Phone scams and ping-call

Phone scams are most often perpetrated by unscrupulous service publishers who use various pretexts to encourage victims to call back a premium number.

The most common pretexts are :

  • A voice message waits to be listened to
  • An e-mail tells you that a parcel post is waiting for delivery

How to fight against phone scams?

The best way is to inform the internet users as much as possible by reporting the fraudulent number

Last reported scams

+13479199342 03/21/2024... The guy calling from this number was acting like he was a tech support guy from T-mobile who called me stating that my T-mobile account was hacked and someone was trying to purchase 2 I phones. The guy was beliveable until he started asking personal questions
+447537134547 03/21/2024... Comment / Review: I’d know about this phone I lost money. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17796005367 03/21/2024... Comment / Review: Threaten to reveal online activity if I didn’t pay. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61285301987 03/21/2024... Comment / Review: Indian Scammers pretending to be from telstra and trying to get personal data SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61488882495 03/21/2024... A female caller pretending to be from the Commonwealth bank saying a transaction for $499 had been made from my account and asking if I had made that transaction. When I asked when ut was supposed to have happened she hung up on me. Caller had a clipped accent
+15054416020 03/21/2024... Comment / Review: scammer pretending to be Anna lives in Albuquerque, NM SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17135645206 03/20/2024... Comment / Review: Thay said we are from insurance company you are eligible for medicaid or medicate SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16136899881 03/19/2024... Comment / Review: They were asking about a bitcoin wallet SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17578288023 03/19/2024... Comment / Review: Contacted me, interested in a truck i have for sale. Demanding car report from fishy website (non-carfax). SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447466330353 (1 comment) 03/18/2024... Comment / Review: This company keeps taking around £6 from my account every few weeks and it’s annoying me. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+393453055102 03/16/2024... Comment / Review: aggressive scammers SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17194359535 03/16/2024... Comment / Review: Check scam via text message SUSPECTED SCAM!
+393501486647 03/15/2024... Comment / Review: Truffa aggressiva SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18885180494 03/15/2024... Comment / Review: It sends you a message with a link to receive a free product but you have to enter your bank account info to receive the free item SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18124201348 03/15/2024... Comment / Review: Someone order a iPhone in my name and PayPal account SUSPECTED SCAM!
+15733276857 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: They called me repeatedly. I called back to see what it was about. The machine answres, puts you on hold for a few minutes, then hangs up. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447790994982 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: Automated voice telling me a £300 purchase on Amazon and a bank transaction for over £1000 has been made. Press 1 to authorise or 2 to speak to an advisor.
+61485972101 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: Received this call did answer it , but had 2nd call on 0485 973202 that had recording saying my phone would be disconnected. I reported that in another form.
+61485973202 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: Recording told me my phone number would be disconnected in 2 hours , them I hung up SUSPECTED SCAM!
+6139622245 03/14/2024... Caller claimed to be from Google and that my business wasn't verified, hung up when I questioned who and where they were exactly from. Range from a Melbourne number 03 9622 2455.
+61285295642 03/14/2024... Comment / Review: Telstra trying telling me my internet is dropping in and out and to go it my browser and type something in. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14075397080 03/13/2024... I got a call from the Wells Fargo office in Winter Park, at: 407-539-7080. A guy said that 2 fraudulent transactions were taken out of my Zelle account, and account number ending in 8853. This sounded odd since I don't have an account number like that. And I
+15482551251 03/13/2024... Comment / Review: USPS text scam SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447859725824 03/13/2024... Hello, can I talk to you for a few minutes? I have a part time job here that only needs you to spend 30 minutes a day and you will earn between 100 to 300 SAR. This is my WhatsApp number:
+40752958416 (1 comment) 03/13/2024... Comment / Review: Nu am primit ce am comandat SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61280808096 03/13/2024... Comment / Review: trying to sell phones and abusive towards me SUSPECTED SCAM!
3215793652 03/12/2024... Comment / Review: Scam calls. They are calling me on VIBER, but my phone is ringing with the melody oh my cell phone. I am surd that it's SCAM CALL SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447474679927 03/12/2024... Comment / Review: SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61742569194 03/12/2024... An 'indian' female called and said she was from visa security department and that a strange transaction occurred blah blah blah... she hung up as soon as i gave her non-specific answers.
+61391229206 03/12/2024... Comment / Review: Claiming to have money in suspense that I invested in global markets SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61391229221 03/12/2024... Comment / Review: Claiming to have money that I invested in global markets that was in suspense SUSPECTED SCAM!
+15733195254 03/11/2024... Comment / Review: Keeps calling and it's automated. They try to collect information from you and some of it is personal information like SSN and address. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+15713932512 03/11/2024... Comment / Review: Fake political donation scam SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639537942014 03/10/2024... Comment / Review: USPS does not text, according to my post office. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61419736591 (2 comments) 03/10/2024... Medicare:Your Medicare has been suspended after our system detected unusual activity. View the details of your account: That’s not how Medicare works
+19177202035 03/09/2024... Called to tell me my Coinbase (Cryptocurrency Account) account had been compromised and wanted me to give them information so they could help me secure my account.
+31647083004 (1 comment) 03/08/2024... the lady who makes contact lures you to and shows you that it is easy to earn money. then with the third deposit there is no option to sell the shares again
+19293187061 03/08/2024... Comment / Review: Threatening Text Message & Phone Call SUSPECTED SCAM!
+40731284794 03/08/2024... Dear , Attention:This is a confirmation for your order detail. It means you have paid for the order successfully. Order details: Merchant Order No. : 1SC-ss18858-fn181 Order No. : N202402100512577947697 Payment Date&Time : Sat Feb
+16264185159 (3 comments) 03/08/2024... I have ordered an i phone 15 pro max from you. But I still don't get the item. It has been 17 days since today. AS839428465CN this a my Oder number. I was buying this company newprodiscount, My tracking number is AS839428465CN. My package says it was de
+61488878956 03/08/2024... Comment / Review: No answer call SUSPECTED SCAM!
+989143122515 03/08/2024... Comment / Review: iran tabriz vi'ashahr SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19027843583 (1 comment) 03/07/2024... Comment / Review: Amazon i phone purchase scam Most people will get screwed Stop this SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447751146425 (1 comment) 03/07/2024... Caller says they are from Virgin Media and their server was reporting numerous errors on my computer. He wanted to gain access to show me the error messages and clear them for me. Said it wouldn’t cost me too much but he would need access to my banking app.
+61488878951 03/07/2024... Comment / Review: Chinese message SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19517434657 03/05/2024... Comment / Review: GOP Membership has expired SUSPECTED SCAM!
+393669849277 03/04/2024... Comment / Review: Truffa aggressiva SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61290446996 03/04/2024... These pieces of shit first try and convince you that they are legit company selling a software product that will make 20% profit per week. But then get you to buy a education product thus getting you to depart with your money. The site they get you to part wi
+61863880944 03/04/2024... Comment / Review: Looking for money for paypal SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639662168229 03/02/2024... Comment / Review: I withdrew 10,000 pesos until February 23 this year until they transferred it. it took them a long time to transfer SUSPECTED SCAM!