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+15403158592 Stand With Nikki Haley

PseudonymStand With Nikki Haley
Url /
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Telephone+1 540-315-8592 (ou 0015403158592) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsa random text coming from a VOIP number:

It's Nikki Haley. Do you have a minute to talk ? hxxps:// Stop to stop
Comment / ReviewThis is a donation scam, plain and simple, first of all when you do try to access the website that's included in the text you'll get redirected to another one that prompts you to donate to show your support for Nikki and her presidential campaign.

Setting politics aside, once you give out that donation you'll likely give these scammers the right to charge your card on a monthly basis or worse, you'd give them access to your financial information.
This site has nothing to do with Nikki Haley.
Be careful.

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