Donation Scam +22998854571 Frank Berton, Mathieu Michael, Bettina Dupont

PseudonymFrank Berton, Mathieu Michael, Bettina Dupont
Telephone+229 98 85 45 71 (ou 0022998854571) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsI was approached on Facebook by so called Bettina Dupont old woman who is dying and wishes to donate 250.000!... To make story short I was contacted by her lawyer Frank Berton on WhatsApp along with her as well. They were sending me pictures of donation papers and what not and after a day I was contacted by Bank Manager of the donation so called Mathieu Michael about payments I need to pay to get the donation. They kept sending me videos of money and what not to make me believe in the whole process and that the donation is a real deal and not some scam. I was an idiot and I lost money around 3600 euros which is a year of work in my country. I blocked them on WhatsApp but "Bank Manager" still sends me mails "You need to pay last activision fee to make all your dreams come true". I have a lot of pictures of the conversations we had and also videos they kept sending me + I also have a video of the real scammers face, so I know how he actually looks because I said i will pay 3500 euros if he shows me his face holding his ID card.
Hope this can help someone else.
Sadly I can't upload any pictures here. I keep getting "An error has occurred" but I
Comment / ReviewI'm sorry I can't upload any pictures but I would love to upload so that people can see this person's real face and this low life person that is scamming people all over the world.

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    • BredaPride 03/02/2024 at 01:52 PM

      Hello Fooks,
      I am lucky that I have an administrator at my site. Coz I have been approached by them too. Well, it's as they say: if something is too beautifull to be truth, than it is. Too bad they take others with them. But I have a very beautifull baseball-bat and I like to teach them how to use that without a ball. U gotta start practice somewhere. We'll keep it need, but i.m. afraid u will be on the side of the loosing team. As for the victims..people allways warn u and tell u to watch out. But sometimes it's so wrapped up, that u see the fault once ur past it...and harm is done. U get sue them, hard to catch otherwise they were allready caught. And I think they know exactly whom they targeting. Ussually people that are vulnerable, and have hope to gain something extra so they can survive. Take care u Fooks, some of got caught..and this is for if something is too good to be true, it often is.

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