is this a real trading platform?

Details / precisionsI have been talked into transferring my bitcoin from Robinhood to this site. It was only $500 dollars worth when she helped me move it but after we transferred the money she had me make a short trade right away and increased my money by $200 up to $700. She also knew I had $1200 worth of doge and wanted me to move it as well but I said I’d be willing to move the $500 for now till I see how things go. Of course she wanted to go back for the doge as soon as we transferred the $500. When I told her that I wanted to wait till I could see how the site works. She informed me that I had to add more money before I could start to invest. She insisted I had to have a total of at least $2000 to invest in the node. She insisted that I have more money before I could invest over and over. She got mad and stopped talking to me for a while. The site had some kind of update and I was unable to sign in so I contacted her again and convinced her to help me sign in again. The address had changed kinda but when I got signed in my money and previous info and activity appeared to be correct and legit. ( keep in mind I have been smelling a skunk since the beginning lol I think) we kept talking for a long time and of course she always tried to get me to add more money. I gave her many excuses why I couldn’t do it right now till a few months ago she told me to try ups and downs with bitcoin and I did very well…. Increased from $700 to about $11500 in a few hours. I couldn’t lose… every time I invested up or down I was winning…. I didn’t tell (Lucy LiMan) about how much I made till I was over $11000. After I told her I made 2 more trades first for $1000 lost then for $500 lost…..haven’t tried since other than straight trading from USD to Bitcoin and back. Currently I’m sitting at $9141 but when I attempted to send it back to Robinhood my money was frozen. This is the only time I had attempted to move my money. I had been trying to get Lucy to help me transfer just part of it to prove that the site was legit but she refused. So I decided to attempt contacting customer service. When I clicked on the customer’s service link it opened telegram app that I also used to talk to Lucy LiMan. I was sure it was also Lucy that I was talking to but the more I have talked to them I’m not sure anymore… they tell me I need to pay 30% tax before I can transfer my money. They will not unfreeze the money till I pay the taxes. I have also tried to get them to unfreeze it so I can transfer a lesser amount as a test but will not unfreez it till I pay. I’m fine with losing the $500 bitcoin if it’s gone it gone. But at the same time if this is real I hate to leave $9000 behind…. Is it legit?

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