Job scams

Job scams are about people looking for a job. Whether it's through a driver's job or housekeeper job, the hunting grounds of these scammers are always the same : the classifieds sites

How does this scam work ?

Even if there are several techniques, there is one that comes back regularly : overpayment scam. The scammer sends a stolen check to his victim. This one cash it. Shortly after, he cancels the mission and asks for a partial refund. A few weeks later, the bank informs that the first check was uncovered.

Last reported scams 12/29/2022... Comment / Review: Fraud job from INDEED . Scam contents: Fraud from INDEED . SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 12/28/2022... Comment / Review: We looked into it and asked employees at who they claim to be connected with. Very convincing and well planned.. Scam contents: Claim to pay money for 'data optimisation' and then ask for money from the people doing the work. +18162822447 Kevin Harris (6 comments) 12/27/2022... Once started seeing the certified cheque and thatefact that I had to transfer funds I called BS That and the cheque that was mailed was of another source. see images below. I haven't said anything and Im still playing along with the scammer. We have also
+18173834106 12/27/2022... Comment / Review: Fraud. Scam contents: Never answer the phone but try to hire you by only text messages. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+18173834106 Anthony white 12/27/2022... Comment / Review: They never answer the phone and they have a .org email.. Scam contents: None of the numbers on the website work! They tried hiring me with a number they claim is only for texting. Be aware... they have you upload and request a drivers lic
+601114398053 Marketing Recruitment Manager 12/26/2022... Comment / Review: Arrived by text message. Scam contents: Hello, I am a marketing recruitment manager and due to vacancies we would like to invite you to work from home part-time where you can earn over £7500 per month full time or £200 per day with part tim 12/26/2022... Comment / Review: There is no. Scam contents: A message was sent by a person on Telegram to work for a short period of time online for the Amazon company, and the balance of a thousand dollars was withdrawn from my account, and they sent me that they wanted mo +15169006400 Data typing, typing job, pdf to word (1 comment) 12/26/2022... Send you typing job via telegram, after you send it, they will clarified and asked you to send payment details. Then they asked you to send a fee for the transfer, but they never send you the your payment.
+447983865742 Doreen Tony and Alexis Russell 12/25/2022... On Christmas Eve, a woman named Doreen Tony contacted me on Telegram. She offered me a job, as I already knew it was a Scam I just kept replying to find out how far they could go to report them. Another woman called Alexis Russel contacted me on WhatsApp. They +61413187098 Authentic cinnections 12/24/2022... There have been many people who have gone through this and been scammed by the same company/person Robyn. I have emails, phone infuriating etc along with details of others who have also been scammed
+15039619024 12/19/2022... They claimed they recruit/hire for Nike and had a bunch of jobs available then asked for my info & my birthday as well. They ghosted me several times, any attempts to get any information were met with silence. I contacted Nike HR to confirm and they say th 12/18/2022... Comment / Review: Scammers at their best this time of year. Scam contents: Work from home jon but I ran it on here and it's a 14 red flag. SUSPECTED SCAM! +17014362088 Chloe Clark, Eddie Scott, Clarence Wright, HR Dept America Garcia 12/16/2022... Comment / Review: Scammed!!. Scam contents: Working for a month. Company seemed legit but now that it's come down to my pay date, now im no longer able to login into company dashboard. Ive called all "supervisors" and company and no one answers. HR number answ 12/15/2022... This site: woot95 I think it's a scam. They proposed me if I invest money on this site then I can get more money on buying products just for sake of increasing products ratings. I deposited equal amount in 20 usd in their website in hope of getting extra mon Nicole Krause / Ned from “Direct personnel” 12/15/2022... At first I was did email back and they were so persistent on me doing this DBS check if not they demanded it. This is not something a recruitment agency would make you do or if not they would get permission from you to do it. They whole email was based on havi +12702017026 Gabbi Nunez/ Stephen Frazier/ Maxine Ruiz 12/15/2022... Do not accept this positions. I will be also filing a mail fraud and job fraud with local enforcement. They have several numbers and will be provided law enforcement all the information including the emails so they can try to track them down with the ip addr 12/14/2022... Then there was one with account number of a person that you should pay for the DBS and background check. Kindly use the banking details below to make a direct deposit or an EFT and send us the proof of payment the soonest so that we finalize the process an Jacquelyn Feller (1 comment) 12/13/2022... Comment / Review: they send you a job proposol with high level salary to get your privete information. Scam contents: they send you a job proposol with high level salary to get your privete information +12702017056 Tasa Group Shipping Dept 12/13/2022... This was for a supply chain operator, i would receive packages and inspect them and then ship them back out once a label for the shipping destination was provided. I am so upset and frightened to know someone out there has all my identification on top of leavi
+12676968039 Full time remote 12/13/2022... Comment / Review: sounds too good to be true. Scam contents: Nihon Kohden will only talk using skype. SUSPECTED SCAM! Ethan Charlotte Leo Bernard 12/12/2022... Comment / Review: Dont give your personal info. Scam contents: We Offer out jobs from all aspect of working fields. 1:translation and CONVERTION 2:content writing 3:article writing 4:data entry / retyping Which job did you apply for +12492005080 Itreenet 12/12/2022... Comment / Review: Job Scam company . Scam contents: We are a digital products engineering & software company helping businesses in their Digital solutions development.We help projects with Technology, Design and Coding! I'm jotting you a quick note to let y +12702017026 TASA Logistics 12/11/2022... Comment / Review: I have names and fake portals. Scam contents: reshipping stolen goods. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+13522510437 Reiff Agency 12/10/2022... Comment / Review: I have received 4 texts from this number since November.. Scam contents: Hey Barbara, this is The Reiff Agency. You had applied to our position through Ziprecruiter but we have not been able to touch base yet. I did want to share more informa +61863777499 stocklife oy pet store 12/09/2022... Comment / Review: There is not social media, not SEO, no proof of a real business, also they don't have corporate emails. . Scam contents: Fake company, fake website, fake business address either in Australia and Finland.
+447448719678 Job where u earn $200 to $ 400 a day 12/09/2022... They are scam . I lost $9000 in this. They will firstly offer a job. Then they will force u to do tasks with more money and will then say that you can not take the money out until you submit the same amount and somthing like that. So be careful. Charles Franklin 12/09/2022... Comment / Review: I spent a few hours working on this project so it's frustrating but i didn't send them any money so no net loss. . Scam contents: Asked for work to be done. Once work was submitted and approved, they asked for identifying info and $100 to "li +12264993732 Jane Horton (1 comment) 12/08/2022... This is an excellent HOME-BASED online opportunity (remote work). Office location: 190 Harwood Ave S, Ajax, ON L1S 2H6 Company website: EMРLOYMENT: FULL TIME/PART TIME: 1.Salary: FT: 1080 CAD/W or PT: 540 CAD/W (NET salary) 2.Shif
+13055218911 (1 comment) 12/08/2022... Was told about a job that seemed way to good to be true, work from home 25hr for training 30hr after training. The interview was through Microsoft teams with a Christian Gilbert. I asked if they would like to interview me through video or calling and they sa Email 12/08/2022... Good day, Thank you for contacting us regarding the DBS & background check services. At Check Masters, we provide DBS & background checks for major companies and individuals all over South Africa for employment and other purposes. Kindly note that t +12264993732 Marie Stenson 12/08/2022... Comment / Review: Possible job scam. Scam contents: Thank you for your interest in the Customer Service Representative remote-position, and for taking the time to submit your application information. Customer Service Representative is a remote position, and y +12702017026 Gabbi NUNEZ 12/08/2022... Comment / Review: When it was time for me to be paid the ghosted to me have all information as well . Scam contents: Hi, You are responsible for taking and submitting photos of the product box (branded packaging from the goods manufacturer). Products must +12702017044 TASA Group 102 Robins Way #3, Russellville, KY 42276 (1 comment) 12/08/2022... FRAUD WARNING! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR EMPLOYMENT WITH TASA GROUP 102 Robins Way #3, Russellville, KY 42276 THEY ARE A FRAUD!!!! I should have known that this company was too good to be true. It was a remote job/work-at-home job where you work at home from 9 Gabbinunez stephenfaizer maxine ruiz (2 comments) 12/07/2022... Comment / Review: Got scammed by these mother fuckers too!! . Scam contents: Detecting damage packages. . SUSPECTED SCAM! +16124690089 12/06/2022... Comment / Review: Im confused and need help.. Scam contents: I don't know if money was taken or adding . SUSPECTED SCAM! Brian mj, Brian Johnson Mark,Brian Lucas 12/06/2022... Be aware if someone can stop them please they are only targeting new people who have no knowledge of scams. They might have holding thousands of people money. Which in justifying not theirs.
+18647488286 NuVasive 12/05/2022... I almost fell for it after researching the company. But the scammer had a lot of typos and when they tried to get me to download an app, I knew it was fake. I didn't even have an indeed account. I said some harsh things before blocking them, hope I don't get d +447838551075 Trialfinders reviews (1 comment) 12/04/2022... They are big scammers and they try to squeeze all your money and when you run out of it then they try to trick you and take all you personal details to make your fake bank account and fake profile. Williams Simon, Henry Parker 12/04/2022... They doing good job right until asking to pay for Id card for Manpowergroup without that you can't start work for them. I told them I can't pay so they gave me another website to visit- sparvixpublishing. They don't have a good comunication inbetweeb themselv
+447366015304 Andyla shina 12/04/2022... Comment / Review: Stay away from these scam and be safe!. Scam contents: The person would ask you to register on website and click on few links which generates commission per click. However, you wouldn't be able to withdraw that money and have to ope Kathy G. (1 comment) 12/02/2022... Unsoliticated email, where just the first part of my email address is used as name. No phone number, no full name. Unsubscribe link leads to a completely different website. On their website also no contact data, no data on the company (place address etc.)
+14049134399 Invicta medical (15 comments) 11/28/2022... Comment / Review: N/a. Scam contents: Asking to download signal to conduct intwrview. I googled bc it seemed fishy. It is.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447940241212 11/27/2022... Contacted me for a emergency plumbing job..dictated what the charge would be and when questioned this got abusive text messages. Unsure if it's a actual scam....but something is off with it. A quick Google found out they are a very shady company. forced the c
+6588016758 11/25/2022... Claims that they were from Exometrics Company and hiring part timer to giving rating for some games in Apple Store and Play Store. All rating will be complete in the website they provide (as per attach). We required to top up the money when there's show negati +17787322122 Marie Stenson (2 comments) 11/25/2022... Comment / Review: I received this scam email on 15 Nov 2022. Scam contents: Dear Shaila, We are a digital products engineering & software company helping businesses in their Digital solutions development. We help projects with Technology, Design and Coding! 11/24/2022... Comment / Review: Scam contents: SUSPECTED SCAM! +14248421822 (13 comments) 11/24/2022... I could not find any info about this company being a scam. I actually think the company is real someone has just taken and duplicated their site. I just wanted to get it out there not to trust these people. +16137072557 Hsiao-Wen Huang (1 comment) 11/24/2022... Hello, from what I see, he/she continues to scam under the same practice, I am sorry to inform you that I have been one of his victims, through a published vacancy it was his first contact, then he contacted me by mail on September 28, 2022, later he sent docu +12262122271 Marie Stenson (1 comment) 11/23/2022... Comment / Review: I received this scam email today . Scam contents: company web-based system for processing and delivery. 10. Manage reviews on websites. Benefits: 1. Work from home opportunities. 2. Extended health care. 3. Vision care. 4. Flexible wo +12679967991 Lisa Hudson with Keep Space Real Estate 11/22/2022... Comment / Review: I'M POSTING A VIDEO WITH ALL THE DETAILS. . Scam contents: ENTIRE JOB SCAM! WENT THROUGH AN INTERVIEW, SIGNED EMPLOYMENT DOCUMENTS, A 1099 CONTRACT, DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM, THE WHOLE 9. I COMPLETED 18 PROJECTS IN TWO WEEKS AND THEN WAS NOT PA