Phone scams and ping-call

Phone scams are most often perpetrated by unscrupulous service publishers who use various pretexts to encourage victims to call back a premium number.

The most common pretexts are :

  • A voice message waits to be listened to
  • An e-mail tells you that a parcel post is waiting for delivery

How to fight against phone scams?

The best way is to inform the internet users as much as possible by reporting the fraudulent number

Last reported scams

9609801500756 04/11/2024... I keep getting messages from different numbers telling me to click on different links regarding a parcel. I phone each number and they say the number is incorrect. I am wondering if the links are viruses because I am not expecting any parcel
+393501663273 04/11/2024... Comment / Review: aggressive scam SUSPECTED SCAM!
+393335463115 04/11/2024... Comment / Review: aggressive scam SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13303555093 04/09/2024... Comment / Review: Fake health check money calls 50 times a day SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61285505936 04/09/2024... Comment / Review: Recording claiming to be ANZ seeking authorisation for invoice of $1299 SUSPECTED SCAM!
+919749622560 (1 comment) 04/09/2024... Comment / Review: Dicen ser trabajadores para mercado libre SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19047524430 04/08/2024... Comment / Review: Said they are delivering a check to my door today. Then when I said it was a scam and hung up, he called back and told me to go “f” my dog.
+27734715971 04/08/2024... Comment / Review: Me llegó este número tratando de contactarme para hacer dinero SUSPECTED SCAM!
+639751159266 04/08/2024... Comment / Review: It's scammer she talk to you by marketing strategy but is 100% scammer SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447474856527 04/07/2024... I got contacted on WhatsApp for part time job. They say to register here, Some easy clicking task is given. Then to get your money earned you are told to deposit money.
+61285308389 04/07/2024... This scammer said he represented Visa and Mastercard and noticed suspicious purchasing on my card. Purchases made from Amazon and eBay. I asked what bank was the card issued to. He said NAB. I said I don’t bank NAB. I told him he is a scammer. He hung up
+251942235905 (1 comment) 04/06/2024... Comment / Review: Good SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16585121190 04/06/2024... Comment / Review: fishing for phone numbers SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18883763051 04/06/2024... Comment / Review: Scammer calls saying they are suing for breach of contract and have legal papers to serve. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12083660888 04/06/2024... Comment / Review: Scammer calls saying they are suing for breach of contract and have legal papers to serve. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+19127161802 04/06/2024... A text saying, "Hello, is this John Walton". Again, I doubt it's actually a wrong number since I now get these every 3-4 days This was another spam text trying to be friendly so I would answer so they can scam me.
+12029307392 04/05/2024... Comment / Review: Scam caller said that they were being backed by Paul Harvey.We were awarded a seven thousand dollar prize for shopping at dollar general stores and Qvc
9609801500567 04/05/2024... 04/05/2024 Pseudonym Url / Website Scamdoc Trust Score | Contact / Whois info Scam contents Dear amukelani ngwana, your parcel will be returned today if you do not pick it up at the drop-off point in: . More info: in
+18683472167 04/05/2024... Comment / Review: Stack Options and CT Options SUSPECTED SCAM!
+573160913654 04/05/2024... Comment / Review: Se hace pasar por otra persona, y usa otro numero tambien +57 3160877818, le hice una transferencia a supuestamente dalila garcia. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61285301904 (3 comments) 04/05/2024... Comment / Review: It was a robot voice message claiming to be eBay notifying me of a large purchase being made on my account & they wanted to confirm it was me
+18722402907 04/05/2024... This person added my CHILD on tiktok and asked them for their phone number and proceeded to ask them for money and pictures of them and their friends. BLOCK THIS NUMBER AND REPORT
+393501674211 (1 comment) 04/04/2024... Comment / Review: Truffa aggressiva SUSPECTED SCAM!
+12146832071 04/03/2024... Comment / Review: a junk text message: "This is Anita. Has the ordered Panamera parts arrived yet?" SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13069940605 04/03/2024... 306-994-0605 They sent a text asking me to call 1-888-676-2269. I had dealt with B.O.M. two hours before so knew it was a lying fraud. 11:48 PM April 3 2024. Hope they end up in prison or a grave.
+23058094265 (1 comment) 04/03/2024... Comment / Review: i bought 2 phone with them, its show on the tracking number that it has been delivered but i never received it. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27738963221 (1 comment) 04/01/2024... Comment / Review: The chocobux deducted money from my account twice,the amount of R152 SUSPECTED SCAM!
+40725547724 (1 comment) 04/01/2024... Comment / Review: Nu am primit ce am comandat SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61612501514 04/01/2024... Claimed to be Spark at@ 2.37 Monday 1st April. They claimed I was having trouble with my internet. I said give me your number and I'd call back. She hung up immediately.
+17122257995 (1 comment) 03/29/2024... Comment / Review: Sais they were feom customs and have a package for me feom mexico. Looking for money SUSPECTED SCAM!
+14034315492 03/28/2024... A phone number supposedly located in Banff Alberta is pretending to be the “Ontario Ticket Department” and are demanding I pay a fake parking ticket to “avoid legal consequences”. Requiring that I pay this ticket through a link to a fake website.
+393484223746 (1 comment) 03/27/2024... Comment / Review: Truffa aggressiva SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18058356847 03/27/2024... fishandgrowfish1712
+61240119509 03/27/2024... Comment / Review: Pretending to be Chinese embassy saying my passport has been refused SUSPECTED SCAM!
+61430555142 03/27/2024... My mobile number is 0411763281 I received today a call from the mobile number 0430555142 supposedly from Belinda, ANZ Bank saying $1000 has been debited from my account, if this was me press 1 if not press 2. I didn’t press anything but hung up. I called
+61399897020 03/27/2024... Comment / Review: Auto dialing SUSPECTED SCAM!
+4915229743733 (1 comment) 03/26/2024... Comment / Review: UPS asking for money to ship my package SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18338730290 (1 comment) 03/25/2024... They want to get 600.00 from me and I did contact the BBB and they told me to contact the number because they say they was not a scam. I check my bank and other accounts that I have and everything been paid for and they somehow got into my records claiming I d
+14505784725 03/25/2024... Comment / Review: Positive it was a scam. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+17326495586 03/25/2024... He reserves accommodation in Booking, he asks you to send a taxi to the airport, when his flight arrives, he asks you to help him because his card does not work to pay the immigration fee, and he sends you by WhatsApp the location where he is supposedly locate
+14505784742 03/25/2024... Illinois toll way: We've noticed an outstanding toll amount of $12.20 on your record. To avoid a late fee of $50.00, visit https://. to settle your balance (text message received)
+61370676534 (1 comment) 03/25/2024... Comment / Review: Saying they are from Vodaphone Telstra saying you’re phone about to be disconnected. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+16612384962 03/24/2024... Email: SMS Only: +1 (213) 873-3975 sent bitcoin 125.00 and the scam number they text mr from is the phone # listed in box above. the other # in this bos is the # on thier website
+989101593577 03/23/2024... Comment / Review: Greetings to you and your powerful team Please tell me about exchange Check if it is a fraud or a real company... Phone namber +967770786977
+12409345386 03/22/2024... Comment / Review: Please I receive a Job offer via this number from Wen ak LLC SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447427638258 03/22/2024... Comment / Review: Recorded voice stating that I am using my Internet for illegal purposes and that BT will close done my broadband service. I hung up at this point.
2349152936186 03/22/2024... Comment / Review: attempted fraud SUSPECTED SCAM!
+306994817012 (1 comment) 03/22/2024... Comment / Review: μου πηραν απο την πιστωτικη μου καρτα 250εθρ SUSPECTED SCAM!
+27711151347 (1 comment) 03/21/2024... I was applying for a loan on messenger then they said I must go to WhatsApp when apply they said I must pay for tax clearance an this company does not apply loans to South Africans only Australia
+18882266209 (1 comment) 03/21/2024... Claimed to be from Verizon Fraud Department - fake; got me to click on a link to authorize access to my account and attempted to order 2 iPhones. I called the real Verizon Fraud Department which confirmed this was a scam and attempted fraud.