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Scam contentsJJ.T01.docx file. Screenshot containing paragraphs that include large sums of money and a ‘Ref No’. Additional emails listed in screenshot-
Comment / ReviewI haven’t opened any links or fully looked at any screenshots; I advise anybody who receives a similar message to not click any links or fully look into any screenshots provided.

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    • Judge Dredd 09/29/2023 at 02:57 AM

      This summary discusses user reviews about a suspected scam involving fraudulent charity donations. The context revolves around unsolicited messages claiming to originate from Euromillion lottery winners Joe and Jess Thwaite, who ostensibly are offering substantial monetary donations. The emails are flagged as scams, with probable origins in Nigeria and intentions to deceive recipients into paying advanced fees, allegedly a characteristic method of advanced fees fraud. The related article can be found at

      Users have received messages and emails, notably from, containing screenshots and documents asserting availability of large sums of money, conditional on maintaining confidentiality and verifying through a “Ref No” sent to Several users report having received similar suspicious messages, urging caution in handling such correspondence and discouraging engagement with the links or screenshots provided.

      One of the recipients noted that upon viewing the attached file, it seemingly only requested to send the verification code to the provided email, and the screenshot could merely be enlarged. However, another update from a user highlighted potential risks, pointing out that the file automatically downloads into whatever app is used to open it, possibly accessing account info on the app.

      The users generally advise against clicking on... Read more

    • Melanie 09/28/2023 at 01:08 AM

      I just received this one, too. 11:15pm Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

    • Pootie Head 09/28/2023 at 05:29 AM

      I received one as well. I already looked at the file. It's just a Word doc requesting the viewer to email the verification code to the email. Screenshot just enlarges.
      I received it at 2:02 am Thursday, September 28, 2023.

    • Pootie Head 09/28/2023 at 05:46 AM

      Update: The file automatically downloads into whatever app used to open the file. This could potentially access your account info on the app. I countered by wiping all info from the account on the app.
      Butt nuggets begone!

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