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Comment / ReviewNotice received by mail for an extended warranty with this number ... it's a scam there is not even the address !!!
Phone number reported as a scam by many people

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    • Charlagasse 12/28/2022 at 05:09 PM

      I also received that kind of card (pink, apprx. 8" x 6") with the right car, model and even the year, no name of the sender and no addres either. I used to rent it up untill last september when I bought the car at the end of the 4-year lease contract. I was suspicious about it because I bought it in Canada, used it in Canada but the main reason I was so suspicious is when I got the card, I was in my condo in Florida and it arrived in the mail at my addres in Florida. I was going to call thinking in was about part of my warranty still in force but change my mind when I decided to check the phone number first and found the scam. Thank you for your good work.

    • Toyota 01/23/2023 at 10:27 AM

      I received the card, too, and just called the number. I checked the phone number while waiting them to pick up the phone and found it reported as a scam by many people, at the moment a lady answered: I asked her to let me know what company they are, then the lady did hang up the phone.

    • Tesla M3 02/10/2023 at 04:32 PM

      Not "suspected", these people are a TOTAL SCAM! Beware of the sweet talking lady, that said she worked for Tesla, and that she noticed our car's warranty had recently expired and wondered if we would like to enter into an extended warranty program? Once again I confirmed that she claims to be working for Tesla, and once again she said "yes" as the notice had no name nor an address just a brief reference that it was coming from Tesla. I then asked what components were covered and for how long? "Well the engine, the transmission, the exhaust system, all radiator cooling components" etc etc... My response "Teslas have none of those, but I DO happen to WORK for Tesla... what is you name again?.... click!

    • 2017 Acura rdx 05/03/2023 at 08:12 PM

      I received a letter about a Acura rxd 2017 in my mom's name and she hasn't owed or drive a car for 12 years before she passed in 2021 it had no company name lol beware L mattson

    • MissingPajamas28 06/24/2023 at 12:27 AM

      888-307-2075 is a total scam. Noticed also how they sneakily don't put their name or return on the address, very fishy. Needs to be reported to authorities.

    • Zinc 07/19/2023 at 05:08 PM

      Same here!!!! Just bought an Infiniti QX60 3 this May. Then I received a letter about early July to ask me respond to the notice requested. The letter mentioned I need to call the number to activate my factory warranty before it expires. But I know I bought extension warranty from the dealer. I call the number, a very decent guy's voice and try his best talking with me in a pretty humble manner. But when I said I bought warranty from dealer, he said the dealer is not licensed for warranty service. Then I pretend to be mad of the dealer and hang up it. I know it is a scam. Then I google this phone number and found so mannnny report about this scam number.

      Hope my comment help somebody else. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!!!!

    • TexTruck 08/04/2023 at 11:28 AM

      2nd letter we have received stating factory warranty has expired. I have less that 5,000 miles. Don't think so! NO warranty company name. Rather official form letter, though.

      Looked up Phone number and see this has been SCAM for years.

    • OHnurseinFL 08/08/2023 at 05:40 AM

      2023 Hynundai Sante Fe: Mine came as a letter telling me I hadn't activated my vehicle service contract. Funny I just had it in to the dealer for it's first "free" oil change and didn't have to pay a dime, even though the contract hadn't been activated. I knew it was a scam and decided to google the!
      Thanks for your service ratting these people out.

    • Kimberly 08/12/2023 at 01:04 PM

      I've gotten countless "urgent" notices from these people about the extended warranty on my car. Interesting part was when I bought a new car in the middle of it all and the notices kept coming, just with the new car type on it. Well done keeping up with the RMV records, but my three-month-old car is not almost out of its three-year manufacturer warranty.

    • Anonyme 08/16/2023 at 11:31 AM

      It’s a scam

    • AED 08/22/2023 at 04:09 PM

      I got a letter about activating my vehicle service contract on a vehicle that hasn't even been started on the product line yet, let alone bought.

    • P Huffman 08/25/2023 at 11:12 PM

      Received a notice in the mail for a warranty on a 2020 Ford Escape, which I do not own, asking to call about an extended warranty.
      My search found this site.
      Thank you all for posting this!

    • Anonyme 08/28/2023 at 05:58 AM

      They Phish on any credit checks. They sent me a letter stating a vehicle warranty. Attention! They are so stupid, I never owned this vehicle stated in the letter. SAVE A TREE! So I created a phone loop bot continually calling them.👍 We win!

    • Anonyme 09/01/2023 at 09:14 AM

      I work at a church and I called this number because I keep getting mail from them. I finally called it today while I was working and wanted me to pay 180.00 a month for 24 months and my warranty would be covered until 2027. As I was on hold I put the number on google and found all this. When he came back on the phone I told him and he started yelling at me. I hung up then he called me on the church number and started disrespecting me. Please be careful

    • Ry 09/09/2023 at 04:49 PM

      Complete scam, and one that makes me grateful I'm here to watch out for my elderly mother.

      We (I) bought a car that would be her primary means of transport, since she's on disability and cannot have a car made within a certain amount of years. Since she could not be on the title, it's completely under my name, she's just on the insurance. I repeat, there is is *no way* she is connected to the car past being listed on my insurance. But this mail keeps coming in her name and she keeps wanting to call and activate this warranty...

      Please be aware and warn your family, this letter looks official enough to fool a lot of people, and if I didn't have this website to back it up she would have been tricked.

    • Jones 09/19/2023 at 05:18 PM

      I occasionally receive a letter in the mail with no return address. My name has been misspelled. They properly identified the make and model of my vehicle, but not the year. These idiots are stating that my manufacturer vehicle warranty is soon to expire, blah blah. They claim they tried unsuccessfully to contact me. Which, I never will.

    • BB 09/21/2023 at 12:14 PM

      Scam alert………

      Received 9/21/23

      immediate response requested
      Penalty for private use $300
      Call records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract activated. We are informing you that if your factory warranty has expired, you will be responsible for paying any repairs. However, if expired, you can still activate a service contract on your vehicle before it’s too late..
      Please call 1-888-307-2075 today.

    • Gopal 09/25/2023 at 05:25 PM

      I purchased car in mid of 2023. Received postal mailer for service contract activation. They says of warranty expired, you will be responsible for paying repairs. however if alread expired you can still activate a service contact. Today when i called them i senses phishing. they say if i disconnect they will reject offer.
      Oh my god, such a big scam. there dis no address in letter head, but they have all my details correct. car, purchase date, my hone address, VIN number ...etc.

      I simply disconnected.

    • Marie H 09/30/2023 at 07:47 PM

      I have received at least 3 letters with this number for a 2020 Mercedes to extend my warranty. I don’t own a Mercedes or even a car from 2020.

    • Mariana 11/02/2023 at 04:34 AM

      I got the same letter stating: Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract activated. We are informing you that if your factory warranty has expired, you will be responsible for paying any repairs. However, if expired, you can still activate a service contract on your vehicle before it's too late.
      Please call: 1-88-307-2075 today.
      This letter looks so generic and fake. Very suspicious looking letter.

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