko kc malaking halaga rin naipasok ko. Scam contents: Grabing a product. SUSPECTED SCAM! +971554091567 Marcco gulf construction & petrolium llc company 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Research your companies before you send your personal information. Scam contents: Job offer, high pay no interview. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+966543895947 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: I have lost a lot of money in this website please help me to get it back. Scam contents: Teligram . SUSPECTED SCAM! +254714065126 (1 comment) 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Unfortunately I am a victim of the above job scam by barclaysjobs careers . Scam contents: About writing job. SUSPECTED SCAM! 3 weeks ago... Comment / Review: Scammer names and numbers if still using jill at lical number fir me 1 226 686 2014 anthea whatapp 1 518 888 1137 can load files oroose all info +639619714870 IM B5 & IMDB 4 weeks ago... The scammer will instruct you of how to do the job by simply giving their account to you to login. Once you finished the instructions, the scammer will give you the commission money for you to start your account.
+353899786431 ScamDetector (2 comments) 4 weeks ago... Despite rules that only 3 comission orders should occur per round the algorithm eventually forces you to keep depositing to make up increasingly ridiculous orders until you complete 33 orders in total.
Caylee Maxwell 4 weeks ago... The offer may come from a school email or indeed etc - it's all fake. If from your school, they got their email compromised. If indeed, it's just a fake profile. Remember that when you deposit a check - the bank can take days or weeks to catch it as fake. You
+17162567542 Eunice 05/23/2024... Comment / Review: This is definitely a scam. They keep wanting more and more. I would like to find out how to have them caught.. Scam contents: I was contacted on WhatsApp by a person who offered me a job. The job was explained as an SEO job. I was told my job 05/23/2024... More often than not, these end up as fake check scams. The scammer will tell you to set up your "remote office" and send a fake check to you. The check may be for more than agreed on, and they may say your bonus or payment is also included. So, you need to se
Richard Lowell 05/22/2024... The scammer will claim your job will be to: - run errands - supervising and monitoring activities - scheduling programs and flights, and maintaining my calendar - acting as a primary point of contact in my absence - making regular contact and drop offs on
+5186143242 05/21/2024... Comment / Review: First a text pretending to be a Robert Half recruiter. Then switched to Whatsapp to a handler who gives the . Scam contents: We have two salary structures: basic salary plus commission. The basic salary is paid three times a month, and the co
+966550808972 ايرين ايلما (3 comments) 05/20/2024... Comment / Review: اخذت ٢٠٠٠ ريال بحجه أنها ستربحنى. Scam contents: اخذت ٢٠٠٠ دولار بحجه أنها ستربحنى. SUSPECTED SCAM!
ايرين ايلما 05/20/2024... Comment / Review: اخذت ٢٠٠٠ دولار. Scam contents: اخذت ٢٠٠٠ دولار . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12107086416 05/20/2024... Pretty elaborate they had it thoughtfully but then she or he shared a group chat on telegram and everyone in group had 210 area code red flag I didn’t lose a dime thank God
+447568758104 Wayfair (1 comment) 05/18/2024... Comment / Review: Scammer ask to do tasks and you have to deposit money to get paid.. Scam contents: Registration invitation code: 6875727 Registration link: +924232345281 05/17/2024... Comment / Review: I lost money in this scam can you please help me get my money back.. Scam contents: They tell you that they are giving you courses and take your money and information( NIC,F.SC Degree) then tells you to wait for your approval of payment. The +61458787191 Robert Smith 05/17/2024... Comment / Review: Scamming wedding photography business to get money. Very suspicious way of communication, not like normal bride and groom. Turned out to be a spam. 05/17/2024... Registrar:Tucows Domains Inc. Registered On:2024-05-15 Expires On:2025-05-15 World Vision has a warning: [ Fraud Alert ] World Vision values the support o
وول مارت 05/16/2024... Comment / Review: انتبهم من وول مارت يرسلون لك ع تليجرام انهم رسمين و اشخاص حقيقين انتبهو عملية احتيال 05/15/2024... You have to pay big money for clicking a button and it uses cryptocurrency so it is untraceable. They claim you are lucky to get high commission but you can't touch the money until you have completed the task. You can't complete the task unless you are a milli
Christine Hernandez 05/15/2024... Domain: Registrar: NameCheap, Inc. Registered On: 2024-05-13 Expires On: 2025-05-13