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Did tradevision group get caught (1 comment) one week ago... Getting phone calls from different companies saying tradevision got charged and my name was on an account so I just have to prove its mine.  No one has asked for money but I haven't heard back.  Has anyone git money back from  tradevision or know if they we
Airbnb deposit and refund involving crypto? (1 comment) 4 weeks ago... I tried this online job, it’s basically helping to boost airbnb house ratings. So I do tasks and there is advanced task as well. The advanced task requires you to deposit money first and then withdrawing it with a profit. The first time had no issues but the
Simtra BioPharma Solutions - scam or legitimate? (17 comments) 05/21/2024... 5/20/21   Today, I received a text for someone who said her name was Victoria Robles and she is from the Human Resources department at Simtra BioPharma Solutions. She said she had seen my resumé and wanted to know if I was interested in interviewing with th
I put my phone number in scam form (1 comment) 04/02/2024... By mistake, I put my phone number in an objection form or an internet spoofing form. Unfortunately, I put a confirmation, and when I went to read it, I found my number. I was expecting the required number to be a contact field, but if it follows the addresses
Recoverbtc.com called saying tradevision got shutdown. (2 comments) 03/27/2024... Did tradevision get caught?  Supposedly in the news.  This company wants me to open a wallet to put my money in?  I asked for proof as too informal.  Waiting as they got a call?  Anyone hear of anything about this or company?
Arsenal Jackets (1 comment) 03/27/2024... We are manufacturing & delivers the jackets, coats, vests and costumes. We have a huge varieties of your favourite outfits collection. Come & Order now.
Has anyone ever heard of refundlaw.io who get your scam money (3 comments) 03/26/2024... Details / precisions: Lawyers who charge after they get your scammed money back
boost my class.com (1 comment) 01/31/2024... Details / precisions: I have paid for this site. Is it safe? I also, accidentally posted my comment on your page. Could you erase it?
Social stash (2 comments) 01/26/2024... I am trying to see if social stash app is legit. Also here is the email support@socialstash.co that i have not got an email from for 2 days now. Please let me know about this app
Money not released for dubious reason (6 comments) 01/18/2024... Is Newman Jiang in Chongqing/China a serious and trustworthy company or only a well organised scam operation? Has anyone experienced that the repatrian of capital and profits are held back because of excuse and blame to the FDIC
https://auth.koyfinexplorer.com | RAFAEL RONAN FX 01/16/2024... I tried to engage on this person, at first his approach is very professional in a way that it helps you think that his the real deal. With a starting investment of $100USD, you can earn a profit after ‘5days’ of trading.  As you go on his trading progra
Coinwyl.com is this a real trading platform? (1 comment) 01/07/2024... I have been talked into transferring my bitcoin from Robinhood to this site. It was only $500 dollars worth when she helped me move it but after we transferred the money she had me make a short trade right away and increased my money by $200 up to $700. She al
Scam (1 comment) 11/21/2023... Hello. Mr. Emily Watson contacts me, claiming to work for blockchain security. I want to return the stolen money to me. wants me to deposit money into an intermediate wallet. I'm afraid this is another scam. I would like to check whether such a person actually
Cryptocurrency trading (1 comment) 11/18/2023... Details / precisions: I was told to deposit more crypto usdt to be able to unlock my account
is it a scam site? (1 comment) 10/30/2023... Hello,  i wanna know if this site if safe, most of the checkin fraud sites tell that is safe, but the fact there's no address or contact phone, or VAT number is pretty strange: https://superbuy-shop.vip/
why did you delete my account? and my comments on a scam-broker? 10/25/2023... my email address is prosecutors.office@mail.ru I wrote comments on Nomacapital.pro and on the next day you removed my comments and deleted my account why?? 
Scamsinvestigate (3 comments) 10/16/2023... Details / precisions: Hi, is anyone know this person who apparently can recover crypto fund on the cloud?
Is it possible to hire a real ethical hacker? Are they all scams 09/30/2023... I have recently been victim of a romantic scammer, I have come to believe the hole this is a elaborate set up where there are are group of men living on a luxury lifestyle estate in South Africa, which makes them appear wealthy but actually I know they are sca
Where can I get a writer for my Health care assignments? 09/28/2023... Students need assignment writing services at affordable prices, like dissertation writing services, nursing assignment help, essay writing services, homework services, and business assignment help, they want Health care assignment service online. They don't kn
about My email listed in the Scamm report (3 comments) 09/19/2023... disgruntled with a Trade “not happening Totally disbelieved behaviour using the Scam Watcher to put the email address of trade.capital@hotmail.com in use of their unhappy, annoyed, and disappointed about the eligibility to be part of a trade program ! This
Mon site Yonkoo (1 comment) 09/16/2023... Bonjour Je possède le site yonkoo.fr  Et il est indiqué que je possède une messagerie mail gratuité alors que j’en ai une professionnel, contact@yonkoo.de serais t’il possible de changer ça pour avoir un meilleur score s’il vous plaît 
10 k blocked account payment 09/15/2023... i have someone that transferred an amount of money to drop-money.de and now they're not responsive anymore and all hell is breaking loose (over 10K euros) , is this site a scam, and there's actually so little information about this site to the point of beginni
Peter Alexander (2 comments) 08/10/2023... Details / precisions: I'm wondering if anyone is suspicious about a recent Peter Alexander Clearance sale, 80% off.  Seems suss. I think I just lost $100.
Was I scammed (1 comment) 07/25/2023... Details / precisions: Ordered an ebike from Aimanesi 6/4 still haven't received it and the 2 support email addresses go undelivered
Your website has too many errors (1 comment) 07/18/2023... Details / precisions: Why when you want to sign up your site states that your experiencing error at the moment? What is wrong with your site! 
Scam? 07/16/2023... a woman also contacted me with whatsapp. She has been talking to me for 2 weeks about everything but also investing in crypto. chinese photos of her. number +44 7895........ I want to find out at any cost if she's a cheater. Who can share me a picture of
Is this legit (1 comment) 06/23/2023... https://www.greatest-eletronic-choice.com/extremedeals/v7/jbl/checkout.php?affId=5&c1=16678&c2=565bc355-0e53-4670-a881-e187db81cc91&c3=&click_id=dd29f14b32bb4b6ea8a5dcd502a86437&c4=&c5=&prospect_id=3083129
If you make less than 50,000.00 per year... 06/21/2023... Details / precisions: Call +18779202133, if u make less than 50,000.00 per year. It claims assistance, is this a scam? I'm not one to call, it was a pop up ad. Thanks all.
donation (1 comment) 06/15/2023... Details / precisions: Vincent Tallard. lawyer take care Pracita. donation money to me?????
Crypto 06/13/2023... Details / precisions: Im wondering if https;//apksc.com is s legit cloud from Binance or not
On INSTAGRAM- selling Stanley 40 Oz tumblers for $5.99 (11 comments) 06/12/2023... Is this a real factory store of Stanley products or have I been scammed … just ordered two them went back to sight and something seems off… help! It’s on instagram - Stanley factory outlet - 
Received a letter and check from publishers clearing house (1 comment) 06/03/2023... Received a letter and check from publishing clearing house stating winner of 2.5 million. Check was 7,700 dollars to cover expenses related to reward. The letter states contact two numbers to claim. The check is drawn on Bank of America and of course looks leg
Christina Norman investment acam (1 comment) 05/12/2023... This Christina claims to be a lawyer that can help clients get back monies lost in an earlier scam.This one claims monies lost can be recouped via bitcoin.But at some point fresh funds Hv to be injected by claimant before any transactions can proceed.Hv you co
Jigsaw puzzle 05/10/2023... I received a small puzzle in the mail with very tiny pieces, the size of my pinky finger nail. It was in a tube that looks like an oversize blood sample tube. But it had I received a small puzzle in the mail with very tiny pieces, the size of my pinky finger n
What do I do with this ring? 04/05/2023... Details / precisions: A ring was delivered here to me at my address. I did not order this ring. What should I do with it?
Happy Miner - are they scam (20 comments) 03/17/2023... Details / precisions: happyminer.us - they look scammy, but there for now there are no evidence. What do you think?
Congoepoch.com (1 comment) 03/06/2023... Was on current affair...is it for real or a scam? It starts off with the following: Tesler - a project involving such major Australian corporations as NAB! How much can every Austalian citizen earn from it?  You are then invited to register, they call you an
Bitminer 02/25/2023... About a year ago I started using bitminer for Bit coin. I got an email telling me I need to withdraw the money as they were closing my account for inactivity. Seems easy enough, exchange for cash and deposit to my e wallet. For $64 bit coin. (slots.site/exchan
Dr. Martens - suspicious site (1 comment) 02/24/2023... A little while ago, the online newspaper Cape Town, etc. did a write-up about a dodgy Dr. Martens site directed specifically at South African consumers. See: https://www.capetownetc.com/fashion/sa-targeted-dr-martens-website-warned-to-be-selling-nothing-but-d
lists (1 comment) 02/24/2023... Do you or can you make lists of these reported scams. This way if a consumer comes across an item they like, but its a really good deal.  This person can check your list.
‼️‼️ UPDATED 2023 02 04 ‼️‼️ LIST OF DANGEROUS SITES 02/04/2023... ‼️‼️ UPDATED 2023 02 04 ‼️‼️ List of dangerous sites + List of Porn Lists (dangerous sites) + List of 835 porn tubes (dangerous sites)  2023 02 04Hello Miss/Mister, Bonjour Madame/Monsieur,We must clean the internet from dangerous sites. While
Government grant 02/03/2023... Details / precisions: This person hacked a friend messenger,. And then ask some questions but before they can process the Grant they wanted 500.00.  Have anyone heard about this?
strategicinvestigators.org (2 comments) 02/02/2023... Details / precisions: Has anyone got experience with this site ? strategicinvestigators.org Not much to see on Web only one review. Can some one assist please.
Is Nationwidehelpcenters.com legit? (4 comments) 01/26/2023... Details / precisions: They say a new government program is giving monthly assistance.
Voici toutes les porn lists que je connais (C’EST DANGEREUX). 01/25/2023... English text further down in the message   Bonjour Monsieur,   ‼️‼️ Voici la liste des porn lists que je connais et que j’ai transmis à l’antivirus Malwarebytes (ce message était destiné à Malwarebytes mais j’ai déci
Experience 01/11/2023... Details / precisions: Had someone already an experience whit this site. Temutop.com or ttuutop.comt or tuutop.com
Alixia Inc W@h scam or not ?? Please help need to know asap!! (1 comment) 12/21/2022... I use indeed.com to job hunt. I received a text from Alixia therapeutics Inc supposedly had to download wire app which is only form of communication by the way did interview was hired ect but they are sending me a check to purchase work equipment that is to be
Vin diesel 0650@gmail.com,es un gmail de verdad o es un estafador (1 comment) 12/09/2022... Details / precisions: Mi
Is upex for node investment closed or a scam 12/08/2022... Details / precisions: B  I
Fake E-commerce site? (1 comment) 12/02/2022... I have been shopping for snowboard/ski gear and came across this site: https://www.snowgearshop.com/ Some things seem off. I noticed immediately how cheap the prices were. They also are all close to the same price. In addition, the website is confusing for