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PseudonymMelinda mall
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Scam contentsNakita ko sa Instagram n need nila ng partime, then may nagchat sa sa akin sa whatsapp and then kinonek po ako sa telegram, sinend nya po sa akin yang link at nakita ko po dun Lazada product at Sabi nya mag recharge po ako ng 100 at mawiwithdraw ko din po un after n macompleto ko ung task n pindutin ko ung get order and place order at makakuha ako ng commission kapag natapos ko po ung 3 order mawiwithdraw ko na po,at nawithdraw ko nga po, kaya pumunta n kmi sa vip1 kung San mas malalaki ng order kaya mas malaki ang commision Pero need ulit magrecherge or deposit, need ng 5 orders kaya need magrecherge ng mas malaki kasi kung ung order malaki dapat sakto laman ng account mo kung hindi magrecharge ka ulit, nung VIP 2 na need magrecharge ng 800 ob1k o 3k o 5k, kaya magrecharge po ako ng 4,000 Bali 5500 lahat ng narecharge ko , kaso yung 7 orders n need macompleto diko n po natapos at need na magrecharge ng 9k, hindi ko n po nawithdraw ung pera ko, Sana po matulungan Nyo akong maibalik ung pera ko,thank you
Comment / ReviewSana po hindi n payagan ung mga ganyang website at magadverstise sa mga social media, ayaw nmn po maupload ng mga files,

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    • Judge Dredd 09/03/2023 at 08:17 AM

      The online platform known as Melinda Mall has garnered a significant number of user complaints indicating potential fraudulent activities. Users found the website through Instagram ads or received unsolicited messages on WhatsApp and Telegram offering part-time job opportunities. They were led to believe they could earn commissions by completing tasks such as placing orders on the site.

      In the user accounts, the nature of the scam appears to be a form of "Job/Task Scam" as identified by Scamwatcher. The scam typically involves promising commissions and requiring individuals to recharge their accounts with increasing amounts of money to continue completing tasks. Payment is often requested in cryptocurrency. Additional information on this type of scam can be found on Refundee's Job/Task Scams page:

      Users complain that as they advance through levels termed as VIP1, VIP2, etc., they are asked to recharge larger sums to complete more 'premium' tasks. When they fail to do so, withdrawal of the accumulated 'earnings' becomes impossible. The amounts involved ranged from hundreds to tens of thousands in local currency.

      While the scam seems sophisticated and uses high-pressure tactics to get victims to invest larger sums, the consensus is clear: money invested does not get returned, and further communications are cut off. This has resulted in financial hardships, with some users indicating the loss of their entire salary or funds intended for... Read more

    • Hk 08/30/2023 at 06:28 PM

      Na scam din po ata ako,hindi kona natapos at malaki na recharge

      • Tin 08/31/2023 at 03:20 AM

        Magkano ung ipeplace order mo? Sa kin kasi 10k n ung pera s account ko kaso 18900 ung ipeplace order ko kaya need ko magrecharge ng 9k,

    • 117 08/31/2023 at 09:13 AM

      They also scammed me 1,500 when they keep on asking to recharge my account. Good thing I didn’t continue. I know 1.5k pesos is a little amount but for some it is already a big money .

    • Has 08/31/2023 at 09:52 AM

      Same scenario, pinagrecharge ako ng 10k diko natapos..dalwang order nalang nasa task ko kaso wala nakong funds, buong sahod ko nakuha nila..

    • Tutzy 08/31/2023 at 07:45 PM

      Same scenario Has.. nasa VIP2 na ako at halos 11k na recharge ko kaso ung last task ko need ko 40k nag finance sila 15k maghanap na lang daw ako 25k kaso di walang wala na...ubos budget.pati pambayad ng bahay..akala ko makakatulong,,,mas nakalala pa

    • Burj 09/01/2023 at 11:22 PM

      Same nasa vip2 na ako and need ko mag bayad ng tax kuno so nagbayad ako ng 28k tapos ngayun rejected na naman withdrawal kasi need daw ng security deposit from bank ng another 25k. Ayun wala na ako pambayad ubos pera ko. Paano kaya to sila ma report? 🥺

    • Angel 09/02/2023 at 10:13 AM

      I am new mother for a baby born. I was scam also for 31k, thought this partime job that was posted in ads was legit but they give me stress now i am in postpartum because of them. Let’s help each other to track down this and report to Tulfo.

    • Chat 09/02/2023 at 10:04 PM

      I am scammed by 50k the money i worked for and for thw medication of my father… they are asking me to pay addtional 30k for taxes i told them they can deduct the tax with the proceed but they told me i need to pay first this is too much the money i have in the account is 116k i told the that i am not intrested anymore with the earning can they pls return the amount invested but they are firm on this pls help us retrieve the money more and more vulnerable filipino has been exposed to this please help us

    • Erick 09/03/2023 at 07:41 AM

      My nakachat dn po ako since naghahanap sna ako ng work from home,

      May apps po ako n number locator
      ung number registered po yta outside country pro gumagamit ng phil code may screenshot po sna ako kso bka makasuhan ako ng cyberlaw since wlang pahintulot

    • Erick 09/03/2023 at 07:44 AM

      Along V Rama Ave. Corner M Veles St. Cebu City, hindi ko po maverify if exact ang location ng apps since kkdownload ko lang ng number locator

    • Nuna 09/05/2023 at 05:31 AM

      Hello po sino sino pa po ang na scam ng melinda mall as i am raising this to NBI po baka gusto niyo din po mag raise sama sama na po tayu

    • eng 09/05/2023 at 12:20 PM

      I was scam kanina lang jud. buti nlng diko na tinuloy yun last recharge na 18kplus.
      meron akong mga screenshot sa mga ni recharge.
      Ang una nagpakilala sakin. Nancy B. Castillo
      Next kon Vip2 kana si Alona Fobre.
      Gusto i trace mga numbers nila na pinadalhan natin pera .
      How can we report them ?

    • MommaGrasya 09/07/2023 at 04:24 AM

      How are we going to report them? We should help each other... Nadedepress na talaga ako..same same scenario tayo ee gusto ko na lang lumubog sa lupa kasi di ko alam kung sang lupalop pa ako kkuha ng tulong kasi inutang ko lang buhay ko na kapalit neto

    • Karren 09/08/2023 at 03:50 AM

      Ipa tulfo nio na po. #tulfo na po dapat eto

    • yel 09/10/2023 at 04:36 AM

      this was become so rampant because facebook allow it to be advertise in their site using rosemar app..this is so alrming..

    • Dotx 09/10/2023 at 07:44 AM

      Saan po pwedeng magreport?

      Ngayon ko lang narealize na scam na pala ako kasi okay pa nung first recharge tsaka sa vip1 naka withdraw pa ako and nabawi ko pa yung mga previous recharge ko but sa vip2 na napansin ko na lumalaki na yung mga amounts. Buti nalang di ko na tinuloy mag recharge ng bigger amounts. But 1,600+ yung nasend ko sa kanila.

    • Ritchel 09/11/2023 at 12:09 AM

      Same Scenario, mine already finished all the task but then I cannot withdraw almost 120k,
      account was hold , need pa daw mag pay ng tax na worth 32k. naubos lahat ng pera, inutang ko din. Sana madakip na cila.

    • t_she 09/11/2023 at 08:57 PM

      Has anyone managed to get their money back from the account. They have scammed me out of all my savings - I really need assistance on how to get it back/.

      • GraceLopezNogas 09/13/2023 at 08:42 PM

        yes same here. how can we get our money back.

      • tc_ker 09/14/2023 at 04:57 AM

        Try to report to police Action Fraud UK, call your banks and report to the cryptocurrency platform. Those are things ive done so far and I'm praying that God helps me. Im sorry you've gone through it as well and I pray we can get our money back

    • Anna 09/13/2023 at 02:11 AM

      Ako din i cant withdraw my money i only have 1 task left but the amount was almost 30k

      • GraceLopezNogas 09/13/2023 at 08:44 PM

        me also i have my last task left i need to recharge thru gcash worth 85k so that i can withdraw all worth 200k after i complete the task. where can i get that money.

    • GraceLopezNogas 09/14/2023 at 06:11 PM

      Paano maibalik yung pera natin po.. mag tulongan po tayo..

    • Christian Reusora 09/15/2023 at 02:56 AM

      I almost got scammed din dahil padeposit na bf ko ng 30k dahil 38k need na recharge. I onlybhave 1 task left kaya they told me they will shoulder muna yung 8k then balik ko din sya after withdrawal. They will also tell you its one of the special orders kaya malaki and rare lang daw ito nangyayare kaya dapat di palampasin. They will make you think na they are really trying to help, but for me that amount of money for recharges ay sobra sobra. Nashook bf ko why ganun kalaki from 300 to 38k need na ilabas? Kung di pa sya nagquestion sakin di ako mapapaisip. Kasi their bait is so good. If hindi mag iingat mahuhulog ka talaga sa patibong. I lost 10k+ sa kanila. Sana mabalik lalo sa iba na ang lalaki ng nawalang pera.

    • GraceLopezNogas 09/15/2023 at 11:56 AM

      sino sasama sa akin report natin to kay sir raffy tulfo..

    • GraceLopezNogas 09/19/2023 at 01:38 PM

      hello? may tao paba dyan?? sama sama tayo e report to..para makuha natin yung pera natin.. mayroon po ba kayung facebook??

    • Yan barrieta 09/22/2023 at 05:14 AM

      Yong sakin this month lng talaga nangyari same senario na stress talaga ako sa nangyari... Mga 7k din ung na scam ng melinda mall sakin inutang ko pa un hoping sana na mka tulong pero wala naluko pa.. Sana mahuli na tong mga scamer na to

    • GraceLopezNogas 09/22/2023 at 11:26 AM

      oo nga paano natin ito mapapahuli sila, sana maibalik pa yung pera natin..

    • My 09/30/2023 at 05:00 AM

      Scam nga PO talaga sya ako din na scam nyan

    • Jennifer 11/03/2023 at 12:55 PM

      Nabawi ko lahat ng nawalan ako ng contact yes!

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