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Romance Scam : +6288983010773 Chung Hee


PseudonymChung Hee
Url / Website
Telephone+62 889-8301-0773 (ou 006288983010773) (more info)
Scam contentsA man named Chung Hee followed me on Instagram. After following him back, he asked for my WhatsApp. Unfortunately, I gave it to him. We started talking and after a couple of days, he asked me if I could be his girlfriend. At first I was hesitant because when I searched for his number country code, it tells that he's from Indonesia yet he identified himself as a Korean, which is a bit suspicious. But as time went by, he was so consistent so I gave in. Weeks passed by, he offered me gifts and will send it to me right before I gave my full details. It looks suspicious for me that he gave gifts even though we haven't see each other. That's why I searched some modus operandi that are rampant in internet and I saw one that is same with what I am experiencing right now. It's a love scam! This predator will find a prey who will be his love target. He will let you like them, say flowery words, and even promise things that you wanna hear.

Then, this scammer sent videos that he was preparing the gifts he had for me and still buying some stuffs. I even saw in the video that he will also sending me dollars which is a bit untrue because you can never send money through parcels. Eventually, I tell the scammer that I will report him to the NBI and let him hunt down by them. I also said I have connection. After that, he doesn't reply anymore.
Comment / ReviewDon't ever fall for a Korean man named Chung Hee. He will disguise as a Korean yet his country code number tells he's from Indonesia. What a fool man he is. So disgusting!

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  • +62 889-8301-0773

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