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1- a stange number (+880 1907-915705) contacting me on whatsapp offer a part time work with
agood comiission just to make (like) on 3 vedios to get 12 $ , after finished he/ she asked me to
go to telegrame and contact (jesicca Mike) on telegram by pressing the link :
( to give me the actual work, i contacted her and she asked me to go to
the link ( to work for her by giving me her crediential log in and asked me to finish the
25 orders on behalf of here and then she sent me her binance wallet and asked me to transfere
all the amount in the balance to her wallet account, after i finished she transfered 20$ as
acommission for finishing the job then she told me that was a training , and i will give you the
chance to get your owen commission by sending me to customer services on telegram
i called them ,they give me the work which was abou to make 25 buying order frome acompenies
they have acontract with them and stratigecal partenershio with them such as ( ali baba and
amazon ) so i started to do my tasks but i have to deposit money if the order needed more that is
acondition to get my commision , i started but i noticed the amount i have to deposit is increasing
every time till the order number 23 i had been asked to deposit nearly 1280 usd.that time i started
doubting and i stopped and tried to withdrow my money and go out but i couldn't becuse i had been
told that i can not withdriw unless finishing the 25 orders so i was obligated to deposit the amount
then the 24 order i had been asked again to deposit 4200 $ so i stopped becuse i don't have and i
became 100/100 sure that was afraud crime
Since that time iam trying to get my money back but the onley thing i recieved from them is to
Comlpete the 25 orders and deposite money
Comment / ReviewPlease help me , this money i need very much for my father opration
thier telegram id:

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