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PseudonymAsa Smiles JC Cares Tracey Stewart
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Telephone+1 800-545-9642 (ou 0018005459642) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsImpersonating someone that has a ton of resources to find missing people ... When all they do is encourage family to start GoFundMe accounts and then they beg for donations for the family.
Comment / ReviewWe've had massive issues with this organization all the way from NY to Texas... People really need to look into these folks. It seems more nefarious than your average scam. When digging, it seems tons of aliases have been used, tons of locations are in the history ... And zero proof of the claims made. But the larger issue is they are actually causing harm and interfering with missing persons cases, posting online and bypassing authorities.... It's a weird grift with a weird obsession with potential homicide cases .. I'm protective over my home turf and I don't like the idea of some lady in New York, causing harm to people in grief who are vulnerable.

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