Donation Scam Joe and Jess Thwaite

PseudonymJoe and Jess Thwaite
Scam contentsThere is a donation for you from Joe and Thwaite for a total sum of £550,000.00 GBP equivalent to $676,659.00 USD.

You are provided your Ref No JJT0019058 to authenticate you are the legit Beneficiary of the Donation and ensure you dont share your Ref. No and dont share it with anyone and keep it strictly confidential.

Reply from your Personal Email address WITH your personal Ref No. (JJT0019058) to Joe and Jess Thwaite
Email address below for further information

Note: Share your Ref No. only to
Comment / ReviewI recieved this as a txt message but there was no phone number attached, it was an email address from

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