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Social Media Scams (Facebook, Twitter...)

Scams are very present on social networks, this is explained by the large population that frequents them on the one hand but also by the ease with which they are distributed : indeed, they are unfortunately regularly relayed.

For this reason, social networks are privileged relays for all types of scams : Loan scams, romance scams and many others...

The particularity of social networks is essentially the anonymity of its members, so it is common for fake profiles to broadcast fraudulent messages (adware, quizzes…).

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Last reported scams

+639815687738 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Scam type. Scam contents: Social media scam. SUSPECTED SCAM! 4 days ago... Comment / Review: Order this item in December if they took my money and still have nothing from them. Scam contents: Electric scooter. SUSPECTED SCAM! Wayfair 4 days ago... I was charged 99.04 to my credit card. I have not received anything and they are not responding to emails. The website no longer exists either. I was given a tracking number and my item has not moved from China. Boateng 4 days ago... Comment / Review: The attached shows what was ordered and what was received . Scam contents: Under several bogus names on Facebook. I ordered from the company Boateng and never received goods ordered Reiatie 5 days ago... i placed an order for this product on 1/4/2023 and followed the tracking number, it showed that the order was delivered on the 26th of January to an address in P.R. and i live in the United States. the address associated with this scam is: 2103 E 49th St. Drip-Beer (on Facebook), Jane (on packaging) 5 days ago... They post ads on Facebook selling this merchandise. In my case the order seemed to not ship, I hadn’t received a shipping email for about a month. The place is supposedly in the UK so the order confirmation says shipping could take 6 weeks. When I email Dr +14154172329 Folding storage boxes 5 days ago... Comment / Review: I see they are back on Facebook please shut them down before they rip someone else off. Scam contents: Set of 3 folding storage boxes (2) even paid shipping ins never received THESISWELL (3 comments) 5 days ago... Comment / Review: The device I received is made from coat hanger gauge material. It is flimsy and useless and most definitely a scam. . Scam contents: Instagram advertisement showing a robust wood splitter used to create kindling wood +639275740614 5 days ago... Products they sell is defective and different from what is shown on video. Selling at a price way beyond the price of products being delivered and when you call the number for return and refund, they don't answer the call. 5 days ago... Comment / Review: I have screen shots of payment details including order number. Scam contents: Online shopping. Took payment of higher value than advertised price.
Mac make up company 5 days ago... These people simply took my money and never sent me the items. They gave me the tin around when I tried to contact them and then just stopped communicating with me.
+18005557777 fireoriginus 5 days ago... Comment / Review: the same as above.... Scam contents: I too, fell for this SCAM...I feel like a fool. However, I reported this to my credit card company and they are looking into this as fraudelant charges and will notify me in regards to this. If you have 5 days ago... Comment / Review: Gabe my cresit card info, asked the questions via email and comes back failed to send. Scam contents: Sweaters for sale on a Facebook ad. SUSPECTED SCAM! 5 days ago... Comment / Review: They scammed me for 26$ which isn't a big deal, but I'm sure there scamming a lot of people. . Scam contents: is the site. They advertise items for sale but never ship them. +14154172329 Coazone 6 days ago... Comment / Review: This is the 2nd time that I have been scammed from a FB ad. So annoyed that they allow this. . Scam contents: Shows many products at clearance prices. When you purchase, you get something super cheap and not anything like what you ordered. (1 comment) 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Gift box. Scam contents: Facebook . SUSPECTED SCAM! +639270580554 Angellina 6 days ago... Comment / Review: I want my money back . Scam contents: You have to recharge to be able to do your task and they add more expensive items so you can't get your money back. Electronic box 6 days ago... They were advertising for electronic boxes on social media, claiming to be offering Amazon returned pallets at low prices, but deceiving customers with products that do not match what they ordered. Be careful 000000000 Jane 6 days ago... I received a worse than less look alike mini and never received a second bag I ordered.I have sent several emails since this is the only option to seek a refund and I am not able to reach a live person. I only received an email stating I would not be refunded Riougod 6 days ago... Comment / Review: Never recieved items. Scam contents: Electric Bikes. SUSPECTED SCAM! Instagram 6 days ago... Comment / Review: None . Scam contents: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are one of the lucky winner of The Giveaway announced you as one of the 50 lucky winners of the ongoing The Giveaway lottery Held this month, support for covid19. All 50 lucky winning were rand
+6566913832 Z Mastermine Pte Ltd 6 days ago... I purchased an item in November 22. I’ve sent a few emails and they gave me a tracking number which the link wouldn’t work. I emailed them again a few days later snd they replied the package had already arrived and collected +15304305751 Balsam Hill one week ago... Comment / Review: No website comes up, phone number not valid. . Scam contents: Discounted Balsam Hill xmas tress and foliage. SUSPECTED SCAM! +905342147622 Brandmontan one week ago... Little scammer that been ripping people's off through wise or western union, has an instagram page : brandmontan that has the comments turned off, he uses it to fish victims. Stay away and report his instagram page and also send his details to the police and Family Living one week ago... Comment / Review: My VISA account was charged but the product was never received.. Scam contents: Cast Iron cookware sale.. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Wderni limited one week ago... Comment / Review: Never received the items. Stole my money. $59.98. Scam contents: 2 advent calendar make up boxes. SUSPECTED SCAM!
customer@cenu.hog Lowes one week ago... Comment / Review: Never answered emails sent to them asking where my product was. . Scam contents: Lowes closeout sale Fireplace TV stands. Lowe's Promotion. SUSPECTED SCAM!
Sams club one week ago... 2103 E 49th St, Vernon, CA 90056 This is the only information they give you on the bottom of their web page as far as being able to contact them they have a messaging board only. Angel bells one week ago... I ordered back in early December for a friend for Christmas. I never received package and have sent 3 emails . They reply but with very vague responses and tell me to keep checking tracking updates . It apparently was coming from Italy … it took over a month one week ago... Comment / Review: Can't contact them except by email to which there's no response . Scam contents: When you try to log into other sites ie My5 this automatically comes up and ask for your name address and Bank details
+639272370135 one week ago... Comment / Review: Please track this user.. Scam contents: Hacked my friend's facebook account and asks for money from friends promising to pay them back later. Giving this gcash number to receive money 09272370135 +9663017847 one week ago... Comment / Review: Nung nag decide ako na iclose na ang aking account at iwithdraw lahat ng account balance. Hindi na po siya nad rereply. Sa fb Messeger at sa Email. +441615201508 360 Nutrients one week ago... Payment went through bank twice without authorisation for over R7000.00 when price was R680.00. Tried to cancel viewing of price before ordering but it doesnt allow you to. one week ago... Comment / Review: you don't get what you ordered. Switched out for something else. Scam contents: I never rec'd 5 steel name plates , but instead I recieved a fake diamond ring. No return address or any information in the box
Anna zoe and jenny one week ago... Comment / Review: Im an indian but currently im leaving in paris,france Please help sir. Scam contents: There is guy threatening with my instagram picture mix with nudity picture and he is blackmailing that he will send pictures to all my followers in instag
+15052971246 one week ago... Comment / Review: I called number and just got a recording . Scam contents: Order a mop amd never received. SUSPECTED SCAM! Boateng one week ago... Comment / Review: Absolutely disgraceful . Scam contents: Ordered garden fairies December emailed 14th January to to enquire about my order. Recieved earmuffs same tracking number orders Fraud team hzve been advised one week ago... Comment / Review: They saying ship to Benton Kentucky, wasn't the address I gave them. Don't live in Benton Kentucky. Why would ship item there all a Facebook scam. one week ago... I should have known better, the prices were too good to be true. Like everyone else that's complained about this company I received a very very cheap zirconia ring and was told it was a gift. I told them I did not want the ring that I wanted my original order one week ago... It kept popping up on Pinterest while I was looking at my interests. I ordered 2 one for me and one for my son for his birthday. I received a message from my bank that a out of country purchases was made from my credit card. I never received a confirmation ema Takeoy one week ago... Comment / Review: Priced at $39.99 No phone number given, email only. Scam contents: Motor scooter blue. Order number . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+447578045383 Your APRE SUNDAY LTD receipt [#1421-0777] one week ago... Comment / Review: il ma envoyer un numéro de suivi qui étais a une notre adresse. Scam contents: 49.99 euro. SUSPECTED SCAM! +15304305751 Wayfair one week ago... Comment / Review: Cannot resch company by phone, email and recieved no shipping or tracking info. Total scam. . Scam contents: Wayfiar fireplaces for cheap. Miltiple choices. one week ago... I’ve been doing a lot of research on this company and found out that it’s ran by Kentesh Ltd. It’s ran by a Chinese woman and she is a fraud and scammer! I want her caught and arrested and prosecuted!! I want my money back too! Her name and all will be d Reallytips one week ago... The website is similar and identical to numerous fraudulent websites that pretend to be selling Amazon pallets at low prices. As soon as online users place an order, they charge their cards; however, instead of sending them the pallets, they send a cheap prod
Jane one week ago... Comment / Review: Received the merchandise. Not what i ordered. Would like a refund on my order.. Scam contents: Ordered bras from this company. The merchandise they sent was not what i odered. I would like a refund on my order but do not know how to get i Mahon one week ago... Comment / Review: Ordered 3 storage units from Facebook ad, sent a pair of ear muffs instead. Ignoring all emails and no contact number . Scam contents: Ordered 3 storage units from Facebook ad, sent a pair of ear muffs instead. Ignoring all emails and no cont
+60148954270 Ali Express task completion one week ago... Comment / Review: These scammers must catch and let they have to learn thier lessons and one who lost amount they must repay all.. Scam contents: First two days she made me to clear 60 , 60 tasks by each n everything she used guide n third day she made the les
+639672132166 Mary Joy one week ago... Comment / Review: I hope you can help me because I've scammed because of this cellphone number.. Scam contents: He/she used this number to send him/her money through gcash. +639965420877 DefrostPH one week ago... Comment / Review: Gave us cake container instead. A lot of customers are mad at them. Scam contents: Sells chicken defroster. SUSPECTED SCAM!