Phone scams and ping-call

Phone scams are most often perpetrated by unscrupulous service publishers who use various pretexts to encourage victims to call back a premium number.

The most common pretexts are :

  • A voice message waits to be listened to
  • An e-mail tells you that a parcel post is waiting for delivery

How to fight against phone scams?

The best way is to inform the internet users as much as possible by reporting the fraudulent number

Last reported scams

+14172005623 03/02/2024... Claims to be able to screen and assist in medical subsidy act. Repeatedly calling after requesting to be removed from their call list. Claiming they cannot put me on a no call list. They have my number under the name of someone else and i dont qualify anyways.
+19541737793 (1 comment) 03/01/2024... I got a text message saying I missed a package delivery and I had to pay to get it resent to my address.I noticed it had 3 people tagged in this one text so I thought that was odd and decided to look it up.The website is also off it says it's USPS but the webs
+447918557287 02/29/2024... Comment / Review: HMRC saying a warrant for arrest had been issued - press button 1 - we terminated the call which was early afternoon today. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18666668516 (6 comments) 02/29/2024... Comment / Review: I did not order no iphone SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447810389706 02/29/2024... A girl cheated with me first recharge usd 324.97 second recharge usd 588.38 third recharge usd 731.26 four recharge usd 1520.87 five recharge usd 1.024 six recharge usd 300 seven recharge usd 1268.89 how will I get my money withdrawn what is the method Frau
+16094283664 02/28/2024... Man was pushy to get credit score information then when I went to credit karma and screenshot that it wasn’t enough had to be through the website he suggested. Def a scam
+642102313633 02/28/2024... Comment / Review: He said he worked on a oil rig. Chatted for a week and half and then asked for money. No money handed over. Blocked at that point SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27711664958 (1 comment) 02/27/2024... He was like selling mobile trading robot. Called AK 47 Bot. Then i wanted to buy. It then he said i must pay 500. He got group on whatsapp. Ok after payment. When i ask him . When robot then he started to say i must wait. He gonna send . When i tried t
+64214243824 02/27/2024... Comment / Review: Advising use off Visa card , for Amazon and Apple Pay. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639122322325 02/27/2024... Greetings from BDO, as part of our continuous effort to bring you the best online banking services, we request that you verify your account information to continuously access mobile banking and receive an OTP. Proceed to Failure to do
+60172017906 02/25/2024... I get this son of bitch phone call said that I get rm300 credit in my hotlink app.then I don't know how he can get into my hotlink account and send multiple of tac number.then my prepaid is added up then I lost rm100 from my account and I got notification that
+61420377940 (1 comment) 02/25/2024... Comment / Review: I thought this person was my daughter wanting my card details so I gave them . I lost $4600.00 SUSPECTED SCAM!
+97450152867 (1 comment) 02/24/2024... Comment / Review: D SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639389229937 (1 comment) 02/24/2024... They ask me money to pay that I never know how I barrow money from them. And now they ask my families and friends to pay money too and they do public scandal on me on my Facebook and messenger. And threatening me that they will do more public scandals on me.
+19105748026 (5 comments) 02/24/2024... Comment / Review: Send Hello Blue sky Phone number 8 3 3 5 8 7 ID…”Male has been calling several times a day for months SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19105748025 02/24/2024... Missing several Hello , this is Sierra with lending agent ID 3 4 6 3 . Reaching out regarding your loan application I see her we're missing a couple pieces of information to complete the application but so far I don't see a reason why we can't get your proof .
+491772311631 02/23/2024... Comment / Review: Can you Halp me whay i cant withdraw my many SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18055040667 02/22/2024... Someone wanted me to contact them on WhatsApp about a remote job, supposedly with Travelocity. The photo of the woman on WhatsApp was obviously fake. She had a that thirst-trap look. She is actually trying to get me to "train" for the job now. I think it is
+2348029396902 02/22/2024... Comment / Review: Please I really really appreciate if I can get the job SUSPECTED SCAM!
+15417303113 02/22/2024... Comment / Review: Fake company impersonator SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27636289490 02/21/2024... This phone number is contacting people on whatsapp pretending to be me. They are asking my mom to send money and airtime. They used a picture of me on the profile photo. They know what my profession is and I want to stop this before it gets out of hand, before
+27210653106 02/21/2024... I have been harassed by these numbers please need help removing them. The other numbers I been phoned on is: 021 065 3108 031 055 1125 021 065 3108 010 065 5600 011 036 7491 063 588 5511 021 065 3106
+61873208877 02/21/2024... Comment / Review: Calling for a problem with my visa account SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12702601933 (1 comment) 02/20/2024... Comment / Review: Phone fraud and fake websites For fraud scams SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16602830098 02/20/2024... Comment / Review: Fake Politician SUSPECTED SCAM!
+50941469193 02/20/2024... Good day. I'm contacting you from South Africa regarding suspected wangiri phone scam. It started on the 15/02/24. I've been called numerous times since then with money missing from my phone number. My phone would only ring for a few seconds from 5 different n
+40750844735 02/19/2024... Good afternoon! I ordered a phone. and I received something else in the package that they sent, even in terms of price, it is only a fraction of the price I paid for the phone I was hoping for. Please and I would like you to send me the real product that I ord
+2349072848648 02/16/2024... Comment / Review: his chatting me right now on whatsapp and tell me to pay a winning fee on 7/11 or gcash to gcash payment.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447473924681 02/16/2024... Comment / Review: Remote job offer with simple review task and good payment. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61488878927 02/15/2024... Person asked for Miss Jan and said they were from Telstra and there was a problem with my bill. I hung up as I don't have a telstra account. This was the second scam call today and was from 0430691371. It was purporting to be ANZ Bank and said there was a sus
+12258253787 02/14/2024... Comment / Review: Keep calling me and harassing me SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27743088169 02/14/2024... Comment / Review: Ubungane Legal Collection - Part of Teledialkom Scam - Please report them as a scam!! SUSPECTED SCAM!
+15073074238 (5 comments) 02/14/2024... You are required to contact the Assistant HR director, Mrs. Marie Alexander on telegram, to schedule an interview session. Please add her via her link ( for the Job briefing.
+441200409569 02/13/2024... Comment / Review: I received a missed call from this number SUSPECTED SCAM!
478299757 02/12/2024... Movie-seo-uk.or https// +44 07412881536 ( customer service) +44 07445852578 +44 07424037561 They give you an online job under the name of google movie U.K, working for Odeon. After you start the trial
+923009001700 (1 comment) 02/12/2024... I am use the Facebook scam advertisement Samsung Galaxy fold 4 with with charger and included Galaxyearbuds 2 only 59 dollar I am transferred money from midtown Bank debit card but I am a long wait for receiving parcel but not receive then I am a check and sea
+27698073409 (1 comment) 02/11/2024... He is a very good scam he scam people for money He goes by the name as alfonso alvira cohbams Lucas Andries chepape This the names what he goes by to scams people's He have a few cellphone numbers +1901-451-9845 +1803-923-5931 0698073409 0691931
82007229893369 02/11/2024... Received a suspicious link from this number informing me that my card is blocked and I need to reactivate it. ‘Your card has been blocked due to unusual activity. Please confirm your account again’
+18445155020 (1 comment) 02/10/2024... I get frequent calls from 215-622-0320, which is a fraudulent (fake) Spectrum (Mediacom) Internet phone number that offers 50% off my Spectrum bill. The call center is located in Pakistan or India with approximately 20-40 young English-speaking men ages 18 to
+441156774650 02/09/2024... is a scam. They charged me 1 € for the report I have never get, and after 15 days they charged me an amount 29.95 for I don't know what, and I have never agreed on that.
+61402422103 (2 comments) 02/09/2024... They keep ringing me dayly they ring from Australia UK and other contrys they all speak in European acsents they got up to seventy thousend US dollars in my name I want all my funds back with interest please can yous help me
+447784550370 02/08/2024... Comment / Review: calls and asks to send you a bill you need to pay? SUSPECTED SCAM!
+971554056102 02/08/2024... I ordered a watch after few days they sent me a wrong watch... l sent many msgs. but no use. I kept calling them till an indian person replied and promised to see what to do about this issue. After that nothing happened.
+18135821972 02/08/2024... Comment / Review: Anwsered the phone and after A second of silence loud music begane to play with the loud sounds of A man masterbateing began to play SUSPECTED SCAM!
+40754894393 (4 comments) 02/07/2024... Comment / Review: hello, I want you to remove me from that subscription SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61863880915 02/07/2024... Scammers pretending to be Telstra offering 50% discount on my bill. I am not a Telstra customer. I told email address was This cause them to realise I wasn't going to be scammed, they transferred me between the team and
+639176214336 02/07/2024... Comment / Review: Hope you help me with this matter, thank you SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61266919103 02/06/2024... Comment / Review: Now that you have taken this call, you are responsible…rang 4 consecutive times. I have now blocked this number SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447922454204 (1 comment) 02/05/2024... Comment / Review: Tried to act as son with new phone,mum send over £1300 to my account,having trouble with bank,cannot sort till 48 hours.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+15104245875 02/05/2024... Comment / Review: Look out!!! Alexis Vargas just posted new pictures on the Eros website!!! 510/4245875 is a scam call!!! They want to rob you!!! There is a man involved too!!!