Did tradevision group get caught

Details / precisionsGetting phone calls from different companies saying tradevision got charged and my name was on an account so I just have to prove its mine. No one has asked for money but I haven't heard back. Has anyone git money back from tradevision or know if they were caught?

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  • chii-tan 06/11/2024 at 11:05 PM

    The people contacting you may be recovery scammers. If they at all say they can get your lost money back or whatever, hang up on them. I wouldn't even pick up. A lot of scammers contact their victims after the scam and then try to scam them again - saying you can get your lost funds back but you need to pay for the fake "hacking" software etc. (advance fee scams) They may even pretend to be these recovery companies/firm/government authorities and stating they'll help you.

    Tradevision seems to be in the gutter - with many many bad reviews and proof they're a scam trading site when you google them. They could be trying to scam once again with this recovery angle and reaching out to past victims.